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Mimi Roberson, Flagler College Registrar, working with a student

Registrar Downloadable Forms

Our Forms

FERPA Release of Student Information

This form is used by students who wish to grant access to their Flagler College Academic Record to an identified individual or multiple individuals. Once completed, this request remains in effect until the student rescinds it in writing. Individuals specified on form must produce proper identification for access to Academic Records.
This form grants identified individuals NO MORE access to the Academic Record than the student him-or herself has.

Change of Address Form
Complete this form if your permanent address has changed.

Change of Name Form
Complete this form if you wish to change the name we have for you on file.

Not Returning Questionnaire
Complete this two page form and questionnaire and return it to the Office of the Registrar if you have chosen not to return to Flagler College for the upcoming semester.

Steps to Request Readmission
Use these steps to request readmission to Flagler College if you have previously been enrolled.

General Education Courses
General Education Requirements

Steps to Request a Transcript Online
Ordering your transcript is easier than ever!

Transcript Request Form
Complete this form to request copies of your official and unofficial transcript.

Replacement Diploma Request
Complete this form to request a replacement diploma.