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Commencement Check-In Instructions

Review the steps below to gain a better understanding of our check-in process on your graduation day.


The gates to the Amphitheatre

  • Gates to the Amphitheatre will open to graduates at 5:30 pm. Tickets are not required for graduates in caps and gowns and with a student ID.
  • When you arrive at the main gates of the Amphitheatre, go directly down to the pit and front of the stage.

Ceremony Line-Up

  • According to your last name, you will be on either side of the Amphitheatre to get your placement in line for the ceremony.
  • Check-in will be located to the left and right of the stage. Graduate students, Honors Program students, and students with last names A – Lopez will check in to the left of the stage.

Left Stage

Stage left of the Amphitheatre

  • Students with the last names Lottie - Z check in to the right of the stage.

Right Stage

Stage right of the Amphitheatre

  • Check-in opens at 5:30 pm. Please ensure you arrive backstage dressed in your cap and gown by 6:15 pm. A staff member will check you in and let you know which line you need to report to.
  • At check-in, you will be assigned a color and number. Report to the line that corresponds with your color and place yourself in numerical order. After arriving in your line, please ensure you listen to your line leader who will assign your order, hand out honors cords, and lead you to your seat.


View from the Amphitheatre stage looking out into the sections of seats

  • The processional will begin at 6:55 pm. You should be in line and listening to your line leader for further instructions as to where to go and how to process into the Amphitheatre.
  • Your line leader will then assist your group to where you will be seated for the ceremony.

Stage Instructions

  • After being seated, a line leader will call your row up to the stage to receive your diploma.
  • Once you are on stage, you will walk to President Delaney to receive your diploma and then proceed to walk across the stage where you will receive your spike and graduation photo.
  • Once off stage, another line leader will guide you back to your seat for the remainder of the ceremony.