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Passport Co-Curricular Program

Your Ticket to A Well-Rounded Education

The Flagler Passport Co-Curricular Program requires all students to attend a variety of co-curricular events that best represent the literary, philosophical, visual, natural sciences, and performing arts traditions that are a hallmark of a well-rounded, cross-disciplinary, liberal education.

The Program

The Passport Co-Curricular Program requires that students attend:

  • Three events per semester during Freshman and Sophomore years (under 60-credit hours);
  • Two events per semester during Junior and Senior years (over 60-credit hours). 

Required number of events are pro-rated by semester for students with transfer credit. For example, if you transfer 45 credits to Flagler, you would be required to earn 11 co-curricular credits rather than the full 20.

For students who entered in the Fall of 2018 or later, each academic year, one of these events must be diversity related.

A "diversity event" is one offering an experience that focuses on historically underrepresented populations. Events may fall under the umbrella of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Age, Religion, Disability, and Sexual Orientation. Diversity Events are noted on The Hammock.

Each co-curricular event counts for one co-curricular credit, regardless of length.

Typical credited events include:

  • Concerts
  • Plays
  • Lectures
  • Panel discussions
  • Debates
  • Art exhibits
  • Research presentations and readings

How It Works

From theatre productions to exploring local natural springs, a variety of credited events are at your fingertips—it's just a download away. To find a calendar of events:

  • Visit
  • Log-in using your Flagler username and password
  • In the search bar at the top, search for Passport Co-Curricular Programs
  • Select the  Passport Co-Curricular Portal and join the portal
  • Click on Events to see the calendar of upcoming credited events
  • Attend events and be sure to sign in!
  • Tip: You can also download the OrgSync app to view the calendar of events on your phone

Track Your Credits

Students are responsible for tracking their own progress, via their Involvement record on The Hammock.

To track your progress:

  • Visit
  • Log-in using your Flagler username and password
  • Click on your name in the top right-hand corner
  • Scroll down and click on Involvement
  • Count the number of events hosted by Passport Co-Curricular Programs
  • Note: it may take up to two weeks for your attendance to be recorded after the conclusion of an event.

Contact Us

Jill Dawson | Senior Director of the Center for Advising and Core Experience (CACE)