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Information for Faculty

Only full-time faculty members may propose and develop a study abroad program. Before doing so, consult with your department chairperson and the Study Abroad Director to discuss the program. Adjunct, emeritus, and visiting scholars may co-lead with a full-time faculty member.

Full-time staff members in Office of Student Services are eligible to lead non-credit field study or service projects with the approval of the Dean of Student Services.

Faculty Information

Faculty Director: Role and Responsibilities

On a faculty-led field study program, the faculty director is the primary (and often only) Flagler representative. We expect that the faculty director for a field study program will:

  • Lead the program and teach the course
  • Be available to students for reasonable needs relating to academic, health, emotional, travel and logistical issues
  • Be accessible at all times as the primary emergency contact on-site
  • Be housed with or near the student participants
  • Participate in all program activities and excursions

For a full discussion of Faculty Director responsibilities and the responsibilities of Study Abroad Office for a Faculty Led program, please view the Study Abroad Hand Book. All faculty and staff members proposing a new field study course must read these guidelines.

Pre-Departure Information


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Study Abroad Proposals

Submitting a Proposal

Faculty members are invited to submit off-campus field study proposals for Fall or Spring semester courses that contain a field component in Spring or Summer Break, or for stand-alone field courses for Spring or Summer Break.

All courses will be reviewed by the Study Abroad Office and the Study Abroad committee. Final approval will be given by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Faculty-Sponsored Study Abroad Spring & Summer Term Deadlines

All faculty who wish to participate in any Summer Term Study Abroad trips must follow the deadlines below.

March 15th (The year prior to travel)

Last day to send, electronically, all the appropriate application forms to the Study Abroad Director. Anything submitted after this date will not be reviewed until the Study Abroad Committee reconvenes in the Fall.

September 25th (The year prior to travel)

In order to have a valid study abroad/away program this is the last day to electronically send the application fully documented with all the appropriate forms and signatures. Programs submitted by the date will receive final approval after October 15th.

February 24th

Last day to apply for the Unger Family Scholarship. Packets must be sent to the Study Abroad Office.

March 3rd

Last day to present GPAs to Student Appeals. All the required documents must be sent electronically to the Study Abroad Director.

March 31st

Last day to present the students list. The students do not have the possibly of the GPA appeal. Students added between March 3rd and March 31st must have a GPA over 2.5. It is the program leader’s responsibility to ensure the GPA of a minimum of 2.5-point grade. If the GPA is lower than 2.5, the Study Abroad Director must drop the student from the list and the program leader is directly responsible for any type of reimbursement.

April 4th

Summer Flagler College tuition must be paid.

April 10th

By this date all the Study Abroad Programs must have an orientation meeting including the SA Director regarding the State Department’s Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management (ACS).

Students must return the application forms (with all the signatures, copy of passport, and proof of insurance with coverage outside the U.S. territory) to their program leader.

By this date the program leader must turn in all the students’ applications to the Study Abroad Office.

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