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 Students overlook view of city in Scotland.

How to Apply

Chose the type of study abroad that you are interested in applying for and download the appropriate application below.

Faculty Led Study Abroad Application


Faculty Led Study Abroad Application

Independent Study Application


For application forms please contact the International Center at

Application Due Dates

  • Applications for Fall Independent Study Abroad must be submitted by May 31st of the same year.
  • Application for Spring Independent Study Abroad must be submitted by September 30th of the previous year.
  • Applications for Summer Independent Study Abroad must be submitted by January 31st of the same year.

Exchange Program Application

How do I get accepted?

Acceptance is based on merit following a fair and transparent selection process. The Flagler College Exchange Selection Committee seeks and recruits students from all disciplines. The following materials are necessary for all applications:

As a general rule, the Flagler College Exchange Selection Committee expects that students should display two or more of the following attributes:

Academic Merit

Student is full-time with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The student transcript demonstrates a history of course selection, credit load, internships, and undergraduate research experiences commensurate with the curriculum offerings of the exchange institutions.

Creative Accomplishment

Student demonstrates originality and innovation in the arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences, or business through such venues as research presentations, case studies, writing projects, translation experiences, internships, video production, or exhibits.

Community Service

The student demonstrates a history of community service that has impacted particular individuals or groups. Special recognition is given to service learning, fieldwork, or internships that show civic responsibility and engagement.


Student demonstrates experience leading groups and providing direction by teaching, training, organizing, or managing a group or organization. Marks of leadership include peer esteem and the ability to achieve common goals with or on behalf of others.



  • Spring Semester: Oct. 1st
  • Fall Semester: March 1st

Contact Us

Have questions? Email the International Center.