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Newly Admitted Students

Newly Admitted Students

Welcome to Flagler College! We are so excited to learn you will be joining us soon. This section is meant to help you better understand the immigration processes surrounding your student status, while preparing you for your next journey on our campus. We hope this information can help you prioritize your many pre-arrival responsibilities.

Welcome Guide

The International Center's Welcome Guide will provide newly admitted students with more detailed information about the international student experience at Flagler College.

St. Augustine Weather

Located in the northeastern section of Florida, St. Augustine experiences humid and warm temperatures for the majority of the year. St. Augustine experiences roughly 220 days of sunshine throughout the year and an average of 50 inches of rainfall with August being the wettest month. St. Augustine’s climate is great for anyone who wants to spend most of their time outside.

Helpful Hints

Document Information
I-20 Information

A Form I-20 is a Certificate of Eligibility for regular F-1 students wishing to study at Flagler College. Form I-20s are submitted after a potential student has been accepted into the institution and proven they have the necessary funds to pay for their College experience (education and living expenses). Admitted students will use their Form I-20 to obtain an F-1 student visa from a U.S. consulate or embassy in their home country.

F-1 Visa Information

An F-1 student visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by a U.S. consulate or embassy abroad. The F-1 visa is used specifically for students wishing to study at an accredited 2 or 4-year educational institution. Your F-1 visa is your identifying document while in the U.S.

SEVIS I-901 Fee

In 2004, Congress mandated all international students and exchange visitors must pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee, which funds the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). This fee is separate from visa fees and school SEVIS administration fees. Be sure to pay your SEVIS Fee early in the application process! You must pay this fee before your arrival in the United States.

Form I-94 Information

A Customs and Border Protection Officer at a U.S. port of entry (airport, bus terminal, ferry stop, etc.) issues a Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record) upon entry and departure from the United States. Visit CBP’s website at to access your electronic Form I-94.

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Health Insurance

Flagler College has specific health insurance requirements for all students. Please be sure you complete the appropriate immunization forms before you arrive on campus. Visit Flagler College's Health Services page to access important information like current immunization forms, medical insurance guide, and much more.

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Links to Campus Resources

Flagler College offers multiple resources to our students on campus. Our international students are encouraged to take advantage of the many offices and resources available to them. Some resources are listed below:  

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Mandatory Orientation

Each semester, the International Center holds a mandatory orientation specifically catered to incoming international first year and transfer students. Students will receive specific information regarding the date, time, and place of the orientation prior to the start of the semester. Please be sure to reach out to the International Center at if you do not receive information about the mandatory orientation!

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Packing Checklist

Planning what to bring to College and what to get after you are on campus can be challenging - especially when your College is in a different country! Below is a packing list for students to help you determine what is best to bring before you arrive on campus. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and your specific needs may differ than the items covered in this list:

  • Immigration documents (Passport, Visa, Form I-20)
  • Travel adapter
  • A converter that can convert the standard US voltage of 120 V (if necessary)
  • Appropriate clothing for North Florida weather (please see Augustine Weather for more information)
  • Small bath towel
  • One to two-day supplies of toiletries
  • Item(s) that remind you of home (i.e. photos of family, friends, and your hometown).
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Pre-Arrival Information

Immigration Documents

Make sure you have all of your required immigration documents BEFORE purchasing your plane ticket. Your immigration documents are your Passport, Form I-20, an F-1 student visa. The International Center recommends making a copy of each to keep with you at all times in the event one of these documents is misplaced.


Immunization Requirements

All Flagler College students are required to have 2 MMR vaccines (measles, mumps, and rubella) in order to attend Flagler College. All immunization forms are due within three weeks of your admission letter from the college. All newly admitted students will receive a letter about registering for our Health Services Portal. On the portal, you will find out our mandatory medical history, permission to treat forms and upload your immunizations forms.


Financing Information

Please be advised that all fees need to be paid to Flagler College's Business Services Office prior to the start of each semester. Specific payment information can be found on the Business Services' page.


Shipping Information

We realize that many of our international students are traveling from great distances to study at Flagler and that many would like to ship packages to our campus. You are more than welcome to send packages to Flagler College prior to your arrival to campus. Our wonderful mailroom staff will hold your packages until your arrival. The Flagler College mailroom is located in the Ponce Breezeway. Please follow the following outline when labeling your package:


74 King Street St. Augustine, Florida 32084 U.S.A.


Arriving in Florida

There are many different airports near St. Augustine. However, the closest to Flagler College is the Jacksonville airport. The official name is Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), and it is located approximately 50 miles from the Flagler campus. When making your travel arrangements, please be aware that there are several cities in the U.S. named Jacksonville. Please ensure the final destination on your itinerary is Jacksonville, Florida (airport code JAX).


Arriving on Campus

Students should be prepared to take an airport shuttle or taxi from the airport to campus.

  1. Airport shuttle - To get to Flagler’s campus, you should plan to pay approximately $70-80 fare for one passenger. Some helpful shuttle links are:
  2. Taxi - Taxi - You should plan to pay approximately $80 - $150 from the Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) to Flagler College. In most cases you do not need to arrange a taxi in advance, simply go to the taxi pick up the area near baggage claim at the airport. Taxi drivers are customarily tipped about 15% of the fare in the United States.
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