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Request DS-2019 Process

Typically, a Flagler College office, department, or faculty member sponsors a J-1 Exchange visitor coming to Flagler College as a Research Scholar, Professor, or Short-Term Scholar. After receiving notification of the sponsorship, the International Center will be able to begin initiating the immigration process for potential exchange visitors.

DS-2019 Request Process for Flagler College Sponsoring Department

In an effort to assist interested sponsors, please review the following steps for requesting a Form DS-2019 for a potential visitor.

  1. International Center reviews nomination
  2. International Center sends Exchange Visitor Profile Form and Affidavit of Financial Support to potential Exchange Visitor
    • Financial Support – This form indicates that the Exchange Visitor will be financially stable during their time in the United States. Exchange Visitors are able to be financially supported by a Flagler College Department. If this is the case, the Sponsoring Department must write a letter indicating the finances provided to Exchange visitor. The International Center cannot issue a Form DS-2019 without proper financial verification.
  3. International Center verifies the English ability of potential Exchange Visitor
  4. After receiving completed Exchange Visitor Profile Form, Affidavit of Financial Support, and assessing the potential Exchange Visitor’s English ability, International Center issues Form DS-2019
  5. Exchange Visitor schedules appointment for J-1 Visa in their home country
  6. Exchange Visitor provides proof of acceptable health insurance to the International Center
  7. After arriving in the United States, Exchange Visitor attends mandatory orientation (Sponsor is able to attend as well)

Interested sponsors are encouraged to reach out to the International Center for more information regarding sponsorship and your responsibilities.