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Maymester Courses

CDD 240 A: Coming of Age in the Spiral Arm

Lisa Baird

Space is the one place where political and cultural boundaries are meaningless. The story of space is a contested one, written and rewritten by explorers, researchers, poets, entrepreneurs, and philosophers. Is it a race to be won? A new territory to explore, conquer, and exploit? Is it more like the New World or the Final Frontier? We’ll consider the stories created by and for power structures. We’ll also observe deep sky objects through telescopes and planetarium programs and imagine how we might represent the story of earth to an alien culture curious about us. Requires some evening astronomical observation.


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CDD 240 B: Berlin: Public Art / Public Memory

Chris Balaschak

This is a nine-day study abroad course based in Berlin, Germany. Berlin has a rich civic history, and this course will focus on the ways in which modern Berlin has commemorated war, trauma, separation, and its citizens, through the city’s art, architecture, and civic design. 


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CDD 240 C: Russia in Triumph and Tragedy

Jessica Howell

This is a study abroad trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia for 10 days highlighting the triumphs and tragedies experienced throughout Russian history, allowing students to trace the unique developments of Russian history, politics, economics, and culture. Coursework will emphasize the distinctive characteristics of Russia, particularly those in contrast to western development. Students will further their knowledge through several onsite visits to relevant sites. 


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CDD 240 D: Strategic Communication for Water Sustainability

Joanna Krajewski

This course examines the interconnected, multifaceted global water crisis, through the lens of a cross-cultural case study of one of the driest countries in the world—Jordan. Students will spend 2 weeks in Jordan exploring how water communication intersects with diversity, politics, inequality, immigration, and other issues, ultimately working to create a social marketing/public relations campaign for a local Jordanian non-profit organization dedicated to water conservation. 


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CDD 240 E: Radical Empathy in Documentary Filmmaking

Kevin Mahoney

This course is an introduction to a variety of genres of Documentary film with instruction in ideation, video editing, sound recording, and interview techniques. Films, readings, and visiting speakers center around the idea of striving to better understand and share the feelings of others and to fundamentally change our perspectives from judgmental to accepting, attempting to more authentically connect with ourselves, those of different backgrounds and ages, and elements of the natural world, both living and non-living.


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CDD 240 F: LGBTQ+ Activism: Art and Politics

Jay Szczepanski

We will examine LGBTQ+ activism, both political and artistic, from the end of World War II to the present. We will become familiar with the people, movements, and techniques that have contributed to social justice and equality for LGBTQ+ individuals and communities. We will also consider how alliance-building with other marginalized groups can advance minority civil rights in a “majority rules” country. After two weeks of class online, students will fly themselves to and from San Francisco, where we will spend one week, from May 21-28, in San Francisco, CA. 


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CDD 240: G Immersion in Venice: Travel Writing about the Culture, People, & Future of the Sinking City

Deborah Coxwell Teague

This course will provide students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of Venice; interact with locals from diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, social classes, and neighborhoods; learn more about strategies for coping with frequent flooding and the rising water levels that threaten to destroy the city, and gain an understanding of how the threat is affecting the lives of the people who call Venice and the islands in the Venetian Lagoon their home. 


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CDD 240: H Water Scarcity, Science, and Sustainability in Jordan

Jessica Veenstra

Students will travel to Jordan, one of the driest countries in the world, to learn about the global water crisis, the region’s water problems, and potential solutions. The students will work with a local Jordanian non-profit organization and meet with local experts to explore how the science of sustainable water use intersects with diversity, politics, inequality, immigration, and many other local and global issues. Students in this course will travel to Amman, Jordan with excursions to Petra and the Dead Sea. 


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CDD 240 I: International Relations and Cultural Immersion – Bulgaria

Lisa Fiala

Explore this Eastern European country, to learn more about its pivotal role in the region. Meet local government officials, NGO representatives, traverse ancient Roman roads in Sofia, visit an ethnographic open-air museum, lunch with students and faculty at a local university, and take a Bulgarian language class. Enjoy magnificent caves, waterfalls, and mountains while studying the impact of development programs. This course includes 2 on-campus meeting days prior to travel. The 14-day travel program will take place from May 13-May 26, 2021. 


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CDD 240 J: Building Bridges Through Song: The Flagler College Street Choir Project

Kip Taisey

Students will unite with homeless members of the St. Augustine community by forming a street choir with which students will directly engage through group rehearsal, culminating in a public performance. The Flagler College Street Choir Project seeks to engage and improve societal perceptions of those experiencing homelessness. Musical experience is not essential as our choir creates a sense of community, offers compassion and hope, and engages in the profound experience of empowering individuals to achieve what once seemed impossible through this seemingly simple act of singing.


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CDD 240 K: Law in Action

Chris Moser

This immersive experience will challenge students to compare the popular perception of the legal system to the realities of our local courtroom. Students will evaluate the fairness of the judicial system for racial minorities and the poor and develop an in-depth understanding of particular judicial process(es) through direct observation and critical analysis.


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CDD 240 L: The Glorious Subcontinent: Diversity and Citizenship in India

John Young

Through a 17-day study abroad to India (in the cities of Delhi, Agra, and Varanasi), this Flagship engages questions of diversity and citizenship. India is the ideal place to study such issues, as it is the world’s largest democracy and home to a breathtakingly diverse population, with a rich and varied history. 


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CDD 240 M Diversity and Opportunities in Contemporary Pop Culture

Yvan Kelly/Allan Marcil

This course includes a 5-day trip to Los Angeles and is designed to explore current trends in the creative, business, and technical fields in television, film, and music production.  How the industry encompasses diversity within itself, through its hiring and through its depiction in its products, will be explored. Students will experience on-site observations in production and business, guided by working professionals on a trip to Los Angeles during Week 2 of the course. Per student cost to be announced.

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