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Image of students and art professor Leslee Robison working in the local prison with youth offenders.


The FlagSHIP (Flagler Sophomore High Impact Practice) Program is a transformative educational experience that puts learning and interacting across communities of difference at its core. The program focuses on developing an inclusive academic community and building confidence in students’ abilities to participate in a diverse democracy.


Why is this important?

To prepare you for a life well-lived in a diverse 21st-century global community. Through FlagSHIP, you can travel abroad (outside of the U.S.), study away (within the U.S), collaborate with community partners, participate in research, or take an immersive course on campus. Many of our programs include hands-on projects that live and breathe in and out of the classroom. 

Who can participate?

Beginning in 2022, the program will be required for freshmen and some transfer students who enter in the Fall 2020 semester or later.

  • Freshmen, including those who enter with advanced credit, will be required to participate in their second year.
  • Transfer students who enter with less than 60 credits will be required to participate during the academic year in which they enter the spring term with 30-59 credits.

2023 Flagship Courses

Check out the link below for a list of FlagSHIP courses offered in 2023.

FlagSHIP Courses 2023

2022 Flagship Courses

Check out the link below for a list of FlagSHIP courses offered in 2022.

Student smiling

Art 240: Incarceration and Emancipation

Contact Information

Contact our FlagSHIP team with any questions you may have about this program at:


Review our FlagSHIP FAQ page for information on dates, registration, cost and more.