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Summer Music Education Institute

Free Professional Development for K12 Music Educators

Developing Independent Musicians

Workshop: June 6, 7, 8, 9

Helping students/singers become musically literate is central to the school and church music curriculum. This workshop will focus on implementing a sound before symbol approach to teaching music literacy resulting in independent musicians rather than savvy symbol decoders.

Working from the premise that students learn musical skills in much the same order as they do language skills, participants will explore how we 'learn' music through hearing and imitating patterns before reading (translating notation into sound) and writing (translating sound into notation). The pedagogy also includes a sequence of instructions that results in a strong link between sound and notation.

Dr. Carol Krueger


Dr. Carol Krueger, Clinician

Kip Taisey


Kip Taisey, Director of Music

Teaching Strategies Addressed

  • Activities for developing tonal and rhythm reading
  • Literacy
  • Audiation
  • Musical memory
  • Dictation
  • Improvisation and aural skills
  • Elementary composition
  • Skills will be applied to octavos via curriculum maps


FREE to K12 Music Educators! All others must pay a $200 fee.


Highly recommended, but not required

Progressive Sight Singing by Dr. Carol Krueger

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