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The Haynes Sisters in Flagler College production of White Christmas 2017

Audition Requirements

Thank you for your interest in Flagler College’s Theatre BA, and the Musical Theatre concentration.

At Flagler College Theatre Arts we strive to provide a tailored, pre-professional, educational experience for each student. We aim to maintain an assertive level of challenge while providing the appropriate amount of support to ensure each student’s success. We believe in quality and excellence of product, while simultaneously stressing the importance of the process that led to excellence.

The Musical Theatre concentration offers a sequence of courses in acting, voice, and dance augmented with practical production experiences, while emphasizing the belief that well-rounded training in all areas of theatre production is paramount.

Auditions are not currently required for the BA itself, but as space is limited in Musical Theatre classes we do hold auditions for this concentration. The classes currently available as part of this concentration are:

  • Class Voice
  • Musical Theatre Scene Study
  • Applied Voice (Individual Instruction)
  • Dance Workshop incorporating various styles
  • Chorale (non-auditioned choir), Chamber Choir
  • Vocal Jazz Ensemble (both audition only)
  • Cabaret

We accept auditions in the form of Vimeo or YouTube links, and hold live auditions twice-annually during Campus Visit Day (see Academic Calendar), and by appointment. Review the audition requirements and then fill out the form linked below. If interested in scheduling a live audition, please email Kip Taisey at

Audition requirements

  • Choose two songs from Musical Theatre Repertoire that showcases your best abilities in contrasting styles and periods.
  • Songs should be cut to around 1 minute in length. Do your best to cut the song in a manner that:
    • Tells a story (has a beginning, middle and end).
    • The accompaniment contains an introduction (even if a simple arpeggio, bell-tone or a vamp), and has a definitive ending and resolves accordingly (a strong button).
  • Do not use Karaoke accompaniments. Find sheet music in the appropriate key. If you do not have an accompanist available at the time you are filming your audition, then have an accompanist record the accompaniment and sing with that when recording your audition.
  • If auditioning in person, bring your sheet music in the appropriate key, with the audition cut clearly marked/laid out.