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The Haynes Sisters in Flagler College production of White Christmas 2017


Thank you for your interest in Flagler College’s Music Minor. While all majors are able to add this minor, it is a requirement for those seeking the Theatre BA with a concentration in Musical Theatre.

We strive to provide a tailored, pre-professional, education experience for each student. We aim to maintain an assertive level of challenge while providing the appropriate amount of support to ensure each student’s success. We believe in quality and excellence of product, while simultaneously stressing the importance of the process that led to excellence.

We accept auditions in the form of Vimeo or YouTube links, and hold live auditions twice-annually during Campus Visit Day (see Academic Calendar) by appointment only. Students will be contacted for appointments after submitting a pre-screening video. Review the audition requirements and then fill out the form linked below.For questions about the Music Minor or vocal ensembles, please reach out to Kip Taisey at For questions about Private Instruction or Pep Band, please reach out to Clinton Weinberg at

Audition requirements

For Vocal Ensembles, Musical Theatre Concentration, and Voice Scholarships:

  • Choose two contrasting songs, at least one of which must be from the Musical Theatre canon. One up-tempo, and one ballad.
  • If auditioning for Musical Theatre Concentration, please also record and submit a monologue
  • Each piece should be cut to 60-90 seconds in length, and submitted as a separate video file. No continuous recordings.
  • Please slate for each recording.

For Pep Band and Pep Band Scholarships:

  • Play 2 major scales of your choice, All-State style.
  • Play a one-octave Chromatic scale (up & down) at a moderate to fast tempo.
  • Prepare and play a short 1-2 minute solo, etude, or excerpt of your choice.
  • If you do not currently play an instrument but are willing to learn, please record a brief video answering the following:
    • Why would like to participate in one of the instrumental ensembles?
    • What do you hope to gain from being a part of the music program at Flagler College?
    • What do you feel you can offer as a member of an ensemble?