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The Biology minor will take you deeper into the biological processes that govern living organisms.

What you’ll study

The Biology minor includes an even mix of “field” and “lab” courses. This mix allows you to gain experience in a variety of disciplines.

  • Taxonomy and animal groups
  • The microscopic biological community
  • Genetics
  • How organisms behave

This broad, but intense, background will provide you with skills to go into graduate school and a variety of fields including conservation, laboratory research, and (with the addition of a few other courses) the health sciences.

Practical Experience

All majors and minors at Flagler College are designed with experiential learning at their core. The biology minor is no different. We want you to become familiar with the techniques used in each discipline, whether it is a field or lab science. You'll also take a higher level math course to help you understand how to incorporate data into scientific research.

What's Next?

Our faculty are dedicated to your success in the classroom. Outside the classroom, you'll collaborate with faculty on undergraduate research projects. The combination of classroom and research experience will propel you into the next chapter in your life.



 Students watch sea turtle swimming in large tank.

Program Details

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Email our Center for Advising and Core Experience Team with any questions you have about completing this program.

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Minor Requirements

Review course descriptions and requirements for our Biology Minor.

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Minor Checklist

Review the Biology Minor checklist to see what is needed to complete this program in 4 years.