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Dr. Carrie Grant is teaching a statistic class in a computer lab.

Math and Technology

Math and technology are everywhere. They are the key to solving problems in business, economics, science, engineering, art, music, philosophy, politics, and so much more. Take logic and curiosity. Add passion and vision. The sum total is Flagler College’s Math and Technology program. Here you’ll find the courses, professors, and resources you need to support the math and tech skills you’ll use throughout your life and career.

Departments & Programs

Major Minor Graduate
Math and Technology
Computer Information Systems Has Major Has Minor
Data Science Has Major Has Minor
Mathematics Has Major Has Minor

Meet our Faculty

Kurt Sebastian

Kurt Sebastian

Professor, Dean of the School of Business, Education, and Mathematics
Carrie Grant

Carrie Grant

Professor of Mathematics
Adebukola Adeyemi

Adebukola Adeyemi

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ponce Hall Courtyard from aerial view.

Math. Language of the Universe.

with Dr. Carrie Grant

Admission to the Department


General Education Mathematics Requirement:

Students must demonstrate competency in mathematics by completing six semester hours (two courses) at the 100-level or above.

  • Some majors have specific math courses for students to take (see major requirements).
  • Education majors must complete 9 hours of math (3 courses) to include a Geometry component (MAT 136) and College Algebra (MAT 135) or higher.

Initial Placement in Mathematics:

Placement in initial mathematics courses for incoming freshmen is based on (1) SAT or ACT scores, (2) satisfactory completion of high school mathematics courses including Geometry, Algebra I and II, and (3) proposed Flagler College major.

ACT Math ScoreFreshman Math Placement
0-15 Math Lab Remediation Program°
16-20* MAT 113 Intermediate Algebra

MAT 136 Math I for Liberal Arts

MAT 137 Math II for Liberal Arts

MAT 135 College Algebra


Major Dependent

SAT Math ScoreFreshman Math Placement
200-399 Math Lab Remediation Program***


MAT 113 Intermediate Algebra

MAT 136 Math I for Liberal Arts

MAT 137 Math II for Liberal Arts

MAT 135 College Algebra


Major Dependent

*One year of High School Algebra is required.
**Two years of High School Algebra is required.
***See Mathematics Department Chair.

Once a course has been completed for credit, students may not take the prerequisites of that course for credit toward graduation.