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Medieval and Early Modern Studies Minor

The Medieval and Early Modern Studies minor provides students with an in-depth understanding of the medieval and early modern period.  

What You'll Study?

Through courses that utilize literature, history, philosophy, religious studies, classical languages/art history, anthropology, and archaeology, students gain a rich awareness of the cultural interactions of Europe.  

Practical Experience

Students will learn how these interactions shaped the modern world. These courses immerse students in modern research of cultural exchange, global history, and early colonial Florida. 

Meet our Faculty

Professor John Young

John D. Young

Associate Professor of History
mimi ensley

Mimi Ensley

Assistant Professor of English
Nicholas Miller

Nicholas B. Miller

Assistant Professor of History, Coordinator of the History program, and Coordinator of the Medieval and Early Modern Studies program

Program Details

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Email our Center for Advising and Core Experience Team with any questions you have about completing this program.

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Minor Requirements

Review course descriptions and requirements for our Medieval and Early Modern Studies Minor.

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Minor Checklist

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