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Latin American Studies

Embrace the relationship between St. Augustine and Spain and explore the connections between Latin America and the United States. 

What you’ll study

You'll take courses from multiple disciplines, including Latin American studies, history, economics, and anthropology. As our world grows increasingly global, an understanding of the region of Latin America will benefit you in your personal and professional life.

Practical Experience

Designed to provide you with a focused study of the history and culture of the region, the LAS minor will help prepare you for careers requiring knowledge of Latin American culture and/or global connections.

What's Next?

Want to do more than just study Latin American culture? Experience it for yourself while studying abroad!


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Program Details

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Email our Center for Advising and Core Experience Team with any questions you have about completing this program.

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Minor Requirements

Review course descriptions and requirements for our Latin American Studies Minor.

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Minor Checklist

Review the Latin American Studies Minor checklist to see what is needed to complete this program in 4 years.