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African-American Studies

Minoring in African-American Studies will allow you to bring an additional appreciation for the diversity and richness of peoples and cultures throughout the African Diaspora to your chosen field of study. 

What You'll Learn

The African-American Studies minor will provide you with multidisciplinary methods of inquiry and research, giving you a range of theoretical approaches to the central questions and concerns of Diaspora studies—including history, race, culture, identity, diversity, and society.


Dr. Mike Butler and Dr. Joyner sit on the porch to discuss black history month and diversity week

On The Porch

With Dr. Mike Butler

Dr. Joyner sits down with Dr. Butler to discuss his work in civil rights research and teachings in St. Augustine, as well as Flagler's Diversity Week and celebration of Black History Month.

Program Details

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Email our Center for Advising and Core Experience Team with any questions you have about completing this program.

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Minor Requirements

Review course descriptions and requirements for our African-American Studies Minor.

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Minor Checklist

Review the African-American Studies Minor checklist to see what is needed to complete this program in 4 years.