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Additional Requirements

Students who are majoring in Deaf Education must complete 21 credit hours including 12 hours of required courses and 9 hours of elective courses. (Note: EDD 349 and EDD 448 are already required as part of the degree plan in Deaf Education- Depending on ASL placement upon entering Flagler College, students majoring in EDDEL would be required to add at least one additional course to their program in order to obtain the minor).

Students in all other majors must complete 15 credit hours including 12 hours of required courses and 3 hours of elective courses**.

** Students who are not majoring in Deaf Education and who have tested out of  any of the courses in the SLS series (SLS 201, SLS 202, SLS 301, and SLS 302) will be required to select courses from the elective course offerings to meet the credit requirement associated with their major. It is proposed that this requirement be waived for students majoring in Deaf Education due to the high number of credit hours associated with their degree plan (138), the ASL-PI (American Sign Language Proficiency Interview) required prior to entering internship, as well as built in fieldwork and practicum experiences requiring direct interaction using ASL with individuals who are Deaf and hard of hearing.


Program Details

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Email our Center for Advising and Core Experience Team with any questions you have about completing this program.

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Minor Requirements

Review course descriptions and requirements for our ASL Minor.

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Minor Checklist

Review the ASL Minor checklist to see what is needed to complete this program in 4 years.