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Policies & FAQs



Spoken communication is not allowed while in the ASL Lab. This policy is vital for students to practice their signing skills. It also provides a quiet atmosphere for students to focus on homework and their studies. Students are still encouraged to interact with each other and work together when applicable, but they must do so by communicating via American Sign Language.


Weekly Attendance

Many of our professors require that students spend time in the ASL lab on a weekly basis. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they follow this requirement, as it is a part of their grade. Students may email to inquire about the number of ASL Lab hours they have completed thus far in the semester.


Sign in/sign out 

Each student is responsible for signing themself in and out of the ASL Lab. If a student does not sign in, we will be unable to record their attendance during that time. If you have any questions about how to sign in/out, you may ask a lab assistant to assist you.


Entry during class time

If a class is in session in the ASL Lab, students are not permitted to enter the main door unless they are coming for that specific class. If you would like to visit the lab while a class is in session, you must enter using the door located closest to the women's restroom. This entrance can also be identified as the door closest to the east stairway.

Please note that during class time, the voice-off policy will be strongly enforced, and students causing a disruption will be asked to leave.

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