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A group of alumni gathered together, smiling and posing with drinks

Young Lions

The Young Lions Society offers graduates 10 years out of school and younger interesting and engaging ways to stay connected to the College and learn about the value of giving back to Flagler. This program is an opportunity for young alumni to participate in the Flagler College Annual Giving Program as leaders while enjoying the same benefits as those in the prestigious President’s Society at a discounted rate. As a part of this annual giving society, members receive special invitations to exclusive events, along with recognition in Flagler’s annual Honor Roll of Donors.

  • Graduates 1-5 years out, $250 annual donation, $21/month
  • Graduates 6-10 years out, $500 annual donation, $42/month

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Contact Us

Harriet Tambini

Harriet Tambini

Annual Giving Officer 904-826-8554

You are Powerful. You are a Leader. You are Flagler.