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A graphic of Henry Flagler and two students with the phrase, 'Fearless About the Future, Strategic Plan 2025'

Priority Three: Build Financial Health Through Strategic Differentiation

Goals and Objectives 

Goal 11: Institute campus-wide procedures to monitor departmental and program costs and improve cost efficiencies

This goal will focus on identifying policies and procedures that improve campus efficiencies, as well as evaluating budgets for savings and potential reallocation of funds to strategic initiatives.  Long term strategic objectives will include the design of effective budget monitoring and program evaluation processes, to promote transparency and accountability.

Goal 12: Diversify Revenue Streams: Develop Non-Academic Auxiliary Sources of Income

  • Objective 1: Expand and more effectively manage summer facility rentals to generate greater net revenue.
  • Objective 2: Change procedures in campus Health Services to permit billing of insurance companies.
  • Objective 3: Develop a plan to increase additional auxiliary sources of revenue.

Goal 13: Develop New Academic Programs for Adult and Online Education and Monitor their Net Revenue

This initiative will allow the College to serve a wider and more diverse segment of our community through high quality online academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Goal 14: Increase philanthropic support of Flagler’s mission and strategic plan for excellence

  • Objective 1: Conduct a feasibility study to ascertain the College’s readiness to develop and launch the first comprehensive capital campaign to fund the priorities of the Strategic Plan.
    1. Raise funds for the construction of a new STEM Academic Building.
    2. Raise funds to construct a new residence hall and/or enter into an agreement with a private individual or company to construct and lease a residence hall in partnership with the College.
    3. Raise funds to construct an Interfaith Center.
    4. Raise funds to establish endowed funds for a Teaching and Learning Center, scholarships, professorships, historic preservation, and study abroad programs.
  • Objective 2: Cultivate funding opportunities for students, faculty, programs, and facilities during the leadership and public phases of the campaign to secure new gifts and pledges.
  • Objective 3: Substantially increase alumni participation in philanthropic support of the institution's goals.
  • Objective 4: Strengthen the culture of faculty, staff and student giving.


If you have questions about the College's Strategic Plan or would like to partner with us on our initiatives, please send us an email.