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A graphic of Henry Flagler and two students with the phrase, 'Fearless About the Future, Strategic Plan 2025'

Our Strategic Priorities

In order to achieve our holistic vision, the College and the greater Flagler community have identified three essential priorities that will frame our future.

Priority 1 graphic for the Strategic Plan with the title

Transformative Academic Culture

Creating a culture that transforms, means looking at our educational models, high impact practices, and student support methods through the lens of our global community and their needs. 

Priority 2 for the Strategic Plan graphic with the title,

Vibrant Campus Community

Cultivating a vibrant campus community starts with building an engaged and diverse student-focused campus. It's at the heart of everything we do and believe in. 

Priority 3 strategic plan graphic with the title,

Financial Health through Strategic Differentiation

Improving efficiencies, diversifying revenue streams, and increasing philanthropic support are just a few ways we plan to build financial health. 


Find out how we are putting our plans into action to create a unique experience at Flagler.

Implementation Phases


If you have questions about the College's Strategic Plan or would like to partner with us on our initiatives, please send us an email.