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A Letter From Our President

It is with a great deal of excitement that I present to you the 2019-2024 Flagler College Strategic Plan. “Preparing for a Life Well-Lived 2025” is more than a road map going forward; it is quite simply a vision for a brighter world, guided by the students, faculty, and staff we are privileged to serve.  Over the past year, an inclusive group of dedicated stakeholders has spent countless hours reviewing trends, gathering data, researching best practices, encouraging input, and presenting ideas to move Flagler forward.

The plan is based on three guiding principles: an uncompromising focus on our students; a sincere desire to honor the greatness of the past while preparing our students for the world they will inherit; and a concerted effort to be as inclusive and transparent as possible.

The mission of our plan centers on fostering intellectual, social, and personal transformation in our students. This is why we exist and is the highest calling of any institution of higher learning. It is our obligation to prepare them for a diverse world that will need discerning individuals, responsible citizens, and visionary leaders.

Our core values support our mission and serve as a guidebook to how we engage with each other and our community. As we move toward the implementation of the strategic plan, all decisions will demonstrate consistency with these values.

Our vision is simply to become the very best we can be. Answering the question “What does greatness look like at Flagler College?” has been a constant theme throughout the plan and has been inclusive of every element of the College. We desire to distinguish ourselves through teaching and learning as the preeminent institution of its kind in America and a model for the 21st century. Excellence will always be the goal and continuous improvement the path.

Our plan identifies three priorities, inexorably linked and integrated throughout the document. Instead of creating siloes or building departmental walls, these priorities transform divisions that are commonly seen in higher education.

I am firmly committed to this plan and desire to be held accountable for its success. While ambitious, our future as a college and society demand it. It is my hope that you will support this mission and will join me in being “All In for Flagler.”

Joseph G. Joyner

President of Flagler College