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A graphic of Henry Flagler and two students with the phrase, 'Fearless About the Future, Strategic Plan 2025'

Our Strategic Plan 2025

Why is a college that is so steeped in history focused on the future? Because it has to be. A changing world demands it. 

Henry Flagler faced an unknown world when he first arrived in our ancient city. Curious, innovative and undeterred by challenges, he built a future out of nothing and, in doing so, made history. Along the way, he left us a legacy far greater than a building. He showed us how to be fearless about the future. 

Students listening to speaker at the spring 2019 graduation ceremony

Mission and Core Values

Learning in Pursuit of a Life Well-Lived

We strive for excellence by living our core values in service to the College's mission and aspire to become a model for the future of higher education. 

Dr. Joyner standing on the porch of Markland House

Leadership Commitment

Focused On Our Future

Campus leadership is partnering with our community to move Flagler Forward. 

Students working with a faculty member in a lab on campus

Our Strategic Priorities

Goals Today to Assure a Well-Positioned Future

Our plan identifies three priorities, naturally linked and integrated throughout the plan. These priorities are designed to transform campus decisions by looking through the lens of the student experience. 

Aerial photo of Ponce Hall.


Putting Our Plans into Action

As we move out of the planning stages, committees have been formed to implement phases of the strategic plan through 2025. 

Strategic Plan Download

Download a copy of our full "Flagler College Strategic Plan 2025" and review our College roadmap for the next 5 years.

Full Strategic Plan (380KB PDF)