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Vintage photos from the hotel and College

Flagler College 50th Anniversary

Celebrating the Trailblazer Spirit

Lesson Plans 

Flagler50:  Celebrating a College and a Preservation Legacy, 1968-2018

is an educational and interpretive component of Flagler College’s 50th anniversary celebration.  Over that time the college has grown from a Florida’s first independent women’s college to a thriving co-educational campus of about 2,500 students that is recognized widely for its academics, athletics, and campus beauty. 

This anniversary program helps illustrate the first 50 years of Flagler College within the context of St. Augustine, in Florida, and in the world.  Educational materials that are part of this program include online lesson plans illustrating changes in Florida over time with pre- and post-visit activities can prepare students for their experience.

Census Lesson Plans 

Growth and Development of St. Johns County & St. Augustine, Florida in Terms of Population

Dramatic changes in Florida’s population over the last half century have resulted in the state rising to third in the nation in population, with a broad and diverse demographic component.  An analysis of this status is represented through the lesson plan.

Lesson Plans for Census Information

Tourism Lesson Plans 

A Tale of a Tourist City:  St. Augustine Curriculum for the 50th Anniversary of Flagler College and the Tourism Impacts on St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine has served as a tourist destination since 1821 when Florida became a United States Territory.  Underscoring that lengthy history are changes that have taken place in Florida, particularly after World War II that influence the economics, entertainment, education, environment, and other elements of Florida’s history and culture.  A small sampling of the nearly 200 years of St. Augustine tourism is introduced in the lesson plan.

Lesson Plans for Tourism

National Landmark Lesson Plans 

National Historic Landmarks in Florida and the Impact on Flagler College, 1968-2018

Flagler College’s campus is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world and illustrates the viability of adaptively repurposing historic buildings for contemporary uses.  The former Hotel Ponce de Leon, centerpiece of the campus, is one of only 2,500 National Historic Landmarks, the highest designation provided by the United States for a historic property.

Lesson Plans for National Historic Landmarks

Academic Major Lesson Plans 

Academics Makes Impacts over 50 Years

Flagler College students enjoy a unique opportunity to learn and thrive in an environment that incorporates history, tourism, and diversity that is present in their campus and their adopted community. Academics over the past half century has responded to national trends and community needs, reinforcing the uniqueness of this educational environment.

Lesson Plans for Academic Majors

50 years Flagler college  

Logo for the St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra Tourist Development Council

Logo for Florida Department of State Division of Historical Resources