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Gaming On Campus

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Gaming on Campus

Network requirements vary for each gaming console or game (such as XBox, Wii, Playstation, etc.) Many times, gaming consoles are not designed to work on large networks such as college campuses. They work well in home networks because there are usually only one or two gaming devices on a home network.

Due to the wide variety of configuration needs from various game and console manufacturers, we cannot guarantee the functionality of a console or game on Flagler College's network. It is not technologically possible for us to open ports for each individual console. This is not the result of a decision or policy about gaming; rather, it is the result of the hardware differences between home routers and commercial routers.

What can I do if my game or console does not seem to work?

Your console will only work for sure if you purchase your own individual internet connection, just like you have at home. You can contact Comcast to have this set up. Click here to find the Comcast representative's contact information on the Residence Life page. Simply installing a router will not work.

How can I connect my device to the wifi network?

If you have a gaming device that can use wifi, you can register the device to connect. Just click here to fill out the registration form. You will be emailed with further instructions when the registration is complete on our end.

Updating World Of Warcraft from the dorms

If you play Word of Warcraft, you may not be able to download updates provided by WOW's torrent servers. Instead, please follow the instructions on this link to download WOW updates:

Alternate WOW Updater from