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Alumni Email

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Alumni Email

Alumni Email Login

What is Alumni Email?

After you graduate, your email account will be disabled and all data removed from our system on a schedule:

  • Fall graduates' accounts are removed on February 1.
  • Spring graduates' accounts are removed on June 1.
  • Summer graduates' accounts are removed on August 1.

Before you graduate, you will be given a new email address in the format [first initial][last name][3 digits] (, for example). You must forward any emails you wish to save from your email account before they are deleted.

To log in to your new alumni email account, visit This service is provided by Google, and also includes free calendar, chat, online document storage and editing, and more.

Preparing for the Transition

Not ready to have your Flagler College network and email account deleted because of job prospects or grad school applications? Just fill out our Graduate Account Extension Request form and we'll make sure your account is handled separately.

Graduate Account Extension Request Form

Access your network files from anywhere using Flagler Connect.
You can use Flagler Connect to download all of your files at once to your home computer without coming to campus.

Configure automatic replies to make your contacts aware of your new contact information.

Automatically forwarding your incoming messages to your new alumni email account.

Use Google's auto-migrate tool for moving your current @Flagler email address emails to your alumni inbox.

Logging in to an Alumni account when you already have a Gmail Account.

Connect Gmail with Alumni Email

Add your Alumni account to an email app