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Campus Technology Basics

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Campus Technology Basics

Campus Equipment

Multiple classrooms in the Library are equipped with state-of-the-art Windows and Macintosh computers for classroom use. In addition, open-access computer labs are available on the first and third floors. Many classrooms on campus are equipped with computers, projectors, Smart Boards, and other devices designed to enhance the learning experience.

Scanners are located in most open-access labs and graphic design and communications classrooms.

Windows and Mac computers are equipped with CD and DVD burners.

Printers are available in every lab. Black-and-white OR color printing is available.

Click here for more information on printing.

Logging into Campus Computers

To log into Windows computers on campus, use your email username and password. Your email username is usually in the format of your first initial + last name + a set of numbers.

If you do not know your email password, contact Technology Services or visit SelfService to reset your own password.

Mac computers on campus log in automatically with a lab account.

NEVER share your password with anyone else. ALWAYS log off when you are done working. Computers automatically log out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Campus Software

All campus computers are pre-installed with plenty of software. The main suites used are as follows: Flagler College uses Microsoft Office as the default productivity software suite on Mac and Windows computers. It is recommended, though not required, that students also have a copy of Microsoft Office. Flagler College’s Mac computers have Adobe Creative Suite software installed. Some have advanced video and sound editing programs installed.

Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and other software can be purchased for personal computers at steep educational discounts.

Click here to access educational discounts on hardware and software.

Internet Connectivity

Click here for information on Internet connectivity.

Server Storage

Click here for information on server file storage, backup, and access from home.

Alumni Technology Use

Alumni who wish to use campus computers must check in with the Proctor Library staff to obtain guest access.

Click here for information on Alumni email accounts.