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Senior Class Gift

Our Current Campaigns

Kenan Plaza

Framing the Future
The Flagler Fund Campaign

When you give to the Flagler Fund, you provide support for scholarships, enhanced facilities and help us to earn national rankings. All of this adds up to benefit not just our current students, but our alumni as well.

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31 Cordova Street - Pollard hall

A history-making building. A history-making opportunity.
The Pollard Hall Campaign

Flagler College is celebrating a milestone—the construction of Pollard Hall, Flagler's first new academic structure since the Proctor Library was built in 1996.

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The Senior Gift Tradition

The Flagler College Senior Class has a tradition of giving back to the College. Beginning with the Class of 2006, seniors have taken this opportunity to show their appreciation for the College by raising money to finance campus projects that leave behind a legacy. The past gifts have served as a way for the graduating classes to have an impact on future students. These gifts will represent a lasting legacy on the Flagler campus and serve as a way for each graduating class to showcase a bit of their own personality.

Benefits of Making a Gift

A gift from a senior is important for many reasons. First, it shows our alumni, staff, and members of the community that you valued your Flagler experience. Secondly, if everyone gave just $10, we would have over $6,000 to support great projects which will have a significant impact on Flagler College. Finally, it serves as your first gift as an alumni. Each year as a graduate of Flagler College, we will ask you to support the college with a small annual gift. Participation each year has a significant impact on our future. It influences school rankings and allows us to obtain funding.

Past Gifts

Graduating classes vote on what there Senior Gift will be. Here is a list of the past Senior Gifts.

  • 2012 - New laptops to be loaned from the Library.
  • 2011 – New Equipment for the Fitness Center
  • 2010 – New Computers for the Ringhaver Student Center
  • 2009 – The Class of 2009 Endowed Scholarship
  • 2008 – The Recycling Program
  • 2007 – Mural for the Student Center
  • 2006 – Picnic tables for the West Lawn

How are the Gifts Used?

You will decide! The senior class will be surveyed throughout the year and during Senior Day.

How to Make a Gift

You can make a gift at Senior Day, which will be held a few weeks prior to graduation.  You may also buy a message in our Graduation Thank You book.  You can also give online at  Although we ask seniors to give according to their graduation year (ex. $20.12 to represent the Class of 2012). A gift of any size is important.  Even just $1 can help support this cause.