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Mary Keegan

“I am so grateful to the Unger Family for giving me such an amazing opportunity and an experience that I will remember forever.”

Mary Keegan, ’14
Business Administration/Spanish

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Estefania Mones

“I never dreamed I could have such a big impact on someone’s life, especially as a college student.”

Estefania Mones, ’13
Business Administration

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Nicole Del Bene

“I was very excited to receive the Michael Bugg’s Leadership Scholarship because it meant that my dedication and leadership qualities were recognized.”

Nicole Del Bene, ’13
Business Administration/Pre-Law

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Molly Wiley Portrait

“I am so proud of Flagler College! The 'Little College that Could' is the greatest!”

Molly Wiley
Longtime benefactor of Flagler College leaves $2.5 million bequest to the College

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Eric Strasser

“Flagler has been the best experience for me because I was able to network... I have worked for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New Orleans Saints, which is something that makes me very proud.”

Eric Strasser, ’12
Sport Management

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Leader ($500 - $900)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adkins
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Albinson '79
Ms. June C. Amer '74
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Armold
Ms. Barbara Armstrong '80
Mr. Michael Baer '85
Mr. Peter Bell and Ms. Mary Higgins
Mr. Michael Birchall '94
Dr. Allen R. Bohl
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bovell
Ms. Margo M. Brown '06
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Butcher
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Cameron
Mrs. Susan Eyerly Caray '89
Mr. Anthony A. Carro
Ms. Kara-Anne Casey '05
Mrs. Deborah Spear Castillo '83
Mrs. Meeta K. Chhabra
Ms. Bethany L. Coates '08
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Deborah Alba '73 Coates
Mr. Marc A. Craddock '91
Mr. Jody Crews
Allen and Elizabeth Crosby
Dr. Paul  and Mrs. Sharon White '81 Crutchfield
Ms. Marissa Dimick '03
Mr. David '74 and Mrs. Janet Wiseman '73 English
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Erlacher
Mr. Bryan Esstman '95
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Frikker
Mr. Brian G. Gadowry '82
Mr. Matthew '08 and Mrs. Jennifer Gardner '08 Gillikin
Mr. and Mrs. W. Kenneth Harper
Ms. Debra G. Hellett
Mr. Viv A. Helwig '08
Mr. Thomas Herrington III
Mr. Jason '99 and Mrs. Jessica Calcagni '00 Hoffman
"Mr. Franklin ""Cason"" Houser"
Mr. David Iannone '86
Ms. Joanne R. Jensen
Mr. Scott '96 and Mrs. Mary Linville '98 Jones
Ms. Anne C. Kaufmann
Ms. Marietta Kellogg
Mr. and Mrs. Yvan Kelly
Mr. Robert B. Kerr '78
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Kilanoski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kobylarz
Mr. Kirk '84 and Mrs. Karen Grissom '84 Kreuter
Mr. and Mrs. David Ledonne
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Lewis
Mr. Paul B. MacDonald '83
Dr. and Mrs. Paul D Mantell
Mr. Romain Mareuil
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Wendy McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McKendry
Ms. Ruby H. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Nolan
Ms. Judy Oatis
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. O'Steen
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Parks
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Pechter
Mrs. Monica Yurman Pisacano '98
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Renninger
Mr. J. Andrew Saxton '02
Mr. Walter  and Mrs. Martha Morgan '78  Shinn
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shirley
Captain Donald B. Simmons III '87
2nd Lt. Douglas E. Snelling '06
Dr. John W. Stewart III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart
Mrs. Amy Waers Thompson '06
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Unger
Mr. Micah J. Ward '02
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Welch
Mrs. Amy Nelson Whitaker '94
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Don Wilson
Mrs. Lynne Gambardella Zappone '84
Mr. Michael T. Zymowski '88

Patron ($250 - $400)
Mr. Gary Abrahamsen '01
Ms. Laura A. Adams
Ms. Jamie E. Alvarez '09
Dr. Darien E. Andreu
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Armistead
Mr. Matthew W. Armstrong '07
Mr. and Mrs. Allen D. Atkinson
Mr. Christopher Barnett '01
"Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Beckwith, Sr."
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Bessent
Ms. Conale Bessey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blake
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bowling
Mrs. Megan Hammond Burkett '95
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Butler
Mr. Jon Cantor '00
Ms. Geri Carriuolo
Ms. Laura Pearson Caruthers '11
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin G. Charleston
Dr. Michael  and Mrs. Catherine Chester
Mrs. Carol Symonds Cooper '88
Ms. Sylvia Cooper
Mr. Jonnie Corbin
Mr. Michael Craig '89
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Culleton III
Ms. Jessica M. Dalton '10
Mr. and Mrs. Jud Damon
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Davis
Mr. and Mrs. George Davis III
Mr. Jeffrey Davitt '07  and Mrs. Janine Sottile-Davitt '08
Mr. and Mrs. David Denbleyker
Mrs. Laura Stevenson Dumas
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Duncan
Mrs. Patricia Sadow Edsall '01
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edsall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ely
Mr. Ryan M. Erlacher '04
Mr. and Mrs. John Folsom
Mr. Charles '89 and Mrs. Kimberly Wegner '93 Foster
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Frandsen
Dr. Roger J. Geronimo
Mr. Stephen '87 and Mrs. Polly Allegro '87 Gerry
Mr. Joe D. Gilbreath '78
Ms. Edith Gillespie
Mr. Douglas J. Gillikin '08
Mr. and Mrs. William Glascock
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Al Greco
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Grevior
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Griffith III
Mr. Jeffrey K. Guild '88
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Halas
Dr. Tracy L. Halcomb
Mr. and Mrs. William Hammock
Mr. William J. Haney and Ms. Patricia Tjaden
Mr. Joseph Harding
Mr. Richard Hausman '00
Mr. and Mrs. J. Roland Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Heinze
Mr. and Mrs. James Holland
Mr. Scott C. Houser
Mr. Keith '94 and Mrs. Shannan Hethcote '94 Jacoby
Mr. Richard James '83
Dr. Melanie Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Jessop
Rev. Brian '96 and Mrs. Clare Foye '97 Jones
Dr. Julie A. Jurgens
Mr. Lee Kermode '79
Ms. Tawny L. Kern '89
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kernan
Mr. and Mrs. James Keyser
Mrs. Megan Sullivan Kirby '06
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kosenski
Mr. Walter G. Kosenski III '11
Ms. Linda L. Kroha '00
Mr. Peter Kryzwick '87
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lambert
Ms. Erika Lang-Montgomery
Mr. Christopher M. Larson '89
Ms. Courtney C. Leggett
Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Lisa
"Mr. Clair R. Loverich, Jr."
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Loverich
Mr. and Mrs. David Maloof
Ms. Alecia Manning '05
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marinan
Mr. Tracy L. Markham
Ms. Krista M. McAra '08
Mrs. Charlotte M. McCormick '07
Ms. Lara McCormick
Mrs. Rosemary Williams McDaniel '98
Mrs. Jessica Adcock McGillicuddy '09
Mr. and Mrs. John McHugh
Mr. Sean '87 and Mrs. Leisa Bennett '88 McKenna
Mr. Jaykumar D. Mehta '02
Mrs. Mary Ann Mena '85
Mr. Douglas '75 and Mrs. Joan Quinn '75 Mercado
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mergel
Ms. Susan M. Messersmith
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Meyer
Ms. Linda Hall Mignon '74
Mr. David M. Miller '11
Ms. Wanda G. Mitchell
"Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moreno, Jr. "
Mr. Mark H. Muller '88
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Munafo
Mr. Brian  and Mrs. Katherine Nesselrode
Mr. Thomas Nickler
Ms. Laura L. O'Brien '04
Mr. Franklyn D. O'Rourke '83  and Ms. Danielle Gustafson '00
Mr. and Mrs. Milner Osborne
Mr. Victor Ostrowidzki  (d)
Ms. Lisa A. Pallante '84
Mr. and Mrs. P.G. Para
Mr. Galo Pazmino and Ms. Dora Bertini
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Percy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Piagno
Mr. Justin H. Pipkorn
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Quanstrom
"Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Quillian, Jr. "
Mr. and Mrs. William Radomski
Mr. Jason '07 and Mrs. Diana Miller '07  Reigelsperger
Mr. Gregory Christian Roll '09
Mrs. Jeanne Balliet Russell '86
"Mr. William B. Russo, Jr. '09"
Mr. Scott Russom '99
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Saabye
Mrs. Elizabeth Sadow
Mrs. Karen Hohne Sapp '74
Mr. Roland and Mrs. Karen Schumann
Mrs. Margaret Lang Sears '94
Mr. John P. Seymour
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Shank
Mr. David and Mrs. Beth Shaw
Mr. Terry K. Shepard
Mr. Michael '81 and Mrs. Susan Shillaber
Ms. Ruth Shugart
Mr. Phil Simpson '93
Mr. Mark '84 and Mrs. Virginia Livingston '85 Simpson
Ms. Kathryn E. Slawson '06
Mr. and Mrs. William Slevin
Dr. and Mrs. David Smock
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel F. Sottile
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spencer
Mr. Roscoe '79 and Mrs. Laura Pratt '82 Staples
Mr. Anthony '03 and Mrs. Nikki Fralick '02 Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. John Swiatkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Szeliga
Mr. Arthur Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thomas
Mr. Brian '95  and Mrs. Nancy Demato '95 Thompson
"Mr. George B. Tobi, Jr."
Mr. Pedro and Mrs. Laura Vizdos '92 Tomas
Ms. Kathryn A. Trillas '72
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Turknett
Dr. Bernadette Twardy
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Tyo
Ms. Melissa C. Tyo-Grooten
Mr. John C. Vollmer '79
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ward
Mr. Ian B. Waterhouse '11
Mr. Aaron Wazlavek '06
Mr. Mark Weatherholt
Mr. and Mrs. Allen D. White
Mr. Darwin L. White
Ms. Emily Whittaker and Mr. Rob Banta
Dr. Charles Wingo and Dr. Barbara Wingo
Reverend and Mrs. David Winter
Mr. Jesse Worontsoff '95

Benfactor ($100 - $240)

Mr. William T. Abare III '94
Ms. Mildred B. Abercrombie
Mr. Logan T. Abrams '03
Mr. John Abstein
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan N. Achilles
Mrs. Michelle Dusseau Ackerman '87
Ms. Cydney M. Aiken
Mr. Steven A. Albano '10
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Albert
Ms. Jane G. Albright
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Alcorn
Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Amend
Mr. Warren Anderson and Mrs. Sheryl Aycock-Anderson
Mr. William '83 and Mrs. Judy  Angyalfy
Mr. Michael E. Armistead '10
Dr. Rezwin Ashdji
Ms. Betty Autry
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Lisa Bienvenu '93 Azzoli
Mr. Christopher R. Bacca '08
Ms. Jennifer Bachman
Mr. Audie W. Bailey
"Mr. Mark F. Bailey, Jr. '08"
Ms. Barbara Baker
Mr. Kevin '00 and Mrs. Amanda Groves '00 Ball
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Barnes
Mr. Ian Barritt '00
Mr. Mark '02 and Mrs. Amanda Smith '02 Barritt
Mr. Jeffrey F. Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Barton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bassos
Ms. Celeste R. Beale
Mrs. Amy Polen Beamer '97
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Beaver
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Beil
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Belz
Ms. Gigi Benanti '80
Mr. and Mrs. Terry R. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Brian F. Berg
Mr. and Mrs. Ib Berg
Dr. Don D. Berglund
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Berk
"Mr. Joseph Bertazon, Jr. "
Mr. Paul R. Beshears
Ms. Kimberley M. Bianco
Mr. Andrew Birchall '97
Mr. Richard A. Birdsall
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Black
Mr. Ronald Black '77
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blackford
Mr. George Blaize
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Blatzer
"Mr. and Mrs. James O. Bledsoe, Jr."
Mr. and Mrs. William Boan
Mr. Johnny Boehm
Mrs. Sharon Tarlton Bond '75
Mr. David D. Boree
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bostwick
Mr. and Mrs. Art Boulette
Mr. William M. Bowles
Mr. Jacob Boyle '09
Mr. and Mrs. William Boyle
Ms. Janet L. Bradke
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Branscome
Mr. Patrick Braswell '07
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Bray
Mrs. Ann H. Breidenstein
Mrs. Gina D'Errico Brennan '91
Mr. Brad Brewer '84
Mrs. Christine Brindle
Ms. Elizabeth Britt
"Mr. Marshall K. Brittle, Jr. '07"
Mr. Ernest K. Brodbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brodbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos L. Brooks
Mrs. Mary Jane Johnson Brower '79
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown
Dr. Robert Walton and Mrs. Lynn Brueske-Walton
Mr. Russell '79 and Mrs. Laurie Brule
Mr. Benjamin Bruner '06
Ms. Melissa A. Bruner
Mr. Daniel C. Buning
Ms. Elizabeth S. Buning
Mr. Bradley Burchfield '90
Mrs. Lindy Burke
Mr. Mark Burke '93
Mr. Joe Burton and Mrs. Turtle Marshall- Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bush
Mr. Lawrence P. Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Byke
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Califano
Mr. and Mrs. William Califf
Reverend Dr. William H. Camp II '91
Mr. and Mrs. John Cannistra
Mr. Howard Caplan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Carberry
Mr. Brian D. Carr '87
Mr. Robert Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cartmill
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Casagrande
Mr. and Mrs. George Casella
Mr. William Casey III '09
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Castello
Ms. Mary C. Castello
Mr. George Cate and Ms. Kimberly Hassebroek
Mr. and Mrs. James Cattanach
Mr. Charles D. Chaffee
Mr. Adam Chambers '00
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Alford B. Chapman
Judge and Mrs. C. Rodney Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Chapman
Ms. Tracy Charles
"Mr. and Mrs. Garland Chick, Jr. "
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Chipman
Mr. Marcel Choquette
Mrs. Jamie Johnson Choy '94
Mr. and Mrs. David Cinney
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Cipolla
Mr. Ben Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Clark 
Mr. Robert Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clarke
Mrs. Jane Clarke
Mr. Luke Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Coca
Mr. Caleb Cochran '99
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Cohen
"Mr. George Cole, Jr. '03"
Mr. and Mrs. William Colley
Mr. and Mrs. James Collins
Mr. Daniel C. Connolly '92
Mr. Robert '81 and Mrs. Pamela Farley '81 Conte
Dr. and Mrs. Adam Cooper
Mr. Kevin L. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Cori
Dr. Brenda Cornwell
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Corrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Costello
Mr. Ernest Costello '96
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cover
Mr. James P. Covill
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Crews
Mr. Kenneth Crews
Mrs. Antoinette Crimmins
Mr. and Mrs. G. Michael Crothers
Mrs. Robyn G. Cruthis
Ms. Caitlin Culleton '08
Mr. Patrick Cummings '79
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cutlip
Mr. Richard P. Daber
Mr. and Mrs. William D'Addio
Ms. Rachel Damioli
"Mr. John Daniels, Jr. '86 "
Mr. Bradley A. Dauplaise '01
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Davis
"Mr. John Davitt, Jr. "
Mrs. Laura M. English Dawson '99
Mr. Stanley A. Deangelis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Debevoise
Mrs. Alice M. DeMent
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Deninger
Mrs. Cecilia A. Miller Dennison '74
Ms. Annesa Weis Denune '91
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Devino
Mr. Kevin Devoe
Mrs. Anne-Marie Smith Dezelan '94
Mr. and Mrs. Rosendo Diaz
Mr. Dennis Dingle '05
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dixon
"Mr. and Mrs. Al Donnon, Jr."
Ms. Joyce S. Doty
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Druga
Mr. Chris Dunne
Mr. Wayne E. Durban
Ms. Margaret Durham
"Mr. and Mrs. George Durst, Jr. "
Ms. Dania Ebenholtz
Ms. Heidi J. Eddins
Mr. David W. Edsall
Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Edwards
Mr. Raymond Eme
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Enright
Mr. Don Eshelman
Mr. George P. Estelle '89
Mr. Robert Federer '04
Mr. and Mrs. John Fegan
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey D. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Ferrall
Ms. Bethany L. Fessenden '03
Mr. Thomas Fettig
Mr. Morgan Fisher and Mrs. Constance Roy-Fisher
Ms. Sarah Fisher '05
Ms. Dawn Fitzpatrick
Ms. Tanya Grande Fjare '01
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Flanagan
Mrs. Annette Smith Flanigan '88
Dr. Edward M. Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. James Foley
Ms. Araan Foley-Quinney '97
Mr. David K. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Foudray
Mr. James N. Fouraker
Ms. Jessica S. Fowler '98
"Mr. Billy Don Fraser, Sr."
Mr. and Mrs. James Frazier
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Freitas
Ms. Diane W. French
Ms. Eleanor S. Frongillo
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Cristy '02 Furr
Mr. and Mrs. Siro Fusi
Mr. Thomas '98 and Mrs. Lisa Groucott '98 Gable
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gambrell
Ms. Ellen R. Gambrell '11
Ms. Marjorie A. Gamerl
Mr. David '96 and Mrs. Theresa Wynant '92 Garratt
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Gauthier
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gerber
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Gerling
Ms. Desiree R. Gesualdi '10
Dr. and Mrs. Roger D. Gifford
Mr. Timothy P. Gill '92
Ms. Linda Ginn
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gioe
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny E. Gispanski
Mr. Frederick C. Glass '95
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Glaze
Mrs. Lisa R. Gnann
Dr. Glenn Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Gonsalves
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goodman
Mr. Beau Gordon '10
Mr. Tom Grady
Dr. Michele Gregoire
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Griffin
"Mr. and Mrs. Mark Groff, Sr. "
Mr. Horst R. Grossmann
Ms. Corina R. Guglielmo '11
Ms. Agnes N. Guniewicz
Mrs. Sherri Lynn Haeger '98
Dr. Randi Hagen
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hahn
Mr. Michael Hale '09
Mr. Russell Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hall
Mr. Sherwood Hampton '76
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney A. Hanson
Mr. David Hardesty
Mr. and Mrs. David Harding
Mr. Jacob T. Harding '07
Ms. Myrna L. Harline
Mr. Anthony '79 and Mrs. Susan Modzelewski '83 Harroun
Ms. Susan G. Harter
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. John Hayford
Major Diana R. Haynie '86
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Heinze
Commander Selena A. Hernandez-Haines (Ret.) '80
"Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Heyck, Jr."
Mr. Patrick A. Higgins '07
Mr. Scott Thompson '97 and Ms. Holly Hill '02
Juliet E. Hirshan '09
Mr. Mark D. Hlavek '90
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Hodge II
Mr. Emil D. Hodge
Mr. Thomas A. Hodge
"Mr. Robert E. Hollis, Jr."
Ms. Sandra Holmes '72
Mrs. Caryl Castello Holthouse '86
Mrs. Ann Tyson Hopkins '79
Ms. Kristine Hoppenworth '08
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Horne
Ms. June Horsman
Mrs. Kathleen Cummings Houseman '85
Mr. Cason R. Houser
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hoyt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Huber
Mr. Timothy Huber '85
Mrs. Karen D. Hudgins
"Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Hughes, Sr. "
Ms. Ann Brister Hurst '76
Ms. Maggie Hutchison
Dr. and Mrs. Dale C. Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. Armin Jabs
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jackson
Mr. Floyd R. Jamison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jerry
Ms. Mary Jewell
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Jezik
Mr. Pavlo Joannou '90
Dr. Tim  and Mrs. Aggie '99  Johnson
Ms. Kathleen Johnson
"Dr. Elizabeth C. Jones, M.D."
"Mr. Paul V. Jones, Jr."
Mr. Stuart Jones
Ms. Anne Corwith Joy '81
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Julian
Mr. Charles W. Kamm
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kasper
Mr. William R. Kaufmann
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kaylor
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Keefe
Mrs. Kathryn D. Keeling '84
Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Kelly
Mr. John Kelly III '00
Mr. Robert H. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Keyser
Mr. and Mrs. Phyl Kimball
Mrs. Irma Z. King
Mrs. Rachel Gibson Kleinsorge '97
Mr. Joshua J. Kline '98
Mr. Tim Knoeppel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kornblatt
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Koutrakos
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kozak
"Mr. Kenneth R. Kresge, Jr."
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Krieger
"Mr. James ""Jak"" Krumholtz '04"
Mr. and Mrs. Basil Kustodowicz
Mr. Bray E. LaDow '05
Mr. Paul Lambert
Ms. Nicole Langlois '09
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Langston
Mr. Alex S. Lannan '11
Ms. Caroline K. Lowry '91
Ms. Lynn Lasher '74
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lathrop
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Laurienzo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard LaVista
Mr. Daniel A. Lederman '72
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Lee
Mr. Paul N. Amann '90 and Ms. Sandra H. Leonard '91
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. Lewis
"Mr. and Mrs. Leroy D. Lewis, Sr."
Dr. and Mrs. Wen I. Lin
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Lipnick
Mr. and Mrs. John Litwinka
Mr. and Mrs. William Lloyd
Mr. John A. Locke
Mr. Karl Loewe '06
Ms. Kimberly Lohry
Mrs. Celia P. Long
Ms. Linda Lovello '85
Mrs. Janell Krzyzek Lovig '05
Mr. Miguel Parets and Mrs. Patricia M. Lowe-Parets
Mrs. Kimberly Flanagan Lower '85
Mrs. Susan Orton Lucas '96
Ms. Candice Luce
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Ludwig
Dr. Jude E. Lupinetti
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Luteran
Ms. Janet A. Lyons
Mr. Kurt '96 and Mrs. Sarah Schade '97 Mabery
Mr. Franklyn Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Mahoney
Mrs. Gail E. Maier '99
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Majeski
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Majewski
Mrs. Lisa A. Maldonado '06
Mr. Jim A. Mangus
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Marchese
Mrs. Tanya Margarone '98
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Markunas
Ms. Deborah North Maronic '78
Mr. James B. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. James Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Didier Martin
Mrs. Fran Swenson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Martin
Mr. Jeffrey Martin '93
Mr. John H. Martin
Ms. Alane E. Mason '12
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Mason
Mrs. Candace Masters
Ms. Kathleen Masterson
Mr. Michael A. Matlat '91
Mrs. Andrea Maranto May '87
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. McAvoy
Mrs. Ashley Lindelow McCarrick '05
Mr. William McCauley and Mrs. Michelle Lord-McCauley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. McCracken
Ms. Diane McCreary
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert J. McDermott
Mr. Patrick '01 and Mrs. Nicole Kalogeras '01 McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. James W. McDonald
Mr. Wayne McGinnis '76
Ms. Karin McGrath '73
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. McGuinness
Mr. Michael W. McGurk '82
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McKendree III
Mr. and Mrs. James B. McKendry
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McKinney
Mr. and Mrs. Lance McKinnon
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Michal W. McMahon
Mrs. Patricia Fraser McMahon '81
Mr. Andrew McRae '80
Dr. John Meadows
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mederos
Ms. Leigh M. Mendenhall '10
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Mendenhall
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mergler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Messemer
Mr. and Mrs. William Metcalfe
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Meyer
Mr. Daniel Miceli '02
Mr. and Mrs. David Middlebrook
Ms. Traci Middleton
Mr. William P. Mignon
Mr. and Mrs. James Miller
Mrs. Paula Smith Miller '79
Mrs. Cynthia Fike Mitchell '05
Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Moan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Monahan
Mr. Timothy Monte '89
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Gregory Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Moreland
Drs. Robert and Venita Morell
Mr. Philip Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Morrell
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Morris
Ms. Cindy Sue Morrow-Karayiannis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morse
Mr. and Mrs. James Motta
Ms. Kristen Mullins '02
Ms. Lisa Murace
Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Myers
Mr. Victor M. Napoli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nawrocki
Ms. Donna Niles
Dr. Jerry Noloboff
Mr. Frank J. Novak '77
Mr. Jeffrey B. Oakley
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Connell
"Mr. and Mrs. James O'Connor, Jr. "
Mr. Ryan O'Connor '04
Mr. Chris Odem
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Hara
Mr. and Mrs. Augustine O'Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. O'Neal
Mr. Samuel K. Osborne '09
Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Shea
Mr. Dean M. Painter
Mr. Anthony Paleo
Mrs. Samantha Peacock Palmer '04
Ms. Dorothea C. Parker '79
Mrs. Nicole Pease Parry '06
Mr. and Mrs. Gary H. Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Partel
Mr. Nandlal B. Paryani
Mr. Leo J. Pawelczyk '07
Mrs. Eunice Beers Pearce '72
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pearson
Mr. Pete Peaver '81
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Beverly Petrus
Mr. A. F. and Mrs. Jacqueline Blackwell '75 Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pietrucci
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Pineiro
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Piratzky
Mrs. Shelley Pizzi
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Postulka
Mr. and Mrs. David Powell
Mr. and Mrs. John Pratchios
Mr. Mickey and Mrs. Lisa Werner '84 Prince
Mr. Michael Puc '81
Ms. Krista E. Purcell '08
Mrs. Michelle Wiggins Quevedo '95
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Kelly Lynch '80 Racine
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Ratte
Mrs. Carol Anderson Raym '87
"Mr. Michael J. Reamy, Jr. '81"
Mr. Murl L. Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Reich
Mr. and Mrs. Erich Reimann
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Renne'
Mr. and Mrs. William Reynolds
Mr. Harold A. Richardson
Ms. Sally V. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Riemer
"Mr. and Mrs. Elmer C. Rimer, Jr. "
Mr. Ronald D. Roberts
Reverend Timothy D. Roberts '88
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Robinson
Mrs. Susan Fainor Rogers '90
Mr. John A. Romes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roode
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roudabush
Mr. Timothy J. Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall W. Rowland
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Rowles
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Rusch
Ms. Vicki Rusk
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ryan
Mr. James Sackett '82
Mr. Richard A. Sadow
Mr. Alfredo L. Santiago
Mr. Beamon Sapp
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Savage
Mr. Carlo A. Scalia
Ms. Mildred Scalia
Ms. Marianne Scambos
Mrs. Lucinda A. Scherer
Mr. Ronald '85 and Mrs. Jill McCullough '90 Schomburger
Ms. Rachel Schremp '01
Ms. Stephanie Schulte '07
Mr. V. Dirk '82 and Mrs. Karen Schulze
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schwarz
Mr. Anderson Scott '09
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Scott
Mr. Peter L. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Scribbins
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seaman
Mr. Kevin Seamon
Mrs. Debra Alexander Searcy '80
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sears
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Seiler
Mr. Corey L. Seitz '02
Ms. Sarah M. Sekac '02
Ms. Susan Semrau
Dr. Cheryl Serrano 
Mrs. Janet M. Setzler
Ms. Jille W. Shelhart
Ms. Jo C. Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shiver
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Shuman
Mr. Robert Silverman and Ms. Barbara Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Simon
Mr. Ronald W. Sims
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Singh
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Small
Mr. Gregory Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith
Mr. Jared T. Smith '07
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Smith
Dr. Ripp Smith
Mr. Thomas W. Smith
Mr. Jeffrey L. Snow
Dr. and Mrs. Gary J. Snyder
"Mr. William E. Snyder, Jr."
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Sowers
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sparkman
Ms. Lynne Sparks '85
Mrs. Patricia Murray Sparrer '73
Mr. James Spruance
Mr. and Mrs. T. Jeff Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stewart Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Strott
Mr. and Mrs. Toben Stubee
Mr. Stan Sujka and Mrs. Shari Yudenfreund-Sujka
Mr. Ronald '77 and Mrs. Barbara Summers
Mr. Joseph Szymanski
Mr. and Mrs. John Tate
Mr. and Mrs. David Tax
Mr. Cary C. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. William Taylor
Mrs. Judith G. Thaden '79
Ms. Belynda F. Tharpe '85
Mrs. Dorothy Thomas '09
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas
Mrs. Amanda Thompson
Ms. Judith Thompson
Mrs. Patricia Thompson
Mr. James Todd '09
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Torchia
Mrs. Elizabeth Bateman Toy '97
Mr. Steve Traylor
Mr. and Mrs. David Trembley
Mr. Frank Trombino
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Turbeville
Mr. Carl K. Turk and Ms. Ozlem Yilmaz
Mrs. Paige Marley Tyde '89
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tyde
Mr. Robbie Tyler
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Usina
Mr. Paul  and Mrs. Toni  Valaro
Mr. and Mrs. Rankin Dow Van Arnam
Ms. Courtney Van Dyke '06
Mrs. Aurin Lowry Vanore '89
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Vanover
Ms. Doris Vidan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Waers
Mr. Mitchell R. Wagner
Mr. Archie Wainright
"Mr. Richard L. Waler, Jr."
"Mr. Bill Waller, Jr."
Mr. and Mrs. William Wallis
Mr. and Mrs. David Walter
Mr. R. Michael Ward and Ms. Kimberly Friend
Mr. Daniel '06 and Mrs. Megan Arters '05 Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Waters
Ms. Peggy Watson
Ms. Margaret Weber '09
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Weeks
Mr. Chad '95 and Mrs. Betsy Richardson '96 Wegeman
Ms. Leah Weinberg '02
Mr. Brian Welke '03
Mr. and Mrs. John Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Rainer Wemcken
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Westmoreland
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Weymouth
Mr. Jared H. Whetstone '10
Mr. Robert F. Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. D. G. White
Mr. and Mrs. John White
Mrs. J.P. Preston Wiedeman '83
Mr. James S. Wieland
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wienckowski
Ms. Helen P. Wigginton
Mr. George I. Will
Ms. Lisa K. Williams '95
Mr. Theodore M. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Willumsen
Mrs. Renee Fagrell Winkler '82
Mr. Derek '96 and Mrs. Leslie Armstrong '97 Winston
"Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Wolfe, Jr."
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wood
Mrs. Andrea Weisman Woodburn '85
Mrs. Amber Zebley Woodland '07
Mrs. Penny L. Wools '78
Ms. Virginia Worner
Mr. Jonathan Young
Mr. Kevin Young '89
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Zaborsky
Ms. Mary Zacker
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Zawacki
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Zebendon
Ms. Lisa Ann M. Zlatniski '91
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zullo

Donor ($1 - $90)
Mr. Justin H. Abare
Mrs. Kelly Senderling Abbatinozzi '87
Mr. Abbemyi W. Abbenyi '10
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Abear
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Abell
Ms. Katie A. Abercrombie
Dr. Anthony A. Accetta '85
Ms. Sheila Acharya '10
Ms. Kelsey A. Achberger '11
Mr. Colin V. B. Achilles '12
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Achtemeier
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ackerman
Mr. Jamie Ackerman '10
Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Acquafredda
Ms. Beata Acs '04
Ms. Erin Acton '04
Ms. Ashley J. Adams
Mrs. Jeannette Rotermund Adams '94
Mr. William '04  and Mrs. Megan Dassuncao '07 Adams
Mr. Taylor J. Adams '03
Mr. and Mrs. Alger C. Addison
Mr. Mason C. Addison '12
"Dr. Douglas M. Adel, D.D.S."
Mr. Jedd W. Ahyoung '11
Ms. Danielle M. Aiello '12
Mrs. Katherine Brown Aigner '02
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Aiken
"Mr. and Mrs. Hal Airth, Sr. "
Mr. Adam '93 and Mrs. Katie Trujillo '95 Airth
Mr. Brian Aitkens
"Mr. David Alabed, Jr. '11"
Mr. Tarek Alame '06
Ms. Katherine D. Albano
Mrs. Corinne Bennison Alberdi '05
Mrs. Melissa Bustard Alberici '91
Ms. Lisa Albertson
Ms. Nilda Albino '07
Ms. Josephine L. Albrecht '12
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Albrecht
Mrs. Mary Beth Scott Albritton '01
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Albury
Ms. Sara Alcorn '07
Mr. Ryan '04 and Mrs. Lauren Hunt '04 Alderson
Mr. T.J. Aldridge '07
Mr. George Alexander '10
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Alexander
Mrs. Sophie Alexionok '12
Ms. Chelsea J. Alford '12
Mr. Ryan '07 and Mrs. Jennifer Van Doren '06 Alfred
Ms. Anna M. Allen
Mrs. Deborah Allen '96
Mr. and Mrs. Edison F. Allen
Ms. MaryLynn Allen '12
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Allender
Ms. Laura A. Allender '12
Ms. Laura Alley '86
Mr. Franklin and Mrs. Virginia Alligood
Mrs. Annette Allman '07
Mr. Edward Allman '74
Ms. Claire Almond
Ms. Melissa D. Altazin '11
Mr. John F. Alters
Ms. Marie E. Alvarado
Mr. Brett Alvaro
Mr. and Mrs. W E. Amanti
Mr. Jaycob Ammerman
Ms. Maria B. Amores '12
Ms. Chelsea Amos '08
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Amundson
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Anastasio
Ms. Ashley Anderson
Ms. Ashley R. Anderson
Mrs. Audrey Anderson '85
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Anderson
Ms. Chelsie Anderson '08
Mr. David Anderson '01
Mr. Eric '92 and Mrs. Lorrie MacQuarrie '95 Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson
Mr. Mark Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. W. Stuart Anderson
Mrs. Bobbi Wirkner Andes '10
Mr. Kenneth Andrews
"Mr. Anthony-Jasper B. Andruszkiewicz, Jr. '11"
Ms. Mary Angelini '06
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Ansell
Ms. Brenna J. Antram '11
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Antram
Mrs. Susan M. Antunez '99
Ms. Michelle Arenas '01
Ms. Elizabeth Armstrong Macdonald '02
Ms. Tawnya L. Armstrong '94
Ms. Jessica Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Arnold
Ms. Sandra E. Arnold
Ms. Therese G. Arnold '00
Ms. Jacqueline Arnold-Eriksen
Ms. Lisa Aronson
Mrs. Sarah Knippel Arriaga '05
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arvay
Mrs. Rosanne Chiasson Arvin '80
Ms. Christina M. Arzapalo '11
Mr. Robert Asbill '07
Mrs. Alison Wagner Asbury '93
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ash
Mr. Scott R. Ashley '95
Ms. Shannon Ashley '99
Mrs. Angela Balas Astrup '02
Ms. Melissa Atha '96
Ms. Karen Atkinson
Mrs. Jennifer Ciser Aubin '87
Mrs. Jennifer Roso Audlin '94
Ms. Chelsea Auld
Ms. Hope Ausiello '09
Ms. Anissa Ausley '90
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Autry
Ms. Lauren D. Avard '12
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Avard
Mrs. Carla Bokis Avery '90
Ms. Christine Aveson
Mrs. Kathryn Harvey Aylwin '93
"Mr. Jonathan ""Jay"" Ayres '07"
Mr. John Michael Azula '07
Mr. Carlos and Mrs. Sarah Dew '91 Azula
Mr. Phillip '92 and Mrs. Erin Carnahan '97 Babbitt
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Babcock
Mrs. Tracy Atwater Bachmann '98
Ms. Lauren R. Back '11
Mr. Brad Backman '08
Mrs. Judy Bormet Bagg '95
Mr. Philip Andrew Baggett '01
Ms. Ella K. Bailey '11
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bailey
"Mr. and Mrs. Warren Baine, Jr. "
Mr. Jonathan D. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baker
Mrs. Darci Bakos
Mrs. Vandana Bakshi-Haller
Mrs. Katherine McCarthy Baldwin '94
Ms. Katie Baldwin '06
Mr. and Mrs. L. Wilson Baldwin
Ms. Melissa Balfour '08
Mr. John Ball '03
Ms. Kathleen Ball '08
Ms. Maggie E. Ballard '10
Mr. Matthew Ballard '03
Mr. Scott Bamford '91
Mr. Michael Banach '08
Mrs. Suzanne Young Bandy '95
Ms. Jean A. Banfield
Ms. Michelle Baratta
Mrs. Alicia Whaley Barber '06
Mrs. Kristina J. Barber '09
Ms. Brittnee Barfield '12
Ms. Elizabeth Barker '01
Mr. Wilbur Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnard
Mr. Colin G. Barnes '11
Ms. Denise Barnes
Mr. Nicolas A. Barone '11
Ms. Deborah Barra '98
Ms. Cynthia L. Barrancotto
Mrs. Allison Barrett '11
Mr. Mark '97 and Mrs. Aimee Sligar '01 Barrett
Mr. Gregory Barrow '07
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Barry
Mr. Jordan T. Barry '12
Ms. Betty Barasamian
Mrs. Nina Paschoal Barth '96
Ms. Caleigh E. Bartlett
Mr. James Barton
Mr. Patrick Barton '88
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Basham
Ms. Jessica Basham '99
Ms. Jamie L. Basilone '12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Basilone
Mrs. Jennifer Bass '08
Ms. Serena Bass '10
Ms. Suzanne Bass
Mr. Clifford '93 and Mrs. Lisa Murfee '94 Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Basso
Mr. James Bastin '08
Dr. and Mrs. Todd J. Batenhorst
Mr. Cameron Bates '88
Ms. Sharon Baughman '91
Mrs. Gentry M. Baumline-Robinson '00
Mr. Jerry Beach '80
Mr. Joseph Beach '76
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beale
Ms. Katheryn Beale '10
Mr. Michael Beaman '04
Ms. Rebecca Schmidt '08
Mr. Ryan Beaulieu '00
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beauregard
Mr. Brent '00 and Mrs. Katherine Belcher '99 Bechtold
Mr. Ken Beck
"Mr. Henry H. Beckwith, Jr."
Mr. Brian Bedonie '12
"Mr. Lewis ""Bud"" Beech, Jr. '77"
Mr. Aaron R. Beers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beers
Ms. Misty Begemann '10
Mr. Brian Beil
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Belcher
Mr. Jason M. Bell '12
Dr. Michael E. Bell '78
Mr. Zachary Bell '07
Ms. Keantha Belton '03
Ms. Stacey Belvedere
Ms. Amie Bennett '12
Ms. Della Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight E. Bennett
Ms. Kendall Bennett '06
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bennett
Ms. Sheila Bennett
Ms. Kelly Benson '09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benson
Ms. Mary Benton
Mr. Ross M. Benz '10
Mr. Robert Berger
Mr. Johan J. Bergfeld '12
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Berk
Mr. Robert H. Berk '11
Ms. Marta Berkolayko '07
Mr. Robert M. Berland and Mrs. Virginia J. Cawley-Berland
Ms. Sarah S. Berland '12
Mrs. Ann Wilson Berlin '91
Mrs. Donna Bernardis '02
Mr. and Mrs. John Bernhardt
Ms. Lindsay M. Bernstein '12
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bernstein
Mr. Olivier Bertrand '12
Mr. Neil Besougloff '81
Ms. Jacqueline A. Betesh
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Betesh
Ms. Lauren Bethune '07
Mrs. Mary Lou Thomas Beverly '72
Mr. Gregory Bevilacqua '84
Mr. Thomas W. Bexley '12
Ms. Patricia Bibb
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Bibey
Mrs. Mandy Gura Biechele '98
Ms. Mallory Bielecki
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Biggs
Ms. Grace Bio
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Birch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bird
Mr. Robert J. Bird '12
Mr. Matthew Birmingham
Mrs. Ellen Schubert Birthisel '85
Mr. Chris Bisbee '83
Mr. Benjamin Bishop '09
Mr. Paul Bissmeyer '84
Mrs. Megan Lubozynski Bittakis '96
Mrs. Kimberly Meacomes Black '85
Mrs. Lesa G. Black '12
Mr. Maurice Black '04
Ms. Robin Black '11
Mr. John W. Blackford '91
Ms. Courtenay Blackwell '99
Ms. McKenzie C. Blaine '12
Mr. Richard M. Blaine '11
Ms. Sabrina Blaine '04
Ms. Angela C. Blair
Mr. Greg Blair
Ms. Kelly Blair
Mrs. Renee Blair '92
Ms. Lynn Blaisdell
Ms. Monique M. Blaize '09
Mr. Robert Blanchard and Ms. Eleanor Donohue-Blanchard
Ms. Brittany M. Blanco '12
Mr. Tony Blanco
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blanton
Ms. Jessica L. Blengino '11
Mr. Troy '90 and Mrs. Gina Fuentes '98 Blevins
Mr. Stephen J. Bligh '09
Mr. Jeffrey Bliss '77
Mrs. Jennifer Kellogg Bliss '08
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bliss
Ms. Sara A. Bliss '12
Mr. Trevor Bliss '06
Ms. Barbara I. Blonder
Mrs. Monica Blount '12
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Blum
Mrs. Karen Blundo
Mr. Andrew Bobb
Mr. John K. Bobb
Ms. Brittney L. Boccanfuso '10
Mr. Scott Boches and Ms. Lori Dameron
Mr. David M. Boele '11
Ms. Susan E. Boele
Ms. Chelsey A. Bogan '11
Mrs. Nicole Lawson Bohanan '09
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bohanan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Bohn
Mr. Cory T. Bohner '11
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bohner
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Boilard
Ms. Stephanie L. Boilard '11
Ms. Amy Bokelmann '96
Ms. Debra Boles '77
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bonchick
Mrs. Layshia Bond '11
Ms. Jane F. Bondi
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Bone
Ms. Kristina D. Bonilla '11
Mrs. Patricia Redfearn Bonner '91
Ms. Ronda Rohe Bonner '87
Mr. Mekiel J. Bonnick
Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Bononi
Ms. Nicole M. Bononi '09
Mr. James Alexander Bonus '12
Ms. Sandra K. Bonus
Mr. and Mrs. H. Parks Boone
Ms. Nicole E. Boone '10
Mrs. Mary Mirus Borchert '92
Mr. Jamison Borders '93
Ms. Michelle Bores '08
Mr. Anthony R. Borman '12
Mrs. Rosemary Bosby '12
Mr. Dustin N. Boshart '11
Mr. Michael J. Boss
Mr. Joseph Bostic
Reverend Gerald M. Boston '80
Mr. Blake C. Bosworth '11
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bosworth
Ms. Ali Botet
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bothe
Mr. Kirk '81 and Mrs. Ellie Aikens '83 Bottomley
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Bouillerce
Mr. James C. Boulware
Ms. Kelly Cerrone Boulware '99
Ms. Julie M. Bouse
Ms. Rita Bouse
Mr. Michael A. Bouton '12
Ms. Lynn O. Bowen '92
Mrs. Amy Clark Bowes '01
Mr. Brian Bowman '76
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bowman
Mr. Dean J. Bowrosen '88
Mr. Richard Bowrosen '92
Ms. Jessie R. Box
Mr. David Boyer
Mr. Neil P. Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. John Brabham
Ms. Teresa N. Brabham '11
Ms. Meredith K. Brace-Sloss '07
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bracht
Mrs. Gina Moravec Brackman '89
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Braden
Ms. Kimberly Bradley
Mr. Roger Bradley
Mr. Steven '12 and Mrs. Jennifer Aver '08 Bradley
Mr. John Brainard
Ms. Heather R. Brakebill '12
Ms. Shawnique L. Branch '08
Mr. John Brandenberger
Mr. Brooks Brandewie '05
Mr. Jeffrey W. Branscome '05
Mr. Joshua Bratovich '09
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brawley
Mr. Curtis Breedlove and Ms. Elizabeth Merena
Ms. Nora D. Breedlove '12
Mrs. Trudy L. Breedlove '04
Mr. Jared R. Brehm
Mr. Ray Brehm and Ms. Tracy Colton
Ms. Jennifer V. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brennan
Ms. Rae'Chel M. Bretz '08
Mr. Mark Brinley
Mr. Adam Brod '06
Mr. Craig Broderdorp '03
Mr. Donovan Brodeur '11
Mr. Andrew '90 and Mrs. Sheila Seeman '90 Brown
Mr. Bobby Brown '12
Mr. Robert '09 and Mrs. Codi Carling '08 Brown
Mr. Corey T. Brown
Ms. Dolly Y. Brown '90
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Brown
Mr. Joshua '01 and Mrs. Jennifer Degnats '01 Brown
Mrs. Lisa Davis Brown '91
Mrs. Margaret Gilligan Brown '85
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Brown
Mr. Matthew Brown
Ms. Samantha J. Brown
Ms. Stefanie Brown '05
Ms. Wanda Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brown
Mr. James Brune II '91
Ms. Brianne A. Bruneau
Ms. Kimberly Bruno '94
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo F. Bruno
Mr. Robert C. Bruno '77
Ms. Allison E. Bryan '12
Ms. Melissa L. Bryan '10
Mr. Mitch Bubb '92
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Buckholts
Mrs. Julia DuPaul Buckley '04
Ms. Shannon Buckmaster '07
Ms. Lyndsey Buechler '09
Mr. Tim Bukar '84
Mr. Mark '01 and Mrs. Raegann Fush '02 Bukowski
Mrs. Janet Fueger Buley '91
Ms. Erin E. Buning '12
Ms. Joan S. Buning
Ms. Mary E. Buning
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Burchfield
Ms. Jennifer Burdette '95
Mr. Travis B. Burdick '06
Ms. Alyssa M. Burger '12
Mr. John Burger III '80
Mr. Brian Burke and Ms. Peggy Nolan
Ms. Cheryl Burke '11
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Burke
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Deborah Guenther '86 Burkhardt
Mr. Corey V. Burkley
Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Burleson
Ms. Gabrielle R. Burleson '12
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Burley
Mr. Mike Burlone III
Mr. Mike Burlone Jr.
Mrs. Jean Burmester
Mr. and Mrs. Deryl Burney
Ms. Christina Burns '06
Ms. Josephine M. Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Burns
Mr. William Burnsed
Mr. Robert Burris
Mr. David '88 and Mrs. Justina Hughes '89 Burt
Mr. James L. Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burzo
Ms. Barbara B. Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Bush
Ms. Brittany Bussey '09
Mrs. Sunday Stafidas Bustos '96
Mrs. Wendy C. Butcher-Coleman '87
Ms. Caroline L. Butler '12
Mr. Michael C. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Butsch
Ms. Susan Buttaravoli
Ms. Brittany Byer '07
Ms. Caitlin J. Byerly '12
Mr. Bradley Bynum '09
Ms. Candace Cabral
Mrs. Jarixsa Cadena '12
Mrs. Janice Trissel Cahill '93
Mr. Gordon Cain
Mr. James B. Cain
Mrs. Harriette Gantt Calder '01
Mr. Chase M. Caldwell
Mr. Robert Callahan '89
Mrs. Brooke Caludio '12
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Calvert
Mr. T. Scott '92 and Mrs. Athena Smith '95 Calvin
Ms. Valeta Cameron '06
Mr. Travis Camp
Mr. Francis '87 and Mrs. Kimberly Campana
Ms. Alicia Michelle Campbell '10
Mr. Billy Campbell
Ms. Kelly L. Campbell '10
Ms. Morgan M. Campbell
Mr. Andres J. Campelo '12
Mr. and Mrs. Juan E. Campelo
Ms. Heather Canada '98
Mrs. Lauren Maloney Canaday '02
Ms. Cynthia Cannavo
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Capone
Mr. Corey '12 and Mrs. Denise '10 Capps
Ms. Lisa A. Schick
Ms. Cagney M. Carbone '12
Mr. William Carboni '98
Ms. Jillian G. Cardarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cardarelli
Mr. Nicholas L. Cardoso '12
Mr. and Mrs. Dean M. Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Carey
Ms. Maria Cariello
Mr. William Carle
Mr. Alex N. Carlo '12
Ms. Diane Carlton
Mrs. Kerri Skinner Carlyon '02
Ms. Joan T. Carney
Mr. Steven H. Carothers '10
Mrs. Angela Baskin Carpenter '03
Mrs. Eileen Keener Carpenter '85
Ms. Caitlin E. Carr '12
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carr
Mr. Christopher M. Carroll '12
Mr. James '10 and Mrs. Jennifer Swift '10 Carroll
Ms. Lynn Carroll
Ms. Nichole M. Carrubba '11
Mr. Daniel '09 and Mrs. Megan Kendrick '08 Carson
Ms. Kimberly Carten '10
Mr. Christopher Carter '83
Mr. James Carter '01
Ms. Nicole Cartica '04
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Cartwright
Ms. Debra Drabinski Caruso '82
Ms. Marcia Caruso
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carver
Ms. Kathleen Casagrande
Mr. Joseph Casalese '96
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Casciano
Mr. Derek Casciano
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Casciano
"Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Casey, Jr. "
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Casher
Dr. and Mrs. William F. Cashman
Ms. Amanda R. Cassella '11
"Mr. and Mrs. Victor Cassella, Jr. "
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Castagno
Ms. Velma J. Castagno
Mrs. Mary C. Castelli
Ms. Esther Castro '12
Ms. Julia H. Cate
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Catotti
Mr. Christopher T. Causseaux '04
Ms. Christina Cavey '06
Ms. Laura Cazalas
Ms. Ana Cekova '97
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Cengia
Ms. Nicole Cerino '12
Mr. and Mrs. William Cerquozzi
Ms. Sarah J. Chabala '12
Ms. Anna Chambers
Ms. Jean Chambers
Ms. Cindy Champion
Ms. Jessica Chance '08
Mr. Gregory Chapas '10
Ms. Carrie Chapman
Mr. Michael Charrie '09
"Mr. and Mrs. Carlos L. Chase, Jr."
Mrs. Callie M. Cheney '12
Ms. Elizabeth Chesek '02
Ms. Lourdes Chevere
Ms. Renee E. Chiaverini '10
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Childers
Ms. Hillary Childs '09
Mrs. Denise Chin '09
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Chisholm
Mrs. Carrie Pack Chowske '00
Mr. Gregory Christensen '01
Mr. Samuel C. Christiansen
Mr. and Mrs. George Christie
Ms. Heather Christman '98
Ms. Amy Christopher '05
Ms. Marilee Rimes Churchill '08
Mr. and Mrs. David Cifelli
Ms. Kierstin Cifelli
Mrs. Laura Cinquemani-Rojahn '92 and Mr. Bob Rojahn
Mr. and Mrs. William Clair
Mrs. Anna Sikes Clark '11
Ms. Danita Clark '12
Mr. David M. Clark '12
Ms. Ellen Clark
Ms. Janet Clark
Ms. Joanne Clark '98
Mrs. Lori Marden Clark '96
Mr. Matthew A. Clark
Ms. Michelle Clark
Mrs. Misty Wintink Clark '97
"Mr. Stephen K. Clark, Jr. '06"
Mr. Steven J. Clark '10
Mr. James Boxma '92 and Mrs. Christina Clark-Boxma '92
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Clarke
Ms. Kristi C. Clary '11
Mr. Christopher Clauson '05
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Cleary
Ms. Kelsie Clermont
Ms. Laura Cloud '07
Ms. Amanda Cobb '05
Dr. and Mrs. Dan D. Cober
Ms. Kelsey Cober '09
Ms. Victoria K. Cocchiaro
Ms. Rosalie Cocci '09
Mr. Brian Coduto '98
Ms. Dakota Cohen
Mr. James Cohen '93
Mr. Thomas '97 and Mrs. Jane Bowen '96 Colalillo
Mr. Charles W. Cole '11
Mr. Howard F. Cole '10
Mr. Peter  Cole '08
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cole
Mr. Andrew H. Coleman '12
Mr. Kevin Coll and Ms. Marcella Wilson
Mrs. Janet F. Collins '03
Mrs. Kimberly Barker Collins '98
Mr. Matthew Collins '04
Ms. Allison Combs
Mr. Brendan '99 and Mrs. Darlene Hector '98 Combs
Mr. John Combs
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Combs
Mr. Keith D. Comley
Ms. Rasmee Comley
Mr. Joseph Cone III '01
Mrs. Julie Shoemaker Conger '94
Ms. Christina Congi '09
Mr. Martin Conlon and Ms. Christine Marx
Colonel and Mrs. Charles Connaway
Mr. Christopher S. Connelly '12
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Connelly
Mr. Matthew '08 and Mrs. Margaret Cochran '08 Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Conrad
Mr. Frank Consentino
Ms. Donna Contreras '81
"Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Conway, Jr."
Mr. Matthew R. Conway '10
Mr. Dwight and Mrs. Danielle '10 Cook
Mr. David '01 and Mrs. Colette Tantum '01 Cook
Ms. Dawn Cook '07
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cook
Mrs. Lori Koeck Cook '91
Ms. Molly Cook
"Mr. Oliver ""Dale"" Cook IV '88"
Ms. Jessica L. Cooksey
Mr. and Mrs. James Cooley
Ms. Taryn V. Cooley '12
Ms. Kelsey M. Coon
Mr. Ain Cooper '08
Mr. Donald Cooper and Ms. Lucinda Winn
Mrs. Jacqueline Brosmer Cooper '91
Ms. Joy Cooper '93
Mr. William Cooper
Mr. Randolph Copeland
Mr. Kieren '94 and Mrs. Wendy Frank '94 Corcoran
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Corgan
Ms. Kristen E. Cork '12
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Cork
Mr. and Mrs. John Corley
Mr. Matthew '02 and Mrs. Samantha Hayes '05 Corley
Mr. Douglas Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Corral
Mr. Gabriel A. Corral '11
Ms. Christina R. Corrie '11
Mr. John '03 and Mrs. Charlotte '03 Corry
Mr. Britton  and Mrs. Heather Gorecki '95 Corry
Ms. Chiara M. Cortesano '11
Mr. and Mrs. Enrico Cortesano
Mr. Robin A. Cortina '10
Mr. Alexander M. Corvo '12
Ms. Danielle L. Corzetto '12
Ms. Jennifer Cosmidis '91
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Costeira
Ms. Erica C. Costello
Ms. Jeanne Coster
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Costigan
Mr. Sean Costigan '07
Ms. Chelsea A. Cott '12
Mr. and Mrs. David Cott
Ms. Marcia Cottom '04
Ms. Kathryn Couch '04
Ms. Libby G. Couch '10
Mr. Stephen J. Coulis '10
Ms. Shanita T. Council '11
Mr. Dylan G. Cousart
Ms. Judith Cousineau '93
Mr. Devin J. Cousins '11
Ms. Caroline A. Cover
Ms. Andrea Cox '05
Mr. and Mrs. Claude M. Cox
Mr. Ryan Cox '11
Ms. Taylor N. Cox
Mr. Anthony J. Coy
Ms. Cindy Craft '87
Ms. Jennifer S. Craft '12
Ms. Alice C. Craig '07
Mr. Kevin H. Craig '06
Mr. Patrick W. Craig '11
Mr. Todd Craig '88
Mrs. Karen Fehl Cramer '89
Mr. and Mrs. William Cranford IV
Mr. William P. Cranford
Mr. Travis Craven
"Mr. Clayton ""Barry"" Cressley '07 "
Mr. and Mrs. David Crews
Ms. Heather Cribbs
Mr. Chuck Crist '91
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell W. Critz
Mr. Kevin J. Cronin '10
Mr. Jonathan '98  and Mrs. Carrie Vincent '04 Crosby
Mr. Powel Crosley '93
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Cross
Ms. Michelle L. Cross '06
Mr. Jeffrey Crouch '83
Ms. Jennifer Crouch '97
Mrs. Kellee Wallace Crowe '96
"Mr. Patrick Michael Crowley, Jr. '08"
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Crumpton
Ms. Brittney Crutchfield '12
Mrs. Christie Del Vesco '91 Cruz
Master Seargent and Mrs. W. D. Culbertson (Retired)
Ms. Carmen Cullen
Ms. Rachel M. Cullinane
Ms. Dawn M. Cummins
Mr. Michael W. Cummins
Mr. Kyle Cunningham '09
Mrs. Breanne F. Cunningham-Mooi '06
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Curette
Ms. Elizabeth V. Curette '12
Mr. Robert Curran and Ms. Melinda Huson
Mr. Robert Curran '09
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Curran
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Curry
Ms. Tiffany L. Curry '07
Mr. Thomas '79 and Mrs. Jane Bosworth '77 Curtan
Mr. Chad Cushman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cusick
Ms. Stefanie Cusick
Ms. Chelsea M. Cutlip
Mr. Mark '00 and Mrs. Christine Flagler '98 Cutter
Mr. and Mrs. James Cuty
Ms. Monica Cuyler '12
Mr. Gerald Czaja '97
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D'Acunto
Ms. Brittney D'Addio
Mr. Joel A. Dahlenburg '12
Ms. Angela C. Daidone '12
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. D'Alessandro
Ms. Helene Dalmanieras '98
Ms. Judith A. Daly
Ms. Harriet Damesek
Mr. Richard '00 and Mrs. Megan Dalrymple '00 D'Andrea
Mr. Rob Daniels
Ms. Alexandra Dankert '09
Ms. Abbie Danna '02
Ms. Taylor Danson '06
Mr. Thomas Darin
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Darlin
Ms. Brittney L. DaSilva
Ms. Amanda Dattilo '03
Ms. Elise Dauphinee
Ms. Jacqueline M. Dautel '12
Mr. Daniel J. Davenport
Mrs. Ellen Coogan Davenport '78
Mr. George C. Davey
Mr. Roger Davey II '98
Mr. and Mrs. George David
Ms. Marsha David '12
Ms. Megan David '11
Mrs. Deana Davis '11
Mr. Kerry B. Davis
Mrs. Kimberly Axell Davis '93
Mrs. Lauren Hall Davis '95
Ms. Maryetta Davis
Ms. Rachael Davis '07
Ms. Sandra Davis
Ms. Sara N. Davis '02
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Davis
Mr. Thomas '01 and Mrs. Natalin Soles '00 Day
Ms. Rachel Lynn De Cuba
Mrs. Ann Schroeder De La Fuente '72
Ms. Darlene J. De La Paz
Mr. Douglas B. De Melo
Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Deagle
Mrs. Laurel Fradley Dean '91
Ms. Amber Deberry '12
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Debs
Mrs. Kristen Canto Declemente '96
Ms. Andrea C. DeCrescenzo '12
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory DeCrescenzo
Ms. Heather Deel '02
Mr. Donald G. Deerkoski '06
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard DeFalco
Ms. Martha Deforest '02
Mr. Donald L. DeGarmo '75
Mr. and Mrs. Steven DeGeorge
Mr. and Mrs. Russell DeHennis '09
Ms. Mary Deitz
"Ms. Rosita ""Gwyn"" Dekker '04"
Ms. Kim Del Rance '98
Ms. Aileen M. Del Rio '11
Mr. Raymond '09 and Mrs. Rachael McClure '09 DeLano
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas DeLaughter
Mrs. Jacquelyn Vassallo DelPlato '07
"Mr. Brian DeLuca, Jr. '05"
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Delzani
Mr. and Mrs. William DeMaio
Mr. and Mrs. Peter DeMaras
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Demro
Ms. Janet M. Denbleyker
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Denbleyker
Mr. Todd '00 and Mrs. Jennifer Chojnacki '98 Denning
Mrs. Denise Dennis '05
Mr. James Dennis
Ms. Temeka Dennison '12
Mrs. Anna Sarofeen Denton '05
Ms. Catherine A. Depaoli
Mrs. Kimberly Welch Deppe '80
Mr. and Mrs. Dale D. Deroia
Ms. Renee DeRouin '01
Ms. Rachel Des Rosier '10
Mr. Ryan P. DeSanctis '12
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Desgalier
Mrs. Tara Romanchuk DeSpain '93
Mr. Luke E. Detering '07
Mr. Christopher Detmold '75
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dettra
Mrs. Sally DeVane
Mr. Marc '08 and Mrs. Amanda LeBrun '08 Devany
Mr. Jarad W. DeWolfe '12
Mrs. Amanda Blair Dexheimer '00
Mr. Al Di Martino '10
"Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Di Orio, Sr."
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Di Orio
Ms. Julianne DiBlasi '98
Mr. Jamaal Dickens '09
Mrs. Cynthia Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dickerson
Ms. Deanna Dickey
Ms. Laurie Dickinson '04
Mr. Patrick E. DiDomenico II '98
Mr. John Diego '08
Mr. Russell Dietzel
"Mr. and Mrs. John DiLacqua, Jr. "
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Dillmeier
Ms. Rebecca Dillmeier '09
Mrs. Kelli Dillon '11
Ms. Margaret E. Dillon '09
Ms. Michelle C. Dillon '93
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell S. DiMarco
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiMassa
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Dingfelder
Mr. Jeremy Dingle '09
Mr. Kevin '85 and Mrs. Rena Ireland '85 Dipofi
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy DiPofi
Ms. Joni T. Distefano
Ms. Janice DiUlio
Ms. Lauren J. DiUlio '12
Dr. John Diviney
Mrs. Thelma Dixie '12
Ms. Caitlin M. Dixon
Mrs. Suzanne M. Dixon '09
Mr. David '07 and Mrs. Peggy Thielman '07 Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Doetch
Mr. Adam Doine '11  and Mrs. Sheia Pleasant-Doine '02
Mr. Justin Dolan '05
Mr. Trevor Doll '05
Deputy Ricky C. Domingo '08
Ms. Alexandra A. Dominguez
Mrs. Mary Oliver Donahue '96
Ms. Lori T. Donelson
Mr. Austin R. Donmoyer '09
Mr. Timothy J. Donnelly '08
Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Donnon
Mrs. Ginny Ware Donovan '84
Mrs. Laura Marx Doop '92
Ms. Kristen Dorsch '12
Mr. Brian Dougherty '90
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dowd
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Dowd
Mr. Robert '07 and Mrs. Lisa Urban '91 Dowling
Mr. Stacey G. Dowling '08
Ms. Sharon Downey
"Mr. and Mrs. John P. Drag, Jr."
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Drahus
Mr. Charles R. Drake '11
Ms. Robyn-Lyn Draper
Mr. Nicholas and Mrs. Margaret  Draskovich
Mr. Gregory '01 and Mrs. Lori Litkenhus '02 Driggers
Mr. Ernest Driscoll 
Mr. Michael A. Driscoll '10
Mr. Scott Droege '84
Ms. Ana Dropps
Mrs. Deborah A. Drozd '93
Ms. Mary D'Souza '12
Ms. Cathy Duah '09
Ms. Jolene DuBray
"Mr. Richard H. Ducharme, Jr. '94"
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dudek
Mr. Michael J. Dudek '12
Mrs. Catherine S. Duffy
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Duffy
Mr. Dylan J. Dugan
Mrs. Susan Henshaw Dugan '79
Ms. Hannah Dunaway
Mr. Nicholas Duncan
Mr. Raymond '90 and Mrs. Kimberly Gordan '89 Dunham
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dunn
"Mr. and Mrs. John W. Dunn, Jr."
Mrs. Amanda D. Dunnam '07
Mrs. Heather Fick Dupree '05
Mr. Paul E. Duran
Mr. Brian '00 and Mrs. Tracy Rose '01 Durham
Mr. Matt Durkee '95
Mr. and Mrs. Max Duthie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duval
Mr. Steve Dyal
"Ms. Margaret ""Peggy"" B. Dyess "
Ms. Jessica Earl '09
Ms. Lekesha Eastern '11
Ms. Colby Eaton
Mr. Michael Eaton '12
Mr. Luke W. Eckert '04
Ms. Parker L. Eckhoff '12
Mr. Anthony J. Econ '10
Mrs. Allison Damon Edwards '03
Mr. Brent Edwards '11
Mrs. Digi Donahue Edwards '79
Ms. Kaitlyn J. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Egersdorf
Mr. David Egles
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Ehli
Mr. James Eichenlaub '06
Ms. Ardena Eiland-Lewis
Ms. Alice Eldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Elliott
Ms. Elvira Elliott
Mr. James D. Elliott III '10
Ms. Samantha J. Elliott '10
Dr. Joseph J. Ellis III '89
Mrs. Nicole Ellis '12
Ms. Olivia M. Ellis '12
Ms. Shannon Ellis '12
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Ellis
Mrs. Dawn Zipperian Elmo '90
Ms. Jacquline M. Ely '11
Ms. Lauren E. Ely '12
Mr. Jason A. Emord '08
Ms. Jessica E. Emory '12
Mr. Joseph M. Endrizzi
Mr. Skyler Engel
Mr. and Mrs. Kent England
Ms. Megan England
Ms. Hannah M. Engle '12
Mr. and Mrs. John Ennis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Enns
Mr. Blake T. Eno '12
Ms. Jennifer Eno '03
Ms. Lindsey Eppes '09
Mr. and Mrs. Gerhardus Erasmus
Ms. Jessica J. Erceg '11
"Mr. and Mrs. Michael Erceg, Jr. "
Mr. Leif Ericsson '09
Mr. Matthew Erley '08
Mr. Travis Erven '11
Mrs. Karen Cooper Erwin '92
Mr. Juan D. Escobar '12
Mr. Robert '92 and Mrs. Theresa Gallo '91 Esguerra
Mrs. Lisa Chapman Esposito '04
Mr. Michael Esposito '09
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. James Estabrook
Ms. Kimberly A. Estabrook '12
Ms. Emily C. Estep
Mr. Reid '83 and Mrs. Kathy Bagley '81 Estes
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Estes
Ms. Shelby R. Estes
Ms. Stephanie M. Estes
Mr. David Estler '09
Mr. Christopher Etchechury '98
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Etter
Ms. Jennifer Euler
Ms. Elizabeth Eustace
"Mr. and Mrs. John Eustace, Jr. "
Mrs. Alison Oates Evans '08
Mr. Kevin Caswell and Ms. Carrie Evans
Mrs. Jenna Tuck Evans '06
Mrs. Elizabeth Steward Eveland '86
Mr. Andrew '08 and Mrs. Julie Milo '08 Evener
Mrs. Lois E. Everhart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Everton
Ms. Tammy Fagan
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Fahrnbach
Ms. Kasha Fahy
Major Lawrence Fahy and Mrs. Fahy
Mrs. Nicole Rahe Fair '04
Ms. Ashley B. Fairchild
Mr. and Mrs. James Faison
Dr. Patricia Booth Falaney '74
Ms. Nicole E. Falcao '12
Mr. Jerome Falconer '09
Mrs. Kelly M. Fales '11
Mrs. Carla Colantuono Falick '87
Ms. Kaitlin P. Fallon '11
Mrs. Elizabeth Falls
Mr. Christopher L. Fanty
Mrs. Linda Bevilaqua Farber '84
Dr. Clay Farebrother '82
Ms. Rafaela Faria '12
Ms. Brittany A. Farina '10
Mr. Richard J. Farrell '10
Mrs. Jennifer Tatem Farrow '01
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fay
Mrs. Lori Fehr '09
Mr. Kevin Felegie '12
Mr. Aaron Fell '06
Ms. Delaine Fellows '07
Ms. Kristie Feltner
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Feltner
Mrs. Cathy W. Ferguson '78
"Mr. and Mrs. David Ferguson, Sr. "
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ferguson
Ms. Kaile A. Ferguson '11
Ms. Kassandra Ferguson
Mr. Patrick T. Ferguson '11
Mr. Andrew Ferraro '02
Mr. Oscar Ferrell
Ms. Alexa R. Ferro '11
Ms. Nicolette M. Fettig
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Fettig
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Fettig
Mr. Flynn Fidgeon '04
Ms. Belinda E. Fieldhouse 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fields
Ms. Kalin Fields '09
Ms. Lisa L. Fields
Mr. Michael Fierle
Mr. Lee Fifield '97
Mr. Donterrious Figgers '11
Ms. Veronica Figueroa '12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Filaci
Mrs. Brooke Gagnon Filipovski '02
Mr. Eric G. Fillingame '10
Mrs. Kaleigh Fillmon '12
Mr. and Mrs. James Fink
Mr. Craig Fiore '09
Mr. Anthony D. Fiorentino '92
Ms. Caren J. Fiorillo '06
Mrs. Diane M. Hornback Walker-Fisher '84
Mrs. Lori Palmeter Fisher '86
Mr. Tadd Fisher '91
Mr. Dan T. Fitzpatrick
Mr. Griffin Fitzpatrick '11
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fitzpatrick
Ms. Kathleen L. Fitzpatrick '12
Mrs. Andrea Killenbec Fiumano '02
Mr. Jeffrey Fix '91
"Mr. Robert Flagg, Jr. '11"
Mr. Ryan I. Flannery '11
Mrs. Heather Eilberg Flaschner '96
Mr. Kevin '95 and Mrs. Heather Hathaway '97 Flay
Mr. David Fleming '08
Mr. Stewart J. Fleming '10
Mr. Timothy '76 and Mrs. Candace Becker '79 Fleming
Ms. Theresa Hamilton Fletcher '79
Mrs. Bethany Garwick Flores '83
Mr. Johan C. Flostrand '12
Ms. Courtney J. Flynn '12
Ms. Kelly Flynn '02
Ms. Marella Flynn '08
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Flynn
Mr. James W. Folds
Mrs. Ellen Miller Folkman '87
Mr. and Mrs. Dwane L. Folsom
Ms. Gloria J. Folsom
Ms. Vivian Folsom '02
Ms. Jennifer L. Fontana
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fontana
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Forbus
Ms. Linda Ford
Mr. Gregory '91 and Mrs. Susan Heller '91 Ford
Ms. Tierra S. Ford
Ms. Briana Fordham '12
Mr. Mark Forlines
Mr. Nicholas F. Formico '10
Ms. Courtney Foshee
Ms. Tracy Foshee
Mrs. Annette Hartley Forster '00
Mr. Rex Foster
Mr. Joel Fouraker
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Foutz
Ms. Jamie Fowler '04
Mr. Jeremy '02 and Mrs. Melissa Kyle '01 Fowler
Ms. Amanda M. Fox '12
Mrs. Johna Winters Foxworthy '85
Mrs. Tiffany Van Leer France '03
Ms. Eva L. Francisco
Mr. Daniel P. Frandsen
Mr. William Frandsen '12
Mr. Allan Franklin '12
Mrs. Amy Gavazzi Franks '08
Mr. Keith Frazier '05
Mr. Irving S. Freedman
"Mr. John K. Freeman, Jr. '84"
Mrs. Nicole Hudak Freese '07
Mr. Jason H. Frelich '92
Mr. Michael Fretto '04
Mrs. Christine M. Fricke '97
Mr. Rick Frissell '04
Mrs. Jennette Giesey Fritch '03
Mrs. Amanda Bates Fritz '03
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Fritz
Mr. Nicholas Fronczak '09
Mrs. Susan Payne Frost '92
Mr. Thomas Frost
Mrs. Katrina E. Frunker-Barra '08
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Fudal
Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Fudala
Ms. June E. Fudala
Mr. Nathan R. Fudala '12
Mr. Brian Fuhrer
Mr. Andrew R. Fulton '97
Ms. Martine Fulton
Mr. Zachary M. Funari '12
Mr. S. David Futch '99
Mrs. Amber Gaines '12
Mr. Robin Gainey '10
Mr. Jeffrey D. Gale '90
Ms. Simona Galik '02
"Mr. and Mrs. John Gallagher, Jr. "
Mr. Patrick '97 and Mrs. Kathleen Jennings '97 Gallagher
Mr. Gorge Gallardo '12
Mr. Rito Gallardo
Mrs. Jamie Stanish Galley '08
Mr. Norman Gallon '06
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Gambardella
Ms. Ashley Gandolfo '07
Mr. Stephen Garcia '90
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gardiner
Ms. Lorena B. Gardner '11
Ms. Rita Garlanger '84
Mr. and Mrs. James Garner
Ms. Suellen R. Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Garnes
Mrs. Barbara Garratt
Ms. Kimberly Garrett '04
Ms. Melissa M. Garrett '01
Mr. Jeffrey A. Garrison '06
"Mr. and Mrs. Cleborne Gaskin, Jr."
Ms. Luciana Gassett
Ms. Amy M. Gates '12
Mr. Deane Gauthier '97
Ms. Nicole A. Gauthier '12
Mr. Michael Gautille '02
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gayewski
Mr. Brent T. Gebhart '09
Mr. Kevin Geddings
Ms. Lisa M. Gehin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Geier
Mrs. Allison Pownell Geiger '01
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Geistfeld
Mr. Angelo J. Gemo
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gemo
Ms. Christine Generale '10
Mr. Michael J. Genre '11
Ms. Merry K. George '09
Ms. Mary Ellen Gerdts '77
Ms. Sharon Gerlach
Mr. Rudolph Gerlich
Ms. Donna Getz
Ms. Karen N. Getz '12
Ms. Elicia S. Geurink
"Mr. and Mrs. Edward Giardino, Jr. "
Ms. Leah L. Gibbs
Mr. Jason M. Gibson '12
Mrs. Nicole E. Gibson '06
Ms. Sara M. Gibson
Ms. Stephanie Gibson '06
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Giglio
Mr. Brian Gilbert
Ms. Billie Jo Dinardi Giles '94
Ms. Christian R. Giles
Mr. Rick Gill
Ms. Rosanna E. Gill '08
Ms. Tamara Gillan '05
Mr. Grant R. Gillenwater '09
Mr. Joseph '04 and Mrs. Stacey '04 Gillespie
Ms. Kristen Bjorneby Gillespie '97
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gillikin
Mr. Artis Gilmore
Mrs. Roseann Gilmore '98
Mr. Thomas Gregory Gilmore '90
Mr. John A. Ginn IV '06
Ms. Gabriella Gioe
Ms. Caitlin L. Girard '11
Mr. Alexander R. Girouard '11
Mr. James '85 and Mrs. Tina Paoline '85 Giumenta
Mr. Thomas D. Givas '11
Mr. William H. Givens '12
Ms. Carol E. Glaser '09
Ms. Chelsea E. Gleiter '11
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Glessner
"Mr. and Mrs. Clark Gnann, Jr. "
Mrs. Elizabeth Wech Goedelman '99
Mrs. Catherine Goeden '08
Mrs. Virginia Conley Goetz '92
Mrs. Catherine Mobley Goff '80
Mr. Michael Gold '07
Ms. Kara L. Goldberg '10
Mr. Anthony Golub '01
Ms. Jamie N. Gomez '05
Mr. and Mrs. Odilio Gomez
Mr. John Gonzales
Mr. James and Mrs. Diane Skokowski '82 Gonzalez
"Mr. Luis M. Gonzalez, Jr. '12"
Mrs. Mary Travis Gonzalez '95
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Gonzalez
Ms. Kimberly A. Goodbody '98
Mr. Jerry '99 and Mrs. Jennifer Leggett '99 Goodrich
Mr. Daniel M. Goodson '08
"Mr. Rob Goossens, Jr. '08"
Mr. Robert Gorby
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Gorchoff
Ms. Rebecca Gorchoff '09
Mr. Cody K. Gordon '12
"Mr. Joseph Gordon, Jr. '09"
Mrs. Kirstie Lazarakis Gordon '96
Mr. Patrick A. Gordon '10
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Gore
Mr. James Gorman '11
Mr. Frank J. Gory and Mrs. Tamra W. Kluckman-Gory
Mr. John Goryl
Mr. John D. Goryl '09
Ms. Rachael Gosselin '98
Mrs. Jennifer Prough Gostanian '05
Mr. Deke C. Gould '01
Mr. and Mrs. Marcelo Graca
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grace
Mr. James Grace
Ms. Lisa Graham '96
Ms. Mary K. Graham '10
Mrs. Sherion Graham
Mrs. Terri E. Graham '03
Mr. John M. Granatino '10
Mrs. Cynthia LaJoie Grate '89
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Graves
Mr. William Graves III '04
"Mr. Robert Gray, Jr. '07"
Ms. Ronda Grayson '08
Mrs. Loreal Michaels Greathouse '06
Dr. Cristy Greaves and Mr. Charles Greaves
Mr. Philip R. Grech
Ms. Carrie Green '09
Mr. James E. Green
Ms. Rachel Green
Mr. Melvin '78 and Mrs. Tracy Glisson '80 Green
Ms. Allison P. Greenberg '12
Ms. Ashley A. Greene '12
Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Greene
Ms. Helen Greene
Mr. Jonathan '02 and Mrs. Leeanne Olsen '02 Greene
Mr. Sean Greene
Mr. Scott '90 and Mrs. Julie French '86 Greenisen
Mrs. Molly Reitmeyer Greenwald '99
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Greer
Mr. Alexander Gregorie
Mr. Bradford Gregory '98
Ms. Lauren Gregory '05
Ms. Erin Greiner '03
Ms. Kim H. Greiwe
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Grenus
Mr. Eric B. Gresch '94
Mr. Herman Michael Griffin '07
Mrs. Jean Walz Griffin '90
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Griffin
Mrs. Marilynn Griffith '12
Ms. Halee M. Grimes
Ms. Tiffany N. Grimes
Mr. Nathan '02 and Mrs. Jaclyn Holmes '01 Grinnell
Mr. F. Dewayne Grissom
Mr. Daniel '05 and Mrs. Amanda '03 Griswold
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Groneck
Mr. and Mrs. George Grover III
Mrs. Tanya Martell Gruce '96
Ms. Brittany A. Grunst
Ms. Angela Guardia '12
Ms. Ana C. Guarino '11
Ms. Anne M. Guenther '99
Ms. Donna Guenther '05
Mr. Leo Guenther '91
Ms. Felicia L. Guerriero '12
Mrs. Jessica Groves Gueterman '06
Mr. Robert Guffey '88
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Guidi
Ms. Christy Guidry
Ms. Chryssha Guidry
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Guiglotto
Ms. Bamidele Guinyard '12
Ms. Abigail Gulla '07
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Guniewicz
Ms. Amber-Lynn Gusa '04
Mrs. Susan D. Gushue
Ms. Amy Guth
Ms. Marissa Guthrie '10
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guttilla
Mr. Jason '03 and Mrs. Kristan Snyder '04 Haas
Mr. Kevin Haas '00
Ms. Sharon Haas '06
Mr. Marcel R. Haegele
Mr. J. Gray Haenn '11
Mr. Christopher  and Mrs. Violet Haffner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hagen
Ms. Ashley Hale '11
Mr. Benjamin J. Haley '09
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Haley
Mr. Dale W. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Hall
Mrs. Sarah Gabel Hall '98
Ms. Victoria Hall '09
Mrs. Jennifer Vasile Halliday '04
Mr. Jamil  and Mrs. Rachel Unger '06  Branch
Ms. Nicole L. Hallwood '91
Mrs. Allison Hall Halpin '06
Mr. Jason D. Halstead '00
Ms. Heather Hamel '02
Ms. Amy Hamilton '09
Ms. Lacy A. Hamilton
Mrs. Jennifer Hamilton-Wenzel '08
Mr. Jared Hammock
Mr. and Mrs. James Hammond
Ms. Alexandra G. Hampton
Ms. Jill M. Hampton '94
Mrs. Glenda Hance '12
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hancock
Ms. Pamela Hanes
Mr. Brian J. Haney
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Haney
Ms. Marlene Haney
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hanke
Ms. Allison A. Hanson '11
Ms. Jessica Hard
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Hardern
Mrs. Christina D. Harding '98
Ms. Jane E. Harding
Ms. Susan M. Harding
Mr. William R. Harding
Mr. Christopher L. Hardwick '12
Mr. Clifford Hardwick
Dr. Aristotle and Mrs. Asimina '05  Haretos
Mrs. Ricky Bachman Harkness '91
Ms. Sara Harless '04
Mr. Joshua '06 and Mrs. Teresa '10 Harmon
Ms. Angela Harn '03
Ms. Amy Harper '04
Mr. Jacob R. Harper '12
Mr. Keith Harper '93
"Mr. Michael Harper, Jr."
Mr. Donald '74 and Mrs. Rebecca Burney '92 Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harper
Mrs. Winifred Lentz Harper '89
Ms. Kristin Harrell '11
Mr. Ryan Harrell
Ms. Samantha K. Harrell '09
Mr. and Mrs. John Harrer
Mr. Michael Harrington '02
Mrs. Elizabeth Millard Harris '83
Mr. Moise T. Harris '06
Miss Rebecca M. Harris '07
Mrs. Stacy Harris
Mr. Cameron R. Harrison
Ms. Carrie Harrison
Mr. Josh '02 and Mrs. Caroline Murphey '03 Harrison
Mr. Justin Hart '04
Ms. Elizabeth K. Hartley '12
Mr. Nathan Hartley
Ms. Hannah E. Harvell '11
Mr. and Mrs. Don Harvey
Ms. Jacqueline Harvey
Mrs. Kayla Pelkey Harvey '10
Ms. Teresa Harville '12
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haselbauer
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Hash
Mr. Brian B. Haskew '06
Ms. Brittney N. Hatem '10
Mr. Spencer Hathaway '08
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Haumschild
Ms. Kristina M. Haumschild '10
Ms. Katharine A. Havriliak '04
Mr. Darryl Hawkinberry
Ms. Elizabeth A. Hawkins '12
Mr. John Hawkins
Ms. Kate M. Hawkins '06
Mrs. Dominique Hawkins-Holmes '12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hawthorne
Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Hawthorne
Mr. Chip '12 and Mrs. Debbie Clark '11 Hawthorne
Ms. Andrea M. Hay '10
Ms. Carina Hayes '07
Mr. Elijah M. Hayes
Ms. Kayleigh R. Hayes '12
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hayes
Ms. Lydia H. Hayes '12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hayes
Mr. Michael W. Hayes '88
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hays II
Ms. Allison Haysbrook '10
Ms. Joann Haysbrook
Ms. Carol Hedge
Ms. Jennifer Hedrick '99
Ms. Bridget M. Heenan
Mr. and Mrs. W. Gary Heffner
"Mr. Thomas Heffron, Jr. '96"
Ms. Christina L. Heflin
Mr. Warren D. Heil '06 and Ms. Viviana P. Rojas '08
Mr. Jacob D. Heim '07
Ms. Sharon Heineken
Mrs. Marsha Carpenter Heini '90
Ms. Suzanne Heinkel
Mrs. Jacqueline Kinsella Heinrichs '90
Mrs. Jessica Meith Heithoff '06
Mrs. Mary E. Blattner Helhoski '01
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Helm
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry W. Helminiak
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Helminiak
Mr. Brantly W. Helvenston V
Mr. Ed J. Hemberger
Mr. Craig J. Henderson '12
Ms. Dena E. Henderson '90
Ms. Kawanzasis M. Henderson '10
Ms. Lacey E. Henderson
Ms. Rebecca Hendrian '09
Mr. Jeff Hendricks
Mr. Michael K. Hendrix
Mr. Keith Henry
Ms. Pamela Henshaw '86
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henshaw
Ms. Hannah M. Hensley
Mr. Dirk Henson
Ms. Alexandra T. Herforth '12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Herforth
Ms. Frances A. Herip
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Herip
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Herlihy
Reverend and Mrs. Rory Hermann
Mrs. Drew Donaldson Herrera '05
Ms. Linda M. Herrera '85
Mrs. Rachael Herrera-West '03
Mrs. Angela Herring '12
Mr. Austin S. Herrington
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Herrington
Mr. Matthew S. Herron
Mrs. Michelle Hickman Herzan '91
Mr. Michael J. Hesemann
Ms. Brenda Heslep
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hess
Ms. Mariah M. Hettler '11
"Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hewins, Jr."
Mr. Andrew '99 and Mrs. Peggy Rasmussen '02 Heybruch
Mrs. Victoria Heydenreich '11
Dr. L. Dirk Hibler
Ms. Mary Hickox
Ms. Kelly Hicks '98
Mr. Chad '94 and Mrs. Monica Beckwith '94 Hicks
Mr. Jonathan '07 and Mrs. Kendall Burson '07 Higgins
Ms. Erin Hightower
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hile
Mr. Sean S. Hile '11
Ms. Crystal Hill '04
Mr. John C. Hill '12
Mrs. Laura Neal Hill '98
Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hiller
Mr. Joseph E. Hinely '05
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hines
Mr. Richard A. Hines '11
Mrs. Kimberly A. Hinman '99
Ms. Katie Hinrichs '11
Ms. Stefanie Hinton '08
Ms. Megan Hintzen '08
Ms. Katherine E. Hipp '11
Mr. and Mrs. William Hipp
Mr. Andy '02 and Mrs. Kristy Schweikert '02 Hirko
Mr. Derek Hirons '97
Mr. Anthony A. Hirst IV '01
Ms. Caroline D. Hoadley
Ms. Rebecca Hoadley
Mr. Jon Hoaglin '02
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hoban
Ms. Casandra Hobby '12
Ms. Kelly N. Hobby '09
Mrs. M. Lynn Hobby '06
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Hobby
Ms. Leslie Nagle Hoblitzell '84
Mr. Peter Hochhauser '07
Ms. Catherine W. Hodge '09
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Hodge
Ms. Debra Green Hoefer '03
Mrs. Sandra DePalma Hoey '85
Ms. Holly Hofer '10
Mr. Roderick Hofer III '06
Mr. Eric Hogan '02
Mrs. Terri McGee Hogan '89
Ms. Margret Hohlfeld '89
Ms. M. A.  Holanchock '79
Ms. Jacqueline S. Holder '10
Ms. Kathryn Holdredge '11
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Holdsworth
Ms. Cari E. Holland '08
Ms. Kathleen E. Holland '07
Mrs. Jacklyn Holmes '92
Mr. Joshua '05 and Mrs. Lindsay Taylor '04 Holt
Ms. Lindsay Holter
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Holter
Mr. Jordan '07 and Mrs. Audrey '08 Holtz
Mr. Peter Hood
Mr. and Mrs. C. Jones Hooks
Ms. Mary Crupi Hooks '91
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hooper
Mr. John Hoot '03
Ms. Emily A. Hoover '12
Mr. Eric R. Hoover
Mr. Eric D. Hopkins '08
Mrs. Patricia A. Horne
Ms. Brenda Horner
Ms. Carol Horner
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob J. Horovsky
Ms. Jacqueline Amanda Hoskinson '06
Mr. and Mrs. George Hough
Mr. Mackenzie C. Hough '12
Mr. Thomas O. Houser
Mr. Al Howard
Ms. Alyssa Howard
Mrs. Amy J. Howard '07
Ms. Becky J. Howard '11
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Howard
Mr. Jeffrey W. Howard '12
Mrs. Kathleen Irwin Howard '97
Mr. Marc Howard
Mr. Griffin Howell
Ms. Emily Howes '05
Mrs. Karen Murray Howle '80
Ms. Nicole G. Howlett '11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howlett
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Howley
Mr. Michael F. Howley '12
Mr. Brian Hrysko '02
Mr. Guang Dian Huang
Mr. Brian Hubbel '97
Ms. Chelsea L. Hubbell '12
Mr. and Mrs. David Hubbell
Ms. Wendy Huber '87
Mr. Ryan Hudgens
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert F. Hudolin
Ms. Caulene Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hudson III
Mr. Charles Colby Hudson '12
Mr. Mark Hudson
Ms. Tammy L. Hudson '98
Ms. Kristina L. Hudzinski
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hudzinski
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Huelsbeck
Mr. Christopher Hughes '08
Ms. Josey Hull '03
Ms. Alison Hunt
Ms. Carol A. Hunt
Dr. Calvin Hunter
"Mrs. Frederika ""Dede"" Thompson Hunter '91"
Ms. Rebecca Hurst '09
"Mr. Hector A. Hurtado, Jr. '05"
"Mr. and Mrs. John Hussey, Jr. "
Ms. Rachel Hutchinson '08
"Mr. R. Bryan Hutchinson, Jr.  '99"
Mr. Scott Hutchinson '86
Mrs. Kellie Price Huttenlocher '97
Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Hutter
Mr. Richard Hyland
Mr. Thomas G. Iacuzio '06
Mr. David A. Iafrate '09
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Immel
Ms. Lindsay K. Imwold '11
Ms. Brianna l. Ingersoll '12
Ms. Suzanne E. Ingle '02
Mrs. Elizabeth A Ingraham '07
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ingraham
Ms. Danielle Irwin
Mrs. Kimberly Buchsbaum Irwin '02
Mr. Justin Jabour '04
Mr. and Mrs. George Jackmore
Mr. and Mrs. Al Jackson
Mr. Bradley E. Jackson '07
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jackson '92
Mrs. Justine Jackson '11
Ms. Kaitlan H. Jackson '11
Mrs. Laura Nordby Jackson '02
Dr. Rebecca Wilson Jackson '02 and Mr. David Todd Jackson '99
Mr. Richard Jackson
Mrs. Stacey Jackson '08
Ms. Wendy Jackson
"Mr. William Jackson, Jr. "
Mr. Gabriel Jacobs-Kierstein '09
Dr. Tina Jaeckle
Ms. Jessica C. Jagielski
Mr. Barry P. James
"Mr. Bobby C. James, Jr. '00"
Mr. Francis James
Mrs. Jennifer Moon Janda '04
Mr. Marek Janion
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Jannetty
Mr. Stephen Jarrett '77
Mrs. Rebecca Jones Jarriel '05
Mr. Tyler Jarvis '09
Dr. and Mrs. James Jasper
Ms. Nancy Jaynes
Mr. James Jeffries '89
Mr. Scott Jehl '05
Ms. Brielle D. Jenkins
"Mr. Rufus Jenkins, Jr. '84"
Mr. R. Murray Jenks
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jennette
Mr. Kyle J. Jennette '11
Ms. Alexandra N. Jennings
Mr. Peter R. Jensen '12
Mr. Robert Jensen and Ms. Magdalena Doeppke
Ms. Marsha C. Jerritts '76
Mr. and Mrs. David Jesse
Mr. Joshua Jessup '08
Ms. Kathryn M. Jessup '05
Ms. Kailey Jewell
Ms. Kimberly Jeziorski
Ms. Vanessa R. Jibaja '94
Dr. Robert Jimenez and Ms. Tamra Stalling
Ms. Laura Jobe '04
Mrs. Carol Fraden Johns '79
Mrs. Amanda McAfeen Johnson '06
Mr. Craig T. Johnson '10
Ms. Fletcher Johnson '05
Mr. Gareth E. Johnson II '10
Mrs. Gloria A. Johnson '11
Mr. Graham Johnson '09
Mrs. Jayme Stevens Johnson '99
Mr. Joshua Johnson '06
Ms. Kit Johnson '05
Ms. Laura Johnson
Mrs. Rachel L. Johnson
Ms. Rebecca Johnson '12
Mr. Richard L. Johnson '95
Ms. Sara Allen B. Johnson
Mr. Scott Johnson '00
Mr. Shawn L. Johnson '95
Mrs. Stacey Salmon Johnson '97
Mr. Steven W. Johnson '08
Mr. Timothy A. Johnson
Mr. Damon '09 and Mrs. Vikki Weaver '08 Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Willys G. Johnson
Ms. Nanette Johnson-Smith
Mr. Kyle Johnston '07
Ms. Peggy Johnston
Mr. Stuart Johnston '75
Mr. Tony Joiner
Ms. Ashley M. Jones '12
Ms. Catherine A. Jones
Mr. David M. Jones
Mr. Derek T. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Jones
Mr. Gary W. Jones '77
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Jones
Mr. Jason Jones '01
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Jones
Ms. Jennifer M. Jones '08
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
Ms. Kearston Natoya Jones '05
Mr. Michael W. Jones '07
Ms. Sherria D. Jones '12
Mr. and Mrs. William Jones
Mrs. Andrea Garcia Jordan '95
Mr. Christopher D. Jordan '12
Ms. Heidi Jordan '94
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jordan
Ms. Sonia J. Jorge
Mrs. Sara Jorgensen '94
Mr. Michael '00 and Mrs. Melanie Johnson '99 Jortner
Mr. Archie B. Josey
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Joslin
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Joyce IV
Mr. Tristan G. Joynt
Mr. Michael J. Jubb '06
Mr. David R. Judkins
Mr. Thomas D. Juliano '11
Mr. Chad R. July
Ms. Rashawn Juman '12
Ms. Lauren E. Jurco '10
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jurgensen
Mr. Mark Jurlando
Ms. Melissa Kafel '09
Ms. Catherine N. Kaloger '12
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Kaloger
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Kaltenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Sarwat Kaluby
Ms. Jenny Mouse '08
"Mr. Robert ""Bobby"" Kane '08"
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Kapelson
Ms. Natalie Karas '08
Mrs. Anita L. Karback '07
Ms. Regina Karshner
Ms. Katherine A. Kass '10
Mr. Ronald '92 and Mrs. Betsy Gordon '91 Kasting
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Kasziba
Mr. Emmett T. Kauffman
Mr. Thomas M. Kauffman '10
Mr. Patrick Kavanagh '05
Ms. Melissa McHargue '08
Sister Nancy Keane '80
Ms. Brittany Keedy '06
Ms. Colby L. Keefe '12
Ms. Lani Keefe
Mrs. Lara Carpenter Keefe '94
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keefer
Ms. Tara Keefer '03
Mrs. Tiffany Register Keels '08
Ms. Rebecca Keen '07
Mr. Kevin J. Keenan
Ms. G. Ponce Kehoe
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Keiser
Ms. Courtney Keith '06
Mr. Richard Keith
Ms. Mary S. Kellam
Dr. Thomas Kelleher '93
Mr. Chad '97 and Mrs. Jennifer Conley '98 Keller
Mr. Jacob H. Kellerman '08
Mr. Bruce Kelley and Mrs. Nancy Kinas-Kelley
Mrs. Janet Cole Kelley '87
Mrs. Melissa A. Kelley '08
"Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly, Jr. "
Ms. Lauren J. Kelly '11
Mrs. Michelle Jones Kelly '04
Mr. Damian M. Kemper '99
Mr. Stephen Kemper '05
Mr. Michael G. Kendall '99
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kennell
Ms. Kelly M. Kenny
Ms. Patricia A. Kenny '89
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kenyon
Mr. Matthew E. Kenyon '11
Mr. and Mrs. Sean J. Kernan
Ms. Laura M. Kerpovich '12
Mrs. Jennifer R. Jackson Kerr '05
Mr. John Kersey
Mrs. Jacqueline Meijers Kerssemakers '07
Mrs. Kimberly Gorn Kertscher '94
Ms. Linda Kessinger
Mr. Bryan Kessler '07
Mr. Christopher G. Keyloun
Ms. Shonas Kibbee '01
Mrs. Rebecca Barbee Kidwell '98
Mr. Stuart Kiely
"Mr. Thomas F. Kiernan, Jr. '99"
Mrs. Carrie Fisher Kietzman '98
Ms. Jennifer Kifer '05
Ms. Robin Kight '96
Mr. Tony Kight
Mr. and Mrs. James Kimble
Mr. Tyler F. Kimble
Ms. Carol S. King
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. King
Ms. Chelsea L. King '12
Mr. Joseph B. King '11
Mr. Leighton King '05
Mr. and Mrs. Michael King
Mr. Ryan M. King '10
Ms. Christina A. Kinman
Mr. and Mrs. Kirby L. Kinman
Deputy Jonathan D. Kinney '08
Mr. Benjamin '88 and Mrs. Lisa Brittain '88 Kinsey
Mrs. Karen S. Kinzig
Mr. Joseph Kirby '00
Mr. Bruce Allie '94 and Mrs. Francine Kirby-Allie '98
Mr. Cody R. Kirchner
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Kirk
Mr. Jonathan E. Kirk '11
Mr. Matthew W. Kirk '12
Mr. and Mrs. Olive M. Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Kirk
Ms. Gayle G. Kirkpatrick
Mr. Jason Kirshenblatt '98
Dr. Ellen R. Klein
Mr. Richard D. Klein '95
Mr. and Mrs. David Kleinfeld
Ms. Sarah Kleinfeld '12
Ms. Joni Cone Kleyla '77
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Klima
Mrs. Pamela Klim-Bjurmark '90
Mrs. Lorrie A. Klug '11
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Kman
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Knaff
"Mr. Dave M. Knazur, Jr. '03"
Ms. Brenda M. Knight
Ms. Erin Singleton Knight '95
Ms. Haley C. Knight '12
Mr. Jeffrey Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Knight
Mr. Richard S. Knight
Mr. Robert A. Knoop
Ms. Tiffany R. Knowles '12
Mrs. Susan Hartman Kobasiuk '80
Mr. Robert Kogut '04
Mr. Jonathan Kohn '09
Mr. Kristopher Kohn '09
Ms. Connie Kolisnyk '02
Ms. Connie Korey
Mr. Myles J. Kornblatt '02
Ms. Megan Kovak
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kovaleski
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kowanetz
Ms. Sharon Krafft
Mr. James M. Kragh '97
Mr. Timothy L. Krajewski '03
Mr. Jeremy Krause
Ms. Mary Kay Kreitner
Ms. Joan Kreuter
Mr. Michael P. Krohl '91
Mr. and Mrs. John Kropac
Mrs. Davia Clark Krupa '00
Mrs. Amanda White Krysiak '01
Ms. Sasha E. Krzeminski
Mr. William '88 and Mrs. Laura Kratzer '88 Kubart
Ms. Jennifer Kubicki '08
Ms. Megan Kuffa '01
Mr. Ryan E. Kunsch
Ms. Ivy J. Kunz '10
Mr. Todd Kurland '05
Ms. Kristine D. Kurowski '12
Mr. Robert Kurowski and Mrs. Debra Zoss-Kurowski
Mrs. Kathryn Hayes Kusiak '09
Mr. Ethan Kyllonen '11
Ms. Lucinda K. Kyne '12
Ms. Barbara LaBant
Mr. Gabriel U. Labbe '10
Mr. Jeff LaChapelle '11
Mr. Donald M. LaCrone '84
Mr. Steven '81 and Mrs. Lorene Hooten '82 Ladwig
Ms. Priscilla A. LaFortune
Ms. Shannon Lake '04
Mr. Patrick L. Lamb '10
Ms. Candice Lambert '09
Mr. and Mrs. Gary V. Lambert
Ms. Kelly Lambert '06
Mr. Matthew B. Lambert '11
Mr. Michael Lambert
Mrs. Deborah Laird Lamir '91
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lancaster
Ms. Laura Beth Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Landers
Mr. Eric Landis '09
Mr. Joshua '04 and Mrs. Sarah Weathersby '05 Landis
Mr. David Landon '84
Mr. James R. Landram Jr. '12
Ms. Jo Lands
Mrs. Mindy Lands '93
Mrs. Amy Knight Lane '03
Ms. Katharina Brierton Lane '04
Ms. Paula K. Lane
Mr. Steven A. Lane
Ms. Nancy Lang
Mr. Branden K. Langenberg
Mrs. Licia D. Langley '10
Ms. Michelle Langlois '05
Ms. Vicki Langlois
Mr. David Lanier '10
Ms. Mechel Lanier '11
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lannon
Ms. Cori L. Laphan
Mr. James J. Laphan
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Peg LaPierre
Ms. Cynthia C. Larcher '85
Ms. Andrea Larese '02
Mr. Stephen Larew and Mrs. Deborah Kamm-Larew
Mr. Anthony H. Larizza '11
Mr. Frank Larizza
Ms. Emily Larkin
Mr. Timothy Larkin II '99
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Larkins
Ms. Catherine A. LaRocque '10
Mr. William J. Larsen '11
Ms. Kerri Larson '12
Mrs. Emily Pritting LaSalle '88
Mr. Walter Laubach
Mr. Maxwell S. Laughlin '12
Mr. Van Laughlin and Mrs. Debra Spatola-Laughlin
Mr. and Mrs. John Laughter
Mrs. Lori Kriegshauser Lawrence '94
"Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lawrence, Jr. "
Ms. Jessica L. Lawson '06
Mr. Justin Lawson '08
Ms. Erin E. Layshock
Mr. Steven Leahy '92
Ms. Karissa M. Leary '12
Mr. Mark A. Leavy '11
Ms. Bernadette LeBlanc
Mr. and Mrs. Denis J. Leblanc
Mr. Philip Lechner '95
Ms. Lenora Leddy '09
Mrs. Jennifer Wolfe Ledford '96
Mr. David '11 and Mrs. Shannon Greene  LeDuke
Mr. John and Mrs. Marsha  LeDuke
Ms. Courtney Lee '08
Mr. George Lee
Mr. James Michael Lee '05
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lee
Ms. Kathryn S. Lee
Mrs. Martha Daniels Lee '05
Mr. Sean Lee '00
Mr. L. Scott Lefevre '87
Mr. Michael '78 and Mrs. Valerie Fish '78 Lege
"Ms. Christina ""Chrysty"" Leighton '06"
Mrs. Martha F. Leinonen '11
Ms. Audra J. Leis '07
Ms. Carolina A. Leiva '12
Mr. Steven J. Lemire
Ms. Samantha N. Lemke '11
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lender
Mrs. Angela Waters Lennon '89
Mr. Frank A. Leo
Ms. Lucy Leo
Dr. Richard Leonard
Mrs. Elena Pasqualone Leone '01
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Lescroart
Mr. Nathan Lesicka '03
Ms. Karen Leslie '03
Ms. Caroline Leuer
Ms. Jill K. Leverett '10
Mr. David '93 and Mrs. Pamela Barnes '93 Levering
Mrs. Karen Levesque '11
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Levine
Ms. Corinn Levine '07
Ms. Amanda S. Gallagher '10
Mr. Brendon Lewis
Mr. Curtis L. Lewis II '05
Mr. Ed Lewis
Ms. Karen Lewis
Ms. Kendrick A. Lewis
Ms. Michelle Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lewis
Mrs. Sheila W. Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. James K. Libbey
Mr. and Mrs. David Liberatore
Mrs. Elise Pecorin Libow '90
Dr. Todd Lidh and Mrs. Jessica Hanson '06 Lidh
Mr. Aaron M. Liggett '11
Ms. Teresa Lightbody '04
Ms. Linda Lince
Mr. Edward T. Lincoln Sr.
"Mr. Edward Lincoln, Jr. '12"
Ms. Christine E. Linde '05
Ms. Maria Paz Lindeman McEvoy '11
Mr. Christopher D. Linke '11
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Linn
Mr. Kyle T. Linsly '11
Ms. Christi Lipinski
Mrs. Michele Lipner '08
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lipton
Ms. Kaycee A. Lisa '12
Mr. Jason C. Little
Mr. John J. Little
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Little
Ms. Whitney R. Little
"Mr. Lawrence A. Litzell, Jr. '05"
Mr. Mark '91 and Mrs. Tracy White '91  Litzinger
Mrs. Ann Kauzlarich Locascio '93
Mrs. Mary C. Gould Locker '94
Mr. Tyler '06 and Mrs. Jessica Eden '05 Lockwood
Mr. Michael '99 and Mrs. Jennifer Kerzel '99 Lofendo
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lohmann
Mrs. Alfreda Lollie '06
Ms. Sarah Lombardi
Mr. Daniel Lonergan
Mrs. Dawn Dugger Long '80
Ms. Julie A. Long '07
Ms. Lauren E. Longarzo '09
Mrs. Erin O'Neil Loomis '04
Mr. David Lopez
Mrs. Angela Marinko Lopilato '04
Mrs. Elaine LoTempio
Mr. Michael R. Love '76
Mr. Jason '12 and Mrs. Sheila Sisco '06 Lowe
Mrs. Cindy Crawford Lowell '85
"Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lowery, Sr."
Mr. Donald M. Lozzi
Ms. Randi Lucas
Mr. Frank Lucente
Ms. Elizabeth Luceri '94
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Lue
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lueck
Mrs. Laura Shaw Luke '91
Mr. Michael D. Luke '87
Mr. Russell and Mrs. Joyce Ellis '82 Luker
Ms. Lauren B. Luna
Mr. Justin Lupinski '05
Mrs. Sandra J. Luss
Mr. David Luther '02
Mrs. Susan Slaughter Lycke '82
Mrs. Erin McGinn Lyle '93
Ms. Heather Lyn '85
Mr. and Mrs. John Lynch
Ms. Marie F. Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lyons
Ms. Linda N. Lyons
Ms. Stephanie A. Lyons '10
Ms. Amy R. MacDonald '83
Mr. John MacDonald
Mr. John R. MacDonald '95
Mrs. Melissa Machaj-Abbs '98
Ms. Anna Machiz '07
Mr. Kevin D. Mack '99
Ms. Lauren N. Mack '12
Ms. Candace MacMillan
Ms. Ann C. MacRae '75
Mr. Daniel '06 and Mrs. Emily Baskin '05 Macri
Mr. Aaron '01 and Mrs. Larissa Fiadini '01 Maddox
Mr. and Mrs. James Madix
Mrs. Sylvia Jackson Mahalak '87
Mrs. Leah Merrill Mahan '89
Mr. Christopher '94 and Mrs. Jennifer Musselman '93 Mahon
Mr. Frank J. Mahoney '12
Mrs. Barbara Aycock Maier '98
Mrs. Deborah Cummings Maier '75
Mr. Nicholas J. Maillet
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mains
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mais
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Maisch
Mr. Dustin Major '02
Ms. Susan M. Makowski '86
Ms. Jacqueline N. Malambri '08
Ms. Jenna R. Malenkiewicz '12
Mr. and Mrs. John Malenkiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Malin
Ms. Carol M. Mallia '95
Mrs. Wendy Leegwater Malone '93
Ms. Daniela Maltese
Ms. Christine M. Mandeville
Mr. Maximo K. Mandl
Mrs. Katelyn Manis '11
Ms. Pamela Mann '96
Mr. Bob Mannon
Ms. Caitlin B. Mans '12
Mr. Ronald G. Mans and Ms. Lisa A. Blake
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Mansfield
Ms. Lia J. Marchand '10
Ms. Alessandra Marchetta '10
Ms. Jeannetta-Anne M. Marco '11
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marco
Mr. and Mrs. Oreste Marconi
Ms. Martina L. Marcuccilli '12
Mr. Noah '01 and Mrs. Rebecca Barrett '02 Margulies
Mrs. Daneene L. Marien '94
Mr. Jason '99 and Mrs. Jill Wisniewski '01 Marigliani
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Marinko
Mr. Richard Marino '97
Mr. Stephe Marino
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Markel
Mrs. Ann-Frances Testa Marler '85
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Marotta
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Marsh
Mr. Brent T. Marshall '11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Marshall
Ms. Laura Martellino '10
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell Martin
Mr. Jared W. Martin
Mr. Walker S. Martin '12
Ambassador and Mrs. Santiago Martinez-Caro
Mrs. Jill A. Martorana '79
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Marzec
Mr. Howard Mask III '08
Mr. David Masony '01
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Masse
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Massey
Mr. George Massialas '87
Ms. Kara Masson '10
Mr. George '89 and Mrs. Sarah Todd '83 Mastoridis
Mr. Michael Matejka '00
Mr. Lee Matthews '07
Ms. Tara Mathews '04
Ms. Kristen M. Matson '11
Ms. Blaire K. Matthews
Ms. Kristen Matulewicz
Ms. Laura Mauldin '09
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mauro
Ms. Sarah M. Maxfield '09
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Maxwell
Mrs. Heather May '12
Mrs. Jennifer Arthur May '95
Mrs. Kelsey Chute Mayid '08
Ms. Chrisje Mays '85
Ms. Anne N. Maze
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mazzola
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Mazzota
Mr. Walter Mazzota '85
Ms. Lisa Brewer McAdams '81
Ms. Judith Nyakas McAlpin '80
Mr. Timothy McAndrews '03
Ms. Mallory R. McCagg '11
Ms. Jayme McCall '09
Mr. Charles T. McCallister
Ms. Michelle A. McCallister '12
Ms. Mehgan R. McCann '12
Dr. Cheryl McCarthy
Ms. Elizabeth McCarthy '06
Mrs. Anna Kozak McClure '01
Ms. Bonnie McClure
Dr. Robin Drummond McClure '91
Mr. L. H. McColskey '76
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. McConkey
Mr. and Mrs. Alton McConnell
Ms. Ashley M. McConnell '12
Mr. Dan  and Mrs. Andrea  McCook
Mr. Michael J. McCook '09
Mr. Robert Locke McCormick '78
Ms. Chelsea L. McCown '09
Mr. Tradrick McCoy '08
Mrs. Elsie D. McCrary '12
Mr. and Mrs. Walter McCusker
Mrs. Sandra Lombardo McCutcheon '87
Ms. Kristy R. McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDermott
Mr. Eric McDermott '99
Mrs. Alison Lannon McDonald '08
Mr. Francis Paul McDonald '79
Ms. Julie McDonald '05
Ms. Jennifer L. McDougle '12
Ms. Christina R. McEldrew '08
Mr. and Mrs. Edward McElhinny
Ms. Elizabeth K. McElhinny '12
Ms. Keriann H. McElroy
Ms. Mary Lou McEver
Ms. Patricia McEvoy de Lindeman
Ms. Danielle McFarland '03
Ms. Denise McFarland '98
Ms. Sally McGhee '01
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGlenn
Ms. Sarah K. McGlenn '12
Mr. and Mrs. Grant McGrenera
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McGriff
Ms. Celeste E. McGrogan '11
Mrs. Donna J. McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Keith McGunnigle
Mr. Ryan McGunnigle '10
Mr. Joshua McIntosh '00
Mrs. Katherine S. McKay '10
Mrs. Adrienne M. McKeever '97
Ms. Barbara McKendry
Mr. Brendan P. McKendry
Mrs. Cynthia Sauchuk McKenna '81
Mr. J. Bruce McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Joel McKenna
Mr. Jeremy '00 and Mrs. Lisa Seaman '00 McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. James McKenzie
Mr. Brian C. McKie '12
Ms. Caitlin A. McKie '12
Ms. Deena McKie
Mr. and Mrs. Edward McKie
"Mr. Ronald G. McKinley, Jr. '86"
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McKinney
Mr. Travis R. McKinney '10
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McKnight
Ms. Laura A. McKnight '12
Ms. Charity N. McKuhen '08
Mr. William B. McLaughlin '80
Ms. Bernadette McLaurin '11
Reverend Kathryn McLean '83
Ms. Olivia McLean
"Mr. and Mrs. William McLean, Jr. "
Mr. Ricky McLendon
Mr. Christopher G. McMachen
Mrs. Jennifer Maggio McMahon '94
Mr. and Mrs. John P. McMahon
Mr. Austin McMinn '03
"Mr. and Mrs. James W. McNeill, Jr. "
Mr. James W. McNeill III '12
Mr. and Mrs. Barry McNulty
Ms. Megan E. McNulty '12
Mr. Alexander R. McNutt
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. McPadden III
Mr. Matthew McPhail '01
Ms. Mieke E. McQueen
Ms. Lisa C. McTear '12
Mrs. Erin McTwigan '07
Mr. Robert L. Meade
Ms. Alexandra B. Meadows '12
Mr. Brandon K. Meadows '06
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meadows
Ms. Shellie Brundage Means '97
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meany
Mr. Ernesto Medina '09
Mr. Bernard P. Meehan '83
Ms. Kathleen Meehan '74
Mr. and Mrs. David Meinecke
Mr. Matthew D. Meinhardt
Mrs. Tracy Chamberlain Melgard '91
Ms. Barbara A. Mellinger
Mrs. Daretha Hall Melton '92
Ms. Janette Melton '03
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Melvin
Ms. Michele M. Menadue
Mr. Hugo Mendez
Mr. Benjamin S. Menendez '02
Ms. Abigail L. Menke '12
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Mentor
Mr. John B. Merante III
Mr. Andrew K. Mercier '12
Mr. Benjamin '07 and Mrs. Jessica Oblaczynski '07 Meredith
Mr. Gregory Mergel '12
Ms. Charlotte Merrill '94
"Mr. Herbert H. Merritt, Jr. '90"
Mr. Bruce J. Merson
Mr. Jonathan Metrie '09
Mr. Joseph P. Metz '11
Mr. Calvin R. Meyer '12
Mr. Teddy Meyer '00  and Mrs. Heather Trudeau-Meyer '01
Mr. and Mrs. Coley A. Meyerer
Mr. Robert C. Meyers '98
Ms. Melissa Mezick
Ms. Emily L. Micik '11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mickey
Mr. Gregg '89 and Mrs. Karen Webb '90 Migiano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Milam
Ms. Marian Grace Milburn '07
"Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Miles, Jr."
Mr. and Mrs. Riley S. Miles III
Ms. Barbara G. Miletta
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Milewski
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn B. Milewski
Ms. Susan J. Milewski
Ms. Rebecca M. Millage
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Millage
Ms. Aleisa I. Miller '12
Mr. Andrew B. Miller '11
Ms. Carol L. Miller '84
Mrs. Faneromeni Neskes Miller '02
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Miller
"Mr. and Mrs. George W. Miller, Jr. "
Ms. Kia P. Miller '12
Ms. Laura J. Miller
Mr. Geoffrey '03 and Mrs. Neely Qualls '06 Miller
Ms. Phyllis Miller
"Mr. Randolph P. Miller, Jr. '06"
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Miller
Mrs. Delaney Miller-Bent
Giorgetta Miller-Weedman '99
Mr. Aaron Millien
Mr. Stephen Mills '09
Ms. Kimberly Milton
Ms. Cheryl J. Whitley '10
Mrs. Christina Mintchwarner-Kopecki '90
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Misiaszek
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Misselwitz
Mr. Sherman Missick '09
Ms. Altrice Mitchell '11
"Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mitchell, Sr. "
Mrs. Carolyn Mitchell '98
Ms. Dani N. Mitchell '08
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mitchell
Ms. Randi L. Mitchell '11
Ms. Emi Miyao '11
Mr. Samvel O. Mkrtychev
Mr. Rhett '09 and Mrs. Ashley Howell '09 Mobley
Mr. and Mrs. James Modaff
Mr. Todd A. Modglin '09
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Mohr III
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moine
Mr. Frank R. Molimock
Mr. Matthew Molnar '11
Mrs. Kimberly G. Monahan '12
Mr. Matthew N. Monahan '11
Mr. and Mrs. William Monahan
Mrs. Kimberly Bailey Mongeau '88
Mr. Craig D. Monnell '89
Mrs. Kristine Monroe '09
Mr. and Mrs. William Montero
Mr. Doug Montgomery
Mr. George R. Moon '93
Miss Heather A. Mooney '05
Mrs. Joanne Moore
Mr. Matthew M. Moore
Mr. Robert Moore '12
Ms. Wanda Moore
Mr. Jonathan Morad
Mr. Brett T. Moreland
Ms. Saundra S. Moreland
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Morelli
Mrs. Leslie Swingle Morgan '95
Ms. Rachel L. Morgan '09
"Mr. Ron Morgan, Jr."
Mrs. Tara Servos Morgan '97
Mr. Ty R. Morgan '92
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Morris
Ms. Jane Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Morrison
Ms. Rebecca D. Morrison '12
Ms. Robyn Morriss
Ms. Tami Morse
Ms. Savannah J. Morton
Ms. Suzan Moscardini '04
Mr. Thomas E. Mosher
Mrs. Catherine Jones Mospens '06
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Moss
Ms. Pareece K. Moss
Ms. Taylor M. Mott
Mr. Maxwell Moulton
Ms. Christiana E. Muir
Ms. Nicolette J. Muise
Ms. Diane Muller
Ms. Jessica Muller '01
Mr. Jeremiah '98 and Mrs. Aubrey Parra '00 Mulligan
Ms. Sharon F. Mullis '82
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Mundinger
"Mr. Thomas J. Mundy, Jr."
Mr. Kevin Munnell
Mr. Pat Murfey (p/t)
Mr. Andrew '05 and Mrs. Emma Parmar '05 Murfin
Mr. Eammon P. Murphy '12
Ms. Emily Murphy '12
Mr. Evan J. Murphy '11
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Murphy
Ms. Lizbeth L. Murphy '11
Mrs. Marianne Smith Murphy '85
Ms. Meghan P. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murphy
Mr. Charles H. Murray '12
Ms. Emily Jane Murray '10
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Murray
Mr. Branden '05 and Mrs. Kelly Aspinwall '05 Murray
Ms. Sharon L. Murray '91
Ms. Rebecca Mutz '10
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Myatt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Myers
Ms. Jennifer Myrick '03
Mrs. Cherish Nabil '03
Mr. Adam '02 and Mrs. Jody Prisco '02 Nagle
Mr. and Mrs. John Nagle
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Nahm
Ms. Kimberly A. S. Nahm '12
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Nardo
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nasipak
Mr. Michael V. Nasti '93
Ms. Nicole L. Nazzarese '10
Ms. Jillian Neduchal '07
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Neduchal
Mr. Joseph Justin Neduchal '06
Mr. Luke F. Nehemias '06
Mr. Cooper Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Neimark
Mr. Doug Nelms
Ms. Alicia N. Nelson '10
Mrs. Cynthia Hewitt Nelson '91
Ms. Kristin Nelson
Mrs. Michelle Patterson Nelson '92
Mr. Joseph R. Neri
Mrs. Deborah Nesmith '12
Ms. Rebecca Burrous NeSmith '05
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Newberger
Mr. Michael B. Newberger '12
Mr. Luke Newcomer
Mr. Clark Newell '01
Mrs. Dawn Carlson Newell '74
"Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newman, Jr. "
Mr. Brian Newton '03
Mr. Jay Newton
Mr. Michael D. Nezbeth '12
Ms. Huyen T. Nguyen '10
Mr. Timothy T. Nicholls '84
Ms. Amanda Nichols '11
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nichols
Ms. Jennifer E. Nichols '10
Mrs. Margaret Hook Nicholson '81
Mr. and Mrs. Brent R. Nielson
Mrs. Jenna Sabatini Nikolaidis '07
Mr. David Nixon
Mrs. Mary Naylis Noble '85
Mr. James D. Nobles
Ms. Joan Noeldechen '85
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Noftell
Mr. Cabe P. Nolan '12
Mr. Scott '95 and Mrs. Maria Prioli '95 Nolan
Ms. Kaleen J. Nora '08
Mr. Derek Norberg '09
Mr. Sean Norkus '04
Mrs. Terri Norman '07
Ms. Bailey C. Norris '11
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Norris
Ms. Jillian Norris '05
Mr. John '87 and Mrs. Coleen Lynch '89 Norris
Ms. Keri B. Norris '99
Mrs. Pamela Rey Norris '93
Mr. Glenn Northrup '87
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Norton
Ms. Sabrina Norton '11
Ms. Catherine Norwood
Ms. Susan Norwood '78
Ms. Kathleen Novak '09
Mr. Mark '98 and Mrs. Rachel Perkola '03 Nugent
Mr. Didier Nussbaumer '03
Mr. Gregory C. Nysewander
Ms. Chelsea Oakley
Mr. Brandon '02 and Mrs. Cassandra Lorenz '04 Oborne
Mr. Derek O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Philips O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Brien
Ms. Danielle K. O'Connell
Mr. Sean D. O'Connell
Ms. Elizabeth O'Connor '93
Mr. and Mrs. Feargus O'Connor
Mrs. Heide Forbes Odom '86
Mr. Michael T. O'Donnell '08
Mr. Ryan K. O'Donnell '11
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ogburn
Mr. Robert Ogilbee '93
Ms. Kristin B. O'Hara
Mr. Tucker O'Keefe '06
Ms. Nancy B. Okker '77
"Ms. Elizabeth ""Betsy"" Neff Olay '99"
Mr. Mitchell D. Oliveira
Miss Brittany L. Oliver '06
Ms. Kirsten Walther '03
Mr. Ken Oliveria
Mr. James '85 and Mrs. Laura Rahner '82 Olsen
Mrs. Kori MacDonald Olsen '06
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Olson
Mr. John O'Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O'Neil
Ms. Tina J. O'Rourke '88
Ms. Kristin Orr '01
Mrs. Barbara Sinner Orton-Hull '81
Mr. Hugh P. O'Shaughnessy '85
Ms. Ashley N. O'Shea
Mrs. Donna O'Steen '06
Mr. John S. Otey '78
Dr. Christine Otruba
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Owen
Ms. Charlsea R. Owen '12
Mr. Gary W. Owen '08
Ms. Jana A. Owen '10
Mrs. Kathryn C. Owen '02
Ms. Lisa M. Owen '06
"Mr. and Mrs. H. Wiley Owens, Jr."
Ms. Jennifer L. Owens '99
Ms. Katherine H. Owens
Mr. Chris Oyer '09
Mr. Kevin '98 and Mrs. Karen Stokes '99 Pacciano
Ms. Shanna Pace '09
Mr. Anthony J. Pacholek '10
Ms. Eileen Pagan
Mr. Randy Page
Ms. Carissa M Pagnotta
Ms. Cassandra Palelis '08
Mr. Tony and Mrs. Bonnie Scott '85 Palermo
Mr. Nathaniel Palm '07
Mr. Ryan Palm
Ms. Ella E. Palmer '11
Mr. John R. Palmer
Mr. Michael J. Palmer '86
Mrs. Tracy Case Paluta '82
Ms. Ryan E. Pando '11
Mrs. Kathy Abare Paolini '91
Ms. Callie Papa '99
Ms. Elizabeth S. Pape '12
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Papich
Mr. and Mrs. Pat J. Pappalardo
Ms. Despina Pappas '10
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore M. Pappas
Ms. Danielle Paquette '95
Ms. Miles L. Para
Ms. Marshayla D. Parahamas '06
Mrs. Rebekah A. Ginzl Paredes '03
Mr. Dwight G. Parker '07
Ms. Jessica L. Parker '12
Mrs. Rhonda Worthington Parker '79
Mrs. Sheila Stopher Parker '85
Ms. Allison Parks
Mr. Brian Parks '07
Ms. Heather Parks '09
Mr. and Mrs. William Parks
Mr. Tim Parmentier '96
Mr. Allen Parr
Ms. Betty A. Parrish
Ms. Jenny M. Parrish '82
Mr. Kevin Parrish
Mr. Geoffrey B. Parsley '06
Mrs. Wendy Connor Parsons '91
Mr. Kevin P. Partel '11
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pasiewicz
Mrs. Kathryn Zoeller Paton '99
Mr. Scott M. Patrou '10
Mr. Alec '91 and Mrs. Melinda '89 Patterson
Mrs. Kerry Brown Patterson '03
Ms. Robyn E. Patterson
Mrs. Tiffany Harra Patterson '97
Mrs. Keri Patterson-Nestle '95
Mrs. Rosina Lombardi Paul '80
Ms. Amy M. Paulsen '12
Mr. R. Scott '83 and Mrs. Sheri Howells '88 Paulsen
Ms. Brenda L. Paxson '03
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Payne
Ms. Katharine E. Payne '12
Ms. Betty Payzant '12
Ms. Isabella Pazmino '12
Mr. Nicholas A. Pearce
Ms. Tracey Peavy '98
Ms. Celynda A. Peck '09
Mr. Kevin Peeples
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Peightel
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pilkey
Mr. Gabriel Pellicer '10
Ms. Emilie Pembroke '07
Ms. Marcia J. Hance Pendl '93
Mr. Corey Pendleton '04
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Pennington
Mr. Ryan D. Pennington '05
Mrs. Trinda D. Peoples '11
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pepino
Mr. William C. Percy
Mrs. Jeannie Perez '12
Mr. Thomas Perkins '09
Mrs. Whitney Wilkinson Pernaci '07
Mr. Brent Perry
Mr. Dylan J. Perry
Mr. Gregory Perry '09
Mrs. Jeanne B. Perry 
Mrs. Julie Bagwell Perry '10
Ms. Amie D. Perschnick '06
Mr. Jeffrey A. Persky '76
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas E. Perugini
Ms. Kelsey Peryam
Ms. Cassie Peters
Ms. Elizabeth L. Peters '87
Ms. Erica A. Peters '12
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Peters
Ms. Rachel A. Peters
Mr. Bryan E. Peterson '12
Mr. John Peterson '02
Ms. Sandra J. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Petiprin
Ms. Jenna Petrakos
Mr. and Mrs. James Petree
Mr. Michael A. Petree '11
Mr. Chris Petrello '00
Mrs. Jessica Allison Petro '01
Mr. Daniel R. Petrone '12
Mr. Charles Pettit '02
Mrs. Jacqueline Reynolds Petty '05
Mrs. Jeanmarie A. Petty '08
Mr. Jeremy R. Petty '11
Ms. Samantha E. Pflanz '09
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Phelps
Mr. Harris Phelps
Mr. Ken Elliott and Mrs. Krista Phelps-Elliott '85
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Philbin
Mr. Jeffrey E. Philbin '12
Ms. Erika R. Phillips '10
Ms. Sparkle Phillips '07
Mr. Steve F. Phillips IV '05
Mrs. Jessie Canaday Pickett '04
Mr. Joshua Pickett '03
Ms. Kristin Pidcock '03
Ms. Angela S. Pierce '00
Mr. Garland E. Pierce and Ms. Michelle R. Browns
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pierce
Mr. Joseph P. Pietrafetta '91
Ms. Leah Pigott '12
Mrs. Nicole Cleveland Pigott '94
Ms. Kristy E. Pike '12
Ms. Madeleine A. Pinaire '12
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Pinder
Mrs. Anita Groves Pingel '82
Mr. Bartlomie D. Piniaz '05
Ms. Jaclyn E. Piniaz '05
Mrs. Ieta Anderson Pippin '77
Mr. Adam Piratzky '12
Mr. Vinicio A. Pisani
Mr. Kyle B. Pitman
Ms. Jacklyn D. Pittman '11
Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Pittman
Ms. Marthea Pitts '11
Mr. Sam Pizarro
Mr. John Planamenta '93
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Platt
Ms. Candace Pleat '04
Ms. Lacy A. Pline
Mr. Sidney L. Poff
Ms. Kristen E. Pohlig '82
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Poitevent
"Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Poland, Jr."
Mr. Jason '00 and Mrs. Lesley-Ann Thomas '02 Poland
Ms. Elaine Polania '93
Mr. Christopher Poli
Mr. Michael L. Poli
Ms. Ansley C. Polli '11
Mr. Evan Pollitt '08
Ms. Katherine L. Pommier '08
Ms. Shannon Porter '04
Mr. David Posey '11
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Post
Mr. David S. Poth
Ms. Mari F. Pothier '12
Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Pothier
Mr. Michael E. Potkay '11
Mrs. Dixie L. Powell
Mrs. Mara Phillips Powell '08
Mr. Steven R. Powell '12
Ms. Lacy Powers '05
Ms. Sabrina M. Powers '91
Mr. Philocles Pradere '10
Ms. Jessica D. Prado '12
Ms. Abby F. Pratchios '12
Ms. Edna T. Prather
Mr. Stephen P. Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. George Prehoda
Mr. Eric T. Preston
Ms. Delyse Pretorius '02
Mrs. Ashleigh Price '90
Ms. Gillian Price '05
Ms. Katherine D. Price '11
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Prichard
Mr. Ralph Priddy '94
Mrs. Paula Young Priester '98
Ms. Victoria L. Priester '11
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Pritchard
Ms. Bonnie Proctor '06
Ms. Terri Propst '07
Mrs. Jordan Prosceno '06
Miss Emily Provenza '08
Mr. James V. Provenza
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Pruett
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Przepasniak
Ms. Catherine Przybyszewski '86
Ms. Shelby Ptacek
Ms. Vorapha M. Puckly '11
Mr. Stephen C. Pulkoski
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pulley
Mrs. Debra Vonflatern Purdy '82
Mr. Richard Putnam '09
Mr. Jimmy Pyatt
Ms. Christin Quercia '08
Mr. John J. Quigley '12
Ms. Pamela D. Quimby '09
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Quimby
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Quintanilla
Mrs. Theresa Smethurst Rader '90
Mr. Philip Rado
Ms. Anne Raftery
Mrs. Jean Rahner '78
Mr. Philip Rahner
Mr. Johnny A. Ramirez
Mr. Serapio Ramos Utuy
Ms. Francoise Ramos
Ms. Alicia J. Ramsdell '08
Ms. Melissa M. Ramsey '97
Mr. Brad '78 and Mrs. Patricia Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Randolph
Ms. Sarah Rappaport '04
Mrs. JoAnn Speranza Rardon '85
Mr. James C. Raskin
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Ratte
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Rau
Mr. Michael D. Raulerson '86
Mr. and Mrs. William Raum
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ray
Mr. David Ray
Mr. and Mrs. William Reade
Mr. William R. Reade '12
Mrs. Melanie Guengerich Reagle '82
Mr. Richard L. Reaves
Mr. Clayton A. Reavis '08
Mr. Donald A. Rebello
Ms. Julia Redemske '07
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Redman
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Reed
Mrs. Jennifer J. Williams Reed '99
Mr. Anthony '09 and Mrs. Nicole Gaines '09 Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Reed
Ms. Todah Reed '09
Mrs. Laurie Davidson Reese '92
"CWO4 and Mrs. James Reeves, Jr. "
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Regan
Ms. Carri L. Rehberg '11
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rehberg
Mr. Damien M. Reichert '11
Mr. Nicholas J. Remsha '09
Mrs. Kristina Hernandez Renaud '91
Mr. Matthew S. Rendell
Mr. Andrew L. Renne' '12
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Rentz
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Reuther
Mrs. Isha J. Reyes '02
Mrs. Renee Crespo Reyes '92
Mr. Robert '05 and Mrs. Kristie Price '04 Reyes
Ms. Jessica Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Reynolds
Ms. Meredith A. Rhein '12
Ms. Twila Rhodes '06
Mr. Mike Riban
Mrs. Lindsay Whitehead Rice '04
Mrs. Mandy R. Richardson '10
Mrs. Susan Wilkinson Richardson '88
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Richmond
Mr. Andrew E. Ricker '12
Mr. Andrew Riddle '06
Mr. Howard D. Ridings '12
Mr. Jordan Q. Riemer
Mr. Charles J. Riffenburg III '11
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Riffle
Mr. Joshua '09 and Mrs. Ann Wilcoxen '04 Riggins
Mr. Wayne Riggs
"Ms. Elizabeth M. ""Bunny"" Riley '78"
Mr. Joseph L. Riley IV '06
Ms. Laurie Suzanne Rinehart '74
Mrs. Jennifer Rinnert
Mrs. Molly E. Rinnert '11
Mr. Richard Ritter '09
Mrs. Amanda Horton Rivers '98
Ms. Paula J. Rives
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Rizzolo-Miller '98
Mr. Jorge Roa '87
Ms. Ashley Roach '07
Mr. M. Shane '91 and Mrs. Kimberly Rey '91 Roach
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Roach
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Roach
Ms. Ashley Robbins '12
Ms. Allison Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Roberts
Mrs. Sharon E. Roberts '95
Ms. Alexis Abstein-Cox '91
Ms. Amy S. Robinson '10
Ms. Anne Sterling Robinson '09
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Robinson
Mr. Bruce G. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Robinson
Mr. Richard Robinson
Mr. Sylvester D. Robinson '12
Mr. Thomas M. Robinson '90
Mr. Richard M. Saunders  and Ms. Leslie M. Robison
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Robitaille
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Roche'
Mr. James J. Roche IV '08
Ms. Metika S. Roche
Mr. John Rochford
Mr. Greg '90 and Mrs. Lisa Remick '91 Rockwell
Mrs. Kelly Seddon Rodgers '02
Mr. Jorge '02 and Mrs. Saralyn O'Brien '02 Rodriguez
Ms. Kayla Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Gaye E. Roger
Mr. Frank J. Rogers and Ms. Rita Armstrong
Mr. Jay Rogers '00
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Rogers
Mr. Bernardo Rojas '11
Mr. Christopher Rolandelli '98
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rolf
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Rolf
Ms. Laura Rollins '05
Mr. Mark Rollins '06
Mr. Joshua J. Romaine '92
Ms. Sarah A. Roman
Mrs. Marilyn Durkin Romanisky '72
Mr. Yegor P. Romashov
Ms. Anna M. Romero '10
Ms. Alicia Ronan '07
Ms. Heather Ronhovde '01
Mr. Thomas E. Rooney '85
Ms. Adrianna M. Rosamilia '12
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rosamilia
Mr. James P. Rose '11
Ms. Colby D. Ross
Ms. Jessica M. Ross '02
Mr. and Mrs. John Ross
Ms. Julia C. Ross
Ms. Karen Ross '91
Mr. Michael Ross
Mr. Leandro '03 and Mrs. Rebecca Lebon '05 Rossetti
Mrs. Kerri Dworzanski Rossi '98
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Roth
Ms. Autumn A. Roth '12
Lt. Matthew '89 and Mrs. Wendy Grimpe '91 Rother
Mr. Christopher A. Rott '89
Ms. Linda Roudabush
Ms. Jennifer L. Rougas '04
Mrs. Mary Rouis '12
Ms. Ashley S. Mederos Routte '99
Mr. Austin Rowan '11
Ms. Megan E. Rowan '11
Ms. Calla E. Rowell '12
Dr. James  and Mrs. Marina Rowell
Mr. Mark Rowley '10
Mrs. Cynthia Sell Roy '93
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Royal
Mr. Michael B. Royal '77
Mr. Joseph Ruane
Mr. Joseph P. Ruane '12
Ms. Danielle Ruckert
Dr. Erick Rueck
Ms. Kelsielynn B. Ruff '10
Mr. and Mrs. John Rufino
Mr. Richard Rullo and Ms. Mary Schultheis
Mrs. Linda Rumph '78
Mr. Dylan Rumrell '01
Mr. Michael A. Runge
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Runk
Ms. Breanne Rupp '08
Mr. Stanley M. Rupp
Ms. Cynthia Ruppert
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Rusch
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rusnak
Ms. Emma Rusnak
Mrs. Debby Middleton Russell '99
Mrs. Elizabeth Richards Russell '79
Mr. George P. Russell III '85
Mr. James L. Russell IV '07
Mr. John Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Russell
Mr. Leonard '03 and Mrs. Jessica Moore '03  Rutland
"Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Rutland, Jr. "
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ruziskey
Ms. Ashley Ryan
Mr. Christopher D. Ryan '12
"Mr. Joseph Ryan, Jr. "
Ms. Ann Marie Ryder
Mr. Anthony J. Ryder '11
Mrs. Angela J. Rynning '12
Mr. John S. Sabatos
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Saffran
Ms. Jennifer Sagendorph '04
Dr. Susan Sailor and Mr. Joel Sailor
Mr. and Mrs. Kenol Saint-Fort
Ms. Adrienne Sakyi '06
Mrs. Suzanna Tampary Salmon '95
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Saltsman
Mr. Frank N. Salvatore '87
Mr. Darrell '03 and Mrs. Nicole Smith '04 Salvia
Mr. Nicholas G. Sambrato '03
Ms. Michelle Sammons '05
Mr. Adam '05 and Mrs. Teryl Anderson '05 Samson
Ms. Yvonne D. Samuels '12
Ms. Melissa Sanabria '11
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Sanchez II
Mr. and Mrs. Angel Sanchez
Mrs. Jennifer Alvarez Sanchez '97
Ms. Kiara A. Sanchez
Mrs. Amy Frasu Sanchez-Juarez '98
Mr. Barry  and Mrs. Gayle Sand
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sandberg
Mrs. Sally Hill Sandburg '88
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Sanders
Ms. Sharon A. Sanders
Mrs. Shannan M. Sanford '11
Ms. Jillian Greeno Sangster '00
Ms. Pamela A. Santamaria
Mrs. Meghan Green Santorelli '08
Ms. Michelle L. Santorelli '09
Mr. Emilio Santoro '11
Ms. Elena M. Santos '12
Mr. Gabriel Santos
Mr. Joshua Santos
Mr. and Mrs. Amilton Santos
"Mr. and Mrs. Richard Santos, Jr. "
Mr. Michael Santucci '88
Mr. Matthew '97 and Mrs. Janeen Damiano '95 Sara
Ms. Kimberly M. Saracino '12
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Saracino
Mr. Andrew Sargent '02
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sarno
Mrs. Andrea Drangula Sasaki '88
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Saunders
Mrs. Sarah Bokelmann Saunders '96
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Saunders
Mrs. Heather C. Savage '12
Mr. Michael E. Savage '03
Mrs. Noone Fairbairn Savage '00
Mr. Kris Savignac '92
Ms. Dolores S. Sawl
Mr. William W. Scales
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scalia
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Scalzo
Ms. Shelli Robinson Scaniffe '88
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Scarff
Ms. Morgan Scarff '08
Mrs. Kathryn Brown Schafer '90
Mr. Charles '86 and Mrs. JoLynn Alder '87 Schall
Mr. Robert Scott Scheff '10
Mr. Michael J. Schefstad '91
Mr. Fredrick Scheider
Mr. Thomas C. Schelfhout '83
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schemer
Mr. Robert Schepperle '08 and Ms. Lindsey Abbott '11
Mr. Robert Schepperle
Ms. Cara Schirard
Ms. Kelsey Schirard
Ms. Kincaid Schmidt '10
Ms. Darlene L. Schmitt
Ms. Amey Schnabel '06
Mr. George O. Schoenwaelder '11
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Scholato
Mrs. Nancy Wolfe Schomp '77
Mr. Daniel Michael Schonberg '96
Mr. and Mrs. George Schoonover
Mr. Richard Schortemeyer '04
Ms. Jessica Schreck '10
Mr. Cam E. Schriefer '11
Mr. Gregory D. Schroeder '10
Mrs. Debbie Costeira Schuler '80
Mr. Dylan B. Schuler
Ms. Elizabeth A. Schuler
Mr. Kyle '06 and Mrs. Ivey Addison '06 Schulkers
Mr. Brent Schultz
Ms. Carol Schultze
Mr. Dominic '02 and Mrs. Mary Porter '99 Scine
Dr. Catherine McFarland Scine '03 and Mr. Michael V. Scine '03
Mr. Greg Scobee '94
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scopelitis
Mr. Christopher Scott '05
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt A. Scott
Mr. Michael J. Scott III '09
Mrs. Sharee L. Scott '11
"Mr. Timothy L. Scott, Jr. '11"
Ms. Carolyn R. Scruggs
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scullion
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scura
Ms. Linda A. Scura
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Scura
Mrs. Julie Seals '04
Mr. Thomas Searle
Ms. Catina Sears
Ms. Ashton T. Seckinger '11
Mr. Norman Sedelbauer '86
Mrs. Beth Smola Seelie '78
Mr. John B. Seelie
Mr. and Mrs. Steve E. Seibert
Ms. Kelley T. Sejeck '11
Ms. Felisha Sellers '12
Ms. Stephanie A. Seltzer '11
Ms. Robyn Semento '02
Mr. Karl '90 and Mrs. Kathleen Rothenhausler '93 Senderling
Ms. Kimberly A. Senecal '90
Mr. Robert J. Seppla
Mr. John J. Sergent
"Mr. Steven C. Sessa, Esq. '88"
Ms. Abby M. Sessock '10
Mr. Joseph Sessock
Ms. Jennifer Seton '08
Mr. John A. Sgromolo III '12
Mr. Steven '03 and Mrs. Nicole Ferry '03 Shafer
Ms. Heema Shah '08
Mr. and Mrs. Jahangir J. Shakib
Ms. Celia Shanahan '82
Mr. Carl Shank '07
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Shannon
Mrs. Tiffany Flynn Sharbono '05
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sharman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Sharp
Ms. Patricia S. Sharpe
Ms. Kayla Sharpless
Ms. Brooke A. Sharra '11
Mrs. Bariaa Shatila
Mr. Zachary R. Shave
Mr. Wes Shaver
Mr. James Shaw '87
Mr. Daniel '78 and Mrs. Kathleen Shawhan
Ms. Grace E. Shawhan
Mr. Warren Shearin
Ms. Dona Sheldon '98
Mr. James '92 and Mrs. Kimberley Esser '94 Sheldon
Ms. Amber Sheridan '12
Mrs. Ashley Sheridan '09
Mrs. Diane Reidy Sheridan '89
Ms. Chelsea Sherman '10
Ms. Jacqueline Sherman
Mrs. Julie Doran Sherman '92
Ms. Sandra M. Sherman
Mr. Marc Sherrin
Ms. Laura Shevlin
Mr. Kevin Shields
Ms. Rebecca L. Shields '09
Ms. Laura P. Shimeld
Ms. Samantha Shiner
Ms. Grace H. Shipman
Ms. Pamela M. Shipman
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Shiver
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Shoemate
Mrs. Victoria Gorham Shoff '93
Ms. Lila Shoop
Ms. Philadelphia J. Shoop '12
Ms. Kiwanis Short '85
Mr. Craig A. Shoup '07
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Showfety
Mrs. Patricia Kaufmann Shreiner '85
Mr. Isaac Shuler '04
Mr. Richard '92 and Mrs. Rahmi Jackson '92 Shulman
Ms. Amber L. Shumake '11
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Shuman
Ms. Susan Shunny '87
Mr. Dan M. Siari '01
Ms. Katie Mullin Siari '01
Mrs. Adriana Sicari-Phillips '06
Ms. Melisa C. Siedow
Mr. Alexander D. Siegel '11
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Siegel
Mr. Gerard '07 and Mrs. Audrey Holeman '08 Siegler
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Sierra
Mr. Joseph R. Sigda '97
Ms. Rhonda Siggers '11
Ms. Sharon E. Sikinger
Mr. Matthew Sills '10
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sills
Mrs. Loni M. Silvestris '09
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Simko
Mr. Donnie Simmons
Mr. Jarrod W. Simmons '10
Mrs. Sheila Simmons '11
"Mr. and Mrs. Steven Simmons, Sr. "
Ms. Melissa M. Simpson '06
Mr. Raleigh '93 and Mrs. Jill Jennings '93 Sims
Mrs. Rhonda Sims
Mr. Robert T. Sims '12
Mr. Todd Sims '01
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Sincavage
Mr. Christopher '00 and Mrs. Rebecca Hinds '98 Sinclair
Mr. John Sircy '02
Ms. Jacquelyn B. Sirmopoulos '97
Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Siswick
Mr. Thomas '91 and Mrs. Donna Adams '92 Sites
Mr. Sean Sittnick '09
Mr. Aubrey L. Skillman '08
Mrs. Cristy Skolfield '01
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sladden
"Ms. Erin ""Dani"" Atran Slader '08"
Mr. Jon Sladick '91
Ms. Gennie M. Slatton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Slaven
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Lila Perry '74 Sleeper
Ms. Amanda Slevin
Mr. Michael Small
Ms. Mary Smallwood
Mr. Stephen Smigielski '12
Ms. Ann D. Smith
Ms. Ashley R. Smith '11
Mr. Brian W. Smith '96
Ms. Cassandra Smith '04
Mrs. Crystal Wiles Smith '11
Mr. and Mrs. Dan P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith
"Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Smith, Jr."
Mrs. Donna Berry Smith '86
Ms. Erin N. Smith '10
Mr. Evan M. Smith '04
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Smith
Mr. Herrick '84 and Mrs. Debra Hope '83 Smith
Mr. Jared N. Smith '11
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith
Mr. Kevin B. Smith '85
Ms. Kimberley A. Smith '11
Ms. Marcy Smith '09
Mr. Mark Smith '09
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Smith '08
Ms. Meghan E. Smith '10
Ms. Melinda Smith '99
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Smith
Ms. Montana R. Smith '11
Mrs. Stephanie Smith '07
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith
Mr. Theodor B. Smith '07
Mr. Thomas C. Smith '11
Mr. Joel Sneed '08
Mr. Matthew Snell
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Snipes
Mr. J. Rayford Snipes
Ms. Olivia L. Snipes '12
Mr. Christopher Snoap '01
Mr. Harry J. Snoxell '12
Mr. James O. Snyder
Ms. Stephanie Snyder '07
Mr. William Sohm
Mr. Douglas C. Solazzo '12
Ms. Kathleen Solazzo
Ms. Jessica D. Solomon '11
Mr. Cy H. Solsona '11
Mr. William M. Sombric
Mr. Duane Sommise
Mr. Colin D. Somogie '12
Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Sorenson
"Mr. William ""Jayson"" '98 and Mrs. Holly Hollingsworth '98 Southworth"
Mr. Kellum '01 and Mrs. Sarah Stone '01 Sowers
Mrs. Lynn Sox
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spadea
Ms. Veronica C. Spake
Mr. James McFaddin Spann '89
Mrs. Lisa Sparkman-Allen '12
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Specht
Mr. Kevin Specht '08
Ms. Jessica Spedden '07
Mrs. Krista Renninger Speidel '03
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Spelling
Mr. Jerry Spence
Ms. Elizabeth Spencer
"Mr. Raymond Spencer, Jr. '94"
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spetsas
Ms. Jaime L. Spicer '10
Mr. Nathan Spicer '08
Mr. and Mrs. William Spicer
Mr. Dana Spigener '09
Ms. Megan Spillane '96
Mr. Jefferey Spivey '05
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Splendoria
Mr. Houston T. Spore '12
Mr. Stephen Spore
Mrs. Nicole Spruill '95
Ms. Jill St. Clair '12
Mr. and Mrs. William St. Clair
Mr. Paul Andrews and Mrs. Connie M. St. Clair-Andrews '93
Mr. Duncan St. Gelais '08
Ms. Karen A. Stabler '81
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stackhouse
Ms. Linda L. Stafford
Mr. Ian Stake '86
Mr. Derek L. Stalnecker '12
R. David '01 and Susanne Bennett '00 Stalvey
Ms. Hannah J. Standiford '12
Dr. and Mrs. Les Standiford
Mrs. Emmie Gunby Stanger '95
Ms. Jenna M. Stanish '12
Mrs. Michele A. Stanley
Mr. William Stanley '09
Ms. Dorothy Stansel '77
Ms. Claire B. Stapleton '10
Ms. Stephanie Stark '09
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stark
Mrs. Amanda McGee Steadman '03
Mr. Douglas Stearns
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Stearns
Ms. Melanie A. Stecker '88
Ms. Ann E. Steen
Mr. Matthew F. Stein '12
"Mr. Thomas J. Stein, Jr. '05"
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Stellrecht
Ms. Michelle Stelmack '04
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stephen
Mr. Michael R. Stephens '98
"Mr. Robert Stephens, Jr. '10"
Ms. Jeanne Sterling '74
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Sterling
Ms. Michelle L. Sterling '98
Mr. Joe Stevens
Mr. Robert G. Stevens
Ms. Allison Flanagan Steward '04
Mrs. Risa Korey Steward '89
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart
Mrs. Jennifer Dalton Stewart '09
Mr. John '96 and Mrs. Janel Leatherman '96 Stewart
Ms. Lauretta Sthreshley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stibal
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Stiller
Mr. James J. Stiller '12
Ms. Jenna Stinnett '08
Mr. and Mrs. William Stinson
Mr. Zachary S. Stinson '10
Ms. Bambi Stock
Ms. Stephanie L. Stock '12
Mr. Daniel Stockham '09
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Stockawski
Ms. Rebekah A. Stockowski '12
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stokes
Mr. Kevin '97 and Mrs. Kora Mercado '01 Stoll
Mr. Christopher Stone '05
Ms. Linda Stone '85
Mrs. Megan Lee Stone '05
"Mr. Larry Stoner, Jr. '09"
Mr. Merryck C. Stormer '87
Mrs. LaDonna Gaull Stouder '85
Mr. Jeffrey  and Mrs. Linda  Strait
Ms. Melissa Strait
Mr. Steven J. Strait '12
Dr. Susan Strauss
Dr. Michael Strawser II '86
Mr. and Mrs. John Street
Ms. Cassandra H. Streett
Ms. Lauren C. Streett '12
Mr. Eric Streichert '09
Mr. Christopher C. Strickland '06
Mrs. Linda E. Strickland '11
Mr. and Mrs. Jayson Stringfellow
Ms. Carol Joyce Stuart '02
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron M. Stubbs
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sturgeon
Mr. Jonathan Scott Sturgill '02
Ms. Fredrica Styron '73
Mr. Matthew '92 and Mrs. Kimberly Minesky '91 Suedmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Sugrue II
Ms. Shannon M. Sugrue '12
Mrs. Victoria Bandosz Suhrer '79
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin L. Sullivan
Mrs. Kathie Fuller Sullivan '88
Ms. Kayla D. Sullivan '12
Ms. Mary Jean Sullivan '78
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sullivan
Mr. Vincent L. Sullivan '12
Mrs. Loni Bernquist Sumerlin '04
Ms. Erica Elbert Summers '01
Mr. John M. Sunday '11
Mr. Daniel A. Suttelle USN (Ret.)
Mr. Matthew J. Sutter '05
Mr. James D. Sutton '78
Mr. David C. Svenson '06
Mr. Edward and Mrs. Rhonda Masters '88 Swain
Ms. Renee Swan
Ms. Kathryn Swanson
Mr. Kraig J. Swanson '12
Mr. Robert Swanson and Ms. Verbelee Nielsen
Mr. Samuel A. Swearingen '12
Ms. Morgan Sweeney
Ms. Beth Marie Sutkowy '05
Mrs. Cheryl Sweet '02
Ms. Stephanie R. Sweeting
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sweeting
Mr. Brian D. Swenson
Ms. Haley E. Swenson
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Swezey
Ms. Brittney Swift '09
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Swift
Mr. and Mrs. Terry P. Swift
Mrs. Lori Shannon Switzer '89
Ms. Katherine L. Sykes
Mr. Raymond '97 and Mrs. Nancy Sykes
Ms. Janice Syler
Mr. Nicholas Syme
Ms. Neva Sypniewski '06
Mr. Jay Szczepanski II '01
Ms. Edwina Arnold Szempruch '81
Ms. Erin Szlegier '00
Mr. Nicholas Tabassi
Mr. Donnie Tackett '07
Ms. Melissa A. Tackitt
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Taggart
Ms. Traci E. Taggart '09
Ms. Melanie E. Green '94
Ms. Nicole Talcik
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Talley
Mr. Jonathan '07 and Mrs. Jennifer Gager '08 Tallman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tambini
Ms. Sarah Tarbett '11
Mr. Thomas Tarricone
Ms. Caren Tasch
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tatem
Ms. Megan Tattoli '06
Ms. Casey L. Taylor
Mrs. Cristie Taylor '05
Mr. Jacob Taylor '12
Mr. James Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Taylor
Mr. John D. Taylor '11
Mr. and Mrs. Kary Taylor
Mrs. Kathryn W. Taylor '76
Mrs. Kelley Boldt Taylor '02
Mrs. Sarah C. Taylor '02
Ms. Susan Taylor '95
Mrs. Tracy L. Taylor '10
Mr. Michael J. Tedder '12
Ms. Meredith Tehan '08
Mr. Gregory Teisan '89
Mr. Mickey Telemaque '92
Mr. Ryan Tempro
Mr. Jonathan '06 and Mrs. Gia Mancini '06 Terranova
Mrs. Kathryn E. Terrell '06
Mr. Marc Terrell '04
Mr. Brian Terrinoni '09
Mr. Grant Terry
"Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Teryek, Jr. "
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Teston
Mr. Seth W. Teston '12
Mr. Albert Tetrault
Mr. Adam Thacker '07
Ms. Edna C. Thacker
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Thacker
Ms. Lori Botet
Ms. Savannah Thelen '06
Ms. Pauline H. Thier
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Thigpen
Mr. James C. Thivierge '11
Mr. and Mrs. William Tholotowsky
Ms. Mary Tholotowsky '02
Mr. Brynley Thomas
Mr. Carl V. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Thomas
Ms. Donna Manning Thomas '97
Mr. James Thomas '96
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Thomas
Mr. Ozie '05 and Mrs. Ashley Grant '04 Thomas
Mrs. Roberta Thomas '06
Ms. Sarah E. Thomas '08
Mrs. Sherry Fountain Thomas '79
Mrs. Amy Bulmahn Thomason '92
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Thomason
Ms. Bobbie Thompson
Ms. Caitlyn S. Thompson '11
Ms. Chelsey Thompson
Ms. Clareann D. Thompson '79
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Thompson
Mr. Erik P. Thompson '99
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Thompson
Mrs. Maureen Gatens Thompson '77
Mr. Nicholas D. Thompson
Mr. Scott R. Thomson '08
Mr. James A. Thornton '07
Mrs. Sandra Martin Thornton '94
Mr. William C. Thornton III
Ms. Rhea Thrasher '10
Mrs. Renee-Christina Williams Thrift '06
Ms. Eleanor L. Tice
Mr. Benjamin D. Tier '12
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tier
Mr. Andrew Tierney '07
Mr. Kevin Kyle Tierney '06
Mrs. Sarah Byrd Tierney '97
Ms. Lisa Tillman '04
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Immersmans
Mr. Christopher '04 and Mrs. Shelley Goldblatt '04 Tincher
Ms. Chelsea Tinlin '09
Mr. Arnold John Tinseth '84
Mr. Randy Tison
"Mr. Richard ""Ricky"" Tison, Jr."
Mr. Thomas L. Todd '04
Mr. Michael '08 and Mrs. Sarah Schroeter '09 Todrick
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tomko
Ms. Laura A. Tomko '12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Tomlinson
Ms. Megan Tommasi '08
Ms. Emily E. Topper
Mr. David A. Tornetta
Ms. Elizabeth Tosh '03
Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Tostevin
Mr. Lars '03 and Mrs. Cristal Randall Totterman
Ms. Kristin R. Towers
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Towle
Ms. Staci Town
Ms. Nadine A. Trabanino '12
Ms. Elizabeth M. Trammell '11
Ms. Halie Trammell '10
Mr. John C. Trapp
Mrs. Heather Bruttell Trebbien '97
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Trella
Mr. Gregory Trew
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Trinder
Mrs. Kristin Fallin Trotter '89
Mr. John '91 and Mrs. Pamela Mackay '91 Trudel
Mr. Chris Trump '92 and Mrs. Audra Lewek-Trump '94
Mrs. Aimee Amorose Trupiano '92
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tschida
Mrs. Lauren N. Tucciarone '95
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Tuchler
Mr. Mark Tucker
Ms. Julie Tugya '01
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tugya
Mrs. Jacquelyn Russell Tunstall '04
Mr. Aaron Turner
Ms. Madeline Turner
Mr. Brandon Turton '10
Mrs. Kerry Martin Tustin '94
Ms. Rosemary Tutt
Mr. Todd Tuzzolino '03
Ms. Elizabeth Tuzzolo '09
Ms. Kelsey A. Twait
Ms. Caitlyn Tyde
Mr. Michael L. Tyler
Ms. Dolores A. Uddo '12
Ms. Angela Ullmann '03
Ms. Kristina L. Ullom '11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ullom
Mr. Michael J. Ulm '12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Ulm
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ulman
Ms. Lindsey D. Umlandt
Mr. Wesley '06 and Mrs. Jeana '10 Underwood
Mr. Steven Unser
Mr. John and Mrs. Francis Allen '83 Upp
Ms. Jessica P. Urcuiolio
"Mr. Charles R. Usina, Sr."
Ms. Joanie C. Usry
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Uvalle
Ms. Sarah E. Vaccaro '10
Mr. Devin Vache '09
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Vache
Mr. Erich P. Vadino '05
Ms. Caitlin E. Vahey '12
Mrs. Nancy A. Vail '09
Mrs. Lillian Vaill '94
Ms. Tabatha Valderrama '06
Ms. Sara M. Valdespino '12
Ms. Diane Valent
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Valenti
Ms. Carla V. Valor '10
Ms. Victoria A. Van Arnam '12
Mr. Kenneth Van Leuven '84
Mr. Eric Van Westering
Ms. Kerry D. Vance
Dr. Arthur Vanden Houten
Ms. Taylor L. Vanderslice '12
Ms. Tiffany R. Vanderveer '08
Ms. Jeanne-Marie Vannemmen
Mr. Gary Vanover
Mr. Matthew Varney '04
Ms. Norma E. Vasques
Ms. Nicolette C. Vassallo
Mr. John Vassalotti '07
Mr. Christopher Vaughan '04
Ms. Robin M. Vaughn
Mrs. Leah Veal '11
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Vecchio
Ms. Catherine A. Vecchio
Mrs. Lisa Hoffman Velez '02
Mr. Peter R. Vellucci
Ms. Bridget Vennemann '10
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Vennemeyer
Mr. Michael Vento '97
Ms. Molly V. Verfurth
Mr. Josiah D. Vernon '10
Ms. Kristy M. Verzaal
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Vezza
Ms. Johanna Viau '08
Mr. Jonathan A. Vicchio '11
Ms. Katie Vidan
Ms. Theresa Viets
Ms. Jeanette C. Vigliotti '11
Mr. Philip Andy Villacres '05
Mr. Bill '88 and Mrs. Maryann Palino '88 Vina
Mr. Curtis Vincent '00
Mr. and Mrs. John Vincent
Mr. John E. Vincenzi '11
Mr. James Virgalla
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Vizdos
Mrs. Rosemary Vizdos
Mr. Joseph Vlah
Ms. Jessica Voelpel '10
Mr. Steve  and Mrs. Ellen  Voguit
Mr. Steven R. Voguit '00
Mrs. Jennifer Ervin Voight '88
Mrs. Mary M. Volkomer '89
Ms. Amy C. Volpe '98
Mr. Connor R. Volpi
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Volpi
Mr. and Mrs. George Von Bretzel
Mrs. Meleice Von Minden '05
Mrs. Natalie Dendinger Voytac '06
Mr. Tobin '92 and Mrs. Joanne Fusco '94 Vranicar
Mr. Sean P. Wacker
Mrs. Rebekka K. Wade '09
Mrs. Christine Wages 
Ms. Kaitlyn Wagner '07
Ms. Rebecca Wagner '00
Ms. Mimi Wahlmann '88
Mrs. Alison Brooks Waldbart '83
Mr. Eric Waldron '07
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Waldron
Ms. Kelly A. Waldron
Mr. Bradley A. Waldrop '02
Mr. John Walker '92
Reverend Mark G. Walker '83
Mrs. Molly Speno Walker '92
Ms. Patricia O'Brien Walker '76
Mr. Robert Walker '83
Mrs. Jennifer Wetzel Wall '85
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wallace
Ms. Sarah Wallace '09
Mr. Shannon E. Waller III '04
Ms. Sara Walley
Mr. William Walls '03
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walsh
"Mr. William Walsh, Jr. and Ms. Karen Kuyrkendall "
Mr. Bryan Walter '09
Mrs. Cori Brown Walters '08
Mr. Robby Walton
Mrs. Brenda Wangen
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ward
Ms. Karen Ward
Ms. Kayla M. Ward '12
Mrs. Mary Scheiderman Ward '84
Ms. Stephanie Ward '07
Mr. Tyler A. Ward
Ms. Jennifer Ware '08
Mrs. Nancy Downie Ware '99
Ms. Victoria L. Warenik '10
Ms. Kaylea E. Warne '12
Ms. Linda L. Warner
Ms. Lynda R. Warnock
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Warren
Mr. Jabin Warren '03
Mr. Marco R. K. Warren
Ms. Victoria E. Warton '12
Mr. Mark C. Warwick
Mr. Brian '82 and Mrs. Donna Zanni '82  Washburn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Waskovich
Mr. Jimmy G. Watson '92
Ms. Whitney L. Watters '12
Mr. and Mrs. Billy V. Watts
Mr. Kyle Watts
Ms. Rachael A. Watts '12
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watzel
Mr. Todd M. Weakley '98
Ms. Margaret W. Weathersby '11
Mrs. April Russell Webb '08
Mr. Joseph Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Webb-Martin
Ms. Angela Webster '12
Mr. and Mrs. Lee C. Webster
Mrs. Patricia Carter Weddle '97
Ms. Jessica Wedemyer '08
Mrs. Barbara A. Wedow
Mr. and Mrs. Claude L. Weeks
Mr. Robert Weeks
Mrs. Brooke Hammeal Weigart '93
Mrs. Michelle Rusnak Weiler '97
Ms. Jessica Weinberg '12
Ms. Christina Weis
Mrs. Cynthia Nelson Weiss '91
Mr. Kevin A. Welch '83
Mr. Todd '99 and Mrs. Cascia Miller '02 Weldy
Ms. Loni Wellman '03
Mr. William '04 and Mrs. Emily '04 Welstead
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Weltner
"Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wender, Jr."
Mrs. Cheri Cramer Wert '84
Mr. Nathan Wertheimer '04
Mr. Charles Wesley
Mrs. Bethany Arruda Wessel '03
Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Wessel
Mr. Robert '93 and Mrs. Rebecca Heard '94 West
Ms. Connie M. Westberry '95
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Westendorf
Mr. and Mrs. John Westfield
Ms. Kellie Westfield
Ms. Wytonia Weston '11
Ms. Courtney L. Weter '03
Ms. Misty M. Wetherington
Mr. Chris Wetjen '87
Mr. Kyle F. Whalen '12
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Whalen
Mrs. Stephanie Canton Whaley '07
Mr. Spencer C. Whealy '11
"Mr. and Mrs. Henry Whetstone, Jr. "
Mr. Jeffrey Whetzel
Mr. Keith E. Whetzel '12
Mr. Brian Whitcomb '12
Mr. Charles White
Mr. Dennis White
Mr. Hyson White '06
Ms. Jillian White '08
Mr. Paul '07 and Mrs. Meghan Butcher '07 Whitehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Whiteman
Mr. Craig Whitlock '10
Mr. Derek Whitman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Whitmire
Mrs. Molly McGill Whitmire '99
Mrs. Eileen Horgan Whittaker '79
Mr. Daniel I. Bookhout '07 and Mrs. Jennifer L. Whittington-Bookhout '07
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Whyte
Ms. Barbara Wick
Ms. Alyssa A. Wickham
Mr. Bjorn and Mrs. Sarah Baskin '01 Widerstedt
Ms. Brittany M. Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. James Wiggins
Mr. Jay Wiggins
Ms. Je'Leah Wiggins
Mrs. Michele Wilbur '01
Ms. Elizabeth Wilcosky '96
Professor and Mrs. Robert Wilcosky
Mr. Donald Wildasin
Mr. Jonathan W. Wilfinger '12
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilfinger
Mr. Darrell Wilkeson
Mr. Matthew Todd Wilkinson '95
Ms. Brittany H. Will
Mr. Cameron N. Will
Ms. Ashley Williams '05
Ms. Camise Williams '12
Ms. Chelan E. Williams '08
Mrs. Jacqueline Matthews Williams '84
Mr. Jeffrey A. Williams
Ms. Judy Williams '00
Ms. Letisha Williams '08
Ms. Lisa Williams
Mr. Lyle M. Williams
Ms. Rachel Williams '08
Mr. Samuel P. Williams '07
Ms. Shannon Williams '10
Mr. Todd Williams '00
Mrs. Caroline Leary Williamson '09
Mrs. Catherine Vann Williamson '06
Ms. Dianna Williamson '02
Ms. Sarah Ann Williamson
Ms. Alana Willingham '08
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Willis
Mrs. Olivia Willis '05
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher N. Willoxx
Mr. Travis '00 and Mrs. Amy Baldini '02 Wilson
Mr. Calvin Wilson '05
Mr. David Wilson
Mrs. Ebonee Wilson '12
Ms. Erin C. Wilson '08
Mr. Joshua Wilson '09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson
Mrs. Rosa Wilson
Mr. Scott R. Wilson '89
Dr. James Wilson  and Dr. Tamara Wilson
Mr. William P. Wilson '89 and Ms. Melody A. Mancuso '89
Mr. Joshua C. Winchester '11
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Winchester
Mr. Alex Windisch
Ms. Jessica Windisch
Ms. Deborah Windischman '05
Mr. John W. Windle '12
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Windle
Mr. Peter K. Wingate '88
Mrs. Becky Fenn Winter '82
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Winter
Ms. Gloria C. Wintjen
Mr. and Mrs. John Wise
Ms. Shevah M Wiseltier '79
Mrs. Tobi Bromfield Wiseman '96
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wisser
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wittbrodt
Ms. Amy Witters '97
Mr. Bart A. Wofford '86
Mr. and Mrs. Merle G. Wold
Mr. Joseph B. Wolf '07
Ms. Kaitlyn A. Wolf '11
Mrs. Natalie Howard Wolf '09
Ms. Rebecca L. Wolf '12
Mr. Robin Wolf
Mrs. Wendy Giles Wolfe '98
Ms. Marsha B. Wolff
Mr. David M. Woncheck '04
Mr. Wallace S. Wood '90
Mr. William Wood '79
Ms. Charlene A. Woodfill
Mr. James and Mrs. Shannon Smith '97 Woodrow
Mrs. Cynthia Bramkamp Woolbright '84
Ms. Joellen A. Wooten '01
Mrs. Mikaela Wooten '05
Mrs. Michelle Grippi Wordell '96
Ms. Bonnie J. Worden '08
Mrs. Amy Workman
Ms. Lisa L. Workman '90
Mr. Thomas '11 and Mrs. Darla '11 Wormuth
Ms. Sarah Worthington
Mrs. Heather Coffey Wren '87
Ms. Ashley Wright '04
Mr. Benjamin J. Wright '03
Mrs. Daphne Wright '03
Mr. Jeffrey D. Wright '05
Mr. David Wunder '05
Mr. Stephen Wuycheck '05
Ms. Jamie Wylam '06
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wylly
Dr. Matthew  and Mrs. Christine  Wysocki
Mr. Juxhes Xhabafti
Mr. and Mrs. William Yardley III
Ms. J. B. Yde
Mrs. Alexandria Patterson Yohpe '85
Mrs. Annette Young
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Young
Ms. Christine S. Young '12
Mr. Edmund Young '02
Mr. Erik J. Young
Mr. and Mrs. James Young
Mr. Aaron R. Zabriskie
Ms. Morley Zachman '04
Ms. Stephanie Zahn '91
Mr. and Mrs. Ali Zajmi
Mr. Arlin Zajmi '11
Mr. Dave Zappariello '87
Mrs. Jennifer Zappone '05
Mr. Mark A. Zappone '93
Mr. Matthew A. Zappone '89
Ms. Anne F. Zawada '09
"Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Zazzero, Jr. "
Ms. Deanna Zeek '06
Mr. Rockne Zeilman '04
Mrs. Molly Lemmer Zenk '00
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zetrouer
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Ziegenfuss
Ms. Savannah L. Ziegler '06
Ms. Cheryl L. Zimmer
Mr. Michael P. Zodda '95
Ms. Marianna S. Zuccala
Ms. Lindsay Zullo
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Zunda
Ms. Ashleigh Zuschlag '12