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Mary Keegan

“I am so grateful to the Unger Family for giving me such an amazing opportunity and an experience that I will remember forever.”

Mary Keegan, ’14
Business Administration/Spanish

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Estefania Mones

“I never dreamed I could have such a big impact on someone’s life, especially as a college student.”

Estefania Mones, ’13
Business Administration

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Nicole Del Bene

“I was very excited to receive the Michael Bugg’s Leadership Scholarship because it meant that my dedication and leadership qualities were recognized.”

Nicole Del Bene, ’13
Business Administration/Pre-Law

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Molly Wiley Portrait

“I am so proud of Flagler College! The 'Little College that Could' is the greatest!”

Molly Wiley
Longtime benefactor of Flagler College leaves $2.5 million bequest to the College

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Eric Strasser

“Flagler has been the best experience for me because I was able to network... I have worked for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New Orleans Saints, which is something that makes me very proud.”

Eric Strasser, ’12
Sport Management

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Nicole Del Bene

Nicole Del Bene, '13, Business Administration/Pre-Law

Nicole Del Bene has learned philanthropy from Phi Alpha Omega, leadership from the Ambassador Leadership Council, and dedication by being a member of the Pre Law Honor Society, but she says the greatest thing Flagler has given her is independence.

Del Bene is from New Jersey, and she says coming to Flagler was a huge adjustment for her. She didn’t have the luxury of going home on the weekends so she had to adjust fast.

“I was very fortunate because my first year I had amazing roommates who became my best friends,” Del Bene said. “I also got involved in many activities, which helped me to keep busy and focus.”

Despite being a long way from home, Del Bene said Flagler is where she belongs for the next chapter of her life. She said college has been hard, but she knows it will pay off.

“I know I can take everything I learned here and achieve those goals post graduation,” Del Bene said.

She receives financial aid through Michael Bugg’s Leadership Scholarship. Through the scholarship she is able to pay for books.

“I was very excited to receive this scholarship because it meant that my dedication and leadership qualities were recognized,” she said.

Del Bene’s mother always put an emphasis on education and told her one of the best things she could do is to learn.

“I truly believe in that, and I know that Flagler is the perfect place for me to do that,” Del Bene said.

She is currently majoring in business administration and is considering a dual program to receive her law degree as well as her MBA.

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” — Babe Ruth