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The Henry M. Flagler Society

Thank You for Your Gift

Mary Keegan

“I am so grateful to the Unger Family for giving me such an amazing opportunity and an experience that I will remember forever.”

Mary Keegan, ’14
Business Administration/Spanish

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Estefania Mones

“I never dreamed I could have such a big impact on someone’s life, especially as a college student.”

Estefania Mones, ’13
Business Administration

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Nicole Del Bene

“I was very excited to receive the Michael Bugg’s Leadership Scholarship because it meant that my dedication and leadership qualities were recognized.”

Nicole Del Bene, ’13
Business Administration/Pre-Law

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Molly Wiley Portrait

“I am so proud of Flagler College! The 'Little College that Could' is the greatest!”

Molly Wiley
Longtime benefactor of Flagler College leaves $2.5 million bequest to the College

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Eric Strasser

“Flagler has been the best experience for me because I was able to network... I have worked for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New Orleans Saints, which is something that makes me very proud.”

Eric Strasser, ’12
Sport Management

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This giving society honors individuals who name the College as a beneficiary of a bequest, estate plan or other planned gift.

Mr. Michael Andres '87 and Mrs. Nicole Andres
Mr. L. John Arbizzani and Mrs. Debby Arbizzani
Mr. John D. Bailey, Sr. and Mrs. Peggy Bailey
Mrs. Nicole Falciano Baldovi '00
Mr. Thomas B. Barker
Mr. Michael Barnes, Esq. '96
Mr. Frank Barron, Jr.
Dr. Michael E. Bell '78 and Mrs. Cheryl Bell
Mrs. Ellen Schubert Birthisel '85
Ms. Patricia Blanchard '79 †
Ms. Hazel M. Boekel †
Ms. Barbara Bozard
Mr. Fred H. Bozard III †
Ms. Letti Bozard '97
Mr. Michael W. Bugg '78
Mr. Wayne Byerly and Mrs. Trudy Byerly
Mr. David Coe and Mrs. Clare Coe
Mr. Edward Cosgrove †
Mr. Eddie Creamer and Mrs. Julie Creamer
Mr. Kevin Crowell and Mrs. Lisa M. Law '99 Crowell
Mrs. Anita (Ann) Schroeder '72 De La Fuente and Mr. Ramiro De La Fuente
Mr. Parker Doan
Mr. David C. Drysdale
Mr. Douglas G. Dvorak '84 and Mrs. Cathy L. Miner '84 Dvorak
Mr. Michael Eader and Mrs. Jeanne Eader
Dr. Robert Ellert † and Dr. JoAnn Crisp-Ellert †
Mrs. Marifrances Engelhardt
Mrs. Bernice Erwin †
Mr. Richard Finkel †
Mr. James Frash '98 and Mrs. Kate Frash
Dr. Gerald Gamache and Dr. Mildred Koger
Mr. William W. Gay
Dr. Roger J. Geronimo
Ms. Clarissa Anderson Gibbs †
Mr. David Ginzl † and Mrs. Carole Ginzl
Mr. Harvey Goldstein and Mrs. Margaret Goldstein
Mrs. Mary T. Grant † and Mr. Donald Grant †
Mr. Horace A. Gray IV '88 and Mrs. Carol Gordon '89 Gray
Mr. Daniel Hall and Mrs. Angel Hall
Colonel G. F. Robert Hanke, USMC (Ret.)
Mr. Richard L. Hardy and Mrs. Tracey Hardy
Mr. W. L. Harvey and Mrs. Betty Harvey
Mr. William C. Heard † and Mrs. Isabella I. Heard
Dr. L. Dirk Hibler
Mr. Brendan Hourihan '10 and Mrs. Michelle Clabough '90 Hourihan
Dr. Frances B. Kinne
Mrs. Dorothy Konrad †
Mr. Gerald Kula and Mrs. Joan Kula
Mr. Ingemar H. Lanevi '86 and Ms. Diane Evia-Lanevi '87
Mr. Paul Lankau and Mrs. Elena Lankau
Mr. Allen Lastinger, Jr. and Mrs. Delores Lastinger
Dr. Jeffrey Lehman and Mrs. Deborah Lehman
Mr. Lawrence Lewis, Jr. † and Mrs. Janet Patton Lewis †
Mr. Hartmut Liebel '87
Dr. Vernon Lockwood †
Mr. Paul B. MacDonald '83
Mrs. Martha Mihovilich McClintock '88
Dr. Kathryn Zick '86 Monahan and Mr. Stephen R. Monahan '79
Mrs. Frances Neelands †
Mr. Paul Nelson and Mrs. Kathleen Nelson
Mr. James F. Nindel '82
Ms. Joan Noeldechen '85
Ms. Colleen H. Pitts
Mrs. Lettie Platt †
Mr. Custis Proctor †
Mrs. Elaine Riggle †
Mr. Joseph L. Riley IV '06
Mr. Lance C. Ringhaver
Mr. Randal L. Ringhaver and Mrs. Paula Ringhaver
Mrs. Robin Aronson Rothman '88
Mr. George Russell III '85 and Mrs. Lori Russell
Ms. Nancy Rutland '80
Mr. Barry Sand and Mrs. Gayle Sand
Mrs. Kathryn Brown Schafer '90
Mr. Irwin Schiller
Dr. Bonnie Shelton and Mr. Edwin Shelton
Mr. Michael C. Shillaber, Jr. '81 and Mrs. Susan Shillaber
Mr. Steven Shineman '94 and Mrs. Amy Shineman
Ms. Ruth Shugart
Dr. William Spencer †
Mr. Frank C. "Duke" Steinemann, Jr.
Dr. John W. Stewart III
Ms. Mary Jean Sullivan '78
Mr. Frank Tepper and Mrs. Joanie Tepper
Mr. Craig B. Thorn † and Mrs. Audrey S. Thorn †
Dr. Gene Usdin †
Mr. Mitchell B. Walk '79 and Mrs. Nancy Walk
Mr. J. Eugene Watson and Mrs. Martha Watson
Mrs. Florence Westfall
Mr. Mark Whittaker and Mrs. Pam Whittaker
Mrs. J.P. "Page" Wiedeman '83 and Mr. Dirk Wiedeman
Mrs. Molly Lewis Wiley †