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A Welcome Opportunity

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Mary Keegan

“I am so grateful to the Unger Family for giving me such an amazing opportunity and an experience that I will remember forever.”

Mary Keegan, ’14
Business Administration/Spanish

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Estefania Mones

“I never dreamed I could have such a big impact on someone’s life, especially as a college student.”

Estefania Mones, ’13
Business Administration

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Nicole Del Bene

“I was very excited to receive the Michael Bugg’s Leadership Scholarship because it meant that my dedication and leadership qualities were recognized.”

Nicole Del Bene, ’13
Business Administration/Pre-Law

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Molly Wiley Portrait

“I am so proud of Flagler College! The 'Little College that Could' is the greatest!”

Molly Wiley
Longtime benefactor of Flagler College leaves $2.5 million bequest to the College

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Eric Strasser

“Flagler has been the best experience for me because I was able to network... I have worked for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New Orleans Saints, which is something that makes me very proud.”

Eric Strasser, ’12
Sport Management

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Estefania Mones

Estefania Mones, '13, Business Administration

Estefania Mones’ life completely changed the moment she joined Flagler College’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team. Mones says she never thought she could have the leadership skills SIFE has given her. Her passion is helping people, and SIFE has given her the opportunity to do just that through projects that teach entrepreneurship principles through community service.

“I never dreamed I could have such a big impact on someone’s life, especially as a college student,” Mones said. “The great thing is, they make just as big of a difference in our lives; the people we help teach us such important life lessons.”

Mones, who is originally from Venezuela, says she also appreciates the close-knit community Flagler offers.

“Flagler College has the incredible ability to make everyone feel welcome,” Mones said. “It is so nice to be able to feel like I am recognized as a person at school, in comparison to some of the other schools where students are just a number.”

Without the financial aid she receives, Mones says she would not be able to attend Flagler. “I am so grateful for it every day; every time I log on to pay tuition and I see the difference that my financial aid makes, I feel so lucky,” said Mones.

Mones is also grateful for the networking opportunities being a member of SIFE offers.

“Unilever is one of SIFE’s greatest supporters, and this summer I worked as an intern there, something that would have been very difficult to do if I were not a part of SIFE,” Mones said.

She is now serving as co-vice president of the SIFE team, which placed third in the national competition last year. After Flagler, she hopes to pursue a career in marketing or customer development.

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.” — Arthur C. Clarke