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Young Lions

Thank You for Your Gift

Kelsie Ruff

“I’m paying for my own education. My family is unable to contribute to my tuition or living expenses, so without the help from the Flagler Scholarship Fund, there is no way I would be able to be at Flagler.”

Kelsie Ruff, ’10
Liberal Arts Major

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Kyle Jennette

“I wanted to be active in my classes and interact with my fellow students and professors one-on-one. When I visited Flagler, I instantly fell for it, and I knew I would thrive here.”

Kyle Jennette, ’11
Psychology Major

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Caroline Young

“When I am practicing yoga [in the Ringhaver Student Center], looking out at Ponce, the pool, and all of the palm trees, I still feel like I go to school in some kind of paradise.”

Caroline Young, ’11
Communication Major

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Will Nix

“I hope to go to graduate school for architecture and focus on community planning. I would like to create a sustainable system of communities in Third World countries.”

Will Nix, ’11
Fine Arts Major


Donate Now!

This giving society recognizes leadership giving from alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years and have made a minimum gift of $500 or who have graduated within the last five years and have made a minimum gift of $250.

Ms. Jamie Alvarez ’09
Mr. Matthew W. Armstrong ’07
Mr. Christopher Bacca ’08
Mrs. Nicole Arseneault Briell ’00
Ms. Margo Brown ’06 (f/s)
Mr. Christopher S. Catania ’01
Mr. Jeffrey Davitt ’07 (f/s)
Mr. Joshua Dixon ’02
Mr. Bradley Ernst ’02
Mr. Brian R. Foxworthy ’05
Mrs. Annemarie Halback ’06
Mr. Viv A. Helwig ’08
Mr. Ariel Hernandez ’02
Mrs. Jessica Calcagni Hoffman ’00
Mr. Joshua T. Holt ’05
Mrs. Lindsay Taylor Holt ’04
Ms. Virginia J. Hurley ’10
Mr. Bray E. LaDow ’05
Mr. Karl Loewe ’06
Captain Sean Major ’09
Ms. Margaret Lesley Alecia Manning ’05
Ms. Laura K. Montgomery ’12
Ms. Theresa Owens ’04
Mr. Leo Pawelczyk ’07
Miss Emily Provenza ’08 (f/s)
Mrs. Christina Bolinger Pruett ’02
Mr. John Saxton ’02
Mrs. Ivey Addison Schulkers ’06 (f/s)
Mr. Kyle Schulkers ’06 (f/s)
Ms. Rachael Scott-Howe ’04
Ms. Sarah Sekac ’02
2nd Lt. Douglas E. Snelling ’06
Ms. Jessica Talbert ’04


(f/s) Faculty/Staff