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Kelsie Ruff

“I’m paying for my own education. My family is unable to contribute to my tuition or living expenses, so without the help from the Flagler Scholarship Fund, there is no way I would be able to be at Flagler.”

Kelsie Ruff, ’10
Liberal Arts Major

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Kyle Jennette

“I wanted to be active in my classes and interact with my fellow students and professors one-on-one. When I visited Flagler, I instantly fell for it, and I knew I would thrive here.”

Kyle Jennette, ’11
Psychology Major

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Caroline Young

“When I am practicing yoga [in the Ringhaver Student Center], looking out at Ponce, the pool, and all of the palm trees, I still feel like I go to school in some kind of paradise.”

Caroline Young, ’11
Communication Major

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Will Nix

“I hope to go to graduate school for architecture and focus on community planning. I would like to create a sustainable system of communities in Third World countries.”

Will Nix, ’11
Fine Arts Major


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$500 - $999

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Albinson '79
Ms. June Amer '74
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Armold (p)
Mr. Christopher Bacca '08
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barron, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Beckwith
Mr. and Mrs. John Bigalke (p)
Mr. Michael Birchall '94
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bovell (p)
Mr. Carl Bowles
Mr. Fred Bozard III (p)
Mrs. Letti G. Bozard '97
Russell '79 and Laurie Brule (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cail
Dr. Mary Whelan Carter '89
Mr. Christopher S. Catania '01
Ms. Katie Cihal '99
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid Coleman
Mr. Jody Crews
Mr. Charles Culbreth, Jr. '84
Ms. Caroline Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. H. Mike Eden (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Edwards (p)
Dr. Kathleen Eide (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Brady F. Fennell
Mr. Brian R. Foxworthy '05
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fudala (p)
Jason '99 and Jessica Calcagni '00 Hoffman
Joshua '05 and Lindsay C. Taylor '04 Holt
Mr. Franklin "Cason" Houser
Ms. Virginia J. Hurley '10
Mr. Paul V. Jones, Jr.
Ms. Brenda Knight (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lamb (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Mallon Locke (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MacCrory (p)
The Honorable Bruce A. Maguire
Captain and Mrs. Sean Major '09
Dr. and Mrs. Paul D Mantell (p)
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Matthews (gp)
Dr. and Mrs. Laurence Matthews (p)
Mrs. Martha Mihovilich McClintock '88
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McKendree III (p)
William P. (f/s) and Linda Hall '74 Mignon
Mr. Raimo Moysa (p)
Ms. Lisa Murace (gp)
Tom (f/s) and Cherye Pace
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Pechter (p)
Mr. Jose Rohena III (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Roman (p)
Mr. Terry K. Shepard
Walter (f/s) and Martha Morgan '78 (f/s) Shinn
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Storey
Mr. Winfred L. Thornton
The Honorable Charles Tinlin '79 and Mary (f/s) Skeen Tinlin (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Whetstone, Jr. (p)
Mrs. Amy Nelson Whitaker '94
Mr. and Mrs. Briscoe White
Ms. Lisa K. Williams '95
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Yerrill

$250 - $499

Franklin and Virginia (f/s) Alligood
Ms. Jamie Alvarez '09
Ms. Artith H. Andrews (gp)
Mr. Sidney F. Ansbacher
Mrs. Dawn Weiler Barkley '81
Ms. Chelsi R. Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bates
Mr. Peter Bell and Ms. Mary Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. James Blassingham (p)
Mr. Johnny Boehm
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bowling
Scott '92 and Nicole Arseneault '00 Briell
Mr. Guy Brooks, Jr. '93
Mrs. Mary Jane Johnson Brower '79
Ms. Frances Brown '90
Mr. J. T. Brown '88
Ms. Margo Brown '06 (f/s) and Mr. Schuyler Cook
Peter and Deborah Guenther '86 Burkhardt (p)
Ms. Patricia L. Canakaris
Dr. Ernest Carames
Mr. Bill Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chambers (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Chipman
Mr. Caleb Cochran '99
Neil '98 and Susan Ryerson '98 Cole
Mr. Daniel Connolly '92
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cramer (p)
Allen and Elizabeth Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. G. Michael Crothers
Mr. Jeffrey Davitt '07 (f/s)
Ms. Amy Dwyer-Shute and Mr. Ted Corvey (p)
Mr. Daniel Dyszelski '99
Ms. Lauren Ely (s)
Mrs. Karen Cooper Erwin '92
Mr. Bryan Esstman '95
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Faulmann
Mr. Brian Gadowry '82
Senor Charles Michael Giardino '95
Mr. Joe D. Gilbreath '78
Mr. John Goryl (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gould
Ms. Lisa Graham '96
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Griffith
Ms. Linda Stone Grofenhurst '85
Mr. Jeffrey K. Guild '88
Dr. Tracy L. Halcomb (f/s)
Mr. Joseph (f/s) and Janet Harding
Mr. Richard Hausman '00
Major Diana R. Haynie '86
Ms. Debra Hellett (p)
Mr. Viv A. Helwig '08
Ms. Heather Hill (s)
Mr. and Mrs. James Holland (p)
Mr. Jeffrey Holleran '91
Mr. Scott C. Houser
Drs. Ron and Shellie Hucke
Mr. Rhett Jibaja '91
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson (p)
Ms. Anne Corwith Joy '81
Mr. Lee Kermode '79
Ms. Emily Klossner '04
Mr. Bray E. LaDow '05
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lagasse
Mr. Andrew R. Macdonald
Mrs. Deborah Frazer MacLellan '81
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Maddox (p)
Ms. Margaret Lesley Alecia Manning '05
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marletta (p)
Mrs. Charlotte McCormick '07
Mr. Andrew McRae '80
Ms. Kathleen Meehan '74
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mergel (p)
Mr. Mark H. Muller '88
Mr. Scott Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nichols (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Niederriter (p)
Mr. and Mrs. William Nix (p)
Mr. Deon Olitsky
Mr. Franklyn O'Rourke '83
Ms. Theresa Owens '04
Mr. Dean Painter
Ms. Lisa A. Pallante '84
Mr. and Mrs. William Pelzer, Jr. (p)
Mr. Dagmar Pena (s)
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Percy (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Petty
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Piagno (p)
Miss Emily Provenza '08 (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Quanstrom (p)
Mr. Harold Richardson
Mr. Michael Roberson '02
Mrs. Jeanne Balliet Russell '86
Miss Melissa Rutland '01
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ryan (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Santos, Jr. (p)
Mrs. Karen Hohne Sapp '74
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sasso III (p)
Kyle '06 (f/s) and Ivey Addison '06 (f/s) Schulkers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scribbins
Mr. John P. Seymour (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shirley (p)
Dr. and Mrs. David Smock (p)
2nd Lt. Douglas E. Snelling '06
Ms. Holly Stachelberg (p)
Matthew L. '92 and Kimberly Minesky '91 Suedmeyer
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Taylor (p)
Mr. George B. Tobi, Jr.
Mrs. Laura Vizdos Tomas '92
Mr. and Mrs. David Trembley (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Turknett
Steve (f/s) and Ellen Voguit (p)
Mr. Bill Waller, Jr.
Mr. Jesse Worontsoff '95

$100 - $249

Mr. William T. Abare III '94
Mr. Gary Abrahamsen '01
Mr. Logan Abrams '03
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Achilles (p)
Mrs. Michelle Dusseau Ackerman '87
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Howard Acree (p)
Dr. and Mrs. William Adams, Jr.
Adam '97 and Katie Trujillo '95 Airth
Ms. Lisa Albertson (p)
Mrs. Mary Beth Scott Albritton '01
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Alcorn (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Alexander
Ms. Emily M. Alexander
Mr. Randy Allen
Mr. William Angyalfy '83
Mr. Dennis Arfmann and Dr. Julie Brown (p)
Mr. Matthew W. Armstrong '07
Mr. Ronald S Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Ashcroft
Ms. Laura Ashley '04
Mr. Scott A. Auchtemeier
Mr. Audie Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Baldwin (p)
Mr. Wilbur Barker
Mr. Richard Bartl '83
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bastien (p)
Mr. and Mrs. G. Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bennett (p)
Ms. Kelly Benson '09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Berckmueller
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Berk (p)
Mr. Peter N. Berns
Ms. Conale Bessey
Mr. Ronald Black '77
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blackford (p)
Ms. Kelly Blair
Mr. George Blaize (p)
Ms. Patricia Blanchard '79
Mr. and Mrs. James Bledsoe
Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Bloom
Dr. Allen Bohl (f/s)
Mr. Minor T. Bond III
Mr. and Mrs. Stayton Bonner (p)
Mr. David Boree
Mr. William M. Bowles
Ms. Barbara T. Bozard (p)
Mr. John Brainard (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Branscome (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brawley (p)
Mr. Brad Brewer '84
Mr. Craig Broderdorp '03
Haley '93 and Jenny Standard '93 Bronson
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos L. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. William Brothers
Mr. Martin Broudy
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Brown (p)
Ms. Nettie R. Brown
Ms. Lynn Brueske-Walton (f/s)
Mrs. Suzanne McCormick Brush '90
Mr. Daniel C. Buning (p)
Ms. Elizabeth Buning (p)
Ms. Monica Burbelo '08
Ms. Sharon Burbelo (p)
Mr. Bradley Burchfield '90
Mr. Jimmy Burke
Mr. Mark Burke '93
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Burras
Mrs. Mary Bury '78
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Butcher (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Butler (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Califano (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cambo (p)
Reverend Dr. W. Hunter Camp '91
Ms. Langhorne W. Canning
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Carberry
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Carpenter
Mr. Brian Carr '87
Mr. Robert Carson
Mr. George Cate (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Chambers
Mr. William E. Chambers, Jr.
Judge and Mrs. C. Rodney Chapman (p)
Mr. Daniel Chitwood, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Christy (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Cipolla (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clarey
Mr. and Mrs. David Clark
Mr. Ben Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clark
Mr. Roy F. Clarke, Jr.
Mr. Thomas Clarke '85
Joseph and Deborah Alba '73 Coates (p)
Dr. and Mrs. Van Cogley (p)
Mr. and Mrs. F. Hammond Cole, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Cole, Sr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Connelly (p)
Mr. Jon Connelly and Dr. Carolyn Connelly
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Conrad
Robert '81 and Pamela Farley '81 Conte
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Cooper
Mrs. Carol Symonds Cooper '88
Mr. Jonnie Corbin
Mr. and Mrs. James Corcoran
Dr. Scott Corneal
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Corneal
Ms. Bernadette Corrigan
Mr. and Mrs. David Corson (p)
Ms. Marlena J. Coverston
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Cramsie (gp)
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Crawford
Mr. J. David Crews
Mr. Kenneth Crews
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Culbertson
Ms. Carolyn Culicerto
Thomas '79 and Jane B. Bosworth '77 Curtan (p)
Ms. Kristin "Tina" Cyr '84
Mr. Richard Daber
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Dancy (p)
Ms. Susan E. Dancy '90
Mr. Matthew Danver '04
Mr. Arnold Davis
Mr. Stanley De Angelis and Ms. Susan Shearer (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. DeAngelis (p)
Ms. Gina A. DeAngelis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Debevoise (p)
Mr. Joseph DeBlasio, Esq. '93
Mr. Rollis "Toby" Deen
Mr. Glenn J. Del Pup '82
Thomas (f/s) and Grace DeLaughter
Mrs. Cecilia A. Miller Dennison '74
Ms. Annesa Weis Denune '91
Mr. Albert F. DeSiervi '89
Mr. Christopher Detmold '75
Ms. Debra Devine (p)
Dr. and Mrs. Francisco Diaz, Jr.
Mr. Michael A. Dillon '97
Mr. Fred L. Doerr
Mr. Jared N. Dollar '99
Mr. Cory Domel (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Drake R. Domel (p)
Mr. Steve J. Douglas
Ms. Charline C. Drake
Mr. Robert P. Drake
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Drew (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Duke
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Duncan (p)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Duncan
Mr. Wayne Durban
Mr. and Mrs. Gary O. Eaton (p)
Mr. Glenn Edmonds '88
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. William Elkin (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Elliott (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ely (p)
Mr. Ryan Erlacher '04
Mr. Bradley Ernst '02
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ernst (p)
Robert '92 and Theresa Gallo '91 Esguerra
Mr. Don Eshelman
Mr. George P. Estelle '89
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Evans
Dr. Clay Farebrother '82
Ms. Amanda Fast '03
Mr. and Mrs. John Fegan (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Feltner (p)
John '79 and Martha Gardner '81 Ferguson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ferrall
Ms. Julienne Ferrer
Ms. Bethany L. Fessenden '03 (f/s)
Mr. Clinton Fillinger
Dr. James L. Fisher
Ms. Elinor A. Fitzpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fitzpatrick (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Flanagan (p)
Mrs. Annette Smith Flanigan '88
Mr. James W. Folds
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fontana, Sr.
Mr. Keith Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Foster, Sr.
Mr. James N. Fouraker
Mr. Christopher Fowler '09
Ms. Donna K. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. William Frandsen (p)
Mr. Billy Don Fraser, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Fraser
Mr. David A. Freece
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fritzsch
Ms. Eleanor Frongillo (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Siro Fusi
Mr. Glenn Gagnon '85
Mr. John T. Gallagher '84
David '96 and Theresa Wynant '92 Garratt
Mr. and Mrs. David Gauthier (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gemo (p)
Mr. Timothy P. Gill '92
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Giuranna
Mr. and Mrs. William Glascock (p)
Mr. Kenneth Glover
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Gnann, Jr. (p)
Ms. Yvonne Gonzalez (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Gooding
Ms. Victoria Gorham '93
Mrs. Alice J. Grainger
Mr. Kyle Gray '08
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gray
Mr. Carlton Green '84
Mr. Homer Greene (p)
Dr. and Mrs. David Griffen (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Griffin (p)
Mr. Horst Grossmann
Mr. and Mrs. James Ivan Grubb
Mr. Alponse K. Habib
Mrs. Sherri Lynn Haeger '98
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hagen (p)
Mr. Frank Seiler and Dr. Randi Hagen (f/s)
Mr. David Hardesty
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Hardiman (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Harrell, Sr. (p)
Mr. Kevin Hartley
Ms. Victoria Harwood '76
Ms. Brittney N. Hatem (s)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hathorn
Mr. and Mrs. John Hayden
Mrs. Susan M. Heinman-Chumita-Hughes '80
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Heinze
Ms. Carolyn G. Henderson
Mr. Jeff Hendricks
Ms. Nicole Ayers Hendrickson '91
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Herforth (p)
Mr. Ariel Hernandez '02 and Ms. Rachael Scott-Howe '04
Mrs. Drew Donaldson Herrera '05
Mr. Clark Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Heyck, Jr.
Mr. Emil Hodge
Commander and Mrs. Richard Hodgkins (Retired) '85 (p)
Ms. Debra Green Hoefer '03
Mr. Dan Holiday and Ms. Candace Carroll
Mr. Douglas Holloway '77
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Holter (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horsfield
Mr. Travis Houlihan '01
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Houston (p)
Mr. F. Brad Howald
Larry and Karen (f/s) Hudgins
Ms. Carol-Ann Hudson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hudson III (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Hughes, Sr. (p)
Ms. Rebecca C. Hughes
Mr. Kirk Irvin '04
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Jackson (p)
David Todd '99 and Rebecca Wilson '02 Jackson
Mr. Richard James '83
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jasper (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Jeffs
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Jessop (p)
Mr. Walter M. Jessop
Mr. Walter P. Jessop and Ms. Barbara Gernat
Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson (p)
Mrs. Sarah Smith Johnson '03
Ms. Sharon L. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Julian
Ms. Lauren Jurco (c/s)
David and Julie (f/s) Jurgens
Ms. Kayla Kalbaugh
Mr. Keith Kamalich '88
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Karpowicz
Ms. Mary Karstens '06
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kayworth (p)
Mrs. Kathryn Keeling-Rizzo '84
Jeffrey and Sabrina '09 (f/s) Kelbert
Mr. Daniel T. Kelleher
Mr. John Kelly III '00
Mr. Robert H. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kempa
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Keyser
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kiernan
Mr. Patrick Kieselbach '88
Dr. Robin King and Dr. Darien Andreu (f/s)
Ms. Kaley King (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Klein (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Thad Kopec
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kornblatt (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kovak (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kozak (p)
Mr. John M. Krieger, J.D., LL.M. '02
Dr. Russell P. Kropp
Mr. Peter Kryzwick '87
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kuhl (p)
Mr. Paul Lagasse
Mr. Thomas Landmeier '94
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lappin
Ms. Lynn Lasher '74
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lathrop (p)
Mr. James Lauer '90
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lawson (p)
Ms. Sharon Lee (p)
Mrs. Isabel J. Lehto
Ms. Christina "Chrysty" Leighton '06
Mr. Barry Levinson and Ms. Pamela Akins (p)
Dr. and Mrs. Wen I. Lin
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lisa (p)
Ms. Rachel Lloyd '89
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lohmann (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lohmann
Dr. Franz Lohrke '88
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Long
Mr. and Mrs. William Longan, Jr.
Mrs. Janell Krzyzek Lovig '05
Ms. Caroline K. Lowry '91
Mrs. Susan Orton Lucas '96
Ms. Candice Luce (p)
Ms. Brandy Luke (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luke
Dr. Jude Lupinetti
Ms. Mary P. Lyons
Mr. Franklyn Mack
Ms. Bethany M. Maddox (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Maddox (p)
Ms. Fronnie Maddox
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Maguire
Mrs. Stacey Combs Maguire '94
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Major (p)
Mr. James Makowski (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Maltby
Mr. Jim A. Mangus
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Marchman
Mr. David J. Marshall
Mr. James B. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. James Marshall (p)
Mr. Jeffrey Martin '93
Mr. John H. Martin
Mr. Paul A. Massaro '83
Mrs. Candace Masters (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Masters (p)
Mr. Michael A. Matlat '91
Mr. and Mrs. M. Raymond Matuza
Mrs. Tiffany Dobson Maymi '00
Ms. Doris G. Mays
Mr. William McCauley and Mrs. Michelle Lord-McCauley (p)
Ms. Marissa McConihay '06
Patrick '01 and Nicole Kalogeras '01 McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. Stan McDivitt
Mr. and Mrs. James W. McDonald (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford K. McKendree, Jr. (gp)
Sean '87 and Leisa Bennett '88 McKenna (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mederos (p)
Ms. Brittany Meizlik (c/s)
Douglas '75 and Joan Quinn '75 Mercado (p)
Ms. Susan M. Messersmith
Mr. and Mrs. William Metcalfe (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meurer (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Meyer (p)
Mr. Jim Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Moan
Mr. Craig D. Monnell '89
Mr. Michael Charles Montgomery '92
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Gregory Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Morrison (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morse
Mr. and Mrs. James Moss
Ms. Taylor Mott (f/s)
Mr. Alexander Mourtakos '99
Mr. and Mrs. William Mullaney
Mr. and Mrs. John Nagle (p)
Mr. Victor M. Napoli
Ms. Diana M. Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nawrocki
Mr. Luke F. Nehemias '06
Ms. Agnes P. Newton
Ms. Jennifer Newton '09
Ms. Susan Newton (p)
Mr. James D. Nobles
Scott '95 and Maria Prioli '95 Nolan
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Nora (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ochalek (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Augustine O'Keefe (gp)
Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Olson (p)
Mrs. Elizabeth Bateman O'Neill '97
Ms. Charlsea Owen (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Owen (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor G. Owens (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Welton Pagan (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Paine
Mr. Edward Painvin '94
Mr. Nick Panepinto '86 (f/s)
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Pape (p)
Ms. Dorothea C. Parker '79
Ms. Linda C. Parker-Beaton
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Partel (p)
Mr. Nandlal B. Paryani
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pasiewicz (p)
Mr. Leo Pawelczyk '07
Mr. Galo Pazmino and Ms. Dora Bertini (p)
Mrs. Eunice Beers Pearce '72
Mr. Pete Peaver '81
Mr. and Mrs. William Pence
Mr. and Mrs. Marius D. Penczner
Mr. Agustin M. Perez '75
Mr. Matthew Peterson '09
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Peterson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James Petree (p)
Frank and Jaqueline Blackwell '75 Phillips
Mr. Richard Pinto and Ms. Mary Stensgaard
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Pionessa
Mr. Chris Piryk
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Poticny (p)
Douglas '76 and Maureen Potkay (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Potter
Mr. Steven Prediletto '98
Mrs. Mary Pressentin (p)
Mr. Enzo Torcoletti and Ms. Gayle Prevatt '78
Mr. Michael Puc '81
Ms. Beverly J. Quedeweit
Mr. Jack Ratkovic (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Rentz (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Reuther (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Reyna
Don and Catherine Forson '72 Rhoten (p)
Ms. Amy Richmond '02
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Riddick (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Riddick
Ms. Laurie Ries (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James Riggs
Mr. and Mrs. Randal L. Ringhaver (bot)
Mr. Sean Roach '03
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Robb (p)
Ms. Mary F. Roberts
Mr. Ronald D. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Robertson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. William Robitzsch
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Robles (p)
Greg '90 and Lisa Remick '91 Rockwell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. John Roman
Ms. Marcia A. Roman
Mr. and Mrs. Michel Roux (p)
Ms. Dona V. Royal
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rudnick
Mrs. Susan DeCoursey Ryan '73
Mr. James Sackett '82
Mr. Junichi Sakurada '94
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Salser
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Salzberg (p)
Mrs. Sally Hill Sandburg '88
Mr. Beamon Sapp
Mrs. Andrea Drangula Sasaki '88
Ms. Rebecca Schmidt '08
Ronald '85 and Jill A. McCullough '90 Schomburger
Mr. Bud Schroeder, Jr. '82
Ms. Ellen Schubert '85
Mr. V. Dirk Schulze '82
Dr. Randy Schwartzberg
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Scott (p)
Mr. Henry Scully (p)
Mrs. Debra Alexander Searcy '80
Mrs. Margaret Lang Sears '94
Ms. Elizabeth Shea '00
James '92 and Kimberley Esser '94 Sheldon
Mr. Michael C. Shillaber, Jr. '81 and Mrs. Susan Shillaber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Showfety
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Siegel (p)
Mr. Roger Kline and Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Silverman
Commander Donald B. Simmons III '87
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Simon (p)
Mr. Phil Simpson '93
Mr. and Mrs. John Siroky (p)
Mr. David W. Slawson '85
Ms. Kathryn E. Slawson '06
Charles and Lila Perry '74 Sleeper (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith
Mr. Jeffrey L. Snow
Mr. William E. Snyder, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Soderberg (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel F. Sottile (p)
Mr. and Mrs. David Sowers
Ms. Lynne Sparks-Zantinga '85
Mrs. Patricia Murray Sparrer '73
Ms. Michelle Spinneweber '95
Roscoe '79 and Laura Pratt '82 Staples
Mr. and Mrs. Koen Steendijk
Ms. Sharon Stevens
Dr. John W. Stewart III
Ms. Mary M. Stokes
Ms. Velma S. Storey
Mr. William Stukey and Ms. Mary White
Mr. John I. Tate
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Taylor (p)
Mr. and Mrs. William Taylor (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Thliveros
Mr. D. Zach Thomas '00
Ms. Mary Kay Thomas (p)
Stephen (f/s) and Karen Thomas
Brian '95 (f/s) and Nancy Demato '95 Thompson
Scott '97 and Holly Hill '02 (f/s) Thompson
Mr. Paul J. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre D. Thompson
Mr. James Todd '09
Mrs. Vivian Burrus Todd '75
Mr. Waylon Townsend
Ms. Edith P. Travis
Mr. Steve Traylor
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tuzzolo (p)
Mr. James Tyer (p)
Mrs. Sue Upchurch
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Usina
Mr. and Mrs. Rankin Dow Van Arnam (p)
Mr. Eric Van Cott '99
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Van Rysdam
Mrs. Aurin Lowry Vanore '89
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Vanover (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Vennemann (p)
Ms. Molly E. Vliet
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Vliet (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Waddell (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ward (p)
Daniel '06 and Megan Arters '05 Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Waters (p)
Lt. Col. James Watson, Jr. '89
The Honorable and Mrs. Richard Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Weathersby (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Weeks (p)
Larry (f/s) and Beverly Weeks (p)
The Honorable and Mrs. Richard Weinberg
Bryan '97 and Karen A. Clark '96 Wentworth
Mr. Michael C. Wenzel
Mr. Chris Wetjen '87
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Weymouth (p)
Ms. Priscilla Wharton
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Allen White
Ms. Carol White
Mr. Christopher White '93
Mr. Joseph Whitlock
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Whitlock, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Whittenhall
Ms. Helen P. Wigginton
Mr. George I. Will
Mr. Theodore M. Williamson
Brig. Gen. and Mrs. Charles Willis
Mr. Peter K. Wingate '88
Mrs. Renee Fagrell Winkler '82
Reverend and Mrs. David Winter (p)
Mrs. Tobi Bromfield Wiseman '96
Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Wolfe, Jr.
Mrs. Cynthia Bramkamp Woolbright '84
Mr. Clayton T. Worden '89
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wright (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Zaborsky
Derrick '86 and Katharine Bunting '86 Zappone
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zullo (p)

$25 - $99

Mr. Justin H. Abare (f/s)
Mrs. Kelly Senderling Abbatinozzi '87
Mr. Richard "Skip" Abrams II '80
Ms. Alexis Abstein-Cox '91
Mr. Jamie Ackerman '10
Ms. Beata Acs '04
Ms. Erin Acton '04
Ms. Ashley J. Adams
Mrs. Doris Adams (f/s)
Mrs. Jeannette Rotermund Adams '94
Mrs. Sheryl Hamilton Adams '78
Ms. Stacey Adams '80
Mr. William Adams '04 (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Alger C. Addison (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Airth, Sr. (p)
Mr. Van H. Akin
Mr. Tarek Alame '06
Mr. Charlie Whitmore and Mrs. Chini Alarco Whitmore (p)
Ryan '04 and Lauren Hunt '04 Alderson
Mr. T.J. Aldridge '07
Mr. George Alexander '10
Mr. Jack Alexander '86
Mr. and Mrs. John Alexander
Ms. Michelle Alexander (p)
Ryan '07 and Jennifer Van Doren '06 Alfred
Ms. Agnes Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Allen
Ms. Laura Alley '86
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Allgood III
Reverend Kristofer Allison '81
Ms. Lisa Almeida '80
Ms. Chelsea Amos '08
Ms. Kari Amundson '10
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Amundson (p)
Mrs. Audrey Anderson '85
Mr. David Anderson '01
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson (p)
Ms. Sarah Anderson '09
Mr. Wade Anderson (p)
Ms. Vera Anderson-Ardino (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Cal Andrews
Mr. Kenny Andrews
Ms. Mary Angelini '06
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anzeveno Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Appleby II (p)
Mr. William Robert Appleby '09
Ms. Michelle Arenas '01
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Argenio (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Arguero
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armijo
Ms. Barbara Armstrong '80
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Armstrong (p)
Mr. and Mrs. William Armstrong (p)
Ms. Sandra E. Arnold
Ms. Therese Arnold '00
Ms. Lisa Aronson (p)
Mrs. Sarah Knippel Arriaga '05
Mrs. Rosanne Chiasson Arvin '80
Mr. and Mrs. David Asack (p)
Mr. Robert Asbill '07
Mrs. Alison Wagner Asbury '93
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ash
Mr. Scott Ashley '95 (f/s)
Ms. Shannon Ashley '99
Richard and Bonnie (f/s) Aspinwall
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Atchinson
Ms. Julie Atkinson '01
Mrs. Jennifer Ciser Aubin '87
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ausiello (p)
Ms. Hope Ausiello '09
Ms. Anissa Ausley '90
Mrs. Carla Bokis Avery '90
Ms. Christine Aveson (f/s)
Ms. Kaliopi V. Avgerinos
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ayer, Jr.
Mrs. Kathryn Harvey Aylwin '93
Carlos and Sarah Drew '91 Azula (p)
Christopher and Lisa Bienvenu '93 Azzoli (p)
Phillip '92 and Erin Carnahan '97 Babbitt
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Babcock
Mrs. Tracy Atwater Bachmann '98
Mrs. Judy Bormet Bagg '95
Ms. Katherine Baggett '10
Mr. Philip Andrew Baggett '01
Mr. and Mrs. John Bailes (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Baine, Jr. (p)
Dr. Lisa Baird (f/s)
Mrs. Susan M. Baker
Mrs. Nicole Falciano Baldovi '00
Mr. James Baldwin (p)
Mrs. Katherine McCarthy Baldwin '94
Ms. Katie Baldwin '06
Ms. Melissa Balfour '08
Kevin '00 and Amanda Groves '00 Ball
Ms. Kathleen Ball '08
Ms. Maggie E. Ballard '10
Mr. Matthew Ballard '03
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ballard (p)
Ms. Barbara H. Bamford
Mr. Scott Bamford '91
Ms. Jean Banfield (p)
Ms. Megan Banfield '10
Ms. Ann L. Barlet
Ms. Ashley N. Barnes '09
Mr. Brian A. Barnes '96
Ms. Denise Barnes (p)
Ms. Deena Barnett '86
Ms. Cynthia L. Barnette
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Barretts
Mr. Gregory Barrow '07
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Barry (p)
Mrs. Nina Paschoal Barth '96
Mr. John Bartley '98
Mr. Daniel Barton '09
Mr. Patrick Barton '88
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Basilone (p)
Ms. Suzanne Bass (p)
Cliff '93 and Lisa Murfee '94 Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bastin (p)
Mr. Cameron Bates '88
Mrs. Kelly Persons Battles '95
Mr. Robert Baugher (p)
Mrs. Gentry Baumline-Robinson '00
Blair '97 and Jennifer Fletcher '99 Baylor
Mr. Jerry Beach '80
Mr. Joseph Beach '76
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beale (p)
Mr. Michael Beaman '04
Ms. Rachel M. Bean '10
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bean (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Bear (p)
Mr. Brian Beard '02
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beauregard (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Beauvais
Mr. Henry Beckwith, Jr.
Mr. Lewis "Bud" Beech, Jr. '77
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beers (p)
Mrs. Donna Neville Begley '91
Mrs. M. Toni Marusich Behling '82
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Belcher (p)
Ms. Karyann Belisle '08
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Belisle (p)
Ms. Brittney Bell '09
Mr. and Mrs. John Bell (p)
Dr. Michael Bell '78
Ms. Sharon Bell '08
Mr. Zachary Bell '07
Ms. Keantha Belton '03
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bennett (p)
Terry (f/s) and Nancy Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Berg
Robert (f/s) and Marla Berger
Dr. Don Berglund (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Berk
Mr. Robert Berland and Mrs. Virginia Cawley-Berland (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James Bermann (p)
Mrs. Donna Bernardis '02
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bernstein (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Berry (p)
Mr. Thomas Berry '10
Mr. Neil Besougloff '81
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bessent
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Betesh (p)
Ms. Patricia Bibb (f/s)
Mrs. Mandy Gura Biechele '98
Mr. Brandon M. Biggs '10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Biggs (p)
Mr. Andrew Birchall '97
Mr. Paul Bissmeyer '84
Mrs. Megan Lubozynski Bittakis '96
Mrs. Kelley Cook Black '91
Mr. Maurice Black '04
Mr. John Blackford '91
Ms. Maria J. Blair
Mr. Nicholas Blake '02
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blanchard (p)
Troy '90 and Gina Fuentes '98 Blevins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bligh (p)
Mr. Stephen Bligh '09
Mrs. Jennifer Kellogg Bliss '08
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bliss (p)
Mr. Merle J. Block
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Bloomingdale
Mr. John Bobb (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bohn
Mrs. Sharon Tarlton Bond '75
Mrs. Ronda Rohe Bonner '87
Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Bononi (p)
Ms. Nicole M. Bononi '09
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Boone (p)
Mr. and Mrs. H. Parks Boone (p)
Ms. Nicole E. Boone '10
Mr. Timothy Boothe '05
Mrs. Mary Mirus Borchert '92
Kirk '81 and Ellie Aikens '83 Bottomley
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Bouillerce (p)
Mr. and Mrs. David Boulier
Ms. Kelly Cerrone Boulware '99
Jerry and Elizabeth Rogero '86 Bowen
Mrs. Lynn Bowen '92
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bowerman
Mrs. Amy Clark Bowes '01
Mr. Brian Bowman '76
Mr. Richard Bowrosen '92
Mr. Robert J. Boyd (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. John Boyle (p)
Mr. Matthew J. Boyle '10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brabham
Ms. Meredith Brace-Sloss '07
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bracht (p)
Mrs. Gina Moravec Brackman '89
Mr. Roger Bradley (f/s)
Ms. Karen Brady
Mr. Antonio Brasile '08
Mr. Patrick Braswell '07
Mr. and Mrs. David Bray (p)
Mr. John D. Bray '10
Mr. John W. Brent
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Bretz
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brigner
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brinkhoff, Jr.
Mr. Larry L. Broadway
Mr. Robert P. Broome '04
Andrew '90 and Sheila Seeman '90 Brown
Ms. Anne Brown (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Brown (p)
Mrs. Margaret Gilligan Brown '85
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Brown (p)
Ms. Sara Brown '10
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brown
Ms. Heather A. Browne
Mrs. Gladys M. Brown-Gaus '83
Ms. Melissa Bryan '10
Mr. Lucas Bryant '00
Mr. Mitch Bubb '92
Mr. John P. Buerger '10
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Buerger (p)
Mark '01 and Raegann Fush '02 Bukowski
Mrs. Janet Fueger Buley '91
Ms. Joan S. Buning
Ms. Nora A. Buning
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Burch
Mr. Edgar Burhop '09
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burke
Mrs. Marnie Frey Burkett '92
Mrs. Megan Hammond Burkett '95
Ms. Justine Burkhardt '09
Ms. Katherine Burlison (p)
Mrs. Jean Burmester
Mr. Robert B. Burnette
Ms. Christina Burns '06
Mrs. Josephine Burns (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Burton
Mrs. Catherine Siegel Bustichi '88
Ms. Wendy Butcher '87
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Butler
Ms. Susan Buttaravoli (p)
Mr. Edward Button II
Ms. Kathleen E. Button
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Button
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Buzzanca (p)
Ms. Brittany Byer '07
Ms. Jennifer M. Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Byrd
Mr. Gordon Cain
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Calhoun (p)
Mr. Timothy J. Calise '07
Mr. Robert Callahan '89
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Calvert (p)
Mr. Joseph Cambron '91
Mr. Travis Camp
Ms. Jacquelyn A. Campbell '10
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Campbell (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Campelo (p)
Ms. Heather Canada '98
Mr. and Mrs. John Cannistra (p)
Ms. Marion L. Cantwell
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Capezza
Mrs. Amy Griffith Capp '92
Mr. Robert Capps '92 and Mrs. Kristina Ming-Capps '95
Ms. Elizabeth Carey '09
Mrs. Kerri Skinner Carlyon '02
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Carnes (p)
Mrs. Angela Baskin Carpenter '03
Mrs. Eileen Keener Carpenter '85
Mr. James A. Carroll '10
Ms. Margaret Carroll (p)
Mr. Christopher Carter '83
Mrs. Holly Wiggins Carter '03
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Cartwright (p)
Mr. and Mrs. William Cary
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Casey, Jr. (p)
Mr. William Casey III '09
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cashman
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Cassella, Jr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. David Castagno (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Castagno (p)
Mrs. Mary C. Castelli (f/s)
Ms. Laura Castello '95
Ms. Sarah Catalanotto '07
Ms. Julia H. Cate
Mr. Philip Wayne Cate, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Cayton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ceglarski
Ms. Ana Cekova '97
Ms. Jean Chambers (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Chambers
Mr. Tommie Chandler and Ms. Dana Keller (p)
Mrs. Nicole Turocy Channer '08
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Charneco (p)
Mr. Michael Charrie '09
Mr. Michael F. Charvat
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Chase, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chastain (p)
Michael (f/s) and Catherine Chester (p)
Ms. Hillary Childs '09
Mrs. Denise Chin '09
Ms. Meagan L. Chisholm '10
Joshua and Carrie Pack '00 (f/s) Chowske
Ms. Heather Christman '98
Ms. Ellen Clark (p)
Bo (f/s) and Nancy Clark (p)
Mrs. Misty Wintink Clark '97
Chase '05 and Elizabeth Leyda '05 Clarke
Ms. Jacqueline Clarke (p)
Ms. Suzanne L. Clarke
Ms. Liza Clockedile '00
Ms. Amanda Cobb '05
Mr. Curtis Coetzee '10
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Coetzee (p)
Mr. James Cohen '93
Thomas '97 and Jane Bowen '96 Colalillo
Mr. Robert D. Cole
Ms. Merry Colee (p)
Mrs. Kimberly Barker Collins '98
Ms. Margaret "Molly" Collins '93
Mr. Johnny Colson, Jr. '07
Mrs. Mary Wolters Colton '86
Brendan '99 and Darlene Hector '98 Combs
Mr. John Combs
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Combs (p)
Mr. Christopher Comfort '84
Mrs. Andrea Berntsen Condit '95
Mrs. Barbara Cone (bot)
Mr. Joseph Cone III '01
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Congi (p)
Ms. Christina Congi '09
Colonel and Mrs. Charles Connaway (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Connor
Frank '82 and Julie Cramer '83 Conoscenti
Mr. Scott Constance '97
Ms. Donna Contreras '81
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Converse (p)
Ms. Lauren Jamie Converse '10
Mr. Charles M. Conway, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Conzemius
Mrs. Lori Koeck Cook '91
Mr. Oliver "Dale" Cook IV '88
Mr. Stephen Coon '94
Ms. Donna Cooper '06
Mrs. Jacqueline Brosmer Cooper '91
Ms. Joy Cooper '93
Mrs. Laney Sifrit Coppersmith '89
Kieren '94 and Wendy Frank '94 Corcoran
Ms. Jessica Corley '10
Mr. and Mrs. John Corley (p)
Britton (f/s) and Heather Goreckl '95 Corry
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Costigan (p)
Mr. Sean Costigan '07
Ms. Lindsey M. Cotner '10
Mr. and Mrs. David Cott (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Couturier
Ms. Andrea Cox '05
Mr. Claude M. Cox
Dr. Daniel E. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cox III
Mr. Paul Cox
Mr. Erik K. Cozzi '10
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Cozzi (p)
Mr. Marc A. Craddock '91
Ms. Janet A. Cragg
Mr. Kevin H. Craig '06
Mr. Todd Craig '88
Mrs. Karen Fehl Cramer '89
Dr. Rachel Cremona (f/s)
Ms. Holly Crews
Mr. Joey F. Crews
Mrs. Patricia Cribb '74
Mr. Will Croft
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Crompton (p)
Ms. Michelle L. Cross '06
Ms. Leeza Crounse '10
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Crounse (p)
Mr. Travis Crouse '04
Mrs. Kellee Wallace Crowe '96
Chet and Lisa Law '99 Crowell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Croxton
Paul (f/s) and Sharon White '81 Crutchfield
Mrs. Caryn Pierce Cuadra '95
Mr. Robert Culkeen and Mrs. Elizabeth Dorsey-Culkeen (p)
Mrs. Breanne Cunningham-Mooi '06
Ms. Margaret Curnow '09
Mr. Robert Curran and Ms. Melinda Huson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. David Currey
Mr. and Mrs. David Currier (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Curry (p)
Ms. Tiffany Curry '07
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cusick (p)
Mark '00 and Christine Flagler '98 Cutter
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Daby (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dachos (p)
Ms. Carole L. Dahl
Ms. Laura W. Dale
Ms. Helene Dalmanieras '98
Mr. Dennis M. Damiano
Ms. Tracy E. Danese
Mr. Rob Daniels
Ms. Taylor Danson '06
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Davis
Mrs. Kimberly Axell Davis '93
Mrs. Lauren Hall Davis '95
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Davisson (p)
Mr. John Davitt, Jr. (p)
Ms. Renee Dayton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard De Angelis
Mrs. Ann Schroeder De La Fuente '72
Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Deagle (p)
Mrs. Laurel Fradley Dean '91
Mr. Ty Debevoise '01
Mr. Patrick G. DeBlasio III '84
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Decato (p)
Mrs. Kristen Canto Declemente '96
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dedrick
Mrs. Tiffany Candage Deegan '10
Mr. Donald G. Deerkoski '06
Mr. Donald L. DeGarmo '75
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Del Rio (p)
Mr. Carlos G. Delvalle
Ms. Anne DeMartini (f/s)
Mrs. Alice M. DeMent (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. John DeMott (p)
Todd '00 and Jennifer Chojnacki '98 Denning
Mrs. Kimberly Welch Deppe '80
Ms. Renee DeRouin '01
Mrs. Tara Romanchuk DeSpain '93
Ms. Rachel DesRosier (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. David DeVault (p)
Ms. Nicole L. DeVault '10
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Devine
Mrs. Amanda Blair Dexheimer '00
Mrs. Renee Burnett Deyo '91
Mr. Al Di Martino '10
Ms. Carmela DiMartino (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Di Orio, Sr.
Ms. Kimberly Diamon '01
Ms. Julianne DiBlasi '98
Mrs. Cynthia Dickerson (p)
Mr. Patrick E. DiDomenico II '98
Mr. John Diego '08
Mr. Giuseppe Digeso and Mrs. Minerva Medina-Digeso
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Dillmeier (p)
Ms. Rebecca Dillmeier '09
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Dillon (p)
Ms. Michelle C. Dillon '93
Kevin '85 and Rena Ireland '85 DiPofi
Mr. David DiScala '10
Dr. John Diviney (f/s)
Ms. Jasmine Dixon (p)
Mrs. Suzanne M. Dixon '09
First Sergeant Sanford Dixson '81
David '07 and Peggy Thielman '07 Dodson
Mr. Kenneth Doenges '07
Mrs. Mary Oliver Donahue '96
Mr. and Mrs. George Donaldson
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Donato (p)
Mr. William Donato '09
Mr. Austin R. Donmoyer '09
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Donmoyer (p)
Mr. Andrew Donnelly '10
Mr. and Mrs. John Donnelly (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Al Donnon, Jr.
Mrs. Ginny Ware Donovan '84
Ms. Thelma D. Doran
Ms. Mary M. Dotson
Robert '07 and Lisa Urban '91 Dowling
Mrs. Rita Dralus (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Randal Drew
Greg '01 and Lori Litkenhus '02 Driggers
Ernest (f/s) and Suzanne Driscoll (p)
Ms. Holly Dryden '87
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dudek (p)
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Duffy (p)
Ms. Karen Dugas (p)
Mrs. Laura Stevenson Dumas (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dunn III (p)
Mrs. Amanda D. Dunnam '07
Ms. Nancy A. Duquette
Mr. Paul Duran (f/s)
Ms. Jessica Earl '09
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edde (p)
Mr. Tyler Lockwood '06 and Ms. Jessica Eden '05
Mrs. Patricia Sadow Edsall '01
Mrs. Allison Damon Edwards '03
Ms. Kaitlyn Edwards '10
Dr. Mark A. Edwards
Mr. James Eichenlaub '06
Mr. Antonios Elias
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Elliott (p)
Ms. Katelin J. Elliott '09
Mrs. Dawn Zipperian Elmo '90
Ms. Ann Sagraves Elsner '86
Mr. Wayne R. Emke
Mr. Joseph Endrizzi (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Engel (p)
Ms. Erica S. England '10
Mr. and Mrs. Kent England (p)
David '74 and Janet Wiseman '73 English (p)
Mrs. Laura M. English-Dawson '99
Ms. Jennifer Eno '03
Ms. Patricia M. Epley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Erceg, Jr. (p)
Mr. Leif Ericsson '09
Mr. Matthew Erley '08
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Esoff
Reid '83 and Kathryn Bagley '81 Estes
Mr. David Estler '09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Esveldt
Mr. Christopher Etchechury '98
Ms. Cindy Etz '77
Mr. Douglas Evans '90
Mrs. Elizabeth Steward Eveland '86
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fair (p)
Dr. Patricia Booth Falaney '74
Mrs. Linda Bevilaqua Farber '84
Ms. Stacey Farnsworth '06
Mr. Richard (f/s) and Patricia Farrell
Mrs. Jennifer Tatem Farrow '01
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fay
Mr. Robert Federer '04
Mr. Aaron Fell '06
Ms. Delaine Fellows '07
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ferrier (p)
Mrs. Donna Ferris-Kotlik '78
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fetch
Ms. Heather Fick '05
Mr. Lee Fifield '97
Mr. and Mrs. James Fink (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Fiore (p)
Ms. Caren Fiorillo '06
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Fiorillo (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fish (p)
Mrs. Diane M. Hornback Fisher '84
Mr. Morgan Fisher and Mrs. Constance Roy-Fisher (p)
Mrs. Andrea Killenbec Fiumano '02
Mr. Jeffrey Fix '91
Ms. Patricia A. Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Flail (p)
Mr. Matthew Flail '09
Mrs. Heather Eilberg Flaschner '96
Kevin '95 and Heather Hathaway '97 Flay
Timothy '76 and Candace Becker '79 Fleming (p)
Mrs. Bethany Garwick Flores '83
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Flynn (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Flynt (p)
Mrs. Ellen Miller Folkman '87
Greg '91 and Susan Heller '91 Ford
Edward '87 and Tracy Andrews '88 Forest
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Forrester
Ms. Tracy Foshee (p)
Mrs. Annette Hartley Forster '00
Ms. Jalisa Foster '10
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Fountain
Ms. Jamie Fowler '04
Jeremy '02 and Melissa Kyle '01 Fowler
Ms. Jessica S. Fowler '98
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Foy
Mrs. Kristin Ravoo Foy '02
Mrs. Tiffany Van Leer France '03
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frandsen
Ms. Karen Frankel
Mrs. Victoria Worth Franklin '83
Mr. Billy Fraser III
Mr. Ronnie Fraser
Ms. Dianne Frazier
Mr. Keith Frazier '05
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Frederick (p)
Mr. Robert J. Frederick '10
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fredette
Mr. Irving S. Freedman (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Don Freeman
Mr. John Freeman, Jr. '84
Mrs. Nicole Hudak Freese '07
Mr. Michael Freihofer '89
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Freitas (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fribourg
Mr. Rick Frissell '04
Mrs. Pamela Fullenkamp Fritz '91
Mr. Thomas Frost
Stephen '93 and Maureen Stewart '93 Fry
Mr. James Fuce (f/s)
Ms. June E. Fudala
Mr. Andrew R. Fulton '97
Mrs. Cristy L. Furr '02
Ms. Sarah Gabel '98
Ms. Michelle S. Gaddis
Mr. Mark A. Gaines
Mr. Jeffrey Gale '90
Patrick '97 and Kathleen Jennings '97 Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gallegos
Mr. Stewart Galligher
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gardiner (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James Garner (p)
Ms. Kimberly Garrett '04
Mr. Conrad Garrison '03
Mr. Jeffrey Garrison '06
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos J. Gaset, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Gaset (p)
Ms. Rose Gaset '10
Mr. Walker T. Gaultney '10
Ms. Amy Gavazzi '08
Mrs. Allison Pownell Geiger '01
Ms. Christine Generale '10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Generale (p)
Edwin '81 and Karen George '82 (p)
Ms. Merry K. George '09
Ms. Sharon Gerlach
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Giardino, Jr. (p)
Mrs. Nicole Gibson '06
Ms. Stephanie Gibson '06
Ms. Kristen Bjorneby Gillespie '97
Mr. Douglas J. Gillikin '08
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gillikin (p)
Mr. Artis Gilmore
Mrs. Roseann Gilmore '98
Mr. Thomas Gregory Gilmore '90
Mr. John Ginn '06
Ms. Shannon L. Ginn '08
Mr. and Mrs. J. Les Glasgow (p)
Douglas and Jane H. Stevens '78 Glazier (p)
Ms. Ann Goade (p)
Mr. Larry Gocek
Mr. Sean Godonis '02 (f/s)
Ms. Mary K. Godwin '04
Mrs. Elizabeth Wech Goedelman '99
Mr. Anthony Golub '01
Mr. and Mrs. Odilio Gomez (p)
James and Diane Skokowski '82 Gonzalez (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Gonzalez (p)
Mr. Rob Goossens, Jr. '08
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gordon (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gorski (p)
Ms. Rachael Gosselin '98
Mrs. Jennifer Prough Gostanian '05
Ms. Deborah Gowens '02
Mr. Andrew Goyet '08
Mrs. Terri E. Graham '03
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Grause (p)
Mr. William Graves III '04
Mr. and Mrs. David Gray (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robbie Gray (p)
Mrs. Kelly Allen Greco '89
Louis '78 and Linda Forster '78 Greco
Mr. James E. Green
Ms. Melanie E. Green '94
Ms. Helen Greene (p)
Ms. Erin Greiner '03
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Greiner (p)
Mr. Eric B. Gresch '94
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Griffin
Mrs. Suzanne Grimes '02
Nathan '02 and Jaclyn Holmes '01 Grinnell
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Groneck (p)
Ms. Linda Groome
Ms. Darlene Gross (p)
Mr. Elwood Gross III '00
Ms. Jessica Groves '06
Ms. Lauren Groves '09
Mrs. Tanya Martell Gruce '96
Mr. Alejandro Guardiola '06
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Guardiola (p)
Ms. Anne M. Guenther '99
Ms. Donna Guenther '05
Mr. Leo Guenther '91
Ms. Debra Guiffre '82
Ms. Abigail Gulla '07
Ms. Amber-Lynn Gusa '04
Mrs. Susan D. Gushue (p)
Mr. Kevin Haas '00
Brian '97 and Tammi Dickinson '98 Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Haenn (p)
Chris (f/s) and Violet Haffner (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Hagen
Robert '90 and Sarah Champagne '90 Hagenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hale
Mr. Michael Hale '09
Mr. Benjamin Haley '09
Mr. Dale W. Hall
Ms. Victoria Hall '09
Mr. Mark Halliday '94
Andrew '95 and Lina Ferlaino '95 Halloran
Ms. Rachel Halloran-Unger '06 (f/s)
Ms. Nicole Hallwood '91
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hamel
Ms. Amy Hamilton '09
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hamilton (p)
Ms. Jill M. Hampton '94
Mr. Sherwood Hampton '76
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hankins
Ms. Allison A. Hanson (c/s)
Mr. Jacob Harding '07 (f/s)
Mr. Mike Hardy
Ms. Ruth Harmeyer
Ms. Amy Harper '04
Mr. Michael Harper, Jr.
Donald '74 and Rebecca Burney '92 Harper
Ms. Sheila W. Harrell
Mr. Michael Harrington '02
Mrs. Elizabeth Millard Harris '83
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Harris (p)
Mr. Moise T. Harris '06
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harris
Ms. Virginia Harris '10
Josh '02 and Caroline Murphey '03 Harrison
Anthony '79 and Susan Modzelewski '83 Harroun
Dr. Mattie E. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. David Hartley (p)
Mr. Thomas A. Hartley
Mr. and Mrs. Don Harvey (p)
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. William Harvey III
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haselbauer (p)
Ms. Karen D. Haskins
Mr. William P. Hasty '92
Mr. and Mrs. James Hathaway (p)
Mr. Spencer Hathaway '08
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Haumschild (p)
Mrs. Heather Heep Havey '91
Ms. Katherine Havriliak '04
Ms. Kate M. Hawkins '06
Ms. Andrea Hay '10
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hay (p)
Ms. Kathryn Hayes '09
Mr. Michael W. Hayes '88
Ms. Joann Haysbrook (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Healey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hedstrom (p)
Mrs. Elizabeth Haxton Heffner '82
Mr. Warren Heil '06
Mrs. Jessica Meith Heithoff '06
Mrs. Mary E. Blattner Helhoski '01
Ms. Elizabeth Rodgers Hellebrand '94
Mr. Malroute J. Hellett
Ms. Kathryn "Katie" Helms '06
Mrs. Joanna Hofer Hely '86
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henderson
Ms. Kellie Hendricks (f/s)
Reverend and Mrs. Rory Hermann (p)
Ms. Linda M. Herrera '85
Mrs. Rachael Herrera-West '03
Mrs. Mickie Vandiver Herron '05
Mr. and Mrs. David Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hess (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hess
Mr. L. Dirk Hibler (f/s)
Mr. John Hickle
Ms. Kelly Hicks '98
Chad '94 and Monica Beckwith '94 Hicks
Mrs. Alicia DiGennaro Hiett '05
Jonathan '07 and Kendall Burson '07 Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Higley (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hile (p)
Mr. Adam W. Hill '09
Ms. Crystal Hill '04
Mr. David Hill (p)
Mrs. Laura Neal Hill '98
Ms. Melinda Hill '05
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hill (p)
Mr. and Mrs. George Himes (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hinson
Mr. Christian S. Hintz '10
Mr. and Mrs. William Hipp (p)
Andy '02 and Kristy Schweikert '02 Hirko
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hirshan (p)
Juliet E. Hirshan '09
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hiss
Mrs. Jacqueline Grim Hissam '88
Mr. Jon Hoaglin '02
Ms. Kelly Hobby '09
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Hobby (p)
Ms. Leslie Nagle Hoblitzell '84
Mr. Peter Hochhauser '07
Ms. Catherine W. Hodge '09
Mrs. Joyce Hodgkins (p)
Mrs. Sandra DePalma Hoey '85
Mrs. Christina Jackson Hoffeld '03
Mrs. Terri McGee Hogan '89
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Holbert (p)
Ms. Cari Holland '08
Mr. Robert E. Hollis, Jr. '77
Mr. and Mrs. William Holman
Ms. Sandra Holmes '72
Ms. Sheri Holt (f/s)
Mrs. Caryl Castello Holthouse '86
Mr. John Hoot '03
Mr. and Mrs. John Hoover (p)
Mrs. Ann Tyson Hopkins '79
Mr. Bobby Hopkins '03
Ms. Kristine Hoppenworth '08 (f/s)
Mr. James Horan '94
Mrs. Patricia Horne
Dr. Carl (f/s) and Helane Horner
Mr. and Mrs. William Horsfield
Mr. and Mrs. George Hough (p)
Mr. Thomas O. Houser
Ms. Becky Howard (c/s)
Mrs. Kathleen Irwin Howard '97
Mrs. Lori Aleixo Howard '98
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Howell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Howell, Jr.
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Ronald Howes (Retired) (p)
Mrs. Karen Murray Howle '80
Mr. and Mrs. Rober Howlett (p)
Mr. William Thomas
Mr. Henry Hubbard '04
Mr. Brian Hubbel '97
Mr. Timothy Huber '85
Ms. Rita Huck
Ms. Dorothy A. Hudson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Hudson '78
Christopher '99 and Jillian '99 Hudson
Mark (f/s) and Barbara Huelsbeck
Mr. Christopher Hughes '08
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hughes
Mrs. Stacey Walker Hull '92
Mr. Edward "Ned" Hunt (f/s)
Mrs. Gretchen Ten Eyck Hunt '72
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Hunt II (p)
Mrs. Frederica "Dede" Thompson Hunter '91
Mr. and Mrs. G. Stokes Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hunter
Mr. Tod Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hurst (p)
Mr. Hector A. Hurtado, Jr. '05
Ms. Ashley Hussey '07
Mr. Timothy Hutcherson '95
Mr. R. Bryan Hutchinson, Jr. '99
Mr. Scott Hutchinson '86
Mrs. Kellie Price Huttenlocher '97
Ms. Alissa Hyatt '09
Mr. David A. Iafrate '09
Dr. and Mrs. R. Peter Iafrate (p)
Jeffrey '85 and Jenny Odom '85 Ignaszewski
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Induni
Mrs. Laura Lott Ingle '84
Mr. James Ivacko
Mr. Steven Ivy
Mr. T.J. Izzo '07
Mr. Justin Jabour '04
Ms. Anne C. Jackson '99
Mrs. Jennifer Ackerman Jackson '85
Mrs. Stacey Jackson '08
Mr. William Jackson, Jr. (f/s)
Richard (f/s) and Francine Jacobs
Mr. Gabriel Jacobs-Kierstein '09
Mrs. Jennifer Moon Janda '04
Mr. Marek Janion
Mr. Rufus Jenkins, Jr. '84
Ms. Zena Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jennette (p)
Ms. Marsha C. Jerritts '76
Mr. Joshua Jessup '08
Ms. Kathryn Jessup '05
Mr. Michael Jewell '99
Ms. Vanessa R. Jibaja '94
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jimenez
Mr. Pavlo Joannou '90
Ms. Tiffany Jobo '10
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jodray (p)
Mrs. Carol Fraden Johns '79
Dr. Tim Johnson (f/s) and Mrs. Aggie Johnson '99 (f/s)
Mrs. Amanda McAfeen Johnson '06
Mr. and Mrs. Orville Johnson (p)
Ms. Celeste Esveldt Johnson
Mrs. Christine La Cour Johnson '94
Ms. Fletcher Johnson '05
Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson
Mr. Joshua Johnson '06
Ms. Laura Johnson
Mr. Robert Alejandro Johnson '09
Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Johnson (p)
Mr. Shawn L. Johnson '95
Ms. Suellen Johnson
Mr. Timothy A. Johnson
Mr. Stuart Johnston '75
Thomas '94 and Amy Patterson '94 Jones
Dr. Analynn Jones '87
Brian '96 and Claire Foye '97 Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones (p)
Ms. Kearston Natoya Jones '05
Mrs. Lisa Mercier Jones '94
Ms. Michelle Jones '04
Mrs. Robin Holden Jones '90
Mrs. Andrea Garcia Jordan '95
Ms. Tammy Jordan (p)
Mrs. Sara Jorgensen '94
Mr. Benjamin Joslin '09
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Joslin (p)
Mr. Michael J. Jubb '06
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Judd
Mr. and Mrs. James Jurco (p)
Ian '07 and Jenifer Hills '05 Jurgensen
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Jurkiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Jurkiewicz, Sr.
Ms. Trish Kabus '87
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kachel
Mr. Timothy Kalal
Ms. Jenny Mouse '08
Mr. Charles W. Kamm
Ms. Natalie Karas '08
Mrs. Anita L. Karback '07
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Kasziba (p)
Ms. Ann L. Kauzlarich '93
Mr. and Mrs. James Kavanagh (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kaylor (p)
Mrs. Lara Carpenter Keefe '94
Mrs. Tiffany Register Keels '08
Mr. and Mrs. James Keeter
Ms. G. Ponce Kehoe
Dr. Thomas Kelleher '93
Mrs. Julie Toney Kelley '90
Mrs. Kristen Yannick Kelly '03
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kelly (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Kelly
Yvan (f/s) and Kris Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Kempa
Ms. Patricia A. Kenny '89
Mr. and Mrs. John Kersey (p)
Ms. Kathy A. Kesler '79
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Key
Ms. Jolleen Key (p)
Ms. Shonas Kibbee '01 (f/s)
Mrs. Rebecca Barbee Kidwell '98
Mrs. Carrie Fisher Kietzman '98
Ms. Sandra A. Killion
Mr. Brian King '08
Mr. and Mrs. Michael King (p)
Mr. Ryan M. King '10
Ms. Ann W. Kington
Deputy Jonathan D. Kinney '08
Ms. Irene Kirby
Mr. Joseph Kirby '00
Ms. Norma Kirby and Mr. Donald Maclean
Mr. Bruce Allie '94 and Mrs. Francine Kirby-Allie '98
Ms. Pamela Kirchner '03
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kirk (p)
Ms. Michelle Cowan Kirkpatrick '85
Ms. Jessica Merinar Kirsch '10
Mr. Jason Kirshenblatt '98
Mrs. Rachel Gibson Kleinsorge '97
Mrs. Pamela Klim-Bjurmark '90
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klock (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Klososky
Mr. Dave Knazur, Jr. '03
Mr. Richard S. Knight
Ms. Adrienne A. Knoble '02
Mr. Francis P. Koch, Jr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Koch (p)
Mr. Edward Koczergo
Mr. Kris Kofer '94
Mr. Jonathan Kohn '09
Ms. Connie Kolisnyk '02
Mr. Kristofer J. Konietzko '00
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kosenski III (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Koutrakos (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kowanetz (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. William Kratzert III
Mr. Jesse Krenz
Mr. Michael P. Krohl '91
Mr. Albert F. Kroll
Mr. and Mrs. John Kropac (p)
Mrs. Amanda White Krysiak '01
Ms. Jennifer Kubicki '08
Mrs. Sherri Tilton Kuczewski '82
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kuffa (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kula (p)
Ms. Ivy J. Kunz '10
Ms. Joy Kunz (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kurdziel
Mr. Donald LaCrone '84
Steven '81 and Lorene Hooten '82 Ladwig
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lagasse, Sr. (p)
Mr. Scott Lagasse, Jr. '04
Mr. and Mrs. David Lahnert
Ms. Shannon Lake '04
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lamartina (p)
Mr. Vincent Lamartina '10
Ms. Deborah Laird '91
Mrs. Marcie L. Lance
Ms. Jo Lands (f/s)
Mrs. Amy Knight Lane '03
Ms. Katharina Brierton Lane '04
Mrs. Victoria Buonomo Lane '88
Ms. Michelle Langlois '05
Ms. Nicole Langlois '09
Ms. Vicki Langlois (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Langston (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lankford (p)
Ms. Marina Lankford '10
Ms. Andrea Larese '02
Mr. Stephen Larew (f/s) and Mrs. Deborah Kamm-Larew (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Large (p)
Ms. Catherine LaRocque '10
Mr. William Larsen (c/s)
Christopher '89 and Kimberly Senecal '90 Larson
Mrs. Emily Pritting LaSalle '88
Mr. Eric Lashley '09
Mr. Christian Lavender '10
Ms. Therese Lavender (p)
Mr. Thomas Lawrence '07
Ms. Jessica L. Lawson '06
Mr. Michael Lawson, Jr. '10
Ms. Sharon Lear (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Leary (p)
Ms. Sue Ellen Leary (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Denis J. Leblanc (p)
Ms. Amanda K. LeBrun '08
Ms. Kathryn S. Lee
Mrs. Martha C. Daniels Lee '05
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Leeper (p)
Mr. Michael Legaspi '82
Michael '78 and Valerie Fish '78 Lege
Mr. and Mrs. Don Leger (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lender (p)
Mrs. Angela Waters Lennon '89
Mr. Paul N. Amann '90 and Ms. Sandra H. Leonard '91
Mrs. Elena Pasqualone Leone '01
Ms. Karen Leslie '03
Mr. and Mrs. James Lester
Ms. Corinn Levine '07
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Levins
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Levins
Ms. Linda S. Levins
Mr. Brendon Lewis
Mr. Curtis Lewis II '05
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. Lewis
Mrs. Sheila W. Lewis
Mrs. Elise Pecorin Libow '90
Dr. Todd Lidh and Mrs. Jessica Hanson '06 Lidh
Mr. and Mrs. James Lietz
Ms. Teresa Lightbody '04
Ms. Kirsten Thorson Lightfoot '87
Ms. Christine E. Linde '05
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lindgren (p)
Ms. Caitlin J. Lindquist '10
Mr. Christopher Linke (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. H. Sidney Linton (p)
Mrs. Michele Lipner '08
Ms. Kaycee A. Lisa (c/s)
Ms. Karen Liskey (p)
Mr. Lawrence A. Litzell, Jr. '05
Mark '91 and Tracy White '91 Litzinger (f/s)
Felix (f/s) and Debra Livingston
Ms. Felicia Lo (f/s)
Ms. Hannah Locke '09
Mr. John A. Locke
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Lockwood, Jr.
Mr. Karl Loewe '06
Mr. Donald Lohr '86
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Londrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Long
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Long (p)
Ms. Lauren E. Longarzo '09
Mr. David Lopez
Mrs. Angela Marinko Lopilato '04
Mr. Mike Losco
Mr. and Mrs. David Loughlin (p)
Mrs. Kimberly Elder Louis '91
Mr. Kevin LoVullo '10
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. LoVullo (p)
Mr. Ryan LoVullo '10
Mrs. Cindy Crawford Lowell '85
Ms. Elizabeth Luceri '94
Ms. Melissa Lue
Mr. Dennis E. Luedke
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Luke (p)
Mrs. Laura Shaw Luke '91
Ms. Lauren Luna (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luna (p)
Mrs. Susan Slaughter Lycke '82
Mrs. Erin McGinn Lyle '93
Ms. Heather Lyn '85
John (f/s) and Susan Lynch
Ms. Glenda Lynn
Ms. Linda F. Lyons (p)
Kurt '96 and Sarah Schade '97 Mabery
Mrs. Kelly Tarazewich MacFadyen '84
Mrs. Melissa Machaj-Abbs '98
Mr. Kevin D. Mack '99
Mr. and Mrs. George Mackoul
Ms. Ann C. MacRae '75
Daniel '06 and Emily Baskin '05 Macri
Aaron '01 and Larissa Fiadini '01 Maddox
Mr. Payne Maddox '10
Mr. and Mrs. James Madix (p)
Mrs. Leah Merrill Mahan '89
Ms. Denise R. Mahn '83
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mahoney (p)
Mrs. Barbi Aycock Maier '98
Mrs. Deborah Cummings Maier '75
Mrs. Gail E. Maier '99
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mains (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mais (p)
Mr. Jonathan Major '04
Ms. Christina L. Makris '10
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Makris (p)
Mrs. Lisa Maldonado '06
Mrs. Wendy Leegwater Malone '93
Mr. and Mrs. David Maloof (p)
Ms. Dorothy J. Mancini
Ms. Juliette G. Mandeville
Ms. Pamela Mann '96
Mr. and Mrs. William Mano
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Mansfield (p)
Mr. Phillip M. Mansfield '09
Ms. Marion L. March
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marco (p)
Jason '99 and Jill Wisniewski '01 Marigliani
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Marinko (p)
Mr. Richard Marino '97
Michael '88 and Lori Berglund '83 Marks
Mrs. Ann-Frances Testa Marler '85
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Marsh (p)
Ms. Danielle Marsh '09
Ms. Laura Martellino '10
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martin (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mason (p)
Ms. Virginia Mason '09
Mr. David Masony '01
Mrs. Beth Shaw Masters '87
Mr. Michael Matejka '00
Mr. David Matulewicz '10
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Matulewicz (p)
Mr. Scott Mauk
Mrs. Jennifer Arthur May '95
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Mayes
Mrs. Kelsey Chute Mayid '08
Ms. Anne N. Maze
Mrs. Kim Pollack Mazzilli '93
Mr. Walter Mazzota '85
Mr. Bart H. McAtee
Mr. Charles McCallister (p)
Mrs. Ashley Lindelow McCarrick '05
Ms. Amy M. McChesney '94
Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone McClendon (p)
Dr. Robin Drummond McClure '91
Ms. Laura E. McConkey '10
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. McConkey (p)
Shane '93 and Carla Manning '95 McCook
Dan (f/s) and Andrea McCook (f/s)
Mr. Locke McCormick '78
Mr. Tradrick McCoy '08
Ms. Megan M. McCusker '10
Mr. and Mrs. Walter McCusker (p)
Mrs. Sandra Lombardo McCutcheon '87
Ms. Patricia H. McDanald
Mrs. Rosemary Williams McDaniel '98
Mrs. Alison Lannon McDonald '08
Mr. Will McDonald '09
Ms. Julie McDonald '05
Mr. and Mrs. Edward McElhinny (p)
Mr. and Mrs. W. David McEntire
Ms. Mary Lou McEver
Ms. Danielle McFarland '03
Ms. Denise McFarland '98
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. McFarline (p)
Mr. Robert L. McGee
Ms. Sally McGhee '01 (f/s)
Ms. Michelle McGill (p)
Mr. Wayne McGinnis '76
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGlenn (p)
Mrs. Jennifer McGovern Opiola '93
Ms. Karin McGrath '73
Bob and Donna (f/s) McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Keith McGunnigle (p)
Mr. Ryan McGunnigle '10
Mr. Joshua McIntosh '00
Mr. J. Bruce McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Joel McKenna
Ms. Natalie M. McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. Todd McKenna
Mr. and Mrs. James McKenzie (p)
Ms. Kathryn McKenzie '73
Mr. and Mrs. Edward McKie (p)
Dr. Kevin J. McKillop, Jr. '84
Mr. Ronald G. McKinley, Jr. '86
Mr. William B. McLaughlin '80
Reverend Kathryn McLean '83
Mr. and Mrs. William McLean, Jr. (p)
Mr. Benjamin R. McLeod '10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McLeod II (p)
Mrs. Jennifer Maggio McMahon '94
Mrs. Patricia Fraser McMahon '81 (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. John McMullan
Ms. Lori McMunn (p)
Mr. Matthew McPhail '01
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McPherson (p)
Mr. Eddie Meade
Mr. Robert L. Meade
Ms. Debra Meinhardt (p)
Mrs. Eleanor O. Mejlaender
Mrs. Daretha Hall Melton '92
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Melvin (p)
Mr. Benjamin Menendez '02
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Mentor (p)
Ms. Bonnie Mercado '02
Mr. Michael B. Meredith '01
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Merinar (p)
Ms. Charlotte Merrill '94
Mr. Herbert H. Merritt, Jr. '90
Mr. Charles Meurer '01
Ms. Elaine S. Meyer '08
Teddy Meyer '00 (f/s) and Heather Trudeau-Meyer '01
Mr. Robert Craig Meyers '98
Gregg '89 and Karen L. Webb '90 Migiano
Mr. Mladen Mikic
Ms. Katherine C. Miles
Ms. Barbara Miletta
Ms. Carol L. Miller '84
Mr. Corey Miller '10
Mrs. Faneromeni Neskes Miller '02
Mr. and Mrs. James Miller (p)
Mrs. Paula Smith Miller '79
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Miller (p)
Mr. Randolph Miller, Jr. '06
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller (p)
Mr. Ronald E. Miller, Jr.
Mr. Aaron Millien
Mr. Stephen Mills '09
Mr. Randy Mims
Ms. Jessica Minch '06
Ms. Cheryl J. Whitley '10
Mrs. Christina Mintchwarner-Kopecki '90
Ms. Laura Mischley
Ms. Shirley Misco-Kelder (gp)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Misselwitz
Mrs. Cynthia Fike Mitchell '05
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mitchell (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell
Rhett '09 and Ashley Howell '09 Mobley
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Molina
Mr. Stephen Monette '10
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Montgomery
Ms. Heather A. Mooney '05
Ms. Jennifer A. Mooney '87
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore (p)
Mrs. Joanne Moore (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Wally Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Morency
Mrs. Tara Servos Morgan '97
Mr. Ty R. Morgan '92
Mr. Joseph Morreale '10
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morreale, Jr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Carmel Morris
Ms. Jennifer Morris
Mr. John W. Morris, Esq. '75
Mrs. Rebecca Cross Morris '99
Mr. William Morris and Ms. Rose Enloe
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Morrison (p)
Mrs. Kristin Collins Morrison '01
Mr. Thomas E. Mosher (p)
Mrs. Catherine Jones Mospens '06
Mrs. Tammy Moyes '08
Dr. and Mrs. David Mozingo (p)
Ms. Elizabeth Mozingo '10
Ms. Nicolette Maise (p)
Mr. Sean Mulhall '93
Mr. Adam E. Muller '09
Ms. Jessica Muller '01
Mr. John Muller (p)
Jeremiah '98 and Aubrey Parra '00 Mulligan
Ms. Sharon Mullis '82
Ms. Jacqueline Mulvey '06
Andrew '05 and Emma Parmar '05 Murfin
Mrs. Debra Smith Murnan '86
Mrs. Marianne Smith Murphy '85
Mr. Douglas Murray and Mrs. Linda Connors-Murray (p)
Ms. Emily Jane Murray '10
Mr. and Mrs. James Murray
Branden '05 and Kelly Aspinwall '05 Murray
Ms. Rebecca L. Murray '10
Ms. Selina Murray (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Myatt (p)
Adam '02 and Jody M. Prisco '02 Nagle
Ms. Cynthia Nahass
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nasipak (p)
Mr. Michael V. Nasti '93
Mr. Justin Neduchal '06
Mr. Gregory Carl Neff '98
Mr. Doug Nelms
Ms. Cynthia A. Nelson '91
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Nelson (p)
Jay '07 and Allison Miller '05 Neumark
Mr. Kenneth New
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Newberger (p)
Mr. Clark Newell '01
Mrs. Dawn Carlson Newell '74
Mr. Brian Newton '03
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Nielson
Ms. Alicia Nierenstein '10
Mrs. Jenna Sabatini Nikolaidis '07
Mr. James F. Nindel '82
Ms. Jane M. Noland
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Norris (p)
Ms. Jillian Norris '05
Ms. Keri B. Norris '99
Mrs. Pamela Rey Norris '93
Mr. Clint Northway
Ms. Catherine Norwood (f/s)
Ms. Susan Norwood '78
Mr. Didier Nussbaumer '03
Brandon '02 and Cassandra Larson '04 Oborne
Mr. Aaron O'Brien '09
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O'Brien (p)
Ms. Linda O'Connell (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Feargus O'Connor (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James O'Connor (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. O'Donnell
Ms. Shannon O'Donnell '00
Mr. Robert Ogilbee '93
Mr. Tucker O'Keefe '06
Ms. Nancy B. Okker '77
Ms. Betsy Neff Olay '99
James '85 and Laura Rahner '82 Olsen
Mrs. Kori MacDonald Olsen '06
Ms. Michelle E. Olson '04
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Olson (p)
Ms. Mary Jo O'Malley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Malley
Ms. Tina J. O'Rourke '88
Ms. Kristin Orr '01
Mrs. Barbara Sinner Orton-Hull '81
Mr. Samuel Osborne '09
Mrs. Donna O'Steen '06
Ms. Sandra Osterman
Ms. Sheila M. Ostrander '06
Mr. Carter O'Sullivan '08
Mr. John O'Toole '81
James and Kristen (f/s) Overton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Owen (p)
Mrs. Donna M. McClurken Owens '85
Ms. Jennifer L. Owens '99
Ms. Katherine Owens (f/s)
Mr. Timothy Owens
Ms. Judith "Marian" Ownbey '89
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Oyer (p)
Kevin '98 and Karen A. Stokes '99 Pacciano
Mrs. Desiree Dederick Pacuk '86
Ms. Sarah Pagan '10
Mr. Randy Page
Mr. Richard Painter '95
Ms. Cassandra Palelis '08
Tony and Bonnie Scott '85 Palermo (p)
Mr. Nathaniel Palm '07
Mr. David C. Palmer '88
Mr. Duane Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. John Palmer
Mr. John R. Palmer
Allen and Samantha Peacock Palmer '04 (f/s)
Mrs. Tracy Case Paluta '82
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Panet, Sr.
Mrs. Kathy Abare Paolini '91
Ms. Lisa Davis Pap '91
Ms. Callie Papa '99
Ms. Despina Pappas '10
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parenti
Mr. Duncan A. Parker '01
Mr. Dwight G. Parker '07
Mrs. Rhonda Worthington Parker '79
Mrs. Sheila Stopher Parker '85
Mr. Brian Parks '07
Ms. Heather Parks '09
Mr. Alan Parr
Mr. Tom H. Parrigin, Jr.
Dr. Patricia A. Chesley Parrish, Ph.D. '85
Geoffrey '06 and Diane Armstrong '05 Parsley
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pasqua
Mr. Nicholas G. Pasqualino '84 (p)
Ms. Jessica Pate '10
Alec '91 and Melinda '89 Patterson
Mrs. Tiffany Harra Patterson '97
Mrs. Keri Patterson-Nestle '95
Mrs. Rosina Lombardi Paul '80
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Paulk (p)
R. Scott '83 and Sheri Howells '88 Paulsen (p)
Ms. Brenda Paxson '03
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Payne, Jr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Payne, Jr. (p)
Mr. Deric Pearce '92
Mr. Jon-Michael Pearson '98
Ms. Melissa Pelegrin '97
Ms. Emilie Pembroke '07
Mr. Corey Pendleton '04
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Pennington (p)
Ms. Lynned Perez '04
Mr. Gregory Perry '09
Mrs. Jeanne Perry (p)
Ms. Kelsey Peryam (c/s)
Ms. Elizabeth L. Peters '87
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peters (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Petersen (p)
Mr. John Peterson '02
Ms. S. Lynette Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. William Petrone (p)
Mrs. Jacqueline Reynolds Petty '05
Mrs. Jeanmarie A. Petty '08
Ms. Hallie Peyton
Mr. Harris Phelps
Mrs. Krista Phelps-Elliott '85
Mr. John Phillips '06
Ms. Mara Phillips '08
Dr. James Pickett (f/s)
Mr. Joshua Pickett '03
Ms. Kristin Pidcock '03
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Piescik (p)
Mr. Bartlomie D. Piniaz '05
Ms. Jaclyn E. Piniaz '05
Mr. Adam Piratzky (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Piratzky (p)
Mrs. Susana Guirola Pocock '87
Mr. and Mrs. John Pohlman, Jr. (p)
Mr. Joseph Pohlman '10
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Polanco (p)
Jason '00 and Lesley-Ann Thomas '02 Poland
Ms. Elaine Polania '93
Mr. Matthew J. Polimeni
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pompeo (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Poor
Mr. Andrew Poppell '10
Ms. Shannon Porter '04
Mrs. Kimberly Cornelius Poteat '06
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pothier (p)
Ms. Dolores M. Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Poupard
Grant '10 and Ashley Wells '10 Powell
Ms. Lacy Powers '05
Ms. Sabrina M. Powers '91
Mrs. Ashleigh Price '90
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Prichard (p)
Mr. Ralph Priddy '94
Mrs. Paula Young Priester '98
Mickey and Lisa Werner '84 Prince
Mrs. Carole Joranlien Prior '83
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Pritchard (p)
Ms. Terri Propst '07
Miss Catherine Provenza '08
Mrs. Stacey A. Beltram Prusak '95
Mr. and Mrs. William Przybylek (p)
Ms. Catherine Przybyszewski '86
Ms. Joanne Puia (p)
Ms. Krista Purcell '08 (f/s)
Mrs. Debra Vonflatern Purdy '82
Ms. Sofia Puyol '07
Ms. Christin Quercia '08
Mrs. Michelle Wiggins Quevedo '95
Ms. Pamela D. Quimby '09
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Quimby (p)
Anthony '08 and Katherine Kuykendall '08 Quintieri
Mrs. Theresa Smethurst Rader '90
Ms. Anne Raftery (p)
Ms. Michelle Ragognetti '10
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ragognetti (p)
Thomas and Jean '78 Rahner
Mr. Serapio Ramos Utuy
Brad '78 and Patricia Randall (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Rankin (p)
Ms. Valerie Rapp '83
Ms. Sarah Rappaport '04
Mr. M. Everett Ratliff, Jr.
Mr. Evert Rattliff
Ms. Gracie Raulerson
Mr. Martin L. Raulerson
Mr. Michael D. Raulerson '86
Mr. David Ray
Ms. Patricia S. Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Redrick
Mrs. Jennifer J. Williams Reed '99
Ms. Kathern Reed (p)
Ms. Todah Reed '09
Mrs. Laurie Davidson Reese '92
Mr. and Mrs. William Reeves (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rehberg (p)
Jason '07 and Diana Miller '07 Reigelsperger
Mr. and Mrs. James Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reiner (p)
Mrs. Kristina Hernandez Renaud '91
Mr. Frank A. Renigar
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Renninger (p)
Mrs. Isha J. Reyes '02
Mrs. Renee Crespo Reyes '92
Mr. Barry H. Reynolds '79
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rhodes
Ms. Courtney M. Ribble '03
Mrs. Rhonda Ricard '96
Mrs. Lindsay Whitehead Rice '04
Ms. Sally Richardson (p)
Mrs. Susan Wilkinson Richardson '88
Ms. Kelly Riddick (c/s)
Joshua '09 and Ann Wilcoxen '04 Riggins
Mr. Mike Riggins (p)
Mr. Joseph Riley IV '06
Ms. Marilee Rimes '08
Mrs. Melissa Compton Rinaldi '04
Mr. Kevin Ringueberg
Ms. Linda Riskus
Mr. David Ristau '09
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ristau (p)
Mrs. Amanda Horton Rivers '98
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Rizzolo-Miller '98
Mr. Jorge Roa '87
Ms. Ashley Roach '07
Shane '91 and Kimberly A. Rey '91 Roach
Mrs. Patricia Ferrell Roberson '76 (d)
Mrs. Sharon Roberts '95
Reverend Timothy Roberts '88
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Robinson (p)
Mr. Thomas M. Robinson '90
Mrs. Kelly Seddon Rodgers '02
Mr. Dennis Roesle
Mr. Frank Rogers and Ms. Rita Armstrong (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rogers (p)
Ms. Stephanie Rogers '10
Mr. Christopher Rolandelli '98
Mr. Mark Rollins '06
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rollins
Mr. and Mrs. David Roman
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Roman
Mrs. Marilyn I. Durkin Romanisky '72
Ms. Cynthia L. Romeo
Mr. Mitchell Romer '04
Ms. Sally M. Romick
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey H. Romines, Jr.
Ms. Alicia Ronan '07
Mr. Richard Rook
Mr. Thomas E. Rooney '85
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roper
Ms. Lauren Rose (p)
Ms. Kristen Rosenburg '09
Mr. Anthony Matthew Stokes Ross '08
Ms. Jessica M. Ross '02
Ms. Karen Ross '91
Mr. Michael Ross
Ms. Ashley S. Mederos Routte '99
James (f/s) and Marina Rowell
Mr. and Mrs. Bert V Royal
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Royal (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Royal
Mr. and Mrs. John Rufino (p)
Mrs. Linda Rumph '78
Mr. Dylan Rumrell '01
Mr. Michael A. Runge
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Runk (p)
Mr. Stanley M. Rupp
Mrs. Debby Middleton Russell '99
Mr. and Mrs. James Russell, Jr.
Mr. James L. Russell IV '07
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ruziskey (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ryan (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sabatino
Ms. Jennifer Sagendorph '04
Ms. Patricia M. Sales
Mr. Robert Saltz, Jr. '97
Ms. Michelle Sammons '05
Adam '05 and Teryl Anderson '05 Samson
Ms. Anneleise Sanchez (c/s)
Mr. Clint C. Sanchez '97
Barry (f/s) and Gayle Sand
Dr. and Mrs. Burton Sanders (p)
Ms. Megan Sanders '10
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sanford
Mrs. Meghan Green Santorelli '08
Ms. Michelle Santorelli '09
Mr. Michael Santucci '88
Matthew '97 and Janeen Damiano '95 Sara
Mr. Andrew Sargent '02
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Savage (p)
Mr. Matthew Saviello '02
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Scalia (p)
Ms. Shelli Robinson Scaniffe '88
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Scarff (p)
Ms. Elizabeth Scarlett (p)
Ms. Cassandra Schaffa '05
Charles '86 and JoLynn Alder '87 Schall
Mr. and Mrs. R. Schallenkamp
Mr. Robert Scott Scheff '10
Ms. Susan Scheff (p)
Mr. Michael J. Schefstad '91
Mr. Fredrick Scheider
Mrs. Lucinda A. Scherer
Ms. Kincaid Schmidt '10
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Schmidt (p)
Mrs. Kimberly Adams Schneider '88
Mr. Jeff Schnittker
Ms. Rachel Schremp '01
Ms. Susan Vallance Schuh '99
Mrs. Debbie Costeira Schuler '80
Mr. Brent Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schwarz (p)
Mrs. Heather Schwilk '07
Michael '03 (f/s) and Catherine McFarland '03 (f/s) Scine
Mrs. Julie Seals '04
Mr. Kevin Seamon
Ms. Jennifer Secure '08
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Seibert
Karl '90 and Katie Rothenhausler '93 Senderling
Mr. Robert J. Seppla
Mr. Steven Sessa, Esq. '88
Mr. Matthew P. Sessions '97
Ms. Jennifer Seton '08
Mr. and Mrs. John Sgromolo
Ms. Karen S. Sgromolo (p)
Steven '03 and Nicole Ferry '03 Shafer
Ms. Jacqueline Shaffro '93
Ms. Celia Shanahan '82
Mr. Carl Shank '07
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shank
Mr. and Mrs. John Shank
Mr. and Mrs. Vishal Sharma
Ms. Patricia S. Sharpe
Mr. Warren Shearin
Mr. and Mrs. Ibrahim Shehadeh (p)
Ms. Michelle Shehadeh '10
Ms. Jille W. Shelhart
Ms. Abigail A. Shelton '08
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Shelton (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Sherman
Ms. Rebecca Shields '09
Mr. Steven R. Shineman '94
Ms. Kiwanis Short '85
Monsignor Joseph S. Showfety
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shuffler (p)
Mr. Isaac Shuler '04
Mr. Dan Siari '01
Gerard '07 and Audrey Holeman '08 Siegler
Mr. and Mrs. John Sigai, Jr.
Mr. Matthew Sills '10
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sills (p)
Mrs. Jennifer Jappinen Silva '01
Mr. Donnie Simmons
Mr. Randall Simmons
Ms. Rebecca A. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Simon (p)
Ms. Sabrina S. Simon '00
Ms. Melissa M. Simpson '06
Raleigh '93 and Jill Jennings '93 Sims
Christopher '00 and Rebecca Hinds '98 Sinclair
Mr. John Sircy '02
Ms. Jacquelyn B. Sirmopoulos '97
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Sisco (p)
Thomas '91 and Donna Adams '92 Sites
Mrs. Cristy Skolfield '01
Mr. Walter H. Slater
Mrs. Nancy Noble Slattery '88
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sloss (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Small III
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Smith (p)
Ms. Ashley Smith (c/s)
Mr. Brian W. Smith '96
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith (p)
Mrs. Dawn Smith '94
Ms. Erin N. Smith '10
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith (p)
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith
Herrick '84 and Debra Hope '83 Smith
Mr. Jared Smith '07
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith (p)
Mr. Kevin B. Smith '85
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith (p)
Mrs. Laura Mack Smith '00
Ms. Melinda Smith '99
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Smith, Jr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Smith (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Smith, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smith
Mr. Joel Sneed '08
Mr. and Mrs. B. Neil Snellings
Mr. J. Rayford Snipes
Mr. Christopher Snoap '01
Mr. James O. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Soderlind (p)
Mr. David B. Sohm
Ms. Kathleen Solazzo (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Solsona (p)
Mr. Duane Sommise
Mrs. Melanie Redington Somnitz '95
William "Jayson" '98 and Holly Hollingsworth '98 Southworth
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sowa, Jr.
Kellum '01 and Sarah Stone '01 Sowers
Mrs. Lynn Sox
Mr. James McFaddin Spann '89
Ms. Marija Spasik '09
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spath
Ms. Marlene Spath
Mrs. Krista Renninger Speidel '03
Mr. Michael T. Spencer
Ms. Megan Spillane '96
Mrs. Elizabeth Rodemich Spokas '91
Mrs. Nicole Spruill '95
Mr. and Mrs. William Squyars
Mr. Paul Andrews and Mrs. Connie St. Clair-Andrews '93 (f/s)
Ms. Patricia Stacy-Molina (p)
Mr. Ian Stake '86
R. David '01 and Susanne Bennett '00 Stalvey
Mrs. Heather Thompson Stanaland '83
Mr. Steven S. Stankiewicz '91
Mrs. Michele Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stapleton (p)
Ms. Stephanie Stark '09
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stark (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Staser
Mrs. Suzanne Jensen Stauble '87
Mrs. Amanda McGee Steadman '03
Mr. and Mrs. Halver Stedman
Ms. Amy Steinmetz
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Sterling
Mr. Robert G. Stevens
Mrs. Janet Stevens-Steiner
Ms. Risa Korey Steward '89
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Stewart
Bentley '96 and Janel Leatherman '96 Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. John Stokes (p)
Mrs. Megan Lee Stone '05
Ms. Miranda M. Stone '06
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Storey (p)
Mr. Merryck C. Stormer '87
Ms. Deborah Stottle (p)
Mrs. LaDonna Gaull Stouder '85
Mrs. Linda Stoughton '09
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Straight (p)
Jeffrey and Linda (f/s) Strait (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Straughn, Jr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Street (p)
Ms. Cassandra Streett (p)
Christopher '06 (f/s) and Tammy Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. David Stricklin
Ms. Danae Stringfellow '10
Mr. and Mrs. Jayson Stringfellow (p)
Ms. Carol Joyce Stuart '02
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Stuart
Mr. Scott Sturgill '02
Mr. Christopher Styles
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sugrue (p)
Mr. Bruce Barton and Ms. Julie Sullivan (p)
Ms. Mary Jean Sullivan '78
Loni Bernquist Sumerlin '04
Ronald '77 and Barbara Summers (p)
Mr. Robert Sutherlin '01
Ms. Beth Marie Sutkowy '05
Mr. Daniel A. Suttelle USN (Ret.)
Mr. Matthew J. Sutter '05
Anthony '03 and Nikki Fralick '02 Sutton
Mrs. Kerry Hooper Sutton '96
Edward and Rhonda L. Masters '88 Swain (p)
Mrs. Cheryl Sweet '02
Ms. Brittney Swift '09
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Swift (p)
Mr. Jeremy Swigart
Mrs. Lori Shannon Switzer '89
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Swygert
Mr. David C. Sykes
Raymond '97 and Nancy Sykes (p)
Mr. Jay Szczepanski II '01 (f/s)
Ms. Erin Szlegier '00
Ms. Alice B. Szunyog
Mr. Donnie Tackett '07
Ms. Traci E. Taggart '09
Ms. Jessica Talbert '04
Jonathan '07 and Jennifer Gager '08 Tallman
Mr. Miguel O. Tamariz '08
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Tammen
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Tarchis (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Tasca (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tatem (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tavares (p)
Mrs. Cristie Taylor '05
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Taylor (p)
Mr. James Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Taylor (p)
Ms. Marie Taylor (c/s)
Mrs. Marjory Kerzner Taylor '92
Mrs. Sarah C. Taylor '02
Ms. Susan Taylor '95
Mr. Gregory Teisan '89
Mr. Mickey Telemaque '92
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Terry (p)
Mr. Albert Tetrault (f/s)
Mrs. Judith G. Thaden '79
Ms. Belynda Tharpe '85
Ms. Savannah Thelen '06
Mr. and Mrs. William Tholotowsky (p)
Mr. Carl V. Thomas
Ozie Wayne '05 and Ashley Grant '04 Thomas
Mrs. Sherry Fountain Thomas '79
Mrs. Amy Bulmahn Thomason '92
Ms. Melvlyn Thompkins
Ms. Bobbie Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Thompson (p)
Mr. David E. Thornton '94
Mr. James Thornton '07
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thrasher (p)
Ms. Rhea Thrasher '10
Mr. Andrew Tierney '07
Mr. Kevin Kyle Tierney '06
Mrs. Sarah Byrd Tierney '97
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Till (p)
Ms. Lisa Tillman '04
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Immersmans (p)
Christopher '04 and Shelley Goldblatt '04 Tincher
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tinkham
Ms. Chelsea Tinlin '09
Mr. John Tinseth '84
Mr. Richard "Ricky" Tison, Jr.
Mrs. Suzanne Stafford Tompkins '82
Ms. Jessica Torbitt '04
Ms. Elizabeth Tosh '03
Mr. Christian Totterman '03
Mr. Brian R. Toung
Ms. Halie Trammell '10
Mr. John C. Trapp
Ms. Mary Travis Gonzalez
Mr. Frank Trombino (f/s)
Mr. Peter M. Troup '03
Mr. Jeffrey J. Troyer '84
Mr. Donald Truax (p)
Mrs. Aimee L. Amorose Trupiano '92
Mrs. Lauren Shear Tucciarone '95
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tugya (p)
Mrs. Joyce Reeves Tulloch '83
Miss Kristen Tully '97
Mrs. Jacquelyn Russell Tunstall '04
Ms. Madeline Turner
Ms. Patricia L. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Turner (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Turpin
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Tursi
Mrs. Kerry Martin Tustin '94
Mr. Gerald B. Tyburski
Mrs. Paige Marley Tyde '89
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tyo
Ms. Melissa C. Tyo-Grooten (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Unice (p)
John and Francis Lenore Allen '83 Upp (p)
Ms. Joanie C. Usry
Ms. Jennifer Vaccaro '09
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Vaccaro (p)
Mr. Devin Vache '09
Ms. Tabatha Valderrama '06
Ms. Courtney Van Dyke '06
Ms. Catherine Vann '06
Ms. Sandra H. Vanover
Mr. and Mrs. William Vargo
Mr. Robert A. Vaughan
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Vaughan
Mrs. Lisa Hoffman Velez '02
Ms. Katherine Vellos '00
Mr. Peter R. Vellucci
Mr. Michael Vento '97
Mr. Josiah D. Vernon '10
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Vernon (p)
Ms. Johanna Viau '08
Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo Vieira
Ms. Theresa Viets
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Villwock (p)
William '88 and Maryann Palino '88 Vina
Mr. Curtis Vincent '00
Ms. Cynthia A. Visser '93
Mr. Joseph Vlah (f/s)
Ms. Jessica Voelpel '10
Mrs. Mary M. Volkomer '89
Ms. Amy C. Volpe '98
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Volpi (p)
Mrs. Natalie Dendinger Voytac '06
Tobin '92 and Joanne M. Fusco '94 Vranicar
Mrs. Patricia Ross Vynanek '00
Ms. Amy Waers '06
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Waggaman (p)
Ms. Rebecca Wagner '00
Ms. Isabelle Wahlmann '88
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Waldron
Mr. Andrew Walker (p)
Mrs. Emily Hicks Walker '82
Chuck '83 and Jane Sanderlin '82 Walker
Mr. and Mrs. John Walker
Mr. John Walker '92
Mrs. Molly Speno Walker '92
Mr. Patrick Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Wallace
Mr. Steven Wallace (p)
Mr. William Walls '03
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Walsh (p)
Mrs. Brenda Wangen
Mrs. Mary Scheiderman Ward '84
Ms. Sarah S. Ward
Mrs. Nancy Downie Ware '99
Ms. Lynda Warnock (p)
Mr. Jabin Warren '03
Brian '82 and Donna Zanni '82 (f/s) Washburn
Ms. Caroline E. Watson '10
Mr. Jimmy G. Watson '92
Ms. Marion Watson '10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Watzel (p)
Mr. Aaron Wazlavek '06
Mr. Todd Michael Weakley '98
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Webb, Sr. (p)
Mr. Robert Webb, Jr. '10
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weber
Mrs. Patricia Carter Weddle '97
Mr. and Mrs. Claude L. Weeks
Ms. Glenda I. Weeks '05
Mr. Robert Weeks
Chad E. '95 and Betsy Richardson '96 Wegeman
Mrs. Michelle Rusnak Weiler '97
Ms. Alexandra Weinstein '09
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Weinstein (p)
Ms. Christina Weis (p)
Ms. Jessica C. Welch '10
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Welch (p)
Mr. Kevin A. Welch '83
Todd '99 and Cascia Miller '02 Weldy
Mr. and Mrs. David Wells (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Wender Jr.
Mrs. Cheri Cramer Wert '84
Mr. Nathan Wertheimer '04
Mr. Charles Wesley
Mrs. Bethany Arruda Wessel '03
Rob '93 and Becky Heard '94 West
Mrs. Florence Westfall
Mr. and Mrs. John Westfield (p)
Mr. Derek Westfield '09
Ms. Kelly Westropp '01
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Whalen (p)
Mr. William D. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce White (p)
Ms. Jillian White '08
Mr. Joseph O. White '90
Mr. Michael D. White
Mrs. Danielle Hastings Whitehouse '06
Mr. Michael G. Whiteman
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Whitley (p)
Mr. Craig Whitlock '10
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Whitlock (p)
Mrs. Molly McGill Whitmire '99
Mrs. Eileen Horgan Whittaker '79
Mr. Orrin Whitten '02
Ms. Frances V. Whittenhall
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Whittle (p)
Mr. Troy Whittle '09
Mrs.Sarah Baskin Widerstedt '01
Mrs. Page "J.P." Preston Wiedeman '83
Mrs. Michele Wilbur '01
Mrs. Robin Mixon Wilcox '88
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wild
Mr. James Wildey and Ms. Sara Roberts (p)
Ms. Michele E. Wildey '10
Ms. Crystal Wiles (c/s)
Mrs. Mary Ann Pasqual Wiley '90
Dr. Mary C. Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilfinger (p)
Mrs. Rhyannon Erskine Wilgis '04
Ms. Barbara L. Wilkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wilkerson
Mr. Darrell Wilkeson
Mr. Matthew Todd Wilkinson '95
Dr. Carl Williams '77 (f/s)
Mrs. Jacqueline Matthews Williams '84
Ms. Judy Williams '00
Ms. Letisha Williams '08
Ms. Margorie Pritchard Williams '74
Ms. Nicole Williams '05
Ms. Rachel Williams '08
Ms. Wendi Williams (p)
Mr. Paul K. Williamson '77
Ms. Mary Willingham '08
Mr. and Mrs. George Willink (p)
Mrs. Olivia Willis '05
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Willoughby (p)
Travis '00 and Amy Baldini '02 Wilson
Mr. Calvin Wilson '05
Mr. David Wilson
Ms. Erin C. Wilson '08
Mr. Joshua Wilson '09
Mrs. Rosa Wilson
Mr. Shawn Wilson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. T. Benjamin Wilson
Dr. James Wilson (f/s) and Dr. Tamara Wilson (f/s)
Dr. Thomas Wilson '87
Mrs. Catherine Smith Windish '81 (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wingo (p)
Derek '96 and Leslie Armstrong '97 Winston
Mrs. Becky Fenn Winter '82
Ms. Bobbi Jo Wirkner '10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wirkner, Jr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wirth (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Wise (p)
Ms. Amy Witters '97
Mr. Bart A. Wofford '86
Mr. Joseph B. Wolf '07
Mrs. Wendy R. Giles Wolfe '98
Mr. and Mrs. David Woncheck, Sr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wood (p)
Mr. William Wood '79
Ms. Charlene A. Woodfill
Mr. Jack M. Woods
Mr. Richard L. Woods, Sr.
Mr. Daniel Wooley '79
Ms. Joellen Wooten '01
Mrs. Michelle Grippi Wordell '96
Mrs. Heather Coffey Wren '87
Mrs. Daphne Wright '03
Mr. James M. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wright (p)
Ms. Kelsey Wright '09
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Wright, Jr.
Ms. Katherine Wrisley '10
Mrs. Melissa Wunder
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wyckoff
Ms. Delsey Yancoskie '92
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Yarborough
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Yennaco
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Yennaco
Ms. Denise Yogi
Mrs. Alexandria Patterson Yohpe '85
Ms. Tammy Kramer Yorke '89
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Young (p)
Mr. Edmund Young '02
Mr. Kevin Young '89
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Youngblood (p)
Ms. Morley Zachman '04
Ms. Ashley Zaikowski '10
Mr. and Mrs. Ali Zajmi (p)
Mr. Dave Zappariello '87
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Zazzero, Jr. (p)
Mr. Rockne Zeilman '04
Mrs. Molly Lemmer Zenk '00
Ms. Cheryl L. Zimmer
Ms. Lisa Ann M. Zlatniski '91
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Zunda (p)
Ms. Caroline Zwicker '04


(bot) Board of Trustees
(p) Parent
(gp) Grandparent
(f/s) Faculty/Staff
(c/s) Current Student