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Kelsie Ruff

“I’m paying for my own education. My family is unable to contribute to my tuition or living expenses, so without the help from the Flagler Scholarship Fund, there is no way I would be able to be at Flagler.”

Kelsie Ruff, ’10
Liberal Arts Major

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Kyle Jennette

“I wanted to be active in my classes and interact with my fellow students and professors one-on-one. When I visited Flagler, I instantly fell for it, and I knew I would thrive here.”

Kyle Jennette, ’11
Psychology Major

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Caroline Young

“When I am practicing yoga [in the Ringhaver Student Center], looking out at Ponce, the pool, and all of the palm trees, I still feel like I go to school in some kind of paradise.”

Caroline Young, ’11
Communication Major

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Will Nix

“I hope to go to graduate school for architecture and focus on community planning. I would like to create a sustainable system of communities in Third World countries.”

Will Nix, ’11
Fine Arts Major


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$100,000 and Above

Mrs. Eloise R. Chandler
Mrs. Molly Lewis Wiley †

$50,000 - $99,999

Mr. and Mrs. James Babcock
John and Louise L. Foster (bot) (p)
Mr. Lewis B. Pollard (bot) (p)

$25,000 - $49,999

Dr. and Mrs. William T. Abare, Jr. (p) (f/s)
Dr. Gerald Gamache and Dr. Mildred Koger (f/s)
Estate of Mrs. Mary Tyler Gibbs Grant
Colonel and Mrs. G. F. Robert Hanke, USMC (Ret.) (bot)
Ms. Ruth Shugart
Ms. Loren Zawawi

$10,000 - $24,999

Mr. and Mrs. L. John Arbizzani
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barker
Mrs. Joy M. Culverhouse
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Drysdale (bot)
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Gay (bot) and employees of W. W. Gay Mechanical Contractors, Inc. and Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Grevior
Mr. Peter E. Meehan ’76 (p)
Stephen ’79 and Kathryn Zick ’86 (f/s) Monahan
Mr. and Mrs. Duane L. Ottenstroer (bot)
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pietkiewicz  (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shewmaker
The Honorable and Mrs. Frank Upchurch, Jr. (bot)
Estate of Dr. Gene Usdin
Brian ’82 and Michelle Skeen ’93 Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson (bot) (p)

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Allen (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey, Sr. (bot)
Friends and Family of Tim Barnwell
Mr. and Mrs. Rembert Cribb (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon A. Davis
Dr. Ronald L. Dixon
Dr. Andrew Donelson (p)
James '98 and Kate Frash
Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Green III
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jewett, Jr. (bot)
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Kessler
Ingemar '86 and Diane Evia '87 Lanevi
Mr. Steven N. Large '93
Mr. William Mayer and Ms. Diane Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. John McClintock, Jr.
Carol A. Melton
Ms. Brenda Parker and Mr. Lehman Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Poli
Ms. Norma O. Poli
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Regas (bot)
Ms. Nancy E. Rutland '80 (bot)
Thomas and Janet Leonhardt '73 Small
Mr. and Mrs. Frank "Duke" Steinemann, Jr. (bot)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tringali (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Tucker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Watts (p)

$2,500 - $4,999

Michael '87 and Nicole Andres
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Carothers (p)
Colonel Douglas M. Clements '99
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Creamer (bot)
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Croce
Mrs. Mary Jane C. Dillon (p) (f/s)
Mr. Joshua Dixon '02
Robert '84 and Lynette Freitag '86 Fields
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Ginzl (p)
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Groux, Jr. '79 (bot)
Ambassador and Mrs. J. Douglas Holladay (p)
Mr. Gabriel W. Hynes '98 and Mrs. Stacey Harris-Hynes
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James Jones (p)
Mr. Thomas S. Kenan III
Mr. and Mrs. David Knight (p)
Mr. Matthew C. Marthinson '93
Mrs. Sue Morgan (p)
Mr. Todd Neville
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Painter
Benjamin '97 and Cleta Platt
Colonel and Mrs. C. Frank Riggle (Ret.)
Ms. Bronwyn Rogers '75
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Sauer (bot) (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Saunders (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shiver (p)
Mr. Robert J. Strang '79
Mr. and Mrs. Dail Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tiberio
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Unger (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Upchurch III (bot)
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Wainio (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Herbie Wiles
Mr. Coleman Young

$1,000 - $2,499

Eric '92 and Lorrie MacQuarrie '95 Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Andruszkiewicz (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bailey, Jr. (bot) (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Bailey (bot) (p)
Mr. and Mrs. David Barksdale
Mr. and Mrs. James Barnes (p)
Mr. Michael Barnes '96
Dave '83 (f/s) and Tina Barnett
Mr. Aaron Barsness
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beebe
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Birchall (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Birgbauer
The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph Boles, Jr. (p)
Alan '97 and Erin Bratic
Brad '88 and Mandy Crupi '88 Brown
Mr. Alan Bruskin '87
Reverend and Mrs. Carl Buffington, Jr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. T. Brookes Burkhardt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Byerly (p)
Dr. Beverly Copeland Carmichael '72
Vic (f/s) and Jan (f/s) Cheney
Mr. George Chryssaidis
Mr. Fred M. Clampitt
Micah '80 and Mary Morgan '80 Clukey
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Cobb (p)
Mr. Martin Conlon and Ms. Christine Marx (p)
Ms. Erica Corrigan
Mr. James B. Craig '87
Mr. Michael Craig '89
Mrs. Suzanne Novak Crockett '85
Jud (f/s) and Catia Damon
Mr. Jon Daniels '93
Mr. and Mrs. R. Dale Dashiell, Jr. (p)
Chris and Tammy (f/s) Delaporte
Dr. and Mrs. R. Wiley Dixon (p)
Mrs. Margaret Domini
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eader (p)
Ms. Margaret Edmiston and Mr. Terry Agnew
Wayne and Teresa Efford
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Fichtelman (p)
Mr. Joseph Finnegan and Dr. Margaret Finnegan (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. John Folsom (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Foti (p)
Ms. Sharon H. Fowler
Mr. John Fraser
Mrs. Viki West Freeman '74
Mr. and Mrs. James Freytag
Michael (f/s) and Anita Gallen
Mr. and Mrs. David Garten (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne George
Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy Glenos
Scott and Susan Ollivier '81 Goedert (p)
Mrs. Suzanne S. Golden '86
Thomas (f/s) and Susan Graham
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Greenberg (p)
Mr. Michael Greene (p)
Dr. Doris Guidi and Mr. William Guidi
Glenn '89 and Tami L. Chambers '90 Gutek
Mr. Boyd Guttery
Fred and Annemarie '06 Halback
Dr. and Mrs. N. Patrick Hale
Ms. Julie Hall '93
David '93 and Nicole Hanvey
Mr. Michael Hawkins and Mrs. Linda Allen-Hawkins (p)
Ms. Karen Hirshberg
Ms. Jacqueline Horsman
Ms. June Horsman
Brendan (f/s) and Michelle Clabough '90 (f/s) Hourihan
Mr. Henry H. Hull, Jr.
Mr. David Iannone '86
Mr. and Mrs. John Ilibassi (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Immel (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Jackson
James (f/s) and Ellie Jasper
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Johnson (p)
Scott '96 and Mary Linville '98 Jones
Dr. Alan Kay and Dr. Hazel Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Kenan III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kenney
Lionel "Skeeter" '74 (f/s) and Diane Key
Ms. Leslee Keys (f/s) and Mr. Thomas McDonald
John '88 and Ann Pisano '87 King
Dr. Frances B. Kinne
Debbie Leone Kresge (p)
Mr. Kenneth Kresge, Sr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Krieger (p)
Gary and Peg LaPierre (p)
Mr. Allen Lastinger, Jr. and Mrs. Delores Lastinger (bot)
Stephen '82 and Paula Lear (p)
Mr. Ronald Leone
Ms. Pamela Leydon (f/s)
Mr. Edward Lombard '97
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lowe
Mr. Michael MacCrory '99
Mr. Paul B. MacDonald '83
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Manning (p)
Ms. Lisa Scott Martin '84
Norman '79 and Cynthia Mason (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James McCahill (p)
Mr. Paul L. McCord
Philip and Wendy McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGuinness (p)
Paul and Julie McGuire
Ted '83 and Stacy Gaines '89 McLemore
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Meeks
Mr. and Mrs. Jerod Meeks
The Honorable and Mrs. Howell W. Melton (bot)
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Metzger
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Miller (p)
Ms. Tamara Miller '91
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Moore (p)
Mrs. Kathleen Nelson and Mr. Paul Nelson
Mr. Ronald Nichols '97 and Ms. Rachel Wootten '98
Mr. Bradley W. Nicholson
Rich O'Brien and Lauren Ringhaver O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan O'Connell
Ms. Kathy Fant O'Keefe '80 (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Milner Osborne (p)
Mr. Hugh O'Shaughnessy '85
Paolo and Nicole (f/s) Pece
The Honorable Dr. and Mrs. William Lee Proctor (f/s)
Joe (f/s) and Melinda Provenza (p)
Mrs. Christina Bolinger Pruett '02
Colonel William H. Pruitt
Dr. and Mrs. George Radimer (p)
Tom and Linda Ravoo (p)
Mr. Bill Robbins
Mike (f/s) and Mimi Cox '77 (f/s) Roberson (p)
Mr. Alvin Rubenstein and Ms. Donna DeLorenzo (p) (f/s)
Alicia and Ken Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Runk, Sr.
Colonel and Mrs. Kenneth Russom (p) (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald San Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Saxton (p)
Mr. John Saxton '02
Roland and Karen Schumann
Ms. Sarah Sekac '02
Mr. and Mrs. Rexford Setzer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. McLaurin Shaw (p)
Mr. Edwin Shelton and Dr. Bonnie Shelton (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Shull (p)
Adrienne '89 and Bill Simmons
Ms. Christine R. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Smithson
Dan '78 (f/s) and Mary Ellen Crotty '79 Stewart (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stover
Mr. Steven Struve '87
Joseph and Judith Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tepper
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Thorn
Jeffrey '96 and Christina Tidwell
Mr. James S. Toedtman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tully
Dr. Norman L. Tully
Mr. and Mrs. John Unitas, Jr. (p)
Tracy (f/s) and Taryn Upchurch
Dr. and Mrs. Albert G. Volk
Mitchell '79 and Nancy Walk
Mr. and Mrs. Len Weeks (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Whealy (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Wheeler (p)
Mr. and Mrs. F. Mark Whittaker (f/s)
The Honorable and Mrs. Doug Wiles
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Williar '84 (f/s)
Mr. Charles C. Wolfe
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Woolfolk (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Young
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholai Zelneronok (p)


† Deceased
(bot) Board of Trustees
(p) Parent
(f/s) Faculty/Staff