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Loyal Lions

Thank You for Your Gift

Kelsie Ruff

“I’m paying for my own education. My family is unable to contribute to my tuition or living expenses, so without the help from the Flagler Scholarship Fund, there is no way I would be able to be at Flagler.”

Kelsie Ruff, ’10
Liberal Arts Major

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Kyle Jennette

“I wanted to be active in my classes and interact with my fellow students and professors one-on-one. When I visited Flagler, I instantly fell for it, and I knew I would thrive here.”

Kyle Jennette, ’11
Psychology Major

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Caroline Young

“When I am practicing yoga [in the Ringhaver Student Center], looking out at Ponce, the pool, and all of the palm trees, I still feel like I go to school in some kind of paradise.”

Caroline Young, ’11
Communication Major

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Will Nix

“I hope to go to graduate school for architecture and focus on community planning. I would like to create a sustainable system of communities in Third World countries.”

Will Nix, ’11
Fine Arts Major


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This giving society recognizes alumni who have given consecutively for 10 years or more.

20 Years or More

Mrs. Paula Smith Miller ’79
Mr. Marc Williar ’84 (f/s)
Mr. William Wood ’79

19 Years

Ms. Laura Alley ’86
Mr. Ronald Black ’77
Ms. Patricia Blanchard ’79
Mrs. Karen Fehl Cramer ’89
Mr. Richard W. Groux, Jr. ’79 (bot)
Ms. Susan Norwood ’78
Mrs. Patricia Murray Sparrer ’73
The Honorable Charles Tinlin ’79
Mrs. Aurin Lowry Vanore ’89
Mr. Mitchell B. Walk ’79

18 Years

Mr. Robert E. Hollis, Jr. ’77
Mr. Lionel “Skeeter” Key, Jr. ’74 (f/s)
Mrs. Debra Alexander Searcy ’80
Mrs. Laura Vizdos Tomas ’92

17 Years

Mr. Richard “Skip” Abrams II ’80
Mr. Cliff Bassett ’93
Mrs. Lisa Murfee Bassett ’94

16 Years

Dr. Beverly Copeland Carmichael ’72
Mr. Daniel Connolly ’92
Mr. Craig D. Monnell ’89
Mrs. Cheri Cramer Wert ’84
Mrs. Cynthia Bramkamp Woolbright ’84

15 Years

Mrs. Dawn Weiler Barkley ’81
Mrs. Cecilia A. Miller Dennison ’74

14 Years

Mrs. Ann Schroeder De La Fuente ’72
Mr. Lee Kermode ’79
Mrs. Jeanne Balliet Russell ’86
Mr. Phil Simpson ’93

13 Years

Mr. Brad Brown ’88
Mrs. Mandy Crupi Brown ’88
Mrs. Joanna Hofer Hely ’86
Mrs. Beth Shaw Masters ’87
Mr. Franklyn O’Rourke ’83
Mrs. Jill A. McCullough Schomburger ’90
Mr. Ronald Schomburger ’85
Mrs. Debbie Costeira Schuler ’80
Mr. Brian Washburn ’82
Mrs. Donna Zanni Washburn ’82 (f/s)
Mrs. Mary Ann Pasqual Wiley ’90

12 Years

Mr. Michael Andres ’87
Mrs. Carla Bokis Avery ’90
Mrs. Erin Carnahan Babbitt ’97
Mr. Phillip Babbitt ’92
Mr. Scott Bamford ’91
Mr. Andrew Brown ’90
Mrs. Sheila Brown ’90
Mr. Brian Carr ’87
Ms. Kim Del Rance ’98
Mrs. Caryl Castello Holthouse ’86
Mrs. Ann Pisano King ’87
Mr. John E. King ’88
Mr. James Lauer ’90
Mrs. Ann-Frances Testa Marler ’85
Mrs. Stacy Gaines McLemore ’89
Mr. Ted McLemore ’83
Mr. Nick Panepinto ’86 (f/s)
Mr. Brian Thompson ’95 (f/s)
Mrs. Nancy Demato Thompson ’95
Ms. Isabelle Wahlmann ’88
Mrs. Betsy Richardson Wegeman ’96
Mr. Chad E. Wegeman ’95
Ms. Amy Witters ’97

11 Years

Mr. William T. Abare III ’94
Mr. Joseph Beach ’76
Mr. Alan Bratic ’97
Mr. Alan Bruskin ’87
Ms. Annesa Weis Denune ’91
Mrs. Linda Bevilaqua Farber ’84
Mrs. Diane Skokowski Gonzalez ’82
Mrs. Michelle Clabough Hourihan ’90 (f/s)
Mrs. Elise Pecorin Libow ’90
Mr. Mark Litzinger ’91
Mrs. Tracy White Litzinger ’91 (f/s)
Mrs. Susan Slaughter Lycke ’82
Mr. Wayne McGinnis ’76
Mrs. Rebecca Cross Morris ’99
Mrs. Desiree Dederick Pacuk ’86
Ms. Sabrina M. Powers ’91
Mrs. Marilyn I. Durkin Romanisky ’72
Mrs. Martha M. Morgan Shinn ’78 (f/s)
Mrs. Page “J.P.” Preston Wiedeman ’83
Mr. Brian Wilson ’82
Mrs. Michelle Skeen Wilson ’93

10 Years

Mr. Adam Airth ’97
Mrs. Katie Trujillo Airth ’95
Ms. Lisa Almeida ’80
Mrs. Laney Sifrit Coppersmith ’89
Mrs. Heather Goreckl Corry ’95
Mrs. Karen Cooper Erwin ’92
Mr. Richard Hausman ’00
Mrs. Diane Evia Lanevi ’87
Mr. Ingemar Lanevi ’86
Mr. Ronald G. McKinley, Jr. ’86
Mrs. Marianne Smith Murphy ’85
Ms. Ellen Schubert ’85
Mr. Christopher Snoap ’01
Ms. Lynne Sparks-Zantinga ’85
Mrs. Maryann Palino Vina ’88
Mr. William Vina ’88
Mrs. Michelle Rusnak Weiler ’97
Mr. Chris Wetjen ’87


(bot) Board of Trustees
(f/s) Faculty/Staff