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Kelsie Ruff

“I’m paying for my own education. My family is unable to contribute to my tuition or living expenses, so without the help from the Flagler Scholarship Fund, there is no way I would be able to be at Flagler.”

Kelsie Ruff, ’10
Liberal Arts Major

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Kyle Jennette

“I wanted to be active in my classes and interact with my fellow students and professors one-on-one. When I visited Flagler, I instantly fell for it, and I knew I would thrive here.”

Kyle Jennette, ’11
Psychology Major

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Caroline Young

“When I am practicing yoga [in the Ringhaver Student Center], looking out at Ponce, the pool, and all of the palm trees, I still feel like I go to school in some kind of paradise.”

Caroline Young, ’11
Communication Major

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Will Nix

“I hope to go to graduate school for architecture and focus on community planning. I would like to create a sustainable system of communities in Third World countries.”

Will Nix, ’11
Fine Arts Major


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Mr. Abbemyi Abbenyi (c/s)
Ms. Alicia Abbott (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Abbott (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Abbott (p)
Ms. Katrina Ables '09
Mr. and Mrs. Dharma Acharya (p)
Ms. Sheila Acharya '10
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Ackerman (p)
Ms. Rachael S. Ackerman '10
Mrs. Lauren Tobin Adam '85
Ms. Dana Adams (c/s)
Ms. Lauren M. Adams
Ms. Shari D. Adams '10
Ms. Rachel L. Adelman (c/s)
Ms. Javaria Afghani '07
Ms. Donna Aiello (p)
Ms. Jennifer Aiello '10
Ms. Mandy Alabanza (c/s)
Mr. Steven Albano '10
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Albano (p)
Mrs. Melissa Bustard Alberici '91
Mrs. Maria Weis Albritton '99
Mrs. Emily Dozier Albuquerque '07
Ms. Sara Alcorn '07
Mr. Ricker Alford III '88
Mrs. Deborah Allen '96
Mr. Roth Allen '10
Mrs. Sarah Bovee Allen '03
Mrs. Susan Miraglia Allen '79
Ms. Jennifer Alley (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Almony (p)
Ms. Roxane Alt (c/s)
Mr. Andy Anderson, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Anderson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson (p)
Mrs. Janette Fincher Anderson '83
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anderson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Anderson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson (gp)
Mr. Matt Angelo (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Angelo (p)
Ms. Caroline Annesi '08
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ansell (p)
Ms. Brenna Antram (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Antram (p)
Mrs. Jacquelyn Ard '08
Mrs. Erin Gardner Arnold (c/s)
Ms. Christina M. Arzapalo (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Arzapalo (p)
Ms. Rana Asadipour '08
Mr. and Mrs. Girma Assefa (p)
Ms. Joanna Assefa (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Audy (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Aulicino (p)
Mr. Jonathan "Jay" Ayres '07
Ms. Haley Bach (c/s)
Mr. Brad Backman '08
Ms. Carla Baggett (p)
Ms. Ellie Baggett '07
Ms. Erin Baggett '09
Mr. and Mrs. James Baggett (p)
Mr. Andrew Bailes '05
Ms. Christina Bailey
Ms. Ella K. Bailey (c/s)
Mr. Mark Bailey, Jr. '08
Ms. Lauren Bailie '10
Mr. Joseph Baines (c/s)
Mr. Thomas Baines and Dr. Marlene Shevenell (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lance Baker (p)
Mr. Timothy Baker '97
Mr. John Ball '03
Ms. Katherine M. Ballentine '10
Ms. Holly A. Balogh '10
Mr. Michael Banach '08
Mrs. Brandei Ter Keurst Bangan '96
Ms. Elizabeth Banner
Yuval '98 and Elizabeth Swindler '98 Bar
Ms. Claire Baraban '09
Mr. Mark E. Barber '10
Ms. Brooke Barraclough
Mark '97 and Aimee Sligar '01 Barrett
Mr. Jordan Barry (c/s)
Ms. Kaitlyn Basile '10
Mr. Thomas Basile (p)
Mr. Christopher Bass (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Basso (p)
Ms. LaRae Baugher (p)
Ms. Sharon Baughman '91
Mr. Braden Baxter '10
Ms. Deborah Baxter (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Baxter (p)
Ms. Katheryn Beale (c/s)
Mr. Robert Preffer and Dr. Jenny Beasley-Preffer (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Beaty (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beaudoin (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Beaupre (p)
Mr. Wayne Beck II '08
Ms. Misty Begemann '10
Ms. Angelita Belanger '07
Ms. Cynthia Lauren Belcher (c/s)
Mr. Jason Bell (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bell (p)
Mr. Thomas Bell and Ms. Leslie Poe
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Benitez (p)
Ms. Blair A. Bennett '10
Ms. Jamie Bennett '08
Ms. Jessica R. Bennett '10
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bennett (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James Bense (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Benson (p)
Ms. Katrina Benton (c/s)
Mr. Gary Berezowsky (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bergbauer (p)
Mr. Michael Bergbauer '09
Mr. Justin Bergstrom
Mrs. Anne Adkins Berkey '74
Ms. Marta Berkolayko '07
Ms. Sarah Berland (c/s)
Ms. Lindsay M. Bernstein (c/s)
Ms. Alexandra Bertone '09
Mr. Ross Bethune '07
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Betz
Ms. Meredith Beykirch '09
Ms. Jennifer Bibb '03
Ms. Jessica Biebel '09
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Biebel (p)
Ms. Kathleen Hoctor Bieler '75
Mr. Sean Biggs '10
Ms. Jenielle Billy '09
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Billy (p)
Mr. John Binns '05
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Birch (p)
Mr. Joel A. Birch (c/s)
Mr. Chris Bisbee '83
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Bishop (p)
Mr. Nicolas Bitzer (c/s)
Justin '07 and Shelli Ross '05 Black
Ms. Laura Black '10
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Black (p) (gp)
Ms. Whitney Blair (c/s)
Ms. Kathleen M. Blanchard (c/s)
Ms. Michele Blanco
Professor Barbara Blonder (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Bloom (p)
Mr. Steven Bloom (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Blum (p)
Mrs. Jan Blythe '95
Mr. Andrew Bobb (c/s)
Ms. Amy L. Bobbitt '10
Ms. Brittany Boccanfuso (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Buccanfuso (p)
Mr. Michael Body '03
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bohanan (p)
Mr. Alex Bohne '98
Ms. Kaylie Boland '08
Ms. Kelley Boldt '02
Mr. Stephen Bolo '06
Mr. Jay Bonadio '08
Ms. Allana C. Bond (c/s)
Ms. Leigha Bonfiglio (c/s)
Mr. Harry Bonk and Ms. Cynthia Rader (p)
Mrs. MacKenzie Stauffer Booth '07
Mrs. Lori Bird Boothe '90
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bosworth (p)
Mr. Zachary H. Bove (c/s)
Ms. Stephanie Bowcutt '10
Ms. Miranda K. Bower '10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bowker (p)
Ms. Ashley A. Bowman '10
Ms. Laura Bowman '07
Ms. Kerry Boyd (c/s)
Ms. Summer Bozeman '07
Ms. Lorna Bracewell '05
Mr. David A. Bracht (c/s)
Mrs. Amanda Carroll Braddock '07
Mr. Thomas Bradford '91
Ms. Amanda Bradshaw '10
Mr. John K. Bradshaw '10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Branand (p)
Mr. Tom Brandhoff
Mr. Charles Brantley '07
Mr. Jim Brantley
Ms. Brooke Brasfield '03
Mr. Joshua Bratovich '09
Mr. Jacob Breitinger (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Breitinger (p)
Mrs. Cheree Laurent Brennan '78
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brennan (p)
Ms. Alexandra Brennen '10
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brigham (p)
Mr. Marshall Brittle, Jr. '07
Mr. Christopher Brocato '93
Mr. Richard Brooks '09
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Brown (p)
Mr. Coleman E. Brown (c/s)
Mr. Corey T. Brown (c/s)
Ms. Cori Brown '08
Mrs. Greta Holness Brown '95
Jacob '07 and Kelly Gavin '05 Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Sorin Brull, M.D. (p)
Mr. Benjamin Bruner '06
Ms. Cynthia Bruton (p)
Mr. Michael A. Bryant
Mrs. Sandra Davis Bryant '98
Ms. Ashley K. Buccellato (c/s)
Ms. Katherine Buckler '10
Mr. Shaun Buckler and Mrs. Linda Miller-Buckler (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Budd (p)
Ms. Mary H. Budd '10
Ms. Lyndsey Buechler '09
Ms. Erin Buning (c/s)
Mr. Philip Bunting '09
Ms. Jena Burchfield '07
Ms. Jennifer Burdette '95
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Burgess (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Burhop (p)
Mr. Daniel J. Burke '10
Richard '92 and Lisa Lamneck '93 Burke
Mr. Corey V. Burkley (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Burns (p)
The Honorable Sandra Taylor and Mr. Winston Burrell
Ms. Emily R. Bursch '10
Mr. Kevin Bursch (p)
Mrs. Bria Gomez Burton '03
Ms. Laura L. Burton '10
Louis '87 and Joan Shaffer '87 Bush
Ms. Brittany Bussey '09
Mr. Peter Butcavage '99
Mr. Jeremy Butcher '09
Dr. J. Michael Butler (f/s)
Ms. Jennifer A. Butler (c/s)
Mr. Jack Byrne
Ms. Katherine Cabrera-Trejos '10
Ms. Nicole Caldwell '07
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Calhoun (p)
Ms. Ruth Calkins '89
Mr. Andrew Calore '09
Mr. and Mrs. David Calore (p)
Ms. Valeta Cameron '06
Ms. Alicia Michelle Campbell '10
Ms. Kelly L. Campbell '10
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Campbell (p)
Ms. Simmy Campbell (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Campbell (p)
Mr. Ryan A. Camuto (c/s)
Ms. Jessica M. Canas (c/s)
Ms. Candyce Candage (p)
Ms. Cynthia Cannavo (f/s)
Mrs. Christine Bergman Cannon '97
Mrs. Carol Mehlberg Carberry '94
Mr. Nicholas L. Cardoso (c/s)
Mrs. Julie Firment Carlson '91
Ms. Fay Carpio '01
Ms. Lynn Carroll (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Carrubba (p)
Ms. Kimberly Carten '10
Mrs. Darla Andrew Carter '85
Mr. Jeffrey Carter
Ms. Nicole Cartica '04
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carver (p)
Mr. Mark Casavant '88
Mr. Jason Cascio '08
Ms. Amanda Cassella (c/s)
Mr. Eoin M. Cassin '10
Mr. Gregory Castellane (c/s)
Mr. Christopher Causseaux '04
Ms. Christina Cavey '06
Mr. Julian Chalfant '09
Ms. Kalie D. Chambers (c/s)
Ms. Cindy Champion
Mr. Andrew Chance '09
Mr. Christopher H. Chapman '10
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Chapman (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James Charrie (p)
Ms. Brooke Chekofsky (c/s)
Mr. Christopher G. Cheney (c/s)
Ms. Shenira R. Cherry
Ms. Sylvia Cherry (p)
Ms. Claye Chester '09
Ms. Renee E. Chiaverini '10
Mrs. Elizabeth Flynn Childers '03
Mr. Russel Chiodo (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Chisholm (p)
Mr. and Mrs. George Christensen (p)
Ms. Emily A. Christy '10
Mr. Casey Chuhinka '09
Mr. Michael Chuhinka and Ms. Donna Kovach (p)
Ms. Noemi Cirilo (p)
Mr. Christopher Cittadino, Jr. '08
Mr. and Mrs. James Clark (p)
Ms. Joanne Clark '98
Mrs. Mary Beth Carswell Clark '94
Mr. Stephen Clark, Jr. '06
Mr. Steven J. Clark '10
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clark (p)
Mr. James Boxma '92 and Mrs. Christina Clark-Boxma '92
Mr. Alex Clay '08
Mr. Jeremy J. Clemens '02
Ms. Corey Clement '09
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Clement (p)
Mr. Christopher Clemons '06
Mr. Joshua Clemons
Mrs. Jennifer Clendenin '09
Ms. Barbara Clifford '09
Mrs. Jessica Teders Cline '99
Ms. Laura Cloud '07
Ms. Heather Clubb '09
Ms. Bethany Coates '08
Ms. Kathryn M. Coble '10
Ms. Rosalie Cocci '09
Mr. and Mrs. David Cocks (p)
Mr. Clayton Coffman '09
Mr. and Mrs. David Coffman (p)
Mrs. Natalie Rowan Cofield '05
Mr. Carl Colalillo (p)
Ms. Amanda Cole '07
Mr. Charles Cole (c/s)
Mr. Andrew H. Coleman (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Colgan (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Collins (p)
Ms. Alison Como (c/s)
Mrs. Julie Shoemaker Conger '94
Mr. Richard Connaway '78
Ms. Nicolette Connell '06
Mr. Christopher S. Connelly (c/s)
Ms. Ashley Conner
Ms. Kelley Conner
Ms. Gina Conroy
Ms. Amy Contolini '94
Ms. Katlyn Conville '10
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Conville (p)
Kenneth and Kimberly (c/s) Conway (p)
Mr. Matthew R. Conway '10
Mr. Bradley Cook '09
David '01 and Colette Tantum '01 Cook
Mr. David Cook '04
Ms. Jennifer Cook '09
Ms. Sylvia L. Cook
Mr. John J. Cooney
Ms. Caroline K. Cooper '10
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cooper (p)
Ms. Maureen Cooper (p)
Ms. Rebecca Cooper '10
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Cori (p)
Ms. Suzanne Cori '09
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cork (p)
Mr. Gabriel Corral (c/s)
Mr. Jay Corrales '08
Mr. Adam B. Correia (c/s)
Mr. Mike Corrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Corriveau (p)
Ms. Chiara M. Cortesano
Mr. Robin A. Cortina '10
Mr. Alexander Corvo (c/s)
Ms. Amanda J. Corwin (c/s)
Ms. Rachael Cosgrove (c/s)
Mr. Damian Costantino '07
Ms. Chelsea Cott (c/s)
Ms. Mary J. Cotterill (p)
Mrs. Peggy Jo Caraway Cottle '75
Ms. Kelley Cottrell (c/s)
Ms. Kathryn Couch '04
Ms. Libby G. Couch '10
Ms. Louise Couch (p)
Mr. Devin J. Cousins (c/s)
Mr. Travis Coverston (c/s)
Ms. Kathleen E. Crabb '10
Ms. Cindy Craft '87
Ms. Nicole A. Cramer '10
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Crawford (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crayne (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Crehan (p)
Clayton "Barry" '07 (f/s) and Erica Nicholas '08 (f/s) Cressley
Mr. Chris Crews
Ms. Sara L. Crissman (c/s)
Mr. Paul Crissy '90
Michael '02 and Bethany Hendrix '01 Croese
Mr. Powel Crosley '93
Mr. Jeffrey Crouch '83
Ms. Karen Crow (p)
Mr. Patrick Michael Crowley, Jr. '08
Christopher '05 and Nicole Brunson '04 Crumpler
Mr. Michael Cuff '87
Ms. Carmelisa Y. Cummings '03
Mr. Kyle Cunningham '09
Mrs. Stephanie Wieser Cunningham '95
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Curette (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Curnow (p)
Mr. Robert Curran '09
Ms. Carolann Curry '06
Ms. Catherine Curry '10
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Craig Curry (p)
Ms. Kristy Curtis '08
Mr. Chad Cushman
Mr. Sean-Michael Cusick (c/s)
Ms. Joanne Czeremcha '95
Ms. Jennifer L. Dalton '09
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Daly
Mr. and Mrs. John Daly (p)
Ms. Elisabeth Damiano '10
Ms. Linda Danahy (p)
Ms. Alexandra Dankert '09
Mr. Roger Davey II '98
Mr. Christopher T. Davis (c/s)
Mr. Jared Davis '05
Ms. Sara Davis '02
Mr. Thomas J. Davis '10
Ms. Teri Day (p)
Ms. Chelsi De Cuba '10
Mr. and Mrs. Emile de Cuba (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond De Cuba (p)
Mrs. Jamie De Jesus '03
Mr. Matthew DeAngelis '10
Ms. Lori L. Deaton (c/s)
Ms. Kim Campbell Deegan '82
Mr. Doug Deen
Mr. James A. DeFoor III (c/s)
Ms. Lauren DeGeorge (c/s)
Ms. Natasha Degrave
Ms. Kim Del Rance '98
Ms. Aileen Del Rio (c/s)
Ms. Lulu Del Valle '09
Mr. Raymond DeLano '09
Mrs. Donna Marie Thompson DeLeon '85
Mr. Ralph Della-Pietra (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Randy DelRio (p)
Mr. Christopher DeLuca (c/s)
Mr. Christopher DeMaio '10
Mr. and Mrs. William DeMaio (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Justin DeMarco (p)
Ms. Brittany Demers '10
Mr. Andrew Deming '09
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Deming (p)
Mr. David Demme-Pratt '05
Michael '96 and Heather Nash '90 Dempsey
Mr. and Mrs. David Denkin (p)
Ms. Paige Denkin (c/s)
Mr. John Denmark '01
Ms. Berekti C. Desanges (c/s)
Ms. Ann DeSoto (p)
Mr. Ryan Dettra '00
Mrs. Sally DeVane (f/s)
Ms. Elizabeth DeVincenzo
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Devine, Jr. (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth DeWolfe (p)
Mr. Scotty S. Diaz, Jr. '10
Ms. Amanda J. Dicken '08
Ms. Marie Diffley (p)
Mr. Richard Diliberto
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiMassa (p)
Mr. Dennis Dingle '05
Ms. Kara C. Dinkla '07
Mr. and Mrs. John DiScala (p)
Mr. Cameron Dix '10
Ms. Liza C. Dixon '10
Ms. Jessica Dodd '08
Mr. Timothy J. Donnelly '08
Mr. Jason Dorman '08
Mr. Christopher J. Downs '93
Mr. and Mrs. James Driscoll (p)
Ms. Cathy Duah '09
Ms. Cynthia Dueling '10
Ms. Becky Duey (c/s)
Mark and Catherine (f/s) Duffy
Mr. Kory M. Duffy '10
Mrs. Liza Arce Dumas '92
Raymond '90 and Kimberly Gordan '89 Dunham
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Dunston (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Durrance (p)
Mrs. Jeanette Riley Dutcher '92
Ms. Sarah K. Dutton (c/s)
Ms. Janette Duval (c/s)
Mr. Steve Dyal
Ms. Margaret "Peggy" B. Dyess (f/s)
Ms. Meredith Dynow '09
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Eaddy (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Eason (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eaton (p)
Ms. Kendra Eaton '10
Ms. Wendi-Jo Eaton '10
Tyson '02 and Genesa Maskell '99 Eavenson
Ms. Megan K. Eaves (c/s)
Ms. Griffith Egan (c/s)
Ms. Emily Egersdorf (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Eichelberger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ellingsworth (p)
Ms. Holly Elliott '09
Mrs. Cassandra Anderson Ellis '04
Dr. Joseph J. Ellis III '89
Mr. Christian Elsen (c/s)
Mr. Kyle Elston (c/s)
Mr. Raymond Eme (p)
Mr. Raymond Eme (c/s)
Ms. Ashley A. Emert '08
Mr. Jason A. Emord '08
Mr. Ryan Endrizzi (c/s)
Ms. Nikita Engel '10
Ms. Hannah M. Engle (c/s)
Mr. Juan Escobar (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. James Estabrook (p)
Mrs. Alison Oates Evans '08
Mrs. Dorothy Tydings Evans '84
Mr. Terry M. Evans
Andrew '08 and Julie Milo '08 Evener
Ms. Sarah Everhart '09
Mr. and Mrs. William Everhart III (p)
Ms. Emma Fabius
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fair III (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Fair (p)
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Fair '10
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Falzone (p)
Mr. Salvatore J. Falzone '10
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Farmer (p)
Mr. Daniel Farrell (p)
Ms. Nicole Fasanelli (c/s)
Ms. Jessica R. Fashant '10
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fasnacht (p)
Ms. Samantha Fasnacht '10
Mr. David Faulkner '95
Ms. Tamila Fawcett (p)
Ms. Jamie Feagans '08
Mr. and Mrs. Myles Feltenberger (p)
Mr. David Ferguson, Jr. (c/s)
Ms. Kaile Ferguson (c/s)
Ms. Simone A. Ferguson '10
Ms. Lia K. Ferrante '99
Mr. Peter Ferreira '06
Mr. Erick Fibich '93
Ms. Barbara Field (p)
Ms. Megan Field '06
Robert and Belinda (f/s) Fieldhouse (p)
Ms. Brittany C. Fields '10
Mr. Stanley Fields '86
Ms. Veronica Figueroa (c/s)
Mrs. Brooke Gagnon Filipovski '02
Ms. Kristen Finn '06
Mr. Brian Finney (f/s)
Ms. Lillie Finnie (f/s)
Mr. John Nick Finotti '09
Mrs. Emily Fischer-Bunker '97
Mrs. Aleisha Turner Fitzgerald '09
Ms. Kathleen Fitzpatrick (c/s)
Mr. Ryan J. Flagler (c/s)
Ms. Abbigail Flegal '09
Mr. David Fleming '08
Mr. Vincent Florio '08
Mr. Johan Flostrand (c/s)
Ms. Jillian Flowers (c/s)
Ms. Marella Flynn '08
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Foley (p)
Daniel '84 and Lori-Ann Selander Foley '85
Ms. Jerae Forde '10
Mrs. Deborah Foreman '88
Mr. Mark Forlines
Mrs. Barbara Forrest-Ball '83
Ms. Christine Forsyth '09
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Forsyth (p)
Ms. Chelsea Fountain '09
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fountain (p)
Mr. Joel Fouraker
Ms. Margaret Franck
Mr. William Frandsen (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Franks (p)
Mr. Kenneth Franqui '90
Ms. Amanda Fraser
Mr. Donnie Fraser
Mr. Paul Fraser (c/s)
Ms. Jessica Fratrik '08
Mr. Zachary P. Freitas (c/s)
Mr. Michael Fretto '04
Mr. and Mrs. John Frevola (p)
Mrs. Jennette T. Giesey Fritch '03
Mrs. Diane Siegler Fritz '97
Mrs. Lindsey Makeeff Frohlich '09
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Fronczak (p)
Mr. Nicholas Fronczak '09
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fronti (p)
Ms. Katrina Frunker '08
Mr. Roy T. Fry (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Fry (p)
Mr. Sean Frye '06
Ms. Devan Fullerton '07
Mr. Chris Gabriel '90
Ms. Nicole Gaines '09
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gaines (p)
Ms. Marcy Galbreath '93
Ms. Simona Galik '02
Mr. Jack Galley '05
Mr. Kristopher Galway (c/s)
Mr. Scott Gamble (f/s)
Ms. Ellen R. Gambrell (c/s)
Ms. Nicole Gamerl (c/s)
Ms. Ashley Gandolfo '07
Mr. and Mrs. David Garcia (p)
Ms. Kaitlin Gardiner (c/s)
Ms. Hannah M. Garner '10
Mrs. Barbara Garratt (p)
Ms. Danielle Garten
Ms. Amelia Gartley (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gartner (p)
Mr. Nathaniel G. Gartner (c/s)
Mr. Filip Gasior
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gaskin (p)
Mr. Ryan N. Gaskin '10
Ms. Jane Gaudiosi (p)
Mr. H. Denny Gaultney (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gavazzi (p)
Mrs. Courtney Jackson Gaver '09
Mr. Brent Gebhart '09
Mr. and Mrs. R. David Gebhart (p)
Ms. Lisa Gehin (f/s)
Ms. Stacie Geller (p)
Ms. Suzanne Gentile (c/s)
Ms. Nakita George (c/s)
Mrs. Rebecca Aprill Ghelman '03
Michele '90 and Natalie Huerkamp '91 Giacosa
Ms. Heather Gibson '10
Mr. Jason M. Gibson (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Drew A. Gilbert (p)
Mr. Grant R. Gillenwater '09
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gillenwater (p)
Matthew '08 and Jennifer Gardner '08 Gillikin
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gilmore
Mr. William Givens (c/s)
Mr. Bedford Glascock (c/s)
Ms. Elizabeth Glasgow '09
Ms. Lauren Glass '08
Mr. Eric Gleaton
Ms. Catherine E. Gleeson '10
Mr. David Gleeson and Ms. Tamra Rushing (p)
Mr. Richard C. Goater '74
Mr. Malcam J. Godwin (c/s)
Mrs. Catherine Goeden '08
Ms. Mackenzie Goertz '10
Mrs. Virginia Conley Goetz '92
Mrs. Catherine A. Mobley Goff '80
Ms. Kaitlyn M. Goffe
Ms. Jamie N. Gomez '05
Ms. Kimberly Goodbody '98
Ms. Alicia M. Goodman (c/s)
Mr. Hiller Goodspeed '10
Mr. and Mrs. Givens Goodspeed (p)
Mr. Beau Gordon '10
Mr. Brian Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Gordon (p)
Mr. Thomas Gormley (c/s)
Ms. Shana Coursin Gorondy '05
Ms. Hannah E. Gorski (c/s)
Ms. Diane Goryl (p)
Mr. Deke Gould '01
Ms. Kara Gover (c/s)
Ms. Brittany S. Grace (c/s)
Mr. Lewis Grace '96
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Grace (p)
Ms. Katrina Graham '04
Ms. Sherion Graham
Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Granatino (p)
Mr. John M. Granatino '10
Mr. Zacharias A. Grant '08
Mr. and Mrs. James Grasso (p)
Mrs. Cynthia LaJoie Grate '89
Ms. Barbara Ann Gray (p)
Richard '03 and Carly Doan '03 Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Ruffin A. Gray III (p)
Ms. Jordan Greathouse '09
Mr. Charles Greaves and Dr. Cristy Greaves (p)
Ms. Lauren Greaves '10
Ms. Robin Greaves (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Greco (p)
Ms. Allison P. Greenberg (c/s)
Ms. Nicole Greenberg '10
Mr. Daniel C. Greene '10
Mr. Jeffrey A. Greene (c/s)
Ms. Kristen Greeno '08
Mr. Andrew Greenwald '84
Ms. Shanna Greer '10
Mr. Alexander Gregorie (c/s)
Mr. Bradford Gregory '98
Mrs. Jean Walz Griffin '90
Ms. Lauren Griffin '09
Mr. Tyler A. Grimes '10
Mrs. Mary Lauren Cribb Gropp '09
Mrs. Molly Strickman Grossholz '78
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Groves III (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Grubb
Ms. Marie Guadagno '09
Ms. Sharon Guarino (p)
Ms. Jacquelyn C. Gubbins (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Guenther, Sr. (p)
Mr. Robert Guerino '78
Mr. Robert Guffey '88
Ms. Corina R. Guglielmo (c/s)
Ms. Cheri Guidry (p)
Ms. Meaghan Gulliksen (c/s)
Mr. Glenn Gutowski, Jr.
Ms. Stephanie Guy '07
Mr. William Gwyn '08
Jason '03 and Kristan Snyder '04 Haas
Mr. J. Gray Haenn (c/s)
Mr. Ian Haffner '09
Ms. Desiree Hahn '10
Mrs. Sabrina Wade Haines '85
Mr. Samuel Hale III '05
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Haley (p)
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Halkin (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hall (p)
Mr. Thomas Hall '87
Mrs. Allison Hall Halpin '06
Mrs. Jennifer Hamilton-Wenzel '08
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hammell (p)
Ms. Julia B. Hammett '10
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hammett (p)
Mr. and Mrs. William Hammock (p)
Ms. Molly Jane Hammond '10
Mrs. Christine Haney '02
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hankins
Ms. Sara S. Hansen '07
Mr. Marcus Hansley
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hanson (p)
Ms. Mallory Hanson '10
Ms. Christina D. Harding '98
Mr. Robert A. Hardwick '08
Mrs. Asimina Haretos '05 (f/s)
James and Jenny (f/s) Harker III (p)
Mr. Jacob R. Harper (c/s)
Mrs. Wendy Lentz Harper '89
Ms. Samantha K. Harrell '09
Ms. Christine Harris (c/s)
Miss Rebecca Harris '07
Mrs. Stacy Harris
Mrs. Teresa G. Harris '07
Mr. Justin Hart '04
Ms. Elizabeth K. Hartley (c/s)
Mr. Nathan Hartley
Mr. and Mrs. William Harvell (p)
Ms. Megan E. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hausler (p)
Mr. Robert Hawkins '93
Ms. Kelby A. Hawn (c/s)
Mr. Thomas "Chip" Hawthorne (c/s)
Ms. Carina Hayes '07
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hayes (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hays (p)
Mr. Samuel Hays (c/s)
Ms. Elaine Healy (p)
Ms. Elisa M. Hearn '08
Ms. Emilee Heath '05
Mr. and Mrs. James Heckman (p)
Mr. Benjamin Hein (c/s)
Mrs. Marsha Carpenter Heini '90
Ms. Kacey B. Helbig (c/s)
Ms. Winsome Helwig (p)
Mrs. Susan MacDowell Hemings '86
Mr. Craig J. Henderson (c/s)
Ms. Rebecca Hendrian '09
Mr. Richard Hendrickson '88
Mr. Steven Hepner '06
Mr. Benjamin Heppner (c/s)
Ms. Jean Adams (p)
Commander Selena Hernandez-Haines '80
Ms. Lauren Hersey
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hevey (p)
Ms. Caitlin Hevey '09
Mr. Jason Hewitt '09
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hewitt (p)
Ms. Stephanie Hicks '08
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Higdon
Ms. Kimberly Higgins (p)
Mr. Gary Highsmith
Mr. Sean S. Hile (c/s)
Mrs. Jennifer Baker Hill '04
Mr. Nathaniel D. Hill (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hiller (p)
Mr. Richard Hines (c/s)
Ms. Stefanie Hinton '08
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Hintz (p)
Mr. Derek Hirons '97
Mr. Christopher Hitriz '09
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hoadley (p)
Ms. Rebecca Hoadley (c/s)
Mrs. Brittany Beaty Hobbs '09
Mr. Robert Hodge and Ms. Irene Arriola
Ms. Abbi M. Hoff '10
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hoff (p)
Mrs. Janalyn Hofmann '08
Ms. Mary Hogan (p)
Mr. Sean Hogan '09
Ms. Rebecca Hoggard '06
Mr. Aaron Hoke '04
Mr. James Holbert '10
Ms. Anita Holland (p)
Mr. Austin M. Holland (c/s)
Ms. Caroline Holland '07
Mr. Christopher Holmes (c/s)
Mr. Charles Holt '99
Jordan '07 and Audrey '08 Holtz
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hooper (p)
Mrs. Jennifer Maron Hooter '00
Ms. Emily A. Hoover (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Horne (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James Hoskinson (p)
Joshua '10 and Hannah Boutwell '09 Hough
Mr. Mackenzie Hough (c/s)
Ms. Sarah Houmes '03
Mr. Cason Houser
Mr. and Mrs. George Houser III (p)
Ms. Jill M. Houser '10
Mrs. Amy Howard '07
Mrs. Tara Duhaime Howard '03
Ms. Athalia N. Howell '09
Ms. Heather Howell '06
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hrynyk (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hubbel (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Huber (p)
Mr. Michael Huber (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Huber (p)
Ms. Wendy Huber '87
Ms. Kristina Hudzinski (c/s)
Mr. Devin J. Hughes '10
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hughes (p)
Ms. Jennie C. Hugo '10
Mr. and Mrs. Barton Hull (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Connie Hunter, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunter, Jr. (p)
Ms. Kelly Hunter '10
Mr. and Mrs. James Huntress (p)
Mr. Briggs A. Hurley '10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hurley (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hurley (p)
Ms. Rebecca Hurst '09
Mr. John Hurt (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Hurtado, Sr. (p)
Ms. Marihec Hurtado '09
James '90 and Stacy Owens '92 Hutchings
Ms. Maggie Hutchison (f/s)
Mr. Stephen Hutson '09
Ms. Stephanie M. Hyland (c/s)
Ms. Meghan Iacobacci '07
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Induni (p)
Mrs. Elizabeth A Ingraham '07
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ingram (p)
Ms. Amanda J. Inman '10
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Inman
Mr. John Izzi
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Jackson (p)
Mr. Bradley E. Jackson '07
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Jackson (p)
Ms. Kortne Jackson '09
Mrs. Laura Nordby Jackson '02
Ms. Martha Jackson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jackson (p)
Ms. Laura Jacobs '08
Joshua '99 and Adara '00 Jacobson
Mr. Christian James (c/s)
Mrs. Stefania Petito Jancewicz '91
Mrs. Lindsay Wilson Jarvis '04
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Jaspan (p)
Mr. Joshua E. Jaspan '09
Mr. Patrick Jeffries '08
Ms. Kyra Jenkins (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Jenkins (p)
Mr. Samuel Jenkins '10
Mr. Kyle Jennette (c/s)
Ms. Deann M. Jennings (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Jennings (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James Jeschonek (p)
Mr. Chirstopher Jessop (c/s)
Ms. Becky Johns
Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson (p)
Douglas '01 and Jessica Poulin '01 Johnson
Ms. Laura Johnson (p)
Ms. Mary M. Johnson '74
Mr. Michael J. Johnson (c/s)
Mr. James Johnston '08
Ms. Nancy Johnston (p)
Mr. Richard Johnston (c/s)
Mr. Austin Joiner '10
Ms. Victoria Jolley (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jones (p)
Ms. Catherine Ivey Jones '09
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Jones (p)
Mr. Jeffrey Jones (p)
Ms. Marvelle Jones
Ms. Teresa Jones (p)
Ms. Joyce Jordan (p)
Ms. Sonia Jorge (f/s)
Mr. Glenn Josephik '09
Mr. Andrew R. Joyce (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Juliano (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jurgensen (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kalbach (p)
Ms. Eileen Kandret (p)
Ms. Leila S. Kandret '10
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kane (p)
Ms. Kathleen Kangas (c/s)
Ms. Regina Karshner (p)
Ms. Colby L. Keefe (c/s)
Mrs. Christina Tichenor Keel '95
Ms. Colleen Keener (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keener (p)
Mr. Scott Keeperman '98
Mr. William Kehoe
Chad '97 and Jennifer Conley '98 Keller
Mr. Bruce Kelley and Mrs. Nancy Kinas-Kelley (p)
Ms. Megan M. Kelley (c/s)
Mrs. Melissa Kelley '08
Mr. Michael Kendall '99
Mr. Daniel Kennedy '10
Ms. Katelyn Kennedy '10
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Kennedy (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kennedy (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kerr (p)
Mr. Sean Kerr (c/s)
Mr. Benjamin Kersenbrock '03
Mr. John Kersey (c/s)
Mrs. Jacqueline Meijers Kerssemakers '07
Ms. Carolyn Kienzle (c/s)
Ms. Jennifer Kifer '05
Ms. Sheila Kiggen (p)
Mr. Tony Kight
C. Dawson '98 and Kery Conner '98 Killhoffer
Mr. Conor Killeen (c/s)
Mr. Jay F. Kimball
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kinder (p)
Ms. Carol S. King
Ms. Danielle Garceau King '98
Mr. Joseph King (c/s)
Ms. Kathleen E. King '06
Mr. Leighton King '05
Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Kirby (p)
Ms. Courtney Kirk (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Kirk (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kirk (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirk (p)
Ms. Emily Kirkpatrick '10
Mr. and Mrs. John Kirkpatrick (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kirshner (p)
Dr. and Mrs. John Kistler (p)
Mr. and Mrs. David Kleinfeld (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Knazur, Sr. (p)
Ms. Erin Singleton Knight '95
Ms. Haley C. Knight (c/s)
Ms. Sarah Knight '06
Mr. William Jeffrey Knight (f/s)
Mr. Christopher Chase Koch (c/s)
Mr. Kristian Kohrs '96
Ms. Kaitlyn Komando '10
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Komando (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koster (p)
Mr. Michael Koster (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. William Kotwicki (p)
Ms. Megan Kovak (c/s)
Ms. Abby Kovalczyk (c/s)
Ms. Sarah Kowalske '02
Mr. Lawrence Kraker (p)
Mr. Matthew Kraker '08
Ms. Lauren Kramer '09
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kramer (p)
Mr. and Mrs. George Krapf (p)
Ms. Mary Kay Kreitner
Mr. Adam Krell (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Krell II (p)
Ms. Samantha Kremser '08
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kremser (p)
Kirk '84 and Karen Grissom '84 Kreuter
Ms. Tricia A. Kristoff (f/s) and Mr. Walter Rampata
Mr. Jacob Kruchten '08
Kenneth '89 and Karen Hathaway '89 Kubart
Mr. William Kuehne '10
Ms. Megan Kuffa '01
Ms. Emily Kuhn '02
Ms. Jennifer Marino Kuiper '99
Mr. Todd Kurland '05
Ms. Margie Lagasse
Ms. Michelle Lagasse
Mr. Bertrand Laidler, Jr. (c/s)
Mrs. Ashley Rhodes Lamb '06
Mr. Jerry Lambert, Jr. '07
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lambert (p)
Ms. McKenzie Lamborne '02
Ms. Christa Lamond (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lamond (p)
Ms. Laura Beth Lancaster (c/s)
Ms. Robyn Landey '06
Mrs. Mindy Lands '93
Mr. Steven Lane
Ms. Donna Langford '93
Ms. Nicole E. Langston '05
Mr. and Mrs. William Lanni (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lannon (p)
Ms. Cynthia C. Larcher '85
Ms. Aileen Larkin (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. John Larkin (p)
Mr. Timothy Larkin II '99
Ms. Deborah LaRocque (p)
Ms. Amanda Larsen '10
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Larsen (p)
Ms. Lee Anne LaRue '10
Mr. Todd LaRue (p)
Mrs. Teresa Jennings LaRuffa '89
Ms. Jennifer Rogers Latka '90
Ms. Christine LaTour (p)
Mr. Walter Laubach
Mr. Bryan Laudenslager '05
Mr. Maxwell S. Laughlin (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lauth (p)
Mr. Christopher Lauth '09
Ms. Claire Lawrance '10
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lawrence, Jr. (p)
Ms. Elizabeth Layfield '06
Ms. Sara Lear (c/s)
Ms. Courtney Lee '08
Mr. George Lee
Dr. George Lee (f/s)
Ms. Michelle Lee (p)
Ms. Jillian Leger '09
Ms. Audra Leis '07
Mr. Joshua Lemin '04
Ms. Samantha Lemke (c/s)
Ms. Rosie Lenahan '08
Christopher '90 and Shelley Decator '91 Lenkiewicz
Mr. Nathan Lesicka '03
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Lewis (p)
Mr. Ed Lewis
Mrs. Erin Pate Lewis '04
Mrs. Natalie Kokorian Lewis '00
Mr. and Mrs. David Liberatore (p)
Mr. Todd Lietz '05
Mr. Edward Lincoln, Jr. (c/s)
Ms. Maria Paz Lindeman McEvoy (c/s)
Mr. Randall Lindquist (p)
Ms. Ashley N. Linger (c/s)
Mr. Tony Lippi '00
Ms. Jill Little '09
Mr. William Little '08
Mr. Alexei Lizanich '07
Mrs. Mary C. Gould Locker '94
Mr. Michael Logan
Mr. Gary Lohmann (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lombard (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lombardi, Jr. (p)
Mrs. Ona M. Long
Mrs. Teri Sargeant Lott '03
Ms. Delores Love (f/s)
Mr. Michael Love '76
Ms. Kayla Loveday '10
Ms. Shari Lovino (p)
Mr. Joel Lowther '10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Lowther (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Lubbers
Mr. Robert Luca '00
Benjamin '00 and Jennifer Wagner '99 Ludwig
Ms. Alyssa Lunsford (c/s)
Mr. Justin Lupinski '05
Mr. Nicholas Luppino, Sr. '79
David '95 and Melinda Pearch '97 Lutton
Mr. Seth Lyda '10
Mr. and Mrs. John Lyman (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lynn (p)
Mr. Matthew Lynn '09
Ms. Janet Lyons (p)
Mr. Michael J. Lyons '09
Ms. Stephanie Lyons (c/s)
Ms. Elizabeth Armstrong Macdonald '02
Ms. Teresa Macedo (p)
Ms. Ann K. MacLeod
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Maddox (p)
Mrs. Sylvia Jackson Mahalak '87
Mr. William Mahon VII '09
Mr. Brandt A. Mais '08
Ms. Ellie Maize '10
Ms. Jacqueline Malambri '08
Mr. and Mrs. John Malenkiewicz (p)
Mr. Dennis Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mandaro (p)
Mr. Michael Mandaro III '09
Ms. Brittany N. Mang '10
Ms. Stephanie Mangum '09
Mr. John Manis, Jr. '98
Ms. Katelyn Manis (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. John Mann (p)
Ms. Leslie Mann '09
Ms. Rachel Mann '09
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman F. Mann, Jr. (p)
Ms. Dian Mannarino (p)
Mr. Bob Mannon
Mr. Ronald Mans and Ms. Lisa Blake (p)
Mr. Jeffrey Mansfield (c/s)
Ms. Laura Mantell '05
Ms. Alessandra Marchetta (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Marconi (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Oreste Marconi (p)
Mrs. Tanya Margarone '98
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Marich (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marinan (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Marinaro, Jr.
Mr. Michael P. Marino '10
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Marotta (p)
Ms. Tara Marotta '10
Ms. Luana C. Marques '09
Mr. Jorge S. Marquez '07
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Marra (p)
Mrs. Debra Marsh '06
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Marshall (p)
Ms. Catherine Martin '90
Mrs. Kristyrae Larson Martin '05
Mr. Mark A. Martin '10
Ms. Theresa Martin (p)
Ms. Capri Martinez '09
Ms. Songa Martinez (p)
Mr. David M. Martorana '92
Ms. Gail J. Martorana '86
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Masse (p)
Ms. Kara Masson '10
Mr. Mitchell Mastromatteo '04
Mr. Benjamin Matthews (c/s)
Ms. Laura Mauldin '09
Ms. Sarah M. Maxfield '09
Ms. Diana May (p)
Mr. Gregory May '10
Mr. Kevin May '07
Mrs. Mary Schilling Maylone '74
Ms. Chrisje Mays '85
Ms. Erin Mazzeo (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Mazzota (p)
Mr. John F. McCahill '10
Ms. Cheryl McCarthy (f/s)
Ms. Elizabeth McCarthy '06
Mr. Ryan P. McCarthy '09
Mr. Christopher McClain '07
Ms. Kourtney McClure '08
Mr. Matt McClure
Ms. Rachel McClure '09
Mrs. Filomena Napolitano McCown '97
Mrs. Tara Glinsky McCrossan '01
Mr. Eric McDermott '99
Mr. and Mrs. Scott McEachern (p)
Ms. Christina R. McEldrew '08
Mrs. Patricia Hogan McElhone '92
Mr. Andre McFarline (c/s)
Ms. Lacey McGinn
Ms. Catherine McGlinchy '09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGrady (p)
Ms. Christine McGrath (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McHugh (p)
Mr. Michael McHugh '10
Ms. Kendall McKenzie '09
Mr. Travis McKinney (c/s)
Ms. Laura A. McKnight (c/s)
Ms. Charity N. McKuhen '08
Mr. Conor A. McLaughlin (c/s)
Ms. Melissa McLellan '91
Mr. Andrew McMichael '08
Ms. Charlotte B. McMichael '10
Ms. Shelly McMillan '95
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McNeal (p)
Kevin '07 and Rachael Stevens '08 McNeal
Mr. and Mrs. James McNeill, Jr. (p)
Ms. Judy McNeill (p)
Ms. Kelsey E. McNeill '10
Mr. Brandon Meadows '06
Mr. Ernesto Medina '09
Mr. Steven Meehan (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. David Meinecke (p)
Mr. Matthew Meinhardt
Mr. John A. Melnicoff '04
Mr. Brad Melvin '09
Ms. Yulia Menyaylova '09
Mr. Andrew Mercier (c/s)
Benjamin '07 and Jessica Oblaczynski '07 Meredith
Mr. Gregory Mergel (c/s)
Mr. Kodi Merrell '10
Mr. Lyndon Merthie, Jr. (c/s)
Ms. Tonya Merthre (p)
Mr. John Metros
Mr. Joseph Metz (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Metz (p)
Mr. Calvin Meyer (c/s)
Mrs. Ellen Lederman Meyers '72
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Michael (p)
Mrs. Heidi Williams Michelow '88
Ms. Terri Micolucci (p)
Ms. Jaclyn Miklos '10
Ms. M. Grace Milburn '07
Ms. Linda Milite (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Rock Miller (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller (p)
Mr. David Miller (c/s)
Ms. Deon Miller (c/s)
Ms. Erin Miller (c/s)
Mr. John Patrick Miller (c/s)
Ms. Kera Miller '09
Mr. Patrick Miller '09
Giorgetta Miller-Weedman '99
Mr. Brandon Millman (c/s)
Brian '96 and Eleanor "Ellyn" Garcy '96 Minnich
Mr. Sherman Missick '09
Ms. Sandhya Mistry (p)
Mrs. Carolyn Mitchell '98
Ms. Lauren E. Mitchell
Mr. Stephen Mitchell '03 (f/s)
Mr. Todd M. Mitchell '90
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Mock
Mr. Todd A. Modglin '09
Mr. Timmy Moegenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Moen (p)
Ms. Camma Krewer Molaschi '90
Ms. Laura Mongiovi (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. William Montero (p)
Mr. Doug Montgomery
Ms. Laura K. Montgomery (c/s)
Mr. George R. Moon '93
Mr. Michael S. Mooney '09
Mrs. Diane Moore (p)
Mr. Jeremiah A. Moore (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Morales (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Morelli (p)
Ms. Emily Morris (c/s)
Mr. Jay Morris '04
Mr. Stephen Morris '08
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Morris (p)
Ms. Ramona Morrison (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Morrow, Jr. (p)
Ms. Erin S. Morse (c/s)
Ms. Francine Morton '06
Mr. Daniel Vincent Mosco (c/s)
Mr. Ryan Mosher (c/s)
Mr. Garrett Moss '08
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Moss (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Moss (p)
Ms. Pareece Moss (c/s)
Ms. Mandy Mott '09
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Scott Moulton (p)
Ms. Jamie Mucciolo '09
Mr. Alvin Muller (p)
Ms. Dian Muller (p)
Ms. Priscilla Muller '10
Ms. Alison Murphy '10
Ms. Colleen Murphy '10
Ms. Dona Murphy (p)
Mr. Eammon Murphy (c/s)
Mr. Evan Murphy (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murphy (p)
Mr. Owen Murphy (c/s)
Ms. Sherry Murphy (p)
Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Murray (p)
Ms. Jill D. Murray '06
Ms. Patricia V. Murrayhay
Mr. James Muse (p)
Mr. Seth I. Muse '10
Ms. Rebecca Mutz '10
Mr. Jonathan Myers (c/s)
Mrs. Lauren Lynch Myers '03
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Myers (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Nahm (p)
Mr. Jason S. Neely '03
Mr. Cooper Neil (c/s)
Ms. Joanita Nellenbach '77
Ms. Alicia Nelson (c/s)
Mr. C. David Nelson and Mrs. Gabrielle McClure-Nelson (p)
Mrs. Michelle Patterson Nelson '92
Mr. Thomas Nelson '10
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin New, Jr. (p)
Ms. Eileen R. New '10
Mr. Luke Newcomer (c/s)
Ms. Ashlee Newman '04
Mr. Jordan T. Nezbeth (c/s)
Ms. Natalie Niager '09
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Niager (p)
Ms. Crystal R. Niederriter (c/s)
Mr. Stuart Nierenstein (p)
Mr. David Nixon
Mrs. Kim Denyko Noble '90
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Norberg (p)
Mrs. Terri Norman '07
Ms. Catherine Lewandowski Norris '83
Mr. Travis Norris (c/s)
Mr. Glenn Northrup '87
Mr. Frank J. Novak '77
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nuzzi (p)
Mr. Robin L. Nyquist '79
Mr. Daniel O'Brien '10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Brien (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Philips O'Brien (p)
Mr. Paul W. O'Dea (c/s)
Mrs. Heide Forbes Odom '86
Ms. Kathleen O'Donnell (p)
Mr. Michael T. O'Donnell '08
Mr. Ryan O'Donnell (c/s)
Ms. Florien Offergelt (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Leary (p)
Ms. Carmen Oliveras (f/s)
Mr. Jorge Oliveras (f/s) and Ms. Ana Lugo (f/s)
Ms. Patricia Olsen '90
Mr. Alonzo Ortiz (f/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Osborne (p)
Ms. Michele M. Osborne '10
Ms. Megan D. Osiecki '06
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Ospina (p)
Ms. Maria Fernanda Ospina '10
Ms. Monica C. O'Steen
Mr. John S. Otey '78
Ms. Mary Margaret Overbey (p)
Ms. Crystal Pacetti
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pack (p)
Ms. Merideth Pack '10
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Packer (p)
Ms. Terris Packer '10
Ms. Anamae C. Packo
Mr. and Mrs. Francesco Pagano
Mr. Michael Paladino '08
Mr. Michael J. Palmer '86
Ms. Stacey Palmieri (c/s)
Mr. Brian R. Palumbo '09
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Palumbo (p)
Mr. Steven Panitch (p)
Mr. Daniel Papageorge '10
Ms. Danielle Paquette '95
Mr. Denis Paquette '91
Ms. Marshayla D. Parahamas '06
Mr. Sean Parker '00
Ms. Victoria Parker '10
Mr. and Mrs. William Parker (p)
Mr. Joshua Parsels '10
Brandon '05 and Haley DeLoach '05 Parsons
Ms. Alyssa Pasiewicz (c/s)
Mrs. Kristy Sharpe Pasquariello '01
Mr. Scott M. Patrou (c/s)
Mrs. Kerry Brown Patterson '03
Ms. Amy Paulsen (c/s)
Ms. Kerri Paulsen (c/s)
Mr. Cody J. Pavlock '10
Mr. and Mrs. John Pavlock (p)
Mr. Wesley Paxson
Mrs. Earlene Pearson (p)
Ms. Celynda Peck '09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pecnick (p)
Mr. Marc Stone and Ms. Sara Pedigo '03 (f/s)
Mr. Kevin Peeples
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pemberton (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pendley (p)
Mr. Samuel G. Perlin '10
Mrs. Whitney Wilkinson Pernici '07
Mr. Anthony Perrucci '10
Mr. Brent Perry
Ms. Amie Perschnick '06
Mr. Gene Perschnick (p)
Mr. Jeffrey A. Persky '76
Mr. Randy Peterson
Ms. Andrea Pettit (c/s)
Ms. Samantha E. Pflanz '09
Ms. Kelly Phelan (c/s)
Ms. Michelle Phillips '09
Mr. Steve Phillips IV '05
Mr. Sovannaroth Pich
Mr. Aubrey Pickett
Ms. Amy Pierce (c/s)
Mr. Jarrett Pierce
Mr. Josh Pierce
Adam '10 and Laurie Biggs '10 Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pierce (p)
Ms. Amber Piercy (c/s)
Mr. John Pietkiewicz (c/s)
Ms. Shannon Pillow '08
Ms. Cierra Pillsbury (c/s)
Ms. Bridget Plunkett (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pockrandt (p)
Ms. Brooke Poland '04
Judge Richard Poland (f/s)
Mrs. Emily Cordwell Polatas '97
Ms. Valerie Pollock (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Ponce, Jr.
Ms. Gina Pontius '10
Mr. James Poppell '04
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Poppell (p)
Mr. Michael E. Potkay (c/s)
Mr. Jonathan Pound (c/s)
Mrs. Dixie Powell (p)
Mr. Steven Powell (c/s)
Mr. Duane Powers '89
Mr. Andrew Pressentin '10
Ms. Anne Preston '09
Mr. Erik Princehorn (p)
Ms. Bonnie Proctor '06
Mr. Scott Proescholdbell '89
Mrs. Jordan Prosceno '06
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Przepasniak (p)
Ms. Vorapha Puckly (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pugliese (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pulley (p)
Mr. Nicholas Puopolo '08
Mr. Jimmy Pyatt
Mr. Landon Quayle '10
Ms. Susanna Quesenberry '10
Mr. William Quinn (p)
Ms. Araan Foley Quinney '97
Ms. Allison Racobaldo (c/s)
Mr. Bennie Radcliffe '06
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rado (p)
Ms. Alicia Ramsdell '08
Ms. Ansley Randall '10
Mrs. Stephanie Price Ransone '97
Mrs. JoAnn Speranza Rardon '85
Ms. Catherine Ratcliffe
Ms. Anne B. Ravenel '03
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ray (p)
Mr. Kenneth Ray '09
Ms. Amy Raymond '10
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Raymond (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Read (p)
Ms. Rebecca Read '10
Mr. Clayton A. Reavis '08
Mr. Donald Rebello (f/s)
Ms. Theresa Bragg Reboulet '84
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Reddish (p)
Ms. Karlyn D. Reddish '10
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reeves (p)
Ms. Samantha Reeves '09
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Regan (p)
Ms. Cheryl L. Reger '94
Mrs. Lori Curry Reinert '87
Mrs. Jill Reiter (p)
Mr. Nicholas Reiter '10
Mr. Nicholas J. Remsha '09
Ms. Christie Reuther (c/s)
Robert '05 and Kristie Price '04 Reyes
Mr. Ethan Reynolds (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. John Reynolds (p)
Ms. Twila Rhodes '06
Mr. Michael E. Rhoten '07
Mr. Daniel Rice '95
John (f/s) and Deborah Rice (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rice (p)
Mr. Gavin Richardson (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Richardson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Richmond (p)
Mr. Andrew Riddle '06
Mr. Joseph S. Ries '10
Ms. Katherine Riffle '10
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Riffle (p)
Mrs. Carrie J. Riley '08
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rimer, Jr. (p)
Mr. Joseph Rivera '09
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Rivera (p)
Ms. Christine Rizzi '10
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Roberts (p)
Ms. Regina Roberts (p)
Mr. Cory P. Robertson '10
Ms. Amy Robinson (c/s)
Ms. Nelsie Robinson (c/s)
Mr. Sylvester Robinson
Mrs. Barbara Berman Roddenberry '98
Mr. Thomas Rodish '83
Mr. David Rodriguez
Ms. Lorraine L. Roessl '98
Mr. Gregory Christian Roll '09
Ms. Laura Rollins '05
Ms. Anna M. Romero
Mr. Edward Ronshausen and Mrs. Sammi Marlis-Ronshausen (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Roper (p)
Mr. David Roslin (c/s)
Leandro '03 and Rebecca Lebon '05 Rossetti
Mrs. Kerri Dworzanski Rossi '98
Matthew '89 and Wendy Grimpe '91 Rother
Mrs. Robin Aronson Rothman '88
Mrs. Deborah Varela Rotondo '83
Ms. Jennifer L. Rougas '04
Mr. Robert Rouse II '91
Mr. Maximilien Roux (c/s)
Ms. Victoria M. Rowland
Mrs. Cynthia Sell Roy '93
Mr. Michael B. Royal '77
Ms. Sierra Rubright (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. George Ruckersfeldt (p)
Mr. Mark Ruckersfeldt '10
Ms. Margaret L. Rudd (c/s)
Ms. Dianne A. Rule
Ms. Allison Runk (c/s)
Ms. Amanda Runk (c/s)
Ms. Breanne Rupp '08
Ms. Diane Russell (p)
Mr. and Mrs. William Russo (p)
Mr. William B. Russo, Jr. '09
Mr. Brian C. Ruxton '10
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ryan (p)
Mr. Joseph Ryan, Jr. (c/s)
Ms. Lindsay Ryan '09
Mr. Anthony Ryder (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Wojciech Rys (p)
Ms. Ashley A. Sadeghy '08
Mrs. Janice Pearson Samela '96
Mrs. Jennifer Alvarez Sanchez '97
Mr. Emilio Santoro (c/s)
Mr. Benjamin Sasso
Ms. Danielle Satterlee
Ms. Rachel Satz (c/s)
Ms. Danielle Saunders (c/s)
Mr. Michael E. Savage '03
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sayers (p)
Mr. Gary Sayles and Ms. Maureen Weisberg (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scammacca (p)
Mr. Gary Schaffer
Mr. Robert Schanz (c/s)
Mr. Joseph Scheerer (c/s)
Mr. James Scheideman, Jr. '94
Mr. Thomas C. Schelfhout '83
George '89 and Carla Coleman '86 Schell
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Schenk (p)
Ms. Maria Scheufler '10
Ms. Sarah Schmaus (c/s)
Ms. Amey Schnabel '06
Mr. George Schoenwaelder (c/s)
Ms. Keri Schoggen '09
Mr. and Mrs. William Schoggen (p)
Ms. Kierstin Scholato (c/s)
Mr. Christopher Schomburger '90
Ms. Nancy L. Schomp '77
Mr. and Mrs. George Schoonover (p)
Ms. Laura Schrauth (p)
Ms. Ashley Schriefer '10
Mr. Cam E. Schriefer (c/s)
Mr. Richard W. Schriefer (p)
Mr. Chris Schroeder '08
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scopelitis (p)
Mrs. Debra Scotece-Brown '05
Ms. Jennifer L. Scott '07
Mr. Joshua Dowd '01 and Ms. Kendra Scott '00
Mr. Timothy L. Scott, Jr. (c/s)
Mrs. Catherine Burnett Scoville '00
Ms. Karen M. Screws '08
Ms. Jasmine Sebastian '10
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sebastian (p)
Ms. Krysta Sebastian '10
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Seckinger (p)
Ms. Morgan Seiler '09
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Seiler (p)
Mr. Arthur Seldner '85
Mr. Arnel Selman (c/s)
Ms. Abby M. Sessock '10
Mr. Joseph Sessock (p)
Mr. Mark Shaffer II (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sharman (p)
Ms. Kayla Sharpless (c/s)
Nathaniel and Candice Logan '89 Shave (p)
Mr. Wes Shaver
Daniel '78 and Kathleen Shawhan (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shelby, Jr. (p)
Mr. Tyson Shelby '10
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Shepard
Mrs. Diane Reidy Sheridan '89
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sheridan (p)
Ms. Chelsea Sherman '10
Ms. Jacqueline Sherman (p)
Ms. Sandra M. Sherman (p)
Mr. Kevin Shields
Ms. Laura Shimeld (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Shinn
Mr. Craig Shivers
Mrs. Kathleen Cimino Shoda '97
Ms. Steffi A. Shook (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Shook (p)
Mr. Craig Shoup '07
Mr. Gregory Shove '09
Ms. Amy R. Showfety
Ms. Amber Shumake (c/s)
Ms. Susan Shunny '87
Ms Sharon Webb Shyrock '89
Mr. Joseph R. Sigda '97
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Siggeman (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Gordon Sikes (p)
Mr. Daniel Silva '09
Mr. and Mrs. David Silva (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Simmons, Sr. (p)
Ms. Stephanie M. Singleton '10
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Singleton (p)
Aubrey '08 (f/s) and Vicki Skillman
Mr. and Mrs. John Skinner (p)
Ms. Sarah Skinner (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Skinner (p)
Mr. and Mrs. David Slacum (p)
Ms. Catherine Kimzey Slade '10
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Slade (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Slaven
Mr. Thomas Sloan '92
Ms. Valerie Sloan '90
Ms. Lauren Smeltzer '10
Mr. William J. Smeltzer '05
Ms. Jessica Smirl '04
Mr. Chad K. Smith '89
Mr. Cory M. Smith (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Dan P. Smith
Mrs. Donna A. Berry Smith '86
Mr. Frank Smith
Mr. Jared Smith (c/s)
Mr. Kevin Smith (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Smith (p)
Ms. Melinda Smith (c/s)
Ms. Samantha Smith (c/s)
Mrs. Sarah Baringer Smith '01
Ms. Sharon Smith '86
Mrs. Teresa Jeffries Smith '98
Mr. Theodor Smith '07
Mr. and Mrs. William Snell (p)
Ms. Olivia L. Snipes (c/s)
Ms. Brooke A. Snoddy '07
Mr. Sean-Michael Snow '10
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Snyder (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Snyder (p)
Mr. William Sohm
Mrs. Soni Solana '08
Mr. Douglas Solazzo (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sooter (p)
Mr. Milton Soto (c/s)
Mr. Saed Spahija (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sparkman (p)
Mr. Jimmy L. Sparkman II (c/s)
Mr. Kevin Specht '08
Ms. Sarah Specker (c/s)
Ms. Grace Spencer (p)
Mr. and Mrs. William Speno (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sperber (p)
Ms. Jaime L. Spicer '10
Mr. Nathan Spicer '08
Mr. and Mrs. William Spicer (p)
Mr. Wade Spielman (f/s)
Mr. Dana Spigener '09
Mr. Sterling Spikes '09
Mr. and Mrs. James Spinello (p)
Ms. Sarah Spinello '10
Mr. Taylor Splane (c/s)
Ms. Cindy Spoerle
Mr. Duncan St. Gelais '08
Ms. Christal St. Louis '10
Mr. Marc C. St. Peter
Mr. Ryan Stackman '06
Ms. Beth Stacy '01
Mr. and Mrs. Stanhope (p)
Mr. Sean Stanhope '09
Ms. Jamie Stanish '08
Ms. Melanie A. Stecker '88
Mr. Ronald Steele (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. James Steiger
Mr. Matthew F. Stein (c/s)
Ms. Monica Stein (p)
Mr. Brian Stephens '09
Mr. James Stephens
Mr. Eric Stevens '09
Mrs. Megan Bowles Stevens '05
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stibal (p)
Ms. Jenna Stinnett '08
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Stockawski (p)
Ms. Rebekah Stockowski (c/s)
Mr. Robert Stoever (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stonum (p)
Ms. Whitney Stonum '10
Dr. and Mrs. Hubert Stott
Ms. Miranda Stout '10
Mr. Michael Strasburger (c/s)
Ms. Margaret Strassel '10
Hannemi Strasser
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Strasser (p)
Dr. Michael Strawser II '86
Ms. Ruth Streeter
Mr. Eric Streichert '09
Mrs. Robin Higgs Streit McGuire '94
Mr. Kermit Strickler
Mr. Alan Stroble
Mr. Cooper Stroman (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Strott (p)
Ms. Julie Studdard '81
Ms. Margaret Studwell '10
Ms. Fredrica Styron '73
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Styron (p)
Mrs. Catherine Guest Sucharski '01
Mrs. Kathie Fuller Sullivan '88
Ms. Erica Elbert Summers '01
Ms. Adrienne Sutton '10
Mr. and Mrs. John Sutton (p)
Mr. David C. Svenson '06
Ms. Kathryn Swanson (p)
Mr. Samuel A. Swearingen (c/s)
Ms. Christie Sykes '09
Ms. Janice Syler
Mr. Nicholas Syme (c/s)
Ms. Neva Sypniewski '06
Ms. Sarah Szymanski (c/s)
Mr. Greg Taafe (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Taggart (p)
Ms. Lauren Taistra (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Taistra (p)
Ms. Kerry Takach '09
Mr. Gregory Tamm '10
Mrs. Mari Lyn Kernohan Tanner '80
Mrs. Cassi Tansey '07
Mr. Mark Taraborelli '90
Ms. Sarah Tarbett (c/s)
Michael '91 and Amy Hessinger '96 Taylor
Ms. Ann Taylor '07
Ms. Casey L. Taylor (c/s)
Mr. Eric Taylor '10
Mr. John Taylor (c/s)
Ms. Kristen Taylor '06
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Taylor (p)
Ms. Virginia Taylor '09
Ms. Kaitlyn J. Teabo
Ms. Kayla Tennant (c/s)
Jonathan '06 and Gia Mancini '06 Terranova
Mr. Brian Terrinoni '09
Mr. and Mrs. Deane Terry (p)
Mr. Hampton Terry '06
Mr. and Mrs. James Terry (p)
Mr. Seth Teston (c/s)
Mrs. Nancy Thigpen '08
Mr. Eric B. Tholen '00
Ms. Caitlyn Thompson (c/s)
Mr. Gary Thompson (p)
Mr. Joshua Thompson '10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson (p)
Mr. Scott R. Thomson '08
Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Thoni (p)
Mr. Michael Thornton '08
Mrs. Sandra A. Martin Thornton '94
Mr. William C. Thornton III
Mrs. Renee-Christina Williams Thrift '06
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Thuge
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tier (p)
Mr. Pepe Tiilikka (c/s)
Jerry '74 and Ginger Hancock '74 Tinsley
Mrs. Peggy A. Tipping
Ms. Jami Tirpak (c/s)
Mr. Eric Tirro '08
Mr. Randy Tison
Mr. Thomas L. Todd '04
Ms. Megan Tommasi '08
Mr. and Mrs. Rosario Tornabene
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Trabanino (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Travis (p)
Ms. Meredith Trombly '04
Ms. Meredithe Trowbridge '00
Ms. Alexandra M. Truesdell '08
Mr. Chris Trump '92 and Mrs. Audra Lewek-Trump '94
Ms. Kristin Tschida (c/s)
Ms. Jill K. Tuckerman '10
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tuckerman (p)
Mr. Erin L. Turner '05
Mr. Brandon Turton '10
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Turton (p)
Ms. Rosemary Tutt (f/s)
Ms. Elizabeth Tuzzolo '09
Dr. Bernadette Twardy (f/s)
Mr. James Tyer V (c/s)
Mr. Nicholas Ugalde (c/s)
Ms. Angela Ullmann '03
Jesse '04 and Sarah '04 Unruh
Ms. Lisa Urquhart (p)
Ms. Tiffany Urquhart '09
Mrs. Kathleen Uzcategui '10
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Vache (p)
Mr. and Mrs. John Vadino (p)
Mrs. Lillian Vaill '94
Ms. Stephanie Valle (c/s)
Ms. Carla Valor (c/s)
Ms. Victoria Van Arnam (c/s)
Mr. Nathanael Van Der Sluys '09
Ms. Karen Van Dillen '04
Ms. Sarah Van Goidtsnoven '09
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Van Goidtsnoven (p)
Mr. Kenneth Van Leuven '84
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Van Westering (p)
Glenn '88 and Elizabeth Poole '87 Vandermolen
Ms. Tiffany R. Vanderveer '08
Mr. Patrick Varney '10
Ms. Sandra Vasko (p)
Ms. Jacquelyn Vassallo '07
Mr. Jonathan Veltri (c/s)
Mrs. Lisa Mancini Venancio '08
Ms. Lauren Venatta '04
Mr. Jonathon A. Vicchio (c/s)
Mrs. Melissa Vickery '09
Mr. Alexandre E. Victor (c/s)
Ms. Katie Vidan (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. John Vincent (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Voegeli
Mr. Brandon Volbrecht '08
Mr. Zach Volpi (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Von Scherrer (p)
Ms. Megan Von Scherrer '09
Allan and Christine (f/s) Wages (p)
Mrs. Alison Brooks Waldbart '83
Mr. Ramon Waldby (p)
Ms. Ashley Waldron (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Walker (p)
Mrs. Janice Waters Wall '84
Ms. Kerry Wall
Ms. Sarah Wallace '09
Ms. Laurie Wallace-Shaw (p)
Ms. Chelsea Walsh (c/s)
Ms. Shannon Walter (c/s)
Ms. Kirsten Walther '03
Mr. Robby Walton
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wantz (p)
Ms. Kellye Wantz '08
Ms. Caitlin B. Ward '09
Mr. Chase Ward '07
Mr. Hugh C. Ward III '03
Ms. Samantha Warr '10
Ms. Meredith Warren '07
Mr. Mark Warwick
Ms. Wynell Washington
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Waskovich (p)
Mr. Ian B. Waterhouse (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Watkins (p)
Ms. Kayleigh Watkins (c/s)
Mr. Robert Watson (p)
Ms. Suzanne Watson (p)
Mr. and Mrs. James Watters (p)
Ms. Lindsay Watters '10
Ms. Rachael Watts (c/s)
Ms. Cassandra Waudby '09
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Waudby (p)
Ms. Julia B. Weathersby '08
Ms. Margaret W. Weathersby (c/s)
Mrs. Holly Palmer Webb '02
Ms. Kalila Webster
Ms. Kristiane Weeks (c/s)
Mr. Matthew Weier '10
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weier (p)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Weinhold (p)
Ms. Chelsea Welch (c/s)
Mrs. Katalin Boros Welch '91
Mrs. Barbara Covington Wells '96
Ms. Quincy Wells (p)
Ms. Ashley W. Wermick (c/s)
Mr. Ryan Werner '05
Mr. James Werschky '09
Mrs. Kathryn Werschky (p)
Mr. Brett West '09
Mr. and Mrs. Robert West (p)
Mr. Stanton Price Wheeler (c/s)
Mr. William "Jeff" Wheeler (c/s)
Mr. Hayden S. Whetstone (c/s)
Mr. Jared Whetstone (c/s)
Mr. Charles White
Ms. Ashley Whitfield (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Whitlock
Ms. Tyhesha Whitlow '08
Mr. and Mrs. John Whitten, Jr. (p)
Ms. Allison Whittle '10
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whittle (p)
Dr. and Mrs. David Whritenour (p)
Ms. Emily E. Whritenour '10
Mr. Charles Blakiston Wier (c/s)
Ms. Je'Leah Wiggins (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Abner D. Williams
Mrs. Cathy Swart Williams '82
Ms. Courtney Williams '02
Mrs. Helen Williams (p)
Ms. Jessica Williams '10
Dave (f/s) and Bailey Williams
Ms. Shannon Williams '10
Ms. Dianna Williamson '02
Ms. Sarah Ann Williamson (c/s)
Mr. Brad Wilson
Ms. Katie E. Wilson (c/s)
Mr. R. Patrick Winch '99
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Winchester (p)
Ms. Deborah Windischman '05
Timothy '04 and Holli Strompolis '06 Winter
Mr. Aaron Winton '00
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wisser (p)
Mrs. Natalie Howard Wolf '09
Mrs. Melissa Davis Wolfe '09
Ms. Marsha B. Wolff (c/s)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolff (gp)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wollman (p)
Mr. Jesse Wollwerth '04
Mrs. Jenna Wallace Wood '09
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Worcester (p)
Ms. Tammy Worcester '09
Mrs. Megan Worstell '98
Mr. Brent Worthington
Mr. Benjamin Jude Wright '03
Mr. Jeffrey D. Wright '05
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Wrisley (p)
Mr. Stephen Wuycheck '05
Ms. Jamie Wylam '06
Matthew (f/s) and Christine (f/s) Wysocki
Mr. and Mrs. John Yanas (p)
Mr. Hahau Yisrael '10
Ms. Laurie Yonge
Ms. Christin Yori '07
Mr. and Mrs. John Young (p)
Ms. Megan L. Young '10
Ms. Rebecca Young (c/s)
Ms. Emily Youngman '10
Mr. and Mrs. William Scott Youngman (p)
Mrs. Jacqueline Nutter Yuknis '91
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yurman (p)
Ms. Monica Yurman '98
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zaczek (p)
Mr. Michael Zaczek '09
Mr. and Mrs. John Zaikowski (p)
Mr. Arlin Zajmi (c/s)
Mrs. Jennifer Zappone '05
Mr. Mark A. Zappone '93
Mr. Matthew A. Zappone '89
Ms. Maureen Zea (p)
Mr. Joseph Zejavac '82
Mr Anthony Zengotita '08 and Ms. Sarah Rosenblum '07
Mr. Daniel Zwieg


(bot) Board of Trustees
(p) Parent
(gp) Grandparent
(f/s) Faculty/Staff
(c/s) Current Student