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1968 Society

Thank You for Your Gift

Mary Keegan

“I am so grateful to the Unger Family for giving me such an amazing opportunity and an experience that I will remember forever.”

Mary Keegan, ’14
Business Administration/Spanish

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Estefania Mones

“I never dreamed I could have such a big impact on someone’s life, especially as a college student.”

Estefania Mones, ’13
Business Administration

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Nicole Del Bene

“I was very excited to receive the Michael Bugg’s Leadership Scholarship because it meant that my dedication and leadership qualities were recognized.”

Nicole Del Bene, ’13
Business Administration/Pre-Law

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Molly Wiley Portrait

“I am so proud of Flagler College! The 'Little College that Could' is the greatest!”

Molly Wiley
Longtime benefactor of Flagler College leaves $2.5 million bequest to the College

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Eric Strasser

“Flagler has been the best experience for me because I was able to network... I have worked for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New Orleans Saints, which is something that makes me very proud.”

Eric Strasser, ’12
Sport Management

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$1,968 - $2,400

Mr. Richard Abrams II '80
Mr. Jim and Mrs. Doris Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Andruszkiewicz
Mrs. Nicole Falciano Baldovi '00
Mr. and Mrs. James Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barron, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brigbauer
Ms. Patricia Blanchard '79 (d)
Mr. and Mrs. T. Brookes Burkhardt, Jr.
Ms. Marian Burkhardt
Ms. Mary Christine Bury '78
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Byerly
Dr. Beverly Copeland Carmichael '72
Mrs. Barbara Cone
Mr. Jon Daniels '93
Mr. and Mrs. Ron D. Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon A. Davis
Dr. Kathleen Deagan
Ms. Mary Jane C. Dillon
Dr. Ronald K Dixon
Mrs. Margaret Domini
Dr. Daniel B. Drysdale
Mr. Scott T. Fechter '95
Mr. and Mrs John Foti
Mr. James '98 and Mrs Kate Frash
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fudala
Mr. Roy Eugene Graham
Dr. Doris Guidi and Mr. William Guidi
Mr. and Mrs. Brantly W. Helvenston IV
Mr. and Mrs. William Hughes
Mr. Gabriel W. Hynes '98 and Mrs. Stacey Harris-Hynes
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Jennison
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Johnson
Dr. Frances B. Kinne
Mrs. Margaret Higgs Klotz '96
Mr. Steven N. Large '93
Mr. Stephen '82 and Mrs. Paula Lear
Mr. and Mrs. Ramiro Lozano
Mr. Michael MacCrory '99
Mr.and Mrs Thomas MacCrory, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Marquis
Dr. William G. Mason and Ms. Christine R. Smith
Mr. William C. Mayer and Ms. Diane L. Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. John H. McClintock, Jr.
Mr. Ted '83 and Mrs. Stacy Gaines '89 McLemore
The Honorable and Mrs. Howell W. Melton
Mr. Clarence and Mrs. Sally Metzger
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Miller
Mr. Stephen '79 and Dr. Kathryn Zick '86 Monahan
Ms. Kathy Fant O'Keefe '80
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Painter
Ms. Brenda Parker and Mr. Lehman Wood
Mrs. Bronwyn Rogers Parlette '75
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell R. Poli
Ms. Norma Poli
Mr. and Mrs. Alyn E. Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Shull
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Adrienne '89 Simmons
Mr. Robert Smith
Mr. Trevor and Mrs. Sarah Baringer '01 Smith
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Judith Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wauldron
Mr. and Mrs. Herbie Wiles
Mr. Brian '82 and Mrs. Michelle '93 Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson


(d) Deceased