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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? From what to do if you're moving furniture, to moving into a new room, you'll find all your residence hall answers here.

  • Is it possible to see my specific room prior to moving in?

    While we understand that everyone is excited about seeing their new residence hall room, we are unable to show students their specific rooms over the summer. During the summer, a variety of summer camps are housed in the residence halls. Outside of that time, maintenance and cleaning must take place to prepare the halls for your arrival.

  • How does the assignment process work?

    The assignment process matches up students in accordance to gender, hobbies and other requested information. Many aspects play into the assignment process such as: date of deposit, class standing, and availability of space.

    Just a reminder: Room assignments will not be based on a student’s race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

  • Can I make a room change after I am assigned?

    Students are given housing assignments the summer months. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for room changes after assignments have been made. Throughout the summer the College is constantly consolidating spaces to allow for the most occupancy to meet demand, and we are, therefore, unable to make changes based on individual requests.

    However, once the semester has begun after a two-week holding period, students can speak with their current roommates and with their Resident Advisors about the steps to making a room change if, desired.

  • Where will I live as a new freshman?

    As a new freshman new to Flagler College, you will live in one of three Residence Halls. Women will live in Ponce Hall on the Lobby, 1st, or 2nd floors. Men will live in either Lewis House or Cedar Hall. We at Flagler College strive to encourage the freshman experience, so we keep these areas freshmen-only to the best of our ability. This allows the Resident Advisors to directly facilitate acclimating new freshmen to the campus and suit their unique and diverse needs.

  • What happens if I move in and do not get along with my roommate?

    If you are having a difficulties with your roommate(s) please contact your Resident Advisor or the Residence Life Office to discuss mediation procedures. Please remember the demand for housing is high, just moving a student out of a room is not always possible.

    Once the semester has begun, after a 2 week holding period, students can speak with their current roommates and with their Resident Advisors about the steps to making a room change, if desired.

  • What is a Roommate Agreement?

    A Roommate Agreement is an agreement made between roommates about different responsibilities and needs from each roommate in the room. It can specify cleaning schedules, sleep schedules, or needs regarding lights and music in the room while studying.

    Residence Life highly encourages all residents to fill out a Roommate Agreement. They are available through your Resident Advisor or on our website. Once they are filled out, a copy will be kept on file with your Resident Advisor and another will be posted visibly in your room.

  • Can I remove any furniture from my room?

    No. All college-issued furniture must stay in the room. Students cannot move any item out of the room or building. Moving furniture from the lounges into a residential room is also prohibited.

  • Can I bring a fridge or microwave?

    No. You may not bring your own fridge or microwave. The College provides a micro-fridge combination in each room for students to use.

  • What types of decorations are allowed in the Residence Hall rooms?

    Students are allowed to use sticky-tack to attach posters or other wall hangings to the walls. Other adhesive products or push-pins are not permitted on the walls or ceilings of the room. Most rooms have a tack-strip (a strip of wood offset from the wall) where students are permitted to place push-pins or nails.
    Painting the walls or doors of the room is not permitted.

  • Is smoking permitted in the room?

    No. Flagler College buildings are smoke-free.

  • Who cleans my room?

    You and your roommate (s) are responsible for the cleanliness of your room and bathroom. The residence hall custodians are responsible for cleaning corridor areas.

    There are periodic health and safety inspections performed by the Resident Advisors to ensure the cleanliness of the rooms and bathrooms. Residents are highly encouraged to fill out the Roommate Agreement form and to make a cleaning schedule with their roommates based on their needs.

  • Does the College provide cable TV service?

    If you wish to have cable service in your room please contact Comcast at 1-877-530-1219.

  • Can I bring a pet?

    Fish in a tank of 10 gallons or less are the only pets permitted in the Residence Halls.
    This category does not extend to turtles, crabs, water lizards, snakes, etc. These and all other pets other than fish are prohibited at all times in the residence halls.

  • I play an instrument, what can I bring to campus with me?

    Many instruments are allowed: however, drum sets and amplification systems are prohibited from the Residence Halls.

    Small- to medium-sized stereos and boom boxes are permitted, although residents should review the Roommate Bill of Rights when deciding which types of musical instruments or music-playing devices to bring with them into the Residence Halls.

  • What if I want to move off-campus for spring semester of my freshman year?

    Freshmen at Flagler College are required to live on campus for their first full academic year. Moving off campus is not permitted unless there are extenuating circumstances which will be reviewed by the Vice President of Student Services. Additionally, all housing contracts that begin during the Fall Semester are binding for the full academic year, which includes both the Fall and Spring Semesters.

  • Does the Flagler College campus have a police department?

    Flagler College is partnered with the City of St. Augustine Police Department. At least one officer is assigned to monitor the campus every night from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Officers also show their presence throughout the day and have direct contact with Flagler College security.

  • Is there security on campus?

    Security is present on campus 24 hours, seven days a week. Their main office is located in Ponce Hall, although they have desk stations in every building on campus. They do periodic patrols of the campus grounds as well as inside the campus buildings, including Residence Halls.

  • How do I submit a Maintenance Request?

    Facilities maintenance requests can be accessed from the portal on the main home page..

  • What is there to do in St. Augustine?

    Flagler College is in the heart of downtown St. Augustine’s historic district. Within walking distance from campus, there are small shops, museums, casual and fine dining, St. Augustine tourism, and recreation.

    Across the bridge on Anastasia Island, there are skate parks, local attractions such as the Alligator Farm, state parks with camping facilities, and multiple casual-and fine-dining establishments. The campus is about 5 miles from St. Augustine Beach, which provides safe and clean spots for surfing or fishing.

    The campus is centrally located to shopping at the St. Augustine Outlet Malls, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Target, WalMart, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. We are about a 45 minute drive from Jacksonville, Fla.

  • Is there public transportation?

    Flagler College Security offers a shuttle operating from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. that runs between residence halls and the parking garage.

    The City of St. Augustine has the Sunshine Bus, which runs daily from the southern-most point of St. Augustine up into Jacksonville. For more information about the Sunshine Bus including a map and schedule please visit their website