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Alumni Email

Configure Automatic Forwarding for Alumni Emails

Follow these steps to have your emails automatically forward to your new email address. Note: Emails will not continue to forward once your regular student email account has been deleted.

  1. Log into your current email account at
  2. Click “Options” in the upper-right of the screen.
  3. Click “See all options…,”
  4. On the left, click "Organize E-Mail."
  5. Click "Inbox Rules" in the top tab bar.
  6. Click "New..." to create a new inbox rule.
  7. In the "When the message arrives, and:" drop-down box, choose "[Apply to all messages]."
  8. In the "Do the following:" drop-down box, choose "Redirect the message to..."
  9. Enter your new alumni email address in the "To" box at the bottom of the window and click "OK."
  10. Click "Save" in the bottom-right.
  11. Have someone send you an email as a test.