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Parking FAQ

Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Flagler have this parking policy?

Parking is an issue not just for Flagler College, but also for the city of St. Augustine. Parking spaces are limited and in high demand with residents, students, tourists and business people. Flagler's parking policy, along with the associated fees, is in order to offset the growing cost of parking in the city and to the College.

How far is the city-owned parking garage from campus?

The garage is only four blocks north from the center of campus — less than eight minutes walking.

What hours will the city parking garage be open?

24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is there security at the parking garage?

The city of St. Augustine offers 24-hour security in the parking garage.

Will my parking spot in the garage be reserved for me?

There are no assigned spaces: however, there are more than enough parking spaces to accommodate the entire student body.

What do I do if I pay for a reserved parking spot in the garage and all of the spots are taken up either by tourists or other students?

This should not be a problem as there are 1,170 spaces in the city garage, and peak use for students (weekdays) is when the garage will be at its lowest occupancy.

How do you intend to keep the people who pay nothing out of on-campus parking spots?

Disciplinary procedures are in place; tickets that are issued on a regular basis are registered on the students’ financial record as fines and after a fixed number of tickets, the vehicle will be booted and/or towed.

If I purchase a parking permit for the city garage, can I also park on campus?

No. The decal for the garage only covers parking there, and is not valid in the on-campus lots.

If I purchase a $180 parking decal to park on campus and cannot locate a parking space, will I be able to park at the VIC parking garage?

The on-campus parking decal holds no significance at the city garage. You can, however, park in the garage at the city’s hourly and daily rates.

Why is the city garage permit more expensive than the on-campus parking?

The city garage is a covered facility that is patrolled by the City of St. Augustine Police Department. This is the amount that Flagler College has worked out with the City of St. Augustine to lease a space for you. This is still a deep discount for the garage, which normally is $8 per day.

Where is the parking garage located?

The parking garage is behind the city’s Visitor Information Center, and just four blocks from campus. It is only a five- to 10-minute walk to Flagler.