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Living on Campus
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Living on Campus

Living on campus at Flagler College allows students to be at the core of our campus community. Lewis Hall and historic Ponce Hall are located right on campus, just steps from classes, dining and activities. FEC and Cedar Halls are just a quick walk or bike ride away.

When you live on campus, you’ll also get to take part in activities organized by your RAs, while having instant access to campus events planned by Student Activities. Meet your fellow residents during an ice cream social or make friends at an event like Flagler Fest on the West Lawn. And when you feel the need to explore, the vibrant, exciting St. Augustine downtown with its live music, eclectic restaurants, and a community of people from all over the world is just a quick stroll up the sidewalk. 

Most importantly, life on Flagler’s campus is safe. The Office of Safety and Security monitors the campus day and night while each dorm is staffed by a security officer to ensure that only students are accessing the buildings. 

At Flagler, living on campus a unique opportunity to live at the heart of a lively campus in one of the most visited and exciting cities in the southeast. 

Student Vloggers

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Student life is best served unfiltered for Chris Rhodes '17 and John Roberts '19. Join in as they navigate their college years.

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