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Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts


The Flagler College family is a strong one. We've been amazed as we've watched our community come together in the aftermath of the worst hurricane in the college's 48 year history. We are grateful for the support of all of our students, parents, alumni, supporters and friends throughout this ordeal. We are urging the Flagler community to continue volunteering through student clubs and community organizations for the remainder of the year as we work to help our city recover from this devastating storm. Here's a brief list of how we can all help our St. Augustine community: 

How You Can Help

Flagler College Volunteers

Flagler College Volunteers, is a student-led program that offers a range of volunteer and leadership opportunities that benefit our local community. This organization will be leading the hurricane relief volunteer efforts on our campus. For more information about opportunities, please visit them on their Facebook page.

Flagler College Alumni

Show Your Support

Some of our alumni have designed t-shirts and artwork with 100% of the proceeds being used for hurricane relief efforts, such as Kiara Sanchez's St. Augustine Doodle and Magnolia Supply's retro 70's St. Augustine T-Shirt.

Shop Local

There are several local Flagler College alumni-owned businesses that were affected by Hurricane Matthew so be sure to shop local!

Please check back to this page as we add more resources for our students, alumni and employees.

Please email for more information, or if you are aware of deep discounts on furniture for people whose house experienced flooding and need to refurnish their homes.