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Photo of Enactus at US Nationals
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Academic Organizations

Dow Advantage Public Relations Group

This organization is a student-run public relations agency that works with nonprofit groups in the St. Augustine area.


Enactus is a worldwide academic organization connecting students and faculty with industry leaders and businesses. The focus of the organization is to positively impact the community through service leadership projects.

Our connections with the numerous partner companies who sponsor the Enactus organization grow stronger each year. Many of our alumni are currently employed with Enactus partnered companies such as Unilever, Aflac, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and Crossmark, working in their corporate headquarters.

Enactus is committed to working with our community on service leadership projects that enlist our entrepreneurial skills to improve the lives of others.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations simulations provide students with a unique opportunity to utilize and expand their knowledge of international affairs outside of the classroom. Participation in simulations demands that students develop a thorough knowledge of not only the politics of the specific nation they are playing, but its relationship with other states, and the role of the United Nations in diplomacy.

Simulations familiarize students with how the United Nations actually functions, particularly in the practice of effective verbal and written communication, negotiation, compromise, and mediation. Through Model United Nations, students interested in international affairs have the opportunity to enrich their learning experience and prepare for further graduate study or work in international careers.

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD)

PAD membership is open to any student in good standing who is interested in pre-law studies. PAD promotes the intellectual and social activities of its members in order to aid in their advancement into the study of law.

Public Relations Society (PRSSA)

The Flagler College PRSSA chapter seeks to advance the public relations profession by teaching future professionals and helping students get involved in leadership programs, competitions and internships. The chapter serves as a networking ground between students and professionals, as well as a way for members to build professional portfolios. As members, students get a hands-on approach to public relations. The Flagler College PRSSA chapter also writes and executes strategic plans for local organizations.

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)

This organization exposes communication students to effective, ethical journalism and provides in-depth training, and a wealth of resources and services to enhance their learning experience.

Society for Advancement of Management (SAM)

The purpose of this organization is to assist in furthering the practice of professional management through the interaction of students, faculty and operation managers.