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Counseling Services

As a college student, you will encounter many new and different experiences. You may also be faced with some difficult life decisions and may need some help in dealing with these challenges.

The Flagler Counseling Center offers you a safe atmosphere where personal concerns can be openly explored and discussed with a professional counselor.

Our counseling services are voluntary, confidential, and free of charge to all currently enrolled Flagler students.

We help students with:

  • Academic difficulties
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-confidence
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Grief/loss issues
  • Trauma/crisis intervention
  • Drug/Alcohol problems
  • Family Problems

A word about The Counseling Center's Email policy:

We feel that email is not the best method to use in serving students. Thus, email is not an appropriate medium for personal counseling. It does not protect our client's rights to confidentiality.

As long as the limitations of email are understood, however, we do encourage you to contact us in whatever way you are most comfortable.