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St. Augustine Foundation, Inc.

Center for Historic Research

The St. Augustine Foundation / Center for Historic Research (at Flagler College) was founded by Mr. Lawrence Lewis, Jr. and has been affiliated with Flagler College since 1987. It holds a variety of primary and secondary historical materials, gathered since 1974 to facilitate the study of the history of Spanish colonial Florida.

The Center holds more than 950 reels of primary documents on microfilm from Spanish or Spanish-American archives. It possesses a large number of monographic works by historians, archaeologists, or geographers and has a file of papers, reviews and presentations by Eugene Lyon. It has a collection of books,  monographs and other files about Christopher Columbus, and more than eight hundred books on other topics, generally related to Florida, Spanish-American, Spanish, other European and United States history. Included in its book collection are etymological dictionaries of the Spanish language and works on Spanish paleography. 

Specialized microfilmed collections include the complete Archives of the Counts of Revillagigedo(Madrid), representing the family of Pedro Menéndez de Avilés and his descendants, and other families from the north of Spain. The archives contains more than 900,000 pages of documents dating from the tenth to the twentieth centuries,  including the private and governmental papers of  two eighteenth century New Spain Viceroys. Also, the Center has microfilmed the parish records of the congregation of the Spanish exiles from Florida who had established a new St. Augustine in Matanzas Province in Cuba. It holds materials from the Archives of the Indies in Seville, the Archives of Simancas, and the Archives of the Institute of Valencia de Don Juan and the National Historical Archives in Madrid.

Many of the microfilmed archival documents at the Center for Historic Research have been translated and entered into a database on AREV software, the size of which is now 14.5 million bytes. This database now holds 3,845 documents, 5,060 biographical files, and 3,250 culture files.

The St. Augustine Foundation aided in the acquisition of the McAllister and Samuel Proctor book collections of works on Latin American and Florida History; and is presently involved in the acquisition of the Stetson Collection, the Spanish document collection from the Archives of the Indies in Spain.

The Holdings of the Foundation are available to historians, archaeologists and the general public.

The St. Augustine Foundation is located at 97 St. George St., St. Augustine, FL 32084

Mailing address: P.O. Box 1027, St. Augustine, FL 32085.

Tel:  (904) 829-8481.   Fax:  904 829-3480.   E-Mail: