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Laura Henning

Student Profile
Department: English

Majors: English and Spanish

Flagler senior Laura Henning has worked hard during her college career to establish a reputation as a dedicated worker and thoughtful student. The Spanish and English double-major is a tutor in the writing center, Editor-in-Chief of FLARE: The Flagler Review, and participant in the Community Integrated Learning Project for Spanish 301 and 302 with Professor María José Maguire. For her dedication to the Spanish major, she received the 2014 Distinguished Student Award in Spanish.

If that isn’t enough, Henning also has extensive volunteer time under her belt at the St. Francis House of St. Augustine and Habitat for Humanity, to name just a few, and she recently returned from a study abroad trip to Peru where she and her classmates served as volunteers at Azul Wasi orphanage. 

Henning explained that studying abroad through Flagler gave her the opportunity to see her knowledge applied in the real world.

“The moment I truly realized all I had learned in the classroom really did have real-world bearing was when I was talking with a taxi driver on my ride home, watching the streets of Cusco fly past and the San Cristóbal on the dashboard wave at me. Suddenly all my hard work was validated.”

She also applauded the “smallness” of Flagler and the accessibility of her professors, with whom she has created lasting relationships. “Flagler’s learning environment has made it easy for me to make personal connections with my professors. Because class sizes are so small, all of them know me by name and class discussions are both lively and intimate.”

Laura advises incoming freshmen to be patient and try different things because it takes time to adjust to a new school academically and socially. But she promises that students will make great friends through classes and extracurriculars. She says, “As you get higher up in your major, you will get to know your classmates very well and soon you’ll feel like a crazy, sleep-deprived, dysfunctional—but totally loving—family.”  

Following her undergraduate work, Laura would like to earn her master’s and Ph.D. in English literature from the University of Chicago. Besides teaching, Laura’s goals also include writing and illustrating her own bilingual books, starting her own handmade card company, and traveling the world.

Laura Henning reflects on her time at Flagler and offers advice to incoming freshmen.