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Kiara Sanchez

Alumni Profile
Department: Art & Design
Program: Graphic Design

As an artist, Kiara naturally gravitated to Flagler College and its art program. “I loved the town,” she says, “and the art department puts out such amazing work, there really was no other choice but Flagler!”

As a student with a major in graphic design and minors in illustration and fine art, Kiara worked on branding design projects and watercolor illustrations. She reflects, “I have enjoyed every art and design class I have taken at Flagler College.” Her favorite classes were Painting, Branding and Typography. “In Painting, I got to make a master copy of my favorite artist, Frida Kahlo. It made me so happy and humbled trying to paint like her.”

Following graduation, Kiara plans on studying illustration, an interest she pursued as a child and was inspired to get back into by her art professors. Her dream? To have her own design/illustration studio one day. “I love creating logos and branding,” she says.

Kiara desires simply to keep making art that inspires people. “I have a passion for art, I want to do everything in art, I want to be a designer, illustrator and have my work in a museum. I just love making art.”

Kiara Sanchez - Art and Design
Growing up in Jacksonville, Fla., Kiara Sanchez was always attracted to the small town of St. Augustine and its art scene.