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Kelsey Coon

Student Profile
Department: Art & Design
Program: Fine Arts

Kelsey is a double major in fine art and graphic design, but she originally entered college as just a fine art major. Through Flagler’s art department, she had the flexibility to take different courses and learn about different media. She says, “Through course exploration I found graphic design. I quickly developed a passion for both and was faced with the decision of what I wanted to further my education in. With the guidance and support of my professors, I decided to become a double major.”

By double majoring, Kelsey has steadily been creating a body of work so impressive that she earned the William R. Kenan Jr. Endowed Scholarship for her senior year, which she will use to further explore her artistic vision. Kelsey feels honored to be acknowledged by her professors as well as “empowered and proud" that her hard work and passion for education is recognized.

Kelsey say that as a double major she has an advantage because she has two subjects she is passionate about that enrich one another. “Flagler provides an enriching environment, providing the tools for success. I have enjoyed every minute of my Flagler experience thus far. These past three years I've learned so much from every one of my professors and immensely appreciate their efforts in furthering my education and growth as an artist.”

With graduation only a year away, Kelsey wants simply to finish strong in the art program and make the best of the opportunities Flagler has provided her. “I want to walk away with a portfolio I am proud of and embrace a world of change and opportunity that my Flagler education has provided.”

Meet Kelsey Coon, one of two senior recipients selected each year by the Art and Design faculty to receive The William R. Kenan Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Mary Lily Flagler Wiley.